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i thought to myself well you know people like that often moscow and the ticket barrier closed on him he got stuck. in a few minutes of course. but now he knows. arnold schwarzenegger rolled just one stop but it wasn't enough for him to post a week that muscovites allegedly like that public transport had his journey lasted for more than ten minutes he might well have changed his impression of the russian . source for the code for new gov providing him with police ask and a permanent right of way. it was in june that schwartz nager haas to the russian president giving him a tour of silicon valley and showcasing his very masculine boots. but he's not clear why the minute that i wonder what it's like to be in shorts nager shoes but one month later big government aid or even moscow promoting
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russia's own version of a high tech hub and it's great when i met president medvedev in a pretty fornia that he has a vision and a very clear direction where he wants to go and is very impatient and i think that we want to do everything that we can. and as americans because it is to our interest to make russia successful yet as the presentation showed even arnie makes mistakes so that our business leaders are going to find great partnerships with the soviet russian. just shows no one i'm perfect i. a pap project but a tax savvy russian president this cocoa apart has been designed to spearhead innovation and scientific research in russia i mean to me that it had no difficulties asking for help and. we were extremely interested in your considerable experience. we're not ashamed of learning we must admit that sadly enough behind in
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many respects we do expect that our corporation bring about positive results. from some twitter made better french words and they give praise to each other for their vision and to the delight of all he's found the governator promised that he'll be back in the first terminator movie innovation had gone so far that machines including schwarzenegger's own character tried to exterminate the human race ironically with his involvement in this project the governor may actually make these plot a bit more plausible but at the end of the day he can always turn against the machines and save the world like in the second movie so i guess there's nothing to fear. r.t. . and a group in the rushes urals is using extreme measures to get addicts into rehab they kidnap drug abusers and force him into therapy and the method has one public support but lana three members in jail sarah first went to see them in action.
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a drugs raid gets underway and after hours of waiting for a contact to give a signal suddenly everyone is up and running the police are involved but not taking part a law enforcement officers the raid is being organized by a vigilante style group from a cash he named themselves the city without narcotics agree be using controversial tactics to target drug dealers and rehabilitate drug addicts this is a drug called as a morphine or locally known as crocodile it's a continued drug really dangerous the beginning of the race and coming through the window was pretty exciting but the minute you get inside the reality of the situation really hits you very hard you've got a young family. folks lying around the house next door a young child and a mother who looks barely more than a child herself extremely scared and upset and it really makes it very apparent
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just how sensitive this issue a civilian participation in raids has raised concerns about whether members of the foundation should be allowed to take the law into their own hands. it's an action which is cruel is it wrong to rescue a drowning person by pulling their hair if people say it's cruel inhumane let them teach us how to do it otherwise we work twenty four seven to help these people when the state isn't doing anything we're all we have to take the initiative on the relationship between the authorities and you catherine there is a fragile one that in eleven years they have managed to pull their energies to fight the drug issue infective lay those caught in the raids face either arrest or we have this one by the grave is left to family members to give the final consent. conditions a hard they spend a month being weaned off drugs on a very basic diet and in crime conditions but with the group claiming. seventy
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percent success rate it appears tough love. story my mother saw what six years of drug addiction had done to me and turned to the foundation for help it's hard but you can see how the people are here they talk to each other there's an atmosphere of friendship which helps you through but in other cities such as. similar initiatives have been dealt with very differently. was sentenced to three and a half years in prison despite having half the number of drug tests in the city in just two years. i only have a feeling of disgust for law enforcement agencies who instead of fighting drug dealers are fighting an organization which was running a successful anti drug dealing campaign it makes no sense at all it's a crime against our city's population it would work that this is a public outcry and that many to conclude that corruption among the third. eagle carried out over two hundred operations against drug dealers as
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a result the mortality rate is higher. for him to sell drugs consequently don't bribe the authorities the authorities didn't like but in both cities the foundations have vowed to continue the fight in the face of what they say is government inaction. that people have to take the problem personally i do understand that these before they are brothers and sisters and that unless they do it nobody will do it for the pressure is in the grip of a major drugs crisis with an unofficial estimate two and a half million drug addicts in the country almost two percent of the population people like genuine the foundation say a united effort is in everyone's interest and until proper measures are in place to deal not only with the dealers but in rehabilitating uses as well as left to ordinary people like themselves to stand and fight to free the city of drugs sarah . you catch him bag. volved.
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approach is totally illegal to me it sounds like torture is in the end we have to differ here the result did nothing. to level. the conditions of. the drug. resembles prisons and even worse. and still to come on the program sochi is in pole position not content with just staging the winter olympics russia's black sea resort is on track to host the world's most glamorous sporting to be tacklers. and we need the outcasts of indian society find out why widows are being abandoned by their families to live their last years alone. to germany now chancellor
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angela merkel says attempts to build a multicultural society there have failed her comments come amid recent strong anti immigrant statements from mainstream politicians a recent survey suggested more than thirty percent of germans believe the country is being overrun by foreigners the study by the freedom hébert foundation found out a quarter of those polled sympathize with nationalist or racist sentiments perhaps most worryingly want to tan apparently believes germany needs a new fuehrer a word which literally means strong leader and a less democratic parliament jada's case who conducted the study says far right attitudes are deeply rooted in german society. the study shows that there is a vehicle for education in some parts of society secondly people always especially in times of crisis so it's scapegoats for their own political economic
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or social to through a city does some in a snow fall things together points us to the actually important thing which is that democracy itself is nothing so the feeling or the richest always there or something we have and without doing something for it so we have to to fight for democracy every time and every day and yet that's actually what this results told us there is a rise which is called the incidents by the economic crisis from two thousand and eight but on the other hand this rise from two thousand days to two thousand and ten we did. this study in two thousand and eight as well isn't that important important is that we have this high percentage of right just extremist attitudes all over the time since two thousand and two when we started to studies but in general everybody could be affected by these attitudes which means that it doesn't matter where you go to for
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a right to stakes in this party or the social democrats or even the left has argued all these people can have these attitudes. and the new power in u.s. politics female rivaling or is launching fiery attacks against liberalism and down a crevasse between republican vice presidential candidate sarah palin was a trailblazer now others are following but critics say all the offer is a pretty face spouting message of fear as artie's guided chicken reports. it to christine o'donnell a republican nominee for senate just weeks to become a household name in america among her credentials she campaigned against masturbation you're going to be pleasing each other and if he already knows what pleases a man he can please himself then why am i in the picture she even reached the sad reality to tell going to slag off and. yeah yeah i'm a young woman in my thirties and i remain chaste right and there was
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a time the chaste woman even said she would try the dark arts. of living which some would argue she blurted it out ages ago and it's no longer valid so where is she standing now when running for a seat previously held by vice president joe biden i'm not aware. i'm nothing you've heard i'm you but i'm going to hear many say christine uses the same tools as her fellow mama grizzly sarah pailin the most effective of which is fierce and spears to see their country is going to grow p.r. experts say experience has little to do with becoming a media darling in america all you have to know is how to push the right buttons the people make the decisions not on principles but. on emotions and when you know how to manipulate emotions you can get even the worst
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candidates the most preposterous candidates we must seem to be especially good at pondering fears and steering emotions in this election. meet sharon angle a woman who came from nowhere to become a republican front runner for senate among her wishes to take the united states out of the un phase out social security and shut down the tax service although few believe that these candidates will gain actual political power but what is going to see a lot more anger and also less effectiveness in the congress that is not able to do what it needs to get done some blame the media for giving so much coverage to candidates whose qualification is questionable the american media is so screwed up on matters of substance and so ready to to do the flash the superficial they love the quick quote from the pretty face even if the treaty faces don't get political power they are popular enough to raise issues and affect politics now is the time
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when many americans are disappointed at washington for not delivering on promises women are generally good at expressing their disappointment they're even more successful when they do it in a nice red suit with snappy quotes and a big smile on their face going to check on our team washington d.c. . russia's resort city of thought she is putting itself on a map as one of the world's sporting capitals the international olympic committee says it has been impressed by the preparation being done for the winter olympics due to be held there in two thousand and fourteen and now the city is gearing up for its debut on the formula one circuit a six year deal has been given the green light and russia will host its first ever grand prix also and twenty four teams as a lot of the reports from the black sea resort. for monte carlo to malaysia formula one is one of the world's most popular racing competitions and know it's coming to russia. bernie ecclestone the president and c.e.o.
