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tv   [untitled]    October 16, 2010 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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today's competitive car industry in russia after decades of strict import will use and lack of vehicles in the u.s.s.r. no one's a modern day russians have love affairs with that fool we all friends and most of stalin's very own on the limousine. of the model this is one of the most interesting exhibits in our museum it's an armored car one one five b. there were only thirty two such cause this one was number made in nineteen forty eight for five years this car was driving around josef stalin when in one nine hundred forty two the production of these vehicles started six onward calls were purchased in america and then disassembled to create an even safer one of the car must have sustained fifteen minutes of gunfire which was tested the windshield is seven point five centimeters thick and just one door weighs more than three hundred kilograms there's also a range of other impressive presidential cars on display flags included you can see
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here the famous. represents ideal images of soviet socialist engineering and even today new models are still in development. in soviet times these long black armored cars made statements of power and control and have the latest technology. pausing to take a look at this week's entertainment news for those who enjoy seafood moscow's restaurant is running a season of fresh fish and stations from all around the world to the venue every day the restaurant school has been designed to make its guests feel like they're on a ship's deck but it's not being serious people come here for the plus. is the maison see through here the restaurants has. dozens of people interested in fashion and fresh media have gathered to tell the public eye to. you
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have a lot to share on the subject event was also broadcast online so that many people to join in the open discussion on the future of the country's starship industry i think in russia there's quite a lot of creative talent. only which is. to all these people is to be strong. to be. to love what they do because love gives you in the principle try. to do. this style of russian women is a lot of her which i really like and obviously it makes sense here that it's cold so you know it's a practical thing but also it's really fantastic. after the second world war along with the space race the u.s.s.r. age to rival the industry i started of the west. years past and contact trees began
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to pop up all over the country. commonly fracture after vast for example was built on the banks of the volga river in the one nine hundred sixty s. . one of the most popular cars was the off road. the car to specifically survive the treacherous driving conditions midis became extremely popular during the later decades in russia and eastern europe particularly the former soviet bloc countries where they could be used to sit on reliving. the. two thousand and eight hundred. it was founded by car enthusiasts. most of them look. along with exhibits from the times there are dozens of retro costume around the world on display i. think history on the. international
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industry catches cult classics that fetch hundreds of thousands of dollars. of the most beautiful cost of its time three hundred. nine hundred fifty seven till nine hundred sixty four how many celebrities have got them but this is a very special one because it belonged to the princess of monaco walt famous hollywood actress grace kelly several years ago it went under the hammer. maybe one day we'll be allowed to drive it full speed and that's two hundred fifty kilometers per hour. traffic is a huge problem that will start there are estimated to be around three million cars registered in the russian capital. is growing by ten percent annually and many more cars a journey into the city every day so touching the traffic let's meet this week's guest
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a great day for me to tell me hello crazy oh it's been almost seven years now i've been here. the capitol yeah we have a corporate car so i use that drive around sometimes to meetings and stuff i was reading about the crazy subject of topic here in moscow traffic here can be really bad if you have somewhere you need to go and it's on the other side of the city it can be over two hours i don't know what the reason i don't for people call believe you know gypsy cabs exist you can just stick your hand out anywhere and travel to any thoughts of a city and gypsy cabs are really fun and i think that's kind of a highlight of moscow here there's no yellow taxis here you just put your hand out the next taxi driver will stop and he'll take you for a little nothing to where you need to go i would say i haven't any problems i mean it's been like i said seven years and. i've been doing are you know the thing that was. going through you think yeah good luck getting high but i think.
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the amazing thing about many old cars is that they're not just museum exhibits various red shirt collar rallies are often organized in the christian capital was close call chevrolets mercedes and boldest pusing the city traffic. such a presence prevents taking five days to drive the show off because i'm for them because you get the chance to see six dancing machines on the streets of the capital. along with very old cars some futuristic looking it's more bills can be seen on the roads from a to z. just the first bush and company to manufacture premium cost vehicles for the new generation the company is the formula one the producers say that they see because as it's called is suitable for you spoke only on racing trucks but it's also a positive driving in the hustle and bustle of the city. and if you will to
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see most guys in the field transport at your disposal any time of the day. you can use went to services several international car rental brands have to sit in the russian capital with a rental fleet consisting of cars of various classes from economy to expensive. tariffs also depend on the amount of rent in place to stop from around fifty dollars a day. to me place online in their rent this is. ideal for travel as. they drive on the right hand side of the road here in russia. traffic in moscow is known to be problematic for many it's sitting here find it difficult to get at least say so to help soldiers police to drive on as a list of english speaking instructors the company has a cool switch most is basic driving skills so we also have
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a special program for experienced riders the improve the drive through fleet street conditions. the press is new while. we share a room. with large important cities it doesn't stop them from buying this one can fall by force and outrageously expensive sports cars there's no question about that for some people say our city's. price. perception. so why such expensive cars so popular.
