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service came out followed by arnold schwarzenegger i thought to myself wow people like that often moscow and the ticket barrier closed on him he got stuck. in a few minutes of course and let him pass but now he knows. arnold schwarzenegger rolled just one stop but it was enough for him to post to weep that muscovites allegedly like the public transport had his journey lasted for more than ten minutes he might well have changed his impression but the russian authorities pulled out all stops for the cola for new governor providing him with police ask corey and a permanent right of way. it was in june that schwartz nager hostin the russian president giving him a tour of silicon valley and showcasing his very masculine boots. but he's not clear why the myth that i wonder what it's like to be in schwarzenegger's shoes but one month later big government aid or even moscow
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promoting russia's own version of a high tech hub and it's great when i met president medvedev in a pretty foreigner that he has a vision and a very clear direction very wants to go and is very impatient and i think that we want to do everything that we can screen for nuance and as americans because it is to our interest to make russia successful yet as the presentation showed even arnie makes mistakes so that our business leaders are going to find great partnerships with the so we have every the russian. just shows no one i'm perfect. a pap project but a tax savvy russian president this cocoa apart has been designed to spearhead innovation and scientific research in russia i mean to me that it had no difficulties asking for help and. we were extremely interested in. considerable
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experience we're not ashamed of learning we must admit that sadly enough behind in many respects we do expect that our corporation will bring about positive results from some twitter made better french words and they give praise to each other for their vision and to the delight of all he's found the governator promised that he'll be back and the first terminator movie innovation had gone so far that machines including schwarzenegger's own character tried to exterminate the human race ironically with his involvement in this project the governator may actually make these plot a bit more plausible but at the end of the day he can always turn against the machines and save the world like in the second movie so i guess there's nothing to fear. artsy skolkovo. and a group of russians you are using extreme measures to get addicts into rehab they kidnap drug abusers and force them into therapy the method has won public support but landed three members in jail sarah firth went to see them in action.
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a drugs raid gets underway and after hours of waiting for a contact to give the signal suddenly everyone is up and running the police are involved but not taking part a law enforcement offices the raid is being organized by vigilante style group for me catherine you name themselves the city without narcotics agree pusing controversial tactics to target drug dealers and rehabilitate drug addicts this is a drug called as a morphine or locally known as crocodile it's a codeine containing a drug really dangerous the beginning of the race and coming through the window was pretty exciting but the minute you get inside the reality of the situation really hits you very hard you've got a young family. lying around the house next door a young child and a mother who looks barely more than a child herself both extremely scared and upset and it really makes him very
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apparent just how sensitive this issue is. participation in raids has raised concerns about whether members of the foundation should be allowed to take the law into their own hands. it's an action which is cruel is it wrong to rescue a drowning person by pulling their hair if people say it's cruel inhumane let them teach us how to do it otherwise we work twenty four seven to help these people when the state isn't doing anything to be an issue to one relationship with the authorities and you catherine there is a fragile one that in eleven years they have managed to pool their energies to fight the drug issue effectively those caught in the raids face either arrest or we have this run by the glory is left to family members to give the final consent. conditions a hard they spend a month being weaned off drugs on a very basic diet and in crowd conditions but with the group claiming
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a seventy percent success rate it appears tough love. my mother saw what six years of drug addiction had done to me and turned to the foundation for help it's hard but you can see how the people are here they talk to each other there's an atmosphere of friendship which helps you through but in other cities such as. similar initiatives have been dealt with very differently. was sentenced to three and a half years in prison despite having half the number of drug tests in the city in just two years which you know i only have a feeling of disgust for law enforcement agencies who instead of fighting drug dealers are fighting an organization which was running a successful anti drug dealing campaign it makes no sense at all it's a crime against our city's population it would work that this is a public outcry and led many to conclude that corruption among the third. eagle carried out there with two hundred operations against drug dealers as
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a result the mortality rate is high. for him to sell drugs consequently didn't bribe the authorities the authorities didn't like but in both cities the foundations have vowed to continue the fight in the face of what they say is government inaction. that people have to take the problem personally i don't understand these before their brothers and sisters and that unless they do it nobody will do it for the pressure is in the grip of a major drugs crisis with an unofficial estimate two and a half million drug addicts in the country almost ten percent of the population people like genuine the foundation say a united effort is in everyone's interest and until proper measures are in place to deal not only with the dealers but in rehabilitating uses as well it's left to ordinary people like themselves to stand and fight to free the city of drugs so.