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of formula one management arrived in person to meet with prime minister and to secure a six year long deal. it clearly wasn't a race against time to come more than three decades of talks first with so be it and now with the russian leaders to find a suitable venue most do and seeing petersburg dropped out but the city of sochi in the cell which will also force the winter olympic games in two thousand and fourteen will be the first to the checkered flag we are on the beach in the minutes alone with which could quit possibly see part of a future formula one race track from here you can see where the olympic venues are going to be just a few hundred meters away and right over there the big ice palace the purpose built super circuit will run through the so-called cousteau cluster of the olympic park at build used parts of the existing infrastructure as well as a newly constructed track their own some of the it's the first races are scheduled for the end of two thousand and fourteen with the olympics will be over giving
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organizers a chance to arrange a con the day shift and provide logistics former ferrari team members says that building a circuit in russia should be a real croak pleaser specially with some homegrown talent like the dalai patrol taking part it's one of the leading countries in the world it's. it's it's you know . an emerging economy. should be there it would be great for from the want to be there would be great for russia to have a formula one race in a place like socially. and with petrol for the russian driver i think that's that's it's a nice energy. local administration and sponsors are planning to spend somewhere between one and two hundred million dollars on the circuit and pay another forty million annually to use the f one brand but with hundreds of thousands of formula one fans here is russian say the game is surely worth the candle for
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a certain it will only bring benefits and not only in terms of image but people will be spending money or. small and midsize business will be paying more taxes so it will bring economic life so i think it's really a very interesting and useful project. last year so cheap already hosted one demo competition on the streets drawing thousands of spectators from all over the region so with the new circuit engines and cars going at top speeds it looks like the world's most exciting race weak point in new home here. are so cheap. and you always get more news by visiting our website r.t. dot com let's see what else we have online for you right now we discover why the u.s. is the last in a list of developed nations when it comes to providing free access to justice. and remembering deep purple slayton led zeppelin russia's rock loving president catches
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up with the top brass of the country's music scene gets the stealth. moscow gad's a new mayor in the next few days in the same parliament says a will approved prime minister putin is chief of staff for the post and he was nominated by president of egypt it's an hour ago takes a closer look at the man for the job. siggy said manute is in for a lot of challenges after the russian president dismissed the former mayor of moscow over a loss of confidence in the man many felt sometime in would be a natural choice he now will have to clean up the mess left of the. previous governor mr luzhkov can never hesitated to destroy the historical build and build a wall to build something brand new and this is a man who looks much better at least he considered more school is a city where using morris newcomers his people consider a city where they meet much more carefully to gauge the man was born in a small siberian village and received a technical and legal education before going into politics he was the point in one
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of russia's industrial cities he then became a mayor of an oil producing town and later governor of one of russia's richest regions before coming to most of the puter good i've lived in moscow for the past five years or so and i know the city's biggest issues social security or the problem of transportation and traffic jams the integration of federal programs and tackling corruption will become the priority for moscow's of the minorities this will be easier to achieve through cooperation with the county central authorities under russian lore the heads of state and regions are not elected but appointed and dismissed by the country's authorities in two thousand and five said i need a place to meet the new video as the head of the presidential administration at a time when was me putin was still the country's leader because of that there have been many speculations that and the inside man was wanted for the mayor's job i think it's not a matter of control of politics and money flows it's a matter of the city or federal moscow it's
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a special city and the supposed to be the vanguard of london if they should and actually the federal government has a lot of vicious plans for how to operate a financial center last i think somebody has enormous experience of her work and the gallant is known as the official professional here d.c. banyan has yet to prove to muscovites what he. but hardly anyone in the capital thinks there could be a worse candidate for the city and its former head of the r.t. . on friday russian venezuela were busy energizing their links in everything from nuclear power and arms deals to oil production and as well as leader which artist signed several key deals during his nice visit to russia moscow agreed to invest in a latin american countries nuclear energy capability and upgrade its military the russian leader said the true work committed to creating their own multi polar world which no one country should dominate both presidents discuss their partnership up to twenty fourteen whether the charges came to sweeten the deal at a true child
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a style while talking exclusively to our two spanish channel as well a meter could resist a swipe that he sold for the us better one of. his aggressive. policy greatly home the world. legacy he lived was the tension he said we will punish terrorists he was not referring to terrorists he was referring to those who disagree with america's imperialistic policy. and watch the full interview with which of us about ten minutes time here on our t.v. . in india becoming a widow can mean more than just the grief of losing a husband some hindu women are ostracized by society and even their families the consequence of centuries of male dominated culture current sings report contains pictures you may find disturbing. a corpse lies on the streets over in bali in
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northern india but no one stopping the dead woman was a brutal point bad luck even in death in traditional hindu ism when a woman's husband dies she is considered to be alive beauty for the family the marriage is legally possible but from the pardon it's superior. and man wanted. to frame it in such a way that everything is to his advantage which has been coming to that he could remarry could be what he wants and he did pray woman prime those things hard work balance the will she has nothing left to live for as a widow she was deserted by her extended family so she traveled to the holy city of rome and spends her time reading hindu scriptures. i have to conclude my life. that's fine if not fine.
