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tv   [untitled]    October 15, 2010 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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russia binds independence about france yes and south ossetia and this visit is the first stop the chalice is chosen to make on this international twelve day tour off to leaving moscow will move on to several eastern european and middle eastern countries but the main focus of this particular visit is cooperation in the military and the nucleus spheres mitchy deals between the two countries currently stand up to stop her and billion u.s. dollars prime minister piece of things that could move up to find that billion u.s. dollars venezuela will be placing orders to buy a huge amount of the russian military hardware including helicopters and tanks venezuela may also be the first foreign by of the stoop of fighter jets in terms of the nucleus today of venezuela is building a large nuclear power plant with the help of all the russian ex-pat teams and president chavez has been a great pains to stress that this is a period of peaceful energy purposes in the banking the spam pounds have been made
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to launch a venezuelan a russian a bank the headquarters of which will be right here in moscow we have all come to expect a certain degree of tough something in the outreach from the venezuelan president and most of all he says he was disappointed last night when president chavez said to live in a very emotional two two five minute speech in which he ranted against morphy tuns the aggressive foreign policy of empire of the yankees by which of course many united states and iraq are rolled up t.v. is a joke conveying what he believes on not only his frustrations against american neighbors to look but also the frustrations of several of the south american colleagues. you must have heard a mexican leader say poor mexico so far from god and so close to the united states that all of us latin americans could say the exact same thing our poor american michael that you're so far from god and so close to the damned empire the yankee
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empire that has hurt our confidence so badly. he also publicly refutes the spanish claim that venezuela was housing training counts for it's a terrorist he said that that is also an example of the recruiting agenda movie american. policy how i've basically been to a day and on a slightly more subdued nates again with us raising the importance with which he holds that venezuela is a relationship with russia well tease out of habit reporting the end will bring you the live news conference from the two presidents soon penalty. one in ten the germans apparently believe that a country needs a new future a word which literally means a strong leader on the next democratic opponent a study by the friedrich even its foundation also destroyed a beef and a quarter of those killed sympathize with nationalist racist sentiments and the small number of votes in the following lines doesn't look good in that you can learn many germans what looks like a monk rises in
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a public news third said foreigners should be sent home if there wasn't enough of one in six hundred jews too much oh. yes we got to the study says far i talked to today are deeply rooted in german society. to study shows that there is. education in some parts of society secondly people always especially in times of crisis social scapegoats for their own political economic or social deprivation dissemination of all things together points us to the actually important thing which is democracy itself is nothing self-fulfilling or the richest always there or something we happened without doing something for it so we have to to fight for democracy every time and every day and yet that's actually what this results show us there is a rise which is probably influenced by economic crisis from two thousand and eight
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but on the other. hand does rise from two thousand and eight to two thousand and ten we did a study in two thousand and eight as well isn't that important important is that we have this high percentage of right just extremist attitudes all over the time since two thousand and two when we started to studies that in general everybody could be affected by these attitudes which means that it doesn't matter whether you are voting for a right to stay extremist party or the social democrats or even the leftist party all these people can have these attitudes. on the way in a few minutes time why cash talks in court when it comes to getting justice in america. we investigate why the u.s. lags behind other developed nations in terms of legal access class. with signals the start of the hunting season in britain hunters all over russia but
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also money for the local porridge to commission licenses to shoot for their. i mean even bear. as join our close up team on a traditional russian hunt in longford that's just ahead. iran's president has wrapped up his controversial trip to lebanon having stirred up emotions in neighboring israel and the u.s. he's growing support the military group has been there before ending the visit of mahmoud ahmadinejad's the group's leader he or she handed him a gun that was taken from an israeli soldier. in a charge lashed out at israel saying zionists will be defeated and called for palestine to be forcefully freed his comments were made just kilometers away from the border with these wells protests there and criticism in the u.s. james denson middle east politics and security expert says that america's anger at the visit is partly aimed at distracting the world from the vast military presence
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it still has in the region. as well as weapons are a bit of a strategic surprise and we saw that in two thousand and six where they launched antiship missiles and had a certain degree of technological advantage when it came to anti-tank weapons as well but in addition to the thirty thousand or so missiles that has those italy rearmed itself with since the two thousand and six conflict i think the iranian deals are far more interesting in terms of the welfare aspects they spent over a billion dollars reconstructing large parts of southern beirut there was a energy deal signed between uranium foreign minister and the lebanese energy minister could provide much needed gas and oil supply to a electrical infrastructure here in lebanon that is on its leg. really and i think that is much more interesting in terms of iran's use of soft power to improve its relations with lebanon rather than simply weapons alone there is a crescendo of violence in regards to the iranian u.s. relationship currently in the middle east and the u.s. has not fully exited iraq it still has some fifty thousand troops on the ground there if you include special forces and the largest embassy u.s.
