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tv   [untitled]    October 15, 2010 10:00pm-10:30pm EDT

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national goodies the business that brought mr chavez to the russian capital certainly hasn't stood in the way of his pleasure. arriving to lay the foundation for someone believe our statue in a russian made. the outspoken leader later shared the fact that this wasn't his first time in a russian vehicle. i had a new car i had it running for about twenty years and it never let me down as one and it used up very little gas. seems more than content to buy russian including the first ever nuclear power plant for his country. and he did stress the scale of the venture in very few but very strong words. we would like our porker the republic of venezuela to enjoy the entire range of power production possibilities to enjoy energy independence and to have internal mechanisms for self sustainable development venezuelan counterpart agreed with the sentiment but as has become his forte to get even for it they're going to come up with
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a campaign to demonize venezuela comes from the west from america and western europe i remember it began when we started our military cooperation with russia. this isn't the first or even the second time chavis is made similar statements but his ability to brush off any unpleasant allegations is where has helped by blossoming ties with strong international players such as russia. you should use google it muster a few years now we've been working on various issues such as military cooperation and i'd like to point out that our progress in a technical military area is considerable. grew relationship is reflected in the paper work ten deals eight of them energy related more than enough to fuel a dynamic partnership chocolates and poetry hugo chavez certainly didn't waste any time in proclaiming his love for russia and the growing cooperation between moscow and caucus with the solid economic foundation to the pleasantries it certainly
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seems that this relationship is destined to prosper gasman as our of our to moscow . after his meeting with president medvedev chavez gave an exclusive interview to r.t. spanish he spoke about the present and future of latin america russia and the world here are some of the highlights. the. lines are one of the reasons for the many conflicts going on in the world today we take a look at the war in iraq thousands of people are died women and children were killed that's what but the whole war was based on the lie that the iraqi government had weapons of mass destruction that's the only reason the yankee empire invaded the country but then they didn't know there hadn't been any such weapons so they designed that law to bring war to iraq that's the politics of the yankee empire there are one hundred and one lies even today they claim we hide and train terrorists they claim we enrich uranium so all they have to do now is accuse us of
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trying to build an atomic bomb that's the web of lies they create us a justify whatever they need to be just right. to what extent do you think latin american countries make and control their own policies today. but the one above says latin america is in the middle of a process i'm an optimist even if sometimes you have to be a realist to see things the way they really are. latin america has changed a lot if you compare it to what was there ten years ago today we finally have a free trade zone we privatized all the companies and we have a free and unique zone now we're dancing our own down to our own rhythm we're following our own advice and defending our independence within the union of a latin america it would have been impossible to imagine the sort of thing before next july we'll be celebrating two hundred years since our declaration of independence when the first summit of all let in american states took place without
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the us latin american countries have now formed an alliance so i'm optimistic we're in transition to a real independence collapse a little hard to imagine of russia's role in the future. i think russia will play one of the greatest roles for the balance of the whole world which all of latin america was saddened by the collapse of the soviet union we saw weak poll soviet russia and to vladimir putin became president our countries became friends we're going stronger and now we're carrying on down that path with president dmitry medvedev if russia is back on its feet and i believe that this country will keep playing a great role in making the world a truly free and just place. in the words of venezuelan president hugo chavez speaking exclusively to r.t. spatting turning now to other news the shortlist of four candidates for the top moscow seat has now shrugged to one of president medvedev as pick deputy prime minister sergei so beatin for the job and it's now up to the city parliament to give the final
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a very light hearted sarah for has more. well there's one final studs to go in this place that's president faded has made his choice from the list of the four candidates that he was presented with on saturday so i guess about his choice of candidates and that decision now has to be a preview by the most he will have ten days to make the final decision an ounce of yarn in him so that was always considered one of the most popular of the four candidates a certainly a front by the and considered to have heard the mesa experience within working in the government he's the former governor as the two men region in the u.s. not the rich region and it's true that his experience will stand him in good stead facing some of the challenges responsibilities the lie ahead of him should he be selected as the stay man the main reason the president with a decided for the film and mellish polls dismissed so it was a loss of trust facing government and within the public itself no situations are like we saw this summer where the former mellish told refused to return home during
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the forest fire crisis he was away on holiday and that certainly didn't help matters those also the corruption question mark hanging over his billionaire was the church and to situations like this really didn't help with this loss of confidence and that is one of the main reasons that he was dismissed from his position is somebody is chastened as their last day he will have some tough challenges ahead of him we know that the social issues and most gay and issues such as the traffic which is a constant headache for muscovites these are going to be some of the things that he's up against and we've heard the president today did i make it very clear what he sees as the main challenge is. the new more school mayor will have to focus on social issues primarily raising the quality of life in the city it's already pretty high compared to the rest of the countries but there's still a lot to do most school has not of traffic problems it's very difficult to drive.