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shunned by society sixteen thousand widows day in this city because it's associated with the hindu god krishna the lover go on who they believe they are now married to me they can be found on the streets with many forced to beg for scraps of food. and suddenly husband died of cancer used up all those statements and. once he died nobody would look after me so i came to bring. the social service organization of service runs to homes for widows in the city here hundred and eighty even in the house and fed it's been a long journey for one woman who came here two years ago. most people come to bring down because they are helpless in the beginning i felt alone and would cry all the time but. i just have to live here life is not easy for weirdos on the fringes of hindu society yet they're all going to visions working towards centuries of prejudice to give readers a chance to live with dignity. the bigger challenge will be convincing families.
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not to abandon them in the first place. are doing. well in freezing cold in the endless nights the arctic has one of the least welcoming places on earth yet for the next year it will be home to fifteen intrepid explores the team of polar experts are on a mission to prove russia's stake on that region's richer that there were reports. there are small stuff like a little came about three hundred meters to the right keep right at the time required precision the captain is running his jaw and new clear eyes break at the lowest speed possible together with a group of scientists he's on an important mission searching for an old and weak piece of ice to host the north pole thirty eight station deep sheen people and two dogs will be floating on ice for
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a year conducting unique studies of the environment. the mission is getting harder there are fewer and fewer suitable ice fields every year before we could find up to forty of them but now are combing the whole arctic in search of. the arctic ice cap is definitely getting fener at times the drill plunges down less than a meter explorers say just five years ago that drew her into. finally after several days of searching and dozens of trails the explorers announced. to find a suitable are skilled to unload at the arctic station is just top of the problem it is crucial not to damage the delicate that's why during the several days that unloading continues the eyes breaker remains stationary even then not from this
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giant vessel or a gust of wind could lead to a crack and that will mean the whole situation having to be wrapped up again and a new search for yet another suitable. and this is where the hardest part of the mission starts the hardest for the helicopter the pilots work nonstop the talk last performance without a single landing. despite a snowstorm everything goes without a hitch three hundred tons of equipment safely unloaded on to the ice the most precious cargo is a deep water multi-beam eco sound for a year it will be gathering evidence to prove that the reach is part of russia's continental shelf russia's in a race to submit its claim to the u.n. should yield for twenty thirty. or you dismissed some say the russians doing in the
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arctic on apollo night we're not going to ask anybody watching when we should do. their work in accordance with international treaties and who will work day and night as necessary. as night falls and beyond these fireworks mark the beginning of the real mission the eyes break back to the mainland while the fifteen man left face to face with a harsh paul a night a year of freezing conditions lies ahead for them a painstaking start to the arctic world to reveal the treasures. in the pressure of our teeth from. coming up r.t. exclusive. talks to venezuelan president hugo chavez and i'll be back with a recap of our top stories in just a couple of minutes. british
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soil it's time to.
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find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger. global financial headlines. welcome back here with our team here's a look at the top stories of the we californians governor schwarzenegger feed a return visit to president piano in moscow this week he tried out the capitals metro and tweet of with the russian leader as well discussing the key business of driving russia's knology sector. and the join to growth in the russia's euros is finding drug addiction by kidnapping drug abusers and forcing them into rehab the extreme method is one of the public's for him but also jail time for three members . and fifteen intrepid explorers are setting up
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a hole in the arctic they will spend the next year on a drifting ice floe collecting evidence to prove a large part of its tap resources belong to russia. but as well as leader mark his ninth visit to russia by signing several key energy and cooperation deals cementing an already strong partnership which obvious also spoke exclusively to our spanish channel about the u.s. role in latin american affairs that interview is coming right up. at the bell. today i'm talking to the president of what his way of chavez thank you very much for this opportunity. you once called former u.s. president george w. bush the devil what would you call the current president we have a delegate here or less of a didn't know him the devil when i said there was a smell of sulfur.


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