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even leading to the fact that back in two thousand and nine venezuela was one of very few countries to support the russian battle plan to to wake up and south possess yeah to help that together with venezuela russia was helping to create a new world policy see you next year if you use will russia and venezuela would like to see a new and share a world order in which our future will not depend on the desires wellbeing and mood of just one single country new world order should be built as a joint effort of the international community this is the only kind of border that can provide stable development for humankind in the twenty first century and indeed moscow was the first port of call in the hugo chavez's twelve day international tour on the russian would be moving on to a number of east european and a middle east in that country and he gave chavis also repeatedly stressed the back to choose what she has for russia in helping that venezuela become any fledged
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independent country and said during the closing stages of his address to the press he presented the russian president with a number of. presents which he thinks represents venezuela the country that it is today and the approach of chocolates from venezuela is the best thing in the world i'm going to give them to all of us they're cheap too so we should think of buying some and here we have some banana jam and cocoa that's the best produce from our country for you my friend so in terms of what was actually signed the onus was on the corporation both the military and nuclear sphere military deals between venezuela and russia currently stand at a staggering four billion u.s. dollars fighting that has already said that he thinks that figure could rise that took place at billion dollars venezuela today a pledge to buy a huge amount of russian military hardware including helicopters. and tanks
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venezuela may also become the first forward of buyer of the two point fighter jets in terms of nuclear corp and venezuela does plan to build a nuclear plant which it does stress is purely for peaceful energy means and they'll be doing that with the help of russian expertise there's also you to be cooperation in the banking and sphere agreements have now been signed at the beginning of the venezuelan the russian a bank which will have its headquarters here in moscow but it's as i've already mentioned there will be cooperation in all the rare is the two leaders continues to stress including in the social sector russia will also lend it sex parties and helping to build a huge number of houses to venezuela's most. reporting well after the meeting with president medvedev has given exclusive interview to r.t. spanish channel here are some of the highlights of that interview. lies are one of the reasons for the many conflicts going on in the world today take
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a look at the war in iraq thousands of people have died women and children were killed but the whole war was based on the lie that the iraqi government had weapons of mass destruction that was the only reason the yankee empire invaded the country but then they admitted that there hadn't been any such weapons designed to bring war to iraq itself that's the politics of the yankee empire there are one hundred more lies even today they claim we hired and trained terrorists they claim we enrich uranium so all they have to do now is accuse us of trying to build an atomic bomb for that's the web of lies they create to justify with every day need to be justified. in the clergyman's in russia's role in the future. i think russia will play one of the greatest rules for the balance of the whole world which at that all of latin america was saddened by the collapse of the soviet union we saw a weak post soviet russia until about a mere putin became president our countries became friends we became stronger and
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now are carrying on down that path was president to be reminded of russia's back on its feet and i believe that this country will keep playing a great role in making the world a truly free and just place to go. as the president of venezuela speaking exclusively to spanish channel to other news now tonight afghan prisoners taking part in a u.s. study of claim they were abused at a secret jail inside the main american military base in afghanistan former inmates told open society foundations that they were subjected to sleep deprivation extended periods of isolation and a lack of food and blankets some of the claim to be says they ate from this year despite president obama's pledge to overhaul prison practices let's cross over now live to our washington studio where we're joined now by fitzgerald a former cia officer messenger of defense to be on the program now there are no exact official figures or details of prisoners being held at the airbase are there how accurate then you think these latest claims can be at the end of the day. well
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i think based on what i've seen of the report the claims are quite accurate i think that clearly there is a facility within the facility where probably special prisoners for one reason or another are subjected to stress situations to try to get them to cooperate well the u.s. says it was denied in the secret room why is washington being so secretive about this. well obviously the administration doesn't need another scandal to cause it problems so i think if they do have secret interrogation centers and i would be awfully surprised to be honest if they didn't i would imagine the cia runs interrogation centers i would imagine the military does the same and the administration basically just wants this to become a non-issue but the fact is i mean they're fighting a war in afghanistan which in which there are some rules but at the same time the