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because a very prestigious high quality inquiry. clients are extremely pleased with. they tend to forget all about their worries when they get behind the wheel of this or some of them. wow because inside here are amazing in the course of this one here on the a sixty million rubles that's about half a million dollars. more western analysts say driven on the streets of moscow every year and traffic and parking issues aside we can only expect more investment development more money interest from browns and huge infrastructure we've gotten off real friends but for the time being i'm happy in my ferrari. boys' toys or you may have noticed i'm actually sitting in the passenger seat well
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i'll let you in for a little secret that's because i've been driving i still need to i'm contriving facts of this car isn't going anywhere with me. i'm not sure how we have this week so on the subject of cars i'll see you go the same time next week i'm almost out of benches until then for me and the rest of the team challenge for now. almost seventy years of the red machine would show we had people wanted to leave in the past. each week to make changes be sure sunday was you need. to leave. but it wasn't possible to
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change the country's regime so quickly. in the own room. monopoles only fundamental changes in the state clinton people's minds on the origins.
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for the. face to face with.
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more people. passage for top taliban leaders to hold talks with the afghan government that comes as recent u.s. reports just former afghan prisoners were abused at a secret detention center inside the country. mostly headlines here in r t time now for sports update with kate i would back to the top of the hour.
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hello and welcome to the sports news and here are the headlines. a done deal new england sports ventures complete their takeover of middle school football club. while winning ways leaders in italy look to stretch their own beaten run to twenty two matches in the russian prime really. and the knight returns russian heavyweight alexander povetkin goes back to his hometown chekov to step into the boxing ring. but we start with football as new england sports ventures have completed their takeover of liverpool after the club's cohen has removed the restraining order blocking any sale tom hicks and george gillette accepted defeat in their bids to prevent a sale to any s.p. who say they will pursue one point six billion dollars in damages for what their side calls an extraordinary swindle under valuing the club's n.e.'s baseball team
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the boston red sox with the board's choice of liverpool's new owners and completed their four hundred seventy seven million dollars purchase of the club on friday this will allow their major creditors the world bank of scotland to be page three hundred forty eight million dollars they're owed the club will also probably avoid getting into administration which would have resulted in a nine point penalty in the english premier league. well on the pitch level star striker fernando torres has been declared fit for sunday's messy side dobby goodison park the spaniard has recovered from a growing injury should play against everton however cat is out with a twisted ankle left back paul can just be returns the reds are third from bottom in the premier league and one place below everton after winning just one of their first seven games that manager roy hodgson thinks the change in ownership will herald a better future and hoping that the new owners coming in as a situation will give us a chance to concentrate on the football and most important of all will wipe out
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that which will mean that in future we can invest in players in a different way to what has happened in the last transfer window when money was in very short supply and we were even certain whether there's going to be any money or tool to spend or whether the club will even be there. for that dobby there are seven english premier league matches taking place on saturday fourth place all small host burnham bolton welcome stoke and father face a london dobby to talk them third place manchester united take on in form west brom newcastle meet wigan. west ham in a basement battle and in the last game of the day aston villa who are at home leading just chelsea as for the manager gerrard only a positive about his team's chances. thank you good to say that. this is a game where you have nothing to lose into a. field that despite the fact that we lost.