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embassy in the world this is a presence that aims to have a strategic effect in influencing which direction iraq goes and of course a reminder to the neighbor iran that the u.s. has not accepted the region but remains on alert there instead the problem we have is that the competency of the iraqi military is in stark contrast to the incompetency of the iraqi political elite and government bear in mind we have had no government in iraq for a record breaking time over seven months now the newly rebuilt u.s. sponsored iraqi army numbers some six hundred fifty thousand if you include the border guard in the police americans are in a weapons spending spree at the moment in the middle east they're just finishing off a sixty billion dollars deal with the saudis and have spent over sold over ten billion dollars worth of weapons to the iraqis since the war including high tech equipment such as f. sixteen and one tanks. to some other stories dominating international headlines now it's barely a day since the thirty three chilean miners were rescued from the underground deal
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with three of them already leaving hospital most of the workers are reportedly in good shape despite having spent more than two months in a darkened chamber millions watched the rescue which ended one of the longest underground entrapment in human history. the u.n. he says troops in the democratic republic of congo are rethinking killing civilians in area plagued by similar violence two months ago the ledge the attacks took place in the mining region where the president had sent thousands of soldiers to government control a senior. government to investigate and that point police to protect civilians. tropical storm paula has hit cuba bringing heavy rains and strong winds one hundred people have been evacuated to higher ground as a precaution more rain is expected that's likely to cause floods and landslides in the area. is high among residents still reeling from the devastating hurricane season two years ago. the u.s.
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is being ranked to the lowest for providing proper access to justice for civilians compared to ten other developed countries a study says it's mainly wealthy americans who get the privilege of having the legal system behind them. takes a look at why the civil justice system is out of reach for the average american. the united states of america land of freedom and equality a place where all citizens have equal access to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness or for us to try to make sure the change in liberty in the freedom that we've had in the past not if you ask the tea partiers and while many might wonder what exactly they've been complaining about it looks like they might be on to something according to a new report by the world justice project the united states ranks the lowest out of eleven developed countries when it comes to access to civil justice and less than one in five low income americans gets the legal assistance they need wealthier
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people get good lawyers private lawyers they get out of whatever they were accused of in the same accusation against a low income person of color will lead them to jail for lengthy periods of time and it looks like the good old u.s. of a doesn't stack up when it comes to other factories either out of the nine factories that the project looked into from absence of corruption to limited government power to an effective criminal system the united states ranked seventh or below out of eleven countries in all areas except for one but then we really need a report to prove that the united states isn't all it's cracked up to be let's take a look at the justice system it's not just low income americans that don't have access to legal services many argue that african-americans are unfairly prosecuted too and you know in the states we have this terrible problem with american bigotry racism bigotry class bigotry within the system a system not in next in the system a white capital supremacy where we still have
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a large part of the population celebrating the idea that white people are superior to black people every day americans witness shocking stories of police brutality and police departments across the country are shelling out sometimes up to one billion dollars as is the case in new york city to settle cases. many having to do with brutality everybody interacts with the police and you think that they are there to serve and protect us but you know police officers need to understand that they swear an oath to the cost of tuition and the number one important factor they should provide in their job is constitutional protection for the citizens of this country i think that's been lost and what about limited government powers the united states ranks ninth out of the eleven developed countries when it comes to that the national legal and policy center recently found that the white house might be spying on americans on facebook twitter and other social media websites and not too long ago president obama signed the patriot act that allows the government to spy on americans and seize personal records and private data in the name of
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homeland security we now know and the federal government has admitted that homeland security's main focus is not. caves in central asia the main focus and the war activists quakers conservatives libertarians land rights activist anti g.m.o. activist it's basically everybody. involved united states wages wars abroad to bring freedom and democracy to other countries many say it need not look beyond its own borders to find problems to solve and here we are going around the world bombing and invading other countries to bring democracy to them when we really should be focusing on improving our democracy here at home i have an irony that may just contradict what the united states was founded on preassure either r. t. washington d.c. the antiwar campaign that brian becker told r.t. the report lays bare the government's hypocrisy on investing and foreign policy.
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well the united states is becoming so class polarize one percent of the population controls forty percent has access to and controls forty percent of the nations well that's a gargantuan shift from even twenty or thirty years ago so the class polarization the rich really are getting richer and the poor getting poorer there's no social safety net to the extent that one was a good one existed meaning this aerated we're turning more and more into a warfare state rather than a welfare state you can have two point three million citizens arrested in prison that's more than any other country in the world incarcerating people at that level depriving those same people of jobs and education and then go around the world using military methods and weaponry to say we are the great promoters of democracy of course that's completely hypocritical. we're following that story online if you . see what else went on. great news for russian the fans of food one
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resort of sochi gets hold position and they say. it's a plane used new yorkers look scummed it's not. the full story and it's. time to get close to the parts of russia you may not yet to discover it. yes with five hundred kilometers northwest of moscow a. thousand years of history the city has been witness to both soaring wealth and devastating. invasion now there are thousands of tourists who visit. deep into its rich history. and it's there to see. from very good drinking game. and almost all of the.
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living off the land every morning at dawn the woman everyone had called the masha berrien mushroom picking this brings in more money than her pension. if people want to earn a living doing this they can tell me it's not work at all in the forest diary legs she hands have pickings oh but that's the lobby of pregnant women the ploy you know to stop the jam making as a home business she thought people would want the completely natural no cooking no additives often no sugar one recipe hasn't changed but now she employs dozens of people and had found all sold all over a. large scale agriculture was in decline here in the countryside often the people i employ have no other way to make a living so i go as painted since she was a child she sees herself as
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a chronicle of a country life but the slowly disappearing as more and more people move to urban areas. my heart breaks sometimes when i see the crumbling houses and the lonely old people people don't put as much of themselves into the places where they live now a days but this quiet decline goes well with the cool delicate nature of the place . not everybody enjoys the outdoors and quiet contemplation. of the with signals the start of the hunting season it brings in hunters all over russia but also money for the local forestry commission for licenses to shoot for their buck i mean even bear. the foam is carefully choreographed shiva's take up positions on a range several hundred feet away from each other then at the beach and the woods on the other side when his soul detect the scent they begin to chase the animal
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flushing him out and presenting an easy target for the sheep as. well at least in theory on this occasion nature spared its offspring and off the three droids no game was killed in the group that he was more in the well you can never get a hunt is a hunt but the force and they are teaming with animals so the pump is very thick as an fisherman leave the woods allow nature to rule over its domain but tomorrow they will return because whatever city's off its nature they still depend on. i'm standing next to jim murphy who's a student who's studying russian here you first came here last year and my first question to you just been watching a report about traditions are there any traditions that you've been introduced to since you've come to russia well i have been in the banya before and that was a very interesting experience as far as the traditions i'm not really sure what exactly they are but i just know that i felt great after the banya and that i
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really like to go again i think that the russian hospitality is really great i think i feel more at home sometimes here than i do in my own house just meeting people that i hardly know at all or have just met they are extremely hospitable they treat me just like my best friends would back home and i've only known these people for about a week it's always are you sure you have enough to drink are you sure you have enough food how do you feel about you know russians love of hunting things light up well actually back home i am a hunter so i have no qualms as you put it about hunting as long as it's not just for sport that. i see nothing wrong with. you looking forward to having a child but. i would hope so but maybe not this time maybe next time around but that would be fantastic if i could find somebody to tag along with to go hunting or
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even just fishing or thank you very much we've been speaking to. students of russian heritage. probably all the way from the united states you go over often if they're always on our website that's. the business news mr. hello and welcome to the business bulletin a group of top fund managers say the global economy is risking doomsday much worse than the events of the past three years eighteen investment experts say their views are being widely ignored by the media so they publish them instead of the gathering storm. spoke to co-author patrick young to ask what governments and central banks are doing wrong. we've spent the last twenty years it's an all you can eat buffet and we've basically kept eating and kept eating and eating and now we're food and i
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think the problem with that central banking is all about effectively when the party gets going the central bank must remove the punch bowl well what's actually happened here is you know ben bernanke gave up the point where we got to one minute to midnight instead of closing the party dine he brought everybody inside locked them up and pushed their faces into the punchbowl and made them drink more and therefore it's very very difficult because really we have a fundamental problem because actually the central bankers themselves are ultimately being controlled by the politicians i mean i realize we have this sort of rather elegant concept that they're politically independent but ultimately they're appointed by politicians they have to deal with politicians every day of their lives and therefore they are to some greater or lesser degree controlled by them and i think that's clearly evident for example when we look at mr tree shay at the european central bank he's very capable he's making clear statements which i think have been the right kind of policy but then ultimately he's been undermined by the government's hold all around him the us is now has announced