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you're catching bag. still to come in the program here in our team such isn't. whole position not contained with just staging the winter olympics russia's black sea resort is on track to host one of the world's most glamorous sporting spectaculars and. it's cheaper to eat unhealthy that is to you know be i mean you go to mcdonald's and get a dollar menu and see what your your family for like five bucks. by journalists or hardness asks people in new york who is to blame for obesity and whether it's only a matter of why you put it in your mouth. to germany now chancellor angela merkel says attempts to build a multicultural society there have failed her comments come amid recent strong anti immigrant statements from mainstream politicians a recent survey suggested more than thirty percent of germans believe the country is being overrun by foreigners the study by the freedom foundation found a quarter of those polled sympathize with nationalist or racist sentiments perhaps
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most foreign way one in ten apparently believes germany needs a new fuehrer a word which literally means a strong leader and a less democratic parliament he has keys who conducted the study says far right attitudes are deeply rooted in german society. the study shows that there's. education in some parts of society secondly people always especially in times of crisis such for scapegoats for their own political economic or social deprivation dissemination of all things together points us to the actually important thing which is that democracy itself is nothing self-fulfilling or the richest always there or something we have in europe without doing something for it so we have to fight for democracy every time and every day and yet that's actually what this results show us there is
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a rise which is probably incensed by the economic crisis from two thousand and eight but on the other hand this rise from two thousand and eight to two thousand and ten we did this study in two thousand and eight as well isn't that important important is that we have this high percentage of right just extremist attitudes all over the time since two thousand and two when we started this studies that in general everybody could be affected by these attitudes which means that it doesn't matter whether you voted for a right just xmas party or the social democrats or even the left has argued all these people can have these attitudes and will be parents looking to adopt a child in the us are proving to be anything but colorblind despite half of all children looking for a new home black figures suggest their chances of being taken in are slim compared to other races are just got a chicken has more. people like to emulate their showbiz i don't speak bay don't
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seem to be following the stars when it comes to adopting children many still see things in black and white color was not an issue with this family when they adopted illinois we were much more interested in having you know getting a child's words free that was our primary focus we really weren't interested too much with the child but of. little you know why is one of very few black children in america adopted by a white family a study carried out by a group of economists suggest that african-american babies are five times less likely to be adopted then children have any other race some say one reason for this is misrepresentation of the black community in the media when you see things on television and you often see our children portrayed in a very negative way well that has a connotation for individuals that may be interested in adopting and while we have come a long ways in this country racism is still prevalent sandra says families need to
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be prepared before they decide to adopt a child of color and once a child goes into african american child goes into a family that is caucasian that family is no longer caucasian that family becomes a family of color at that point ok so the whole family dynamic changes it seems not a whole lot of adoptive parents in the u.s. are willing to change their family dynamics most want their adopted children to look more like them and the majority of parents willing to adopt in the united states are caucasian but almost half of the children available for adoption are black the report here says parents were willing to pay thirty thousand dollars more for a non african-american baby. if you look around your table and your guests are all of the same color then you shouldn't be adopting a child of a different color but race doesn't seem to be an issue for thousands of americans who go to china or india to adopt. but when it comes to domestic adoption color
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makes a difference while there are still signs of prejudice in the american adoption field there is no prejudice in this home e.g. a seventeen month old queen was abducted by two moms we've had to face challenges that straight people don't want this or. for the job they chose to raise their two adopted children in a very ask equally diverse neighborhood or a racist and they are here too but i think in other parts of the country it's worse so here people don't even bat an eye. or a black boy or whatever obviously. parents they came to the adoption agency put their second child african american by and large our family is largely of irish english german descent french canadian you know so smart usually a lot of white people and we need i would prefer a little more color in our family. going to shut down our washington d.c.
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. russia's prosecutor's office says at least thirteen people have been killed by flash floods in the southern region of cross and are about fifteen hundred people have been caught in the delusion as more than twenty villages were swamped by the rain it's a state of emergency has been declared in the worst affected areas in the storm caused a local rivers to burst their banks in the lead two month slides and mountains blocking several sections of the north to cajun railroad the rain has stopped for now but forecasters warn that there could be more ahead. well this is already coming to you live from moscow more news by visiting our website r t v dot com let's take a look at what's on the line right now. we discover why the u.s. is last on a list of developed nations when it comