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tv   [untitled]    October 15, 2010 9:30am-10:00am EDT

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the close up gene has been to the cycling region where the biggest russian salmon caviar processing factories located mt argy goes to northern paradise where many still live off the land. new ways are being found to fight economic turmoil. russia's first free elections red. thousand years ago. welcome to the road region. russia close up. illustrates moscow program will be delving into the subjects of cars from the
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holster on carriages a piece of the great to soviet loudest on the western imports of today used as a status symbol not just as a forward trials course it's easy to see how passionate russia is when it comes to the good old automobile. there are several museums in moscow to showcase cost through ages it's been a fascinating journey to today's competitive car industry in russia after decades of strict import will lose unlock the vehicles in the u.s.s.r. no one's a modern day russians have love affairs with that four wheel friends i'm dead mr joseph stalin is buried zero in on the limousine. of the model this is one of the most interesting exhibits in our museum it's an omen causey says one one five b. there were only thirty two such cause this one was number eight as he made a nine hundred forty eight for five years this code was driving around jersey. when in one nine hundred forty two the production of these vehicles started six zero.
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because were purchased in america and then disassembled to create and even say for want of a phone call must have sustained fifteen minutes of gunfire which was tested the windshield is seven point five of your centimeters thick and just one door weighs more than three hundred kilograms there's also a range of other impressive presidential cars on display flags included you can see here the famous said i am the represents ideal images of soviet socialist engineering and even today new models are still in development. in soviet times these long black armored cars make statements of power and control and have the latest technology. pausing to take a look at this week's entertainment news for those who enjoy seafood moscow's restaurant is running a season of choices fresh fish and persuasions from all around the world of the living to the venue every day the restaurant school has been designed to make its
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guests feel like they're on a ship's deck but it's not the interior people come here cold for the past eighteen is is the maison see through here the restaurants has doing devouring. dozens of people interested in fashion and fresh media have gathered to attend the public lecture by two women who have a lot to share on the subject the event was also broadcast online so that many people to join in the open discussion on the future of the country's start industry i think that russia has a lot of creative talent. is. to love what they. try. to do. the style of russian women that is a lot of her which i really. make sense it's called so you
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know it's a practical thing but also it's really fantastic. after the second along with the space race the aim to rival the industry. of the west. is past because trees began to pop up all over the country. after for example. in the one nine hundred sixty. one of the most popular cars was the off road. the car to specifically the treacherous driving conditions he just became extremely popular during the decades in russia and eastern europe particularly the former soviet bloc countries where they could be used to city living but the. hundred.
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most of them. along with exhibits from. dozens of retro. display. cult classics that fetch hundreds of thousands of. time three hundred. nine hundred fifty seven to sixty four how many celebrities have got them but this is a very special because it belonged to the princess of monaco wildfire would actress grace kelly several years ago. maybe one day will be allowed to drive full speed and that's two hundred fifty kilometers per hour.
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traffic is a huge problem will start there estimated to be around three million cars registered in the russian capital. is growing by ten percent annually and many more cars a journey into the city every day so the traffic let's meet this week's gets a great day to be so tell me telling you that in crazy wall street oh it's been quite a lot of been almost seven years now i've been here and there you drive across the capital yeah we have a corporate car so i use that drive around sometimes meetings and stuff i was reading about the crazy subject of topic here in moscow traffic it can be really bad if you have somewhere you need to go and it's on the other side of the city it can be over two hours i don't know what the reason i don't so people call believe you know gypsy cabs exist you can just stick your hand out anywhere and tell us any parts of the city and gypsy cabs are really fun and i think that's kind of a highlight of moscow here there's no yellow taxis here you just put your hand out
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the next taxi driver will stop and he'll take you for a little nothing to where you need to go i would say i haven't any problems i mean it's been like i said seven years and. i've been doing are you know the same that was. going to be you think you could look good but i think. the amazing thing about many old cars is that they're not just easy and exhibits various red shirt collar rallies are often organized in the russian capital was conscript chevrolets mercedes and boldest fusing the city traffic. such a presence prevents taking but there is a drive to show off the coast and film because you get a chance to see six dancing machines on the streets of the capital.
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along with. some futuristic looking. be seen on the roads this is the first russian company to manufacture premium vehicles for the new generation the company is fifty . one. because as it's called the suitable for use only on racing trucks but it's also driving in the hustle and bustle of the city. and if you'll visit. at your disposal any time of the day you can use plenty of services several international car rental brands have that says in the russian capital for the rental fleet consisting of cars of various classes from economy it's more expensive. tariffs also depend on the amount of rental days and prices start from around fifty dollars a day. commute place online in their rent office is at ideal for travel is. just remember to drive on the right hand side of the road here in russia.
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traffic in moscow is known to be problematic for many it's sitting here find it difficult to get you straight to help soldiers police driver has a list of english speaking instructors the company offers a cool switch mosses basic driving skills to travel so they also have a special program for experienced riders the improve on them to drive through fleet street conditions. the obvious side of russia's new. ferrari sharing here the bobby felt luxury. in port cities it doesn't stop there must. from the full force and outrageously
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expensive sports cars there's no question about it for some people. such. as a very prestigious high quality inquiry. our clients are extremely pleased with tend to forget all about their worries when they get behind the. wow because inside here are amazing in the course of this one sixty. driven on the streets. and traffic. we can expect.
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to. brown's infrastructure. but for the time being i'm. in the passenger seat well i'll let you in for a little secret. dr i still. have this week so. i'll see you the same time next week after the benches. and the rest of the team carol.
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will make sure to give you. the little. party's top stories the venezuelan leaders and most accountants roswell plans for closer ties with russia president chavez amid very different assigned key deals to energize military and nuclear cooperation. the first ever postwar exhibition on adolf hitler's life opens in berlin exploring how the dictator gained mass support for his regime it comes as a new poll reveals one in ten germans want to see a return to a strong will link secure. and the u.s. has ranks lowest on the list of developed countries for providing civilians with access to legal protection to study suggest americans with smaller income stand to suffer most sport is next to an artsy with andrew for.
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hello there thanks for watching the sport and this is what is coming up another one bites the dust of one of the of the latest big name russian to put out the kremlin cup. class russian delight batali petroff relishes the chance to race in front of home fans as formula one comes to solve. and that liverpool sale is stalled again is the club races to avoid administration stop the tennis there were another high profile name has been drawn from next week's kremlin cup in moscow local girl and world number three viewers of all new york pulling out of the tournament citing her busy shared jewel she has her mind set on the year ending tournament in doha which is a week after the moscow event and also walking out of the same reasons are in the dementia and francesca schiavone to make matters worse for the organizers those who
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haven't even qualified to go have also given the kremlin couple swerve so long because now. and in our surfin i have all dropped out and that means there are only two women in the world's top ten who are playing in a yankee tortie as i don't care and it's the same story in the men's draw russians make i never jane and we usually are the top seats there. russia's first formula one driver tally petrol says he's delighted his country has finally made it on to the racing calendar after it was announced sort she will host graeme priest and twenty fourteen are there any driver says he didn't know why the black sea resort was preferred over it on the outskirts of moscow but it was good news nonetheless the deal was signed yesterday in the presence of prime minister putin and morsi grand prix station and purpose built track between twenty fourteen and twenty twenty there is an option to continue racing for another five years after that but it will cost russia forty million dollars a year to host the event the move follows a series of f one promotional events in moscow and it's also placed in. tonight in
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this former driver as. well to be honest russia is it's been trying for a long time to have a formula one race and it's well over g. you know russia is a great country a great economy in formula one really needs to needs to be in russia as much as russia needs a formidable race why it's gotten so she i really don't know that's obviously it's you know money normally is is the key factor in why things happen and why they don't harm so i'm sure it's it it is in this case whenever i go to races there are other you know monaco employees that have there definitely is a lot of russian from there so there is maybe a little bit on the ground in russia at the minute because there isn't a race but you've got a driver there now and petro if he's done a good job and didn't let me if he can raise his game a little bit more and become a permanent fixture from a woman you've got a driver there you're going to have a race there and there's a reason why from one company huge in russia. in ice hockey star some page has been a good home to you see the number on thursday evening and last two you won the
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moscow side's gold in the second period proving to be decisive while you're struggling a murder came from a goal down to beat lefty him for one guy in cup holders and scored five times in the third period to just sixteen when a massive novice does nets and sabir beat afterward released on home ice five to eleven i think of course the top of the standings at the moment in the shootout trackball claimed a narrow win against kazakh side bodies and defending champions how about recorded a comfortable home win over. well play regimes in the russian premier league tonight after the international break and fourth place spot at moscow will have to make do without aiden mcgeady when they host a lanyard the former celtic midfielder picked up a calf injury during islands one one draw in a year a qualifier against slovakia earlier this week and won't be fit in time for the league he gave the high school just one goal in russia so far but spartak beaten in four matches since he joined a month ago muscovites is seventeen points behind lee does any bit of pretty much
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in contention at least for a top three finish their move to begin six points of the place to discuss should be to land here at the luzhniki arena. meanwhile it is an anxious day for liverpool football club best still waiting to see if their sale to the owners of the boston red sox will go through before the deadline to settle the club's debts liverpool must pay back three hundred forty eight million dollars to the royal bank of scotland on friday and were hoping to use the cash generated from the sale of the club's new england sports ventures to do so but that's been stalled again by the current owners george gillett and tom hicks they believe the sale price of four hundred seventy seven million is too small and would go back to the texan court day to try and block the sale once more they had gained a temporary restraining order but that was overruled by the u.k. high court yesterday if the club fails to pay back the debt by friday it could be placed into a ministration and face a nine point induction. in the english premier league. liverpool is that they're striking fernando torres has been declared fate for sunday's merseyside darby
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goodison park he's recovered from a groin injury and should play against everton however. with a bad ankle left in cesc turns the reds a third bottom third from bottom in the premier league one place below everton after winning just one of their thirty seven games. despite all the problems the commonwealth games have enjoyed a spectacular end in new delhi but organizers claim the gangs marked a new era for indian sports the problems that had them at the start with the coffin of bad plays in ceremony in the main stadium bringing together all the athletes who can painted and among them are a very proud same india and finish second in the medals table behind a stray in the best ever finish for india at the gangs he picked up a couple of goals on the final day and looking back at that bit of action is constant thing but our path. in the men's marathon it was two candidates who took the early lead jungle i was closely followed by his competitor it. but accomplished
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on a killer i held on to win the twenty six mile race in two hours fourteen minutes and thirty five seconds in the woman surrounds kinnear's because he suffered a mishap at a drink station but because he showed great determination to get back on her feet and snatch the lead from competitor in course the one first to take the gold in the men's hockey decider host india to come three time champion. house at the stadium and we did a tight battle but those two aliens dominated from the story but the kookaburras had to wait until in mind for minutes for jason wilson to break the deadlock and once they scored the opener there was only going to be one result cristian real maybe too little in the twentieth or so minutes after a penalty corner and there were. two more to make it for me with the break the former champions then completed the route scoring form. in the second half it finished eight new meanwhile in badminton world number one.