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around the city and corruption remains a massive obstacle for business projects and law school the new mayor will have to work on making the economic life of the city more transparent and competitive and ten days now for the most david to make that final bit face and whether it will be the event. stay with us here on our t.v. lots more headed your way including this. berlin opens its first ever post war of the bishan of adolf hitler's life as a survey reveals one in ten germans would welcome a new fear. but first afghan prisoners have claimed in a us report that they were abused at a secret jail inside the main american military base in afghanistan the facility dubbed the black in jail for those captured during afghan operations is thought to be located at the bagram air base former inmates tell you open society foundations they were subjected to sleep deprivation extended periods of isolation as well as
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a lack of food and blankets some of those claim to be uses data from this year despite president obama's pledge to overhaul prison practices u.s. military denies the detention center exists philip giraldi a former cia officer says the obama administration is more us than the bush administration when it comes to prisoners detained in afghanistan. when obama was running for president he talked a very good story about what he was going to do but he's actually done very little of that we see an escalation of the war in afghanistan we see the secret prisons are continuing we see the the government using what they call the security privilege to keep it from being challenged in court on many of these prison related issues so so the obama administration in many respects is worse than the bush administration clearly there is a facility within the facility where probably special prisoners for one reason or another are subjected to stress situations to try to get them to cooperate.
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the german historical museum in berlin has opened its first ever post war exhibition focused exclusively on the life of adolf hitler it seeks to explore how hitler gain mass support for the nazi regime this comes on the heels of a study by the freaky birth foundation that revealed that one in ten germans believes they're in need of a new if you're a quarter of those polled sympathize with nationalist or racist sentiments a third said foreigners should be sent home if there wasn't enough work for them and one in six believe that jews have too much power or least weisman from leipzig university that conducted the study says in the past people may have concealed their extremist views. in our studies since two thousand and two we can see that there are many people who are undecided regarding these questions that we are posing in our interviews and we think that many of these people in fact they agree with the statements but they don't really want to tell it to say because they
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know that it's not socially accepted and i think that this year in this year in two thousand and ten people were mo. a more openly every thirteenth. it is a high proportion and it is for sure it is not frightening results you can observe that people in general like democracy they approve democracy in theory but in practice they are not really satisfied how democracy works in practice. on the way in a few minutes going back to basics discover out hunting and gathering are the order of the day the ancient city of nova growed russia's northwest. turning first though to some other stories making headlines across the globe israel has approved the building of more than two hundred new homes in east jerusalem as jewish neighborhoods is puts an end to the freeze on construction that officially expired last month the issue is a moot point and peace talks with palestinians u.s.