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rules are very often stretched and i think i would be very surprised if they didn't have these interrogation centers present above a pledge that needs review prisons holding detainees of war and vowed to close the controversial guantanamo bay but january of this year was a deadline that's come and gone what does it say about the administration's achievement. well i would have to suggest that the administration in when obama was running for president he talked a very good story about what he was going to do but he's actually done very little of that we see an escalation of the war in afghanistan we see the secret prisons are continuing we see the the government using what they call the security privilege to keep it from being challenged in court on many of these prison related issues so so the obama administration in many respects is worse than the bush administration some of these detainees of course that military presence in afghanistan have been held without legal representation will be in charge for
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several years now what's to happen to those prisons more than one thousand troops down. we draw. well eventually these people will be freed for one reason or another but it really is a is a counterproductive policy because all you're doing is creating more people who who really hate the united states and for good reason and in cases where you people may not have committed many crimes it was clear in the people that were held in guantanamo that many of them were completely innocent. and thanks bill i'm from washington d.c. much appreciated. the german historical museum in berlin has opened the first ever post war exhibition focused exclusively on adult hitler's life it seeks to explore how hitler gained mass support for his nazi regime it comes on the heels of a study by the frederick egan foundation which revealed that one in ten germans believe they are in need of a new future while
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a quarter of those polled sympathize with nationalist or racist sentiments a third said the foreigners should be sent home if there wasn't enough work for them while one in six believe that jews have too much power worked you have. conducted this survey this year's wellens in two thousand and eight told us see there is a rise in then of views among all voters right now the study shows that there is. education in some parts of society secondly people always especially in times of crisis search for scapegoats for their own political economic or social deprivation dissemination of all things together points us to the actually important thing which is democracy itself is nothing self-fulfilling or which is always there or something we have in europe without doing something for it so we have to fight for democracy every time and every day there is
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a rising which is hardly influenced by the economic crisis from two thousand and eight but on the other hand this rise from two thousand and eight to two thousand and ten isn't that important important is that we have this high percentage of rightist extremist attitudes all over the time since two thousand and two when we started and studies in general everybody could be affected by these attitudes which means that it doesn't matter whether you are voting for a right is the extremist party or the social democrats or even the left is already all these people can have these attitudes. got more love story and a lot more as well of course that r t dot com twenty four seven brings you our latest news and comment on loads of videos on there take a look at our t. dot com tonight have not checked it out already online tonight might catch your fancy gown thing for joy a russian ballerina gets a job back after being sacked for appearing in a raunchy photo shoot on that tonight in our home page form and this is
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a good news for formula one fans as russia seals the deal to put its results in the soncino on the racing calendar again you want the back story there take a look at our website r.t. dot com. fifty. five. you're watching r.t. from moscow all right more now on another developing story today the shortlist for four candidates for the top moscow seat the mayoral seat has sunk to one over the last hour it's developing new sort of night president medvedev has picked deputy prime ministers surrogates for the top job it's now up to the city parliament to give the final green light let's talk a little bit more about that with let's let's hear some of the ongoing development
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this is president medvedev just a bit earlier on. the new mass call me or we have to focus on social issues primarily raising the quality of life in the city it's already pretty high compared to the rest of the country but there's still a lot to do moscow has a massive traffic problems it's very difficult to drive around the city and corruption remains a massive obstacle for business projects don't you merely have to work on making the economic life of the city more transparent and competitive. ok well it's more present but at the same part of the room adjoining the studio now you can see by dmitri babich from reno vesty a joy to me to discuss the president's pick ok was this news unexpected i guess it wasn't really because he was kind of the front runner all the way along the line was me exactly it would have been a huge simulation for him if he had not been picked the final choice by president medvedev so what do we know about him who is sergei sabean well i've been watching
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his career since the ninety's when i was the parliamentary correspondent at the federation council and sat down and was a member of the council which represented the regions of russia he was the chairman of the committee on constitutional legislation and he was a public figure at the time which is very different from nowadays when he has a reputation for keeping a low profile which is not exactly good for moscow where the man the man of such a big city has to be a public figure open for everything of course very much the public figure was the last may yuri luzhkov for my view is very briefly what drove him out of office in the end have been there hey didn't last call since one nine hundred ninety s. so we were with him through many form of the crisis through world knows what we were veterans to everything with him day two years not only yes exactly what did it in the end you think well i think basically if he had stepped down five years.
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or ten years ago that he would have stayed in history as one of the best mass of the city but unfortunately he just didn't want to quit and finally he was basically fired by president invade if even a very unpleasant question for him obviously but crucially i guess the question on many people in moscow is lips will a new broom sweep clean what can we expect now well i want of people suspected of their. country's leaders would pick someone from st petersburg to run law school. which would have been you know not a very good development somebody in a strong say beer he's the former chairman of the legislative council or two main regions which used to provide and we still provides the lion's share of russia's oil and gas so all really here some experience over and in economically wealthy regions. all busier for the situation that we have with. all of this city management is still you know. not very stable after which was dismissed so you need
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someone who maybe not very open not a very public political but who can run things who can make these people work for him so what's next now the chain which is the final decision could be made but is this going to give the green light if it is given the green is a danger that well i know a decision will be with this. legislature which will decide whether mr subband is water or run in the city i think it's largely a foregone conclusion because that sort of majority in moscow city council belongs to the united flusher which is their party of power and which obviously will approve or most likely will approve the president's choice ok dimitri babich from reno vista use agency thank you very much for your thoughts so it's good to see the studio. so the stories making headlines around the world now briefly hungary a plan which calls that toxic sludge is to reopen again on friday as villages forced to abandon their homes began to return dozens of houses have been deemed too
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dangerous after the accident which devastated nearby towns and rivers nine people died and dozens were injured when take waisting gushed out of a burst storage reservoir of the alumina plant earlier this month and investigations begun to determine whether the owners had followed safety regulations. anger over government cutbacks in europe seeing thousands take to the streets riot police have been deployed throughout france to clear union blockades of fuel pose in leon things fired tear gas to disperse crowds protesting a planned retirement age increase in greece the acropolis is reopened again after a culture ministry workers demanding unpaid wages barricaded themselves inside problems too in italy there were several marches in several cities against the education reforms including cutting the number of teachers and school hours. the first three chilean miners rescued after that two month underground all deal they
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went for arrived home most of the thirty three men are reportedly in good shape despite having spent sixty nine days in a darkened hall chamber earlier that the president sebastian pinera visited them and promised to stamp out in few men working conditions in the countries it was put . in to watch the dramatic rescue which ended in miners' rescue deal. no time to do a spot of traveling but you don't have to pack your bags just join our russian close up team as we explore the vast and varied regions of this great country. and more travels five hundred kilometers northwest of moscow today involved. novgorod over its thousand year history the city's witnessed both soaring wealth and devastating was the only invaders now there were the thousands of tourists who visit each year r.t.c.
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go grosvenor went to see what's attracting them. from berry picking to vodka drinking to game hunting a lot of russian traditions that was lost far and comprehensible and almost all of the traditions are widely practiced here and there. living off the land every morning at dawn the woman everyone here calls the mash or goes berry in mushroom picking this brings in more money than her pension is in the red if people want to earn a living doing the state can tell me it's not to work at all in the forest die relax she hands her pickings over the alienness a lovely over pregnant and unemployed you know anna thought the germ making as a home business she thought people would want that's completely natural no cooking no additives often no sugar one recipe hasn't changed but now she employs dozens of people and her germs are sold all over russia so it isn't just large scale
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agriculture was in decline here in the countryside often the people i employ have no other way to make a living. go has painted here since she was a child she sees herself as a chronicle of a country life but the slowly disappearing as more and more people move to urban areas that i see you think my heart breaks sometimes when i see the crumbling houses in the lonely old people people don't put as much of themselves into the places where they live now a days but this quiet decline goes well with the cool delicate nature of the place . north everybody enjoys the outdoors inquired contemplation. a third with signals the start of the hunting season it brings in hunters from all over russia but also money for the local forestry commission for licenses to shoot for their dark i mean even bear. the hunt is carefully choreographed shooters take up positions on
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a range several hundred feet away from each other then beat and there's the woods on the other side when his dogs detect the sense they begin to chase the animal flushing him out and presenting an easy target for the shooters. well at least in theory on this occasion nature spared its offspring and after three drives no game was killed in the group that he was more than well you can never guess a hunt is a hunt but the forests here are teeming with animals so the hunters bury pickers and fisherman leave the woods allow nature to rule over its domain but tomorrow they will return because whatever city's offer its nature they still depend on you or are no party no good region. to twenty two minutes past eight now moscow time tonight this friday crews got the latest business ahead.
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the international association of russian language and literature teachers will hold a world festival of russian language. are you interested in a better understanding of russian language and culture can you sing russian songs well. because the participants of the world festival of russian language and when an exciting trip to st petersburg in russia. for more information visit the festival website. how to welcome to business news with me corinne americana good to have you with us ross nath has signed a deal with patrollers the venice well to acquire its fifty percent stake in germany's ruhr or oil for one point six billion dollars the signing comes after talks between president medvedev and his venezuelan counterpart who are childless i have a deal is the joint construction of n l n g facility. and gas problem the two countries
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energy minister has also expressed support for taking b.p. to buy the assets of b.p. but as well. almost any ever seen go russia knowing this company has a. project outside russia buffeting katie peat was an issue before. and the reason probably was b.p. itself because one of the. official reasons for the conflict between. holders was that b.p. objected against. distributing it all over the world well probably because not to create competition between b.p. and through it so as a result now i would call these projects as a first significant upstream project putting k.b.p.s. brought and probably. it will be the first success of the stream abroad.
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garia will accelerate construction of a section of the south stream pipeline project it agreed with gazprom to form a joint venture next month much earlier than expected chief executive alexander miller visited bog areas prime minister on friday and the parties will sign a deal next week. now the russian markets ended the week mixed with the r.t.s. ending the trading day in the red and the markets gaining a quarter of a percent don't make yo with the biggest gain on the r.t.s. finishing up one a half percent while shares of rosner fell for most on both of course as one point three percent lower emerging market stocks attracted cash for the six straight week as investors look for faster growth they think they'll get from one mature economies pretty strong weak for emerging equities also for russia this week the oil price has been pretty well supported and that's been a function of the weaker dollar that again is a function of more expectations that the fed are going to be very common to in the
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monetary policy when they next meet in november so it's really been a good week for risk assets. russia has performed well. and belarus and russia have settled their differences over the customs union and set the stage for more members to join the four country grouping with more here's artie's might be the coach of. prime minister placement would sound like the outcome but this is writing meeting between the prime minister is a customs union and the members it was said that the establishment of the common economic space and because the union created by belarus kazakhstan and russia is proceeding costed that was the previously expected parties also worked out the budget issues for the nearest future and decided to form the necessary legal base out by the beginning of twenty i love the prime minister like him in future and also suggested that i asked him you know and he's open to the moment very soon and the next possible member it might be ukraine followed by other two countries which
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are it's a cheeky stand and can you stand with the after the signing and ratification of all documents related to the creation of the common economic area russia has agreed to lift all export duties on crude oil supply to below us we have once again underlined this today and will fulfill our commitment with russia as we scan through my solutions on the bay to build the world and gas station is a word that valorous and kazakhstan after the fall of the savita union of neighboring countries neighboring countries had to work out so you know g. and distribution networks and the latest in china. was some of the jellies that occurred was the dispute between russia and belarus the truth. like when clinton said that natural gas prices could belarus for twenty eleven months before in the world the basis of the current trend and not there is here that there was also
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a challenge show for russia and the russian and better russian relations was the unconstrained oil sector which is said but that's russia is right. to live tax free do you just to well look nice to valerie's and currently rushes to place duty free world to batteries for domestic consumption. that's all the business use for this hour but i do go to our website r.t. dot com slash business and read more stories from the world of business.
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this wealthy british. marget. find out what's really happening to the global economy.
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more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. today.
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you're watching r t the international news broadcaster from moscow and these are all top stories tonight the venezuelan leaders here in moscow to plans for closer ties with russia president chavez and medvedev have signed key deals to energise military and nuclear cooperation. the russian capital is about to get a new mayor as president would have put forward a candidate for moscow's top job deputy prime minister has. been given the nod and it's now up to the city parliament to approve the choice. in the first of a post-war exhibition of hitler's life opens in berlin exploring how the dictator gained mass support regime of the time it comes as
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a new poll reveals one in ten germans want to see a return to a strong. exactly twenty thirty one time up next month and hundreds takes us on a tour of some real classics on wheels in moscow. program will be delving into the subject of cars from the whole stream carriage is a piece of the great to soviet largest in the western imports of today used as a status symbol not just as a forward trials course it's easy to see how passionate russia is when it comes to the good old automobile.


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