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for fremont two men single square and completely threshed his rival in straight games twenty one to two and one wait in just half an hour while molly should also grab gold in the man's novels. and india crowned success by winning the women's singles and doubles continue but out of or achieved. now you'll get there enzo has already claimed the major g.p. world title but the newly crowned champion isn't taking it easy as he dominated friday's free practice ahead of the australian grand prix before things started though the spaniard had a chance to celebrate his new status with a game of local football and jump into a poor and when the party was over the ryder cup the fastest lap of the fifth. time here and former champion casey stoner was second fastest but he's the captain to make nicky hayden in the wrong hands a clinched his first top flight title last week with a third place finish in malaysia but still promises to give his all in the three
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remaining races. it's always very good to hear. the words you know. the goals are different no i don't need any more points to do with the championship but i would like to finish the childish if i do for for the return of course i will try try. the homecoming he's used to australia captain cricket captain ricky ponting has returned to sydney on the back foot after losing to india and both test matches there's growing concern about the quality of the side ponting insists he is still the man to lead the aussies against england in the next month ashes down and despite former teammate shane warne's criticism by his twitter account. i'll send him a few text exchange a few messages lost not on the hard in the fact those little disappointed with. the tweets that are read but we're exchanging text messages over the last or twenty
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four year we're just going to put a board is going to put a bomb and. i wouldn't go that far as those apologies the various points across and i got more points to cross back in but it's been pretty amicable we decided to move on a straight talk and now there's a three way tie for the going into the second day of gulfport schoolmasters with martin the favor robert carson all in eight and the favorite claiming a whopping eleven birdies including this one on the ninth on the first day double bogey on the eighteenth cost him the out rightly also hitting a sixty four which i had first and former european number one carlsen is also up there with a good control round on the opening day and a great approach shot. with a shot of the day how about this from simon although a rare bit of joy for the englishman who hit a level par seventy two. also playing some of europe's ryder cup stars and although they're not topping the leaderboard at the moment the likes of
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me get angle i've been raising money for children's charities through the season they take part in the park the charity event which is a little contest among the place and since it started three years ago it's generated over eight hundred thousand dollars. but between. everyone probably money we raise more money towards the charitable causes that. we're doing . as well that. you know they can raise money to. be involved. we can continue good stuff that is all the sport for now more like to. every month we give you the future we help you understand. and want to bring the best in science and technology from across russia and around the world join us for technology update on our.
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in indonesia she's available in hotels coming dolly result in spawns good results in spawn. remote have been turned bone radio sentry and the resulting spawn sunny of beach otoh the wisdom result use of dual club med so if you tell someone you're. the result and spawn of the ritz carlton hotel grounds many as you
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call it a hotel full seasons hotel the sultan who turns. nothing out on partnership the venezuelan president is in moscow to thrash out plans for closer ties with russia. the first ever post for exhibition on adolf hitler's wife opens in berlin days after a new poll reveals one in ten germans want to see a return to a ruling fewer. that are close a team visits making no grab a city steeped in history in northwest russia to discover how local people use the area's gifts of winter.
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live from moscow this is our team with me and you so now way it's six pm here in the russian capital and of course our top story chavez is in the russian capital as the country and venezuela are energizing cooperation in areas from nuclear power to arms deals an oil production president medvedev welcome to his guests in the kremlin where the leaders put pen to paper and signed several key deals parties alice had reports. on friday president chavez signed agreements pledging but actually cooperation in a huge range of speeds up until the year twenty fourteen during this meeting procedures were great pains to stress the importance of the venezuelan the russian relationship indeed president the dead of himself even to the fact that back in two thousand and nine venezuela was one of very few countries to support the russian backed independence wake up and south possess yeah and to help that together with venezuela russia was helping to.


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