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we were going up slightly the game in terms of quality was better than the game we played was a pianist. meanwhile here in moscow spartak moscow kept up their pressure on the russian premier league's top three after a st ill home win over a line here on friday and it was for brazilians who made the headlines houri opened for the home side after twenty four minutes of getting like a have shot was powered by the goalkeeper the brazilian made no mistake from the rebound his compatriot alex added a second for a free kick after thirty nine minutes and calibers it envelops and smashed into the third early in the second half absent also missed a late penalty at spartak with a run away winners and just six points behind third place allowed near the thirteenth. and the league's top three are in action on saturday first up is a mid table battle in tomsk as tom take on saturday and it will be looking to
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extend their own be wrong to twenty two matches because they welcomed fourteenth place on card and defending champions robin hosts seventh place for stuff to buy a place in europe next season. they won in spain unbeaten early legal leaders balance yeah go to the new camp on saturday to take on pep guardiola as barcelona the defending champions are currently fourth having won only one home game so far this season scoring just twice and pass as coach anticipates a competitive encounter. we play against a great team which has been coached by the same person for a good number of years this means that they know how to do things and how to do them well it's not a surprise to see this team in such a good position i think it will be a very nose game because they're a team that always pleased to win they're prepared for that and defend well we will also try to do the same. you've got over staying with football and italian francesco to talk to you has won the twenty ten golden for toward the thirty four
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year old attacking midfielder received his prize from prince albert of monaco the award is handed over to players who are at least twenty nine years old and stand out for their sporting results fairplay personality and how much there is steve and by the public in football experts twenty first in the vote role was second david beckham's third battalion as regulars their time record goalscorer and helps that story capture the two thousand and six world cup motor sports now and jorge lorenzo continued his domination of the motor g.p. season as the spanish rider was quickest during first practice for sunday's australian grand prix the phillip island circuit suffered heavy rain causing the practice run to be delayed when the worst of the weather had passed. ryder cup to the fastest lap home hero and former champion casey stone the second fastest is your county team mate and hayden in third but it was a disappointing session for multiple world champion valentino rossi the italian could only manage seventh fastest. to ice hockey now and spartak moscow came from
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two goals down to win four three at city rivals in the continental hockey league on friday spots aquidneck for the stuff that because of heavy traffic in moscow times the red and whites were trailing throughout the game they managed to equalize in the third period before throwing out the victory meanwhile moscow region side the chest while rock bottom of the league played under the new coach but was still how much five won the time to the twenty and i minced also most it's of a style that face no problems five one was the final score that. fun is a boxing and heavyweight alex on the pivot can may have missed his chance of the title shot against. but the russian fighter is far from giving up as this saturday he begins his journey on the way back to being you can end the month as more. night alexander the best king will step back in the ring on saturday against nigeria and take it all right the ballot is widely seen as
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a backward step for the two thousand and four in a big champion who has been touted for i.b.m. the way title bout against bloodier klitschko in the last two years injuries and contract disputes have called him a shot of the title for now but russian boxing pundits say he has the goods to go to the next level i want my klitschko it's a prison term my personal opinion and people to march for trying to solve it can but who knows what will be in a coffee you know in here so let us into the teddy atlas had made a wise move by growing business a little softer position and twine to transfer made some republican to butterfly for my father by fighting might be soft opposition the thirty one year old russian has tailed fourteen opponents in one thousand ballots making him so blind opponent for the nigerian take it or zero who's been out of the ring for the last couple of years that may not seem to make him the strongest matchup out there for prevent skin but he is hungry or very inventive about the life and i'm blessed to have the
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support. of mcinnes the want of the public and it was my and on. the condition of the stuff last so this is a good day because there for me but thinks that. if the russian knight drops the african prince on saturday it won't be considered a major victory but a loss will create a nigerian sensation and probably center of it going into a pro boxing it bits and then your kid shirt his mind is obviously one hundred percent on saturday's fight but the mischances to fight whatever klitschko will haunt him until he steps in the ring with the ukrainian chant. i think i'll need a year to restore my top form i thought i was going to meet klitschko soon but i didn't for various reasons so i don't want to plan anything ahead but i do want to meet klitschko in the ring and i'm looking forward. good. victims
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management have already announced their wish list if their fighter triumphs this weekend the next down to scheduled for october thirtieth with a possible contender in challenge to one of her from new zealand whoever he is the russian knight can use all the punching practice you can get if he is to realize his dream two years ago alexander pivot can became the number one contender for the world title held by blood even a klitschko however that fight is yet to take place the result of it has been thrown out of the top ten and now the long journey back to the summits begins again right here in his home base of checkoff in front of his dedicated fans room on calls for an artsy moscow region and that's nice for this bill isn't. the close up team has been to the saucily region where the biggest russian salmon
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caviar processing factories located mt argy goes to northern paradise where many still live off the land. for new ways are being found to fight a common term over. and when russia's first free elections read. a thousand years ago if welcome to the road region russia close up. of. mind. would be soon which brightened a few moments from phones to impressions. from stunts on t.v. don't. get fixed for.
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fifteen polar explorers face a. drift on an ice floe as they began a mission to collect evidence for russia's claims over the arctic's hidden treasure . russian pole explorers found a year on floating was trying to find those still would be all to see because melting as it hides and who will rule the ice in the future stay with me you can see the great show full. the number of americans living in poverty is the highest for fifty years on the streets the only way for a record amount of people. and russia. suffers in the twenty first century economic climate in the city of lincoln all grown. but i will close up team.
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what you are they coming to you live from moscow i'm marina joshua welcome to the program a team of fifteen men are starting an epic expedition to prove part of the arctic's untapped wealth belongs to russia and they will span a year or drift on an ice floe carrying out dozens of experiments in the freezing temperatures a fierce winter the members of the mission got a warm goodbye before being left to fend for themselves at archie's got to know her child was there to see them off there are only fifteen of them and the majority are in the twenty's russia's budding ocean knowledge is oceanographers sent and will spend a year on floating eyes in the arctic they'll be trying to shed light on why be oxy because melting how reaches gas and oil deposits are.


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