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a new way of course to say well it's your government that withdrawing. this is done that this approach this is how our faculty we've got ben bernanke the helicopter ben as i think he'll go on history he's going to quantitatively anything he possibly can but i think one of the most important things we have to look out is also the fact of not just what the banks are doing in one direction but actually what the banks are demanding and i think it's interesting that for example when portugal decided it needed to be bailed out one of the large supranational banks doing well they're not taking their paper they're actually demanding gold so they want hard fixed assets and that's therefore rather worrying within europe the difficulty is that quantitative easing is going to be difficult to achieve because effectively they've spent all the money anyway so therefore there's nothing more to spend i'm going for with the folded money well at least she was a child of hers. about the gay way that's the difficulty it doesn't just go away with one recession unless it's
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a very short sharp recession i mean countries like for example the baltic states some of the parts of eastern europe because there is a completely different phase of the developmental cycle and therefore they have got the opportunity to points but in the relatively bloated wealth a large state economy countries of western europe it's going to be very very difficult to turn not wronged and it seems rather ironic actually that in the post communist world it's actually many nations in eastern europe that are actually better equipped to move forward than necessarily the nations in the west. that was patrick young a co-author of the gathering storm let's turn now to the equity markets european stocks are mixed in the final trading session of the week falls insurers are putting pressure on the footsie banks the worst performers on thursday staging a recovery that's ahead of the speech from u.s. fed chairman ben bernanke you come to russia markets have switched positive in the last hour here in moscow banks are still weighing on both the bourses and the g. may just edging higher gas from shedding a quarter percent on the my sex
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a new call is lending support on both the bourses up around one percent. russian post to become one of the country's biggest retailers selling food and other items and several of its moscow's branches is successful the new much advice will be rolled out to other post offices throughout russia russian place currently has fifty two thousand offices. the world's leading we tell it wal-mart is once again stalking the discount chain after pulling out of a deal this year and the latest twist fed a mystery daily says a rival bitter ex-wife. they walk away from the talks to picket is valued at about one point five billion dollars almost been trying to enter the russian market for eight years but it still has no outlets here. food prices continue to rise corn has seen its biggest one day jump in three decades these ng experts to worry that this year's volatile food prices could lead to widespread shortages but in
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a question about reports. u.s. corn prices rose by eight point five percent one day last week the largest jump since nine hundred seventy three it left prices fifteen percent higher in just two days wheat and other basic i recall two products have also threating a global food crisis like that of two thousand and seven and two thousand and eight sparked by droughts rising fuel prices and subsidies for biofuels the falling dollar has led to speculation in the commodities markets pushing up prices and increasing volatility this latest food crisis was caused by crop trailers in canada ponce of europe and russia where draw devastated the wheat crop by the end of some of the russian government banned grain acts both of which contribution to a massive jump in the world with prices it was sad the ban might be lifted after the release of this year's harvest data but the first complete figures were as bad
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as feared sixty point nine million tonnes of brain was harvested less than in the same period last year and probably believed. to the next so you. have to. i think the international community should go into a little grain or from the start of the next season in global terms the collapse in russia's weed harvest is the main story but for farmers and consumers a far broader range of crops was hit from potatoes to buckwheat which has destabilized the retail sector if governments respond with controls and food x. ports while currency devaluations prices and global shortage of stable products could lead to crisis mode you know which is not business. for business news for the fab but of course you can always find the story if you haven't to a website that's r.t. dot com slash this.
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culture is that so much about the taxpayers' money and it is a charade it means a lot of people at areas watch what you say for some political correctness is understood as a form of etiquette for others it is a clumsy attempt at thought control. wealthy british style holds. on to the books because. the smaller the. markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy in the kinds of reports on our. nature and discover it's easy. the. communicate with the wild and let the. test yourself and become free.
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nature gives you. the. morning news today violence is once again flared up. in these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. china corporations are old today . she's available in. the. cookie crumbles. the. holiday inn. trolls are really emotional. so sure to find this piece of the first book.
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the main stories we're covering this hour. holding talks in the kremlin often on the table with hugo chavez is it intriguing reenforcing cooperation with russia on issues ranging from. one in ten germans want to a few. poll shows this one isn't all. sentiments to the hands. of countries. the us has been on
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a level in terms of body or access to justice will simply study suggests people with low incomes are going to be able to get the system to one of the. next takes the driving seat to explore the russian passion for motor. illustration program will be delving into the subject of cars from the holster and carriage is a piece of the great to soviet largest in the western imports of today used as a status symbol not just as a trials court it's easy to see how passionate russia is when it comes to the good old.


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