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supported negotiations are currently deadlocked over a palestinian demand that israel extend the settlement freeze palestinians are threatening to walk out of the talks on the west their polls are met. the hungary and plan that caused the toxic sludge leak has a reopened as villagers forced to abandon their homes begin to return but dozens of houses have been deemed too dangerous following the accident which devastated nearby towns and rivers nine people died dozens were injured when a ways to gushed out of a burst storage reservoir at the alumina plant earlier this month an investigation has started to determine whether the owners had followed the proper safety regulations in the first of three chilean miners rescued after a two month ordeal underground has returned home most of the thirty three men are reportedly in good shape despite having spent sixty nine days in a wet dark and hot sub trainee and chamber earlier chilean president sebastian pinera visited them and promised to stamp out any human working conditions in the
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country millions tuned in to watch the dramatic rescue that ended the miners' record underground ordeal. time now to join the russia close up team as we go on a journey to explore the vast and varied regions of russia. this time we tracked five hundred kilometers northwest of moscow in village you know of the road over its thousand year history of the city's witnessed both soaring wealth and devastating war the only invaders now though are thousands of tourists who visit annually. went to see what draws them there. from berry picking to ball good drinking game planting a lot of russian traditions that westerners fund uncomprehensible and almost all of the traditions are widely practiced today and there. living off the land every
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morning at dawn the woman everyone here calls the mash or goes berry in mushroom picking this brings in more money than her pension is in the red state that if people want to earn a living doing this they can tell me it's not to work at all in the forest die relax she hands her pickings over the alienness the lobby of a pregnant been unemployed you know anna thought the germ making as a home business she thought people would want that's completely natural no cooking no additives often no sugar why her recipe hasn't changed but now she employs dozens of people and had germs are sold all over russia. large scale agriculture was in decline here in the countryside often the people i employ have no other way to make a living and i go has painted here since she was a child she sees herself as a chronicle of a country life but the slowly disappearing as more and more people move to urban
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areas that i see you think my heart breaks sometimes when i see the crumbling houses in the lonely old people people don't put as much of themselves into the places where they live now a days but this quiet decline goes well with the cool delicate nature of the place . not everybody enjoys the outdoors and quiet contemplation. a third with signals the start of the hunting season it brings in hunters from all over russia but also money for the local forestry commission for licenses to shoot for their dark i mean even bear. the fun is carefully choreographed shooters take up positions on a range several hundred feet away from each other then a bit and there's the woods on the other side when his dogs detect the scent they begin to chase the animal flushing him out and presenting an easy target for the shooters. well at least in theory on this occasion nature spared its
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offspring and after three drives no game was killed. well you can never guess the hunt is a hunt but the forests are teaming with animals so the hunters bury pickers and fisherman leave the woods allow nature to rule over its domain but tomorrow there will be because whatever city's offer its nature they still depend on either of their ordinary property not good region. coming up next how smart you want to tour of some real classics on wheels and stay with us. thank you.
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all this program will be delving into the subject of cars from the horse drawn carriages of peter the great to soviet largest in the west. in course of today used as a status symbol not just as a forward trials course it's easy to think how passionate russia is that it comes to the good old automobile. there are several showcase costs for ages it's been a fascinating journey to today's competitive car industry in russia after decades of strict import wills and lack of vehicles in the u.s.s.r.
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no one's a modern day russians have love affairs with that fool we are friends and most of stalin's very own on the limousine. of the model this is one of the most interesting exhibits in our museum it's an armored car one one five b. there were only thirty two such cause this one was number made in one thousand nine hundred forty eight for five years this car was driving around jersey. when in one nine hundred forty two the production of these vehicles started six on would cause were purchased in america and then disassembled to create an even safer one of the car must have sustained fifteen minutes of gunfire which was tested the windshield is seven point five centimeters thick and just one door weighs more than three hundred kilograms there's also a range of other impressive presidential cars on display flags included you can see here the famous. represents ideal images of soviet socialist engineering and even
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today new models are still in development. in soviet times these long black armored cars made statements of power and control and have the latest technology. pausing to take a look at this week's entertainment news for those who enjoy seafood moscow's restaurant is running a season of fresh fish and stations from all around the world to the venue every day the restaurant school has been designed to make its guests feel like they. on a ship's deck of it's not the interior people come here for the past eighteen years it's the mazing seafood here the restaurant is doing devouring. dozens of people interested in fashion and fresh media have gathered to attend the public lecture by two women who have a lot to share on the subject event was also broadcast online so that many people
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to join in the open discussion on the future of the country's starship industry i think in russia there's a lot of creative talent. is. the role is to be strong. to be. invincible try. the style of russian women that is a lot of her which i really like and obviously it makes sense here to the cold so you know it's a practical thing that also looks really fantastic. after the second world war along with the space race the u.s.s.r. aim to rival the industry lies sartoris of the west. years past because factories began to pop up all over the country. common a fracture after vast for example was built on the banks of the volga river in the
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one nine hundred sixty s. . one of the most popular cars was the offer of. the car to a specific piece of the treacherous driving conditions he just became extremely popular decades in russia and eastern europe particularly the former soviet bloc countries where they could be used to city living but the. hundred. most of them look. along with exhibits from. there are dozens of. history on the. international. hundreds of thousands of. time
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three hundred. nine hundred fifty seven hundred sixty how many celebrities have got them but this is a very special one because it belonged to the princess of monaco. would actress grace kelly several years ago. maybe one day we'll be allowed to drive full speed and that's two hundred fifty kilometer. traffic is a huge problem will start there are estimated to be around three million cars registered in the russian capital. is growing by ten percent annually. into the city every day so the traffic let's meet this week's gets a great day for me to tell me how crazy oh it's been almost seven
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years now. the capitol yeah we have a corporate car so i use that drive around sometimes to meetings and stuff and what you think about the crazy subject of topic here must start traffic it can be really bad if you have somewhere you need to go and it's on the other side of the city it can be over two hours i don't know what the reason i don't for people call believe you know gypsy cabs exist you can just stick your hand out anywhere and travel to any parts of the city and gypsy cabs are really fun and i think that's kind of a highlight of moscow here there's no yellow taxis here you just put your hand out the next taxi driver will stop and he'll take you for a little nothing to where you need to go and they say i haven't any problems i mean it's been like i said seven years and. i've been doing are you know the same that was. going to be you think yeah good luck getting home but i think.
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the amazing thing about many old cars is that they're not just museum exhibits various red shirt the ball rallies are often organized in the pushing capital was close call chevrolets mercedes and boldest pusing the city traffic. such a presence prevents taking five days to drive the sheriff vehicles and from only because you get a chance to see six dancing machines on the streets of the capital. along with very old cars some futuristic looking it's about bills can also be seen on the roads produced the most is the first pushing company to manufacture premium cost vehicles for the new generation the company is the official part of the formula one the producers say the best seat because as it's called is suitable for you spoke only on racing trucks but it's also a positive driving in the hustle and bustle of the city. and if you will
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to see moscow in the field transport at your disposal any time of the day. you can use the services several international car rental brands have that says in the russian capital with a rental fleet consisting of cars of various classes from economy to expensive. tariffs also depends on the amount of french stock from around fifty dollars a day. to me place online in their rent this is. ideal for travel as. they drive on the right hand side of the road here in russia. traffic in moscow is known to be problematic for many it's sitting here find it difficult to get you straight to help soldiers police to drive on as a list of english speaking instructors the company offers a cool switch mosts basic driving skills in the super so they also have a special program for experienced drug is. approved to drive safely and extreme
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weather conditions. are pressures new. ferrari share a room. with laws important cities it doesn't stop them from buying this was before by force and outrageously expensive sports cars there's no question about that for some people say our city's. price. perception. so why are such expensive cars so popular. because a very prestigious high quality inquiry. our clients are extremely pleased with.
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they tend to forget all about their worries when they get behind the. wow because inside are amazing in the course of this one i mean sixty. driven on the streets of moscow every year and traffic and parking issues aside we can expect more investments to pull money into russian brown's infrastructure. but for the time being i'm. sorry. are you. in the passenger seat well i'll let you into a little secret. dr i still.
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isn't going anywhere. i'm not sure how we have this week so on the subject i'll see you go the same time next week i'm almost out the benches to fill them for me and the rest of the team out. the close up she has been to the. processing factories located. argy goes to northern paradise where many still live off the land. new ways are being found to fight a common term and. shows the first free elections.
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to go. to the region. russia close up. six thirty am in moscow good to have you with us here on r.t.c. your headlines russia signed up to build better first nuclear power plant as president hugo chavez talks business in moscow a cooperation plan for the next four years on a number of bilateral agreements also got the green light. moscow might soon be getting a new mayor as deputy prime minister sergei gets the presidential nod for the capital's top spot you could be said the place was dismissed by medvedev last month after nearly two decades in office. former prisoners claim they were abused at a secret jail inside the u.s.
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air base in afghanistan where pork by the open society foundation says inmates were subjected to sleep deprivation and extended periods of isolation. next hour interview show spotlight coming up former british intelligence officer michael smith reveals some trade secrets to al gore and stay with us. for the full story we've got. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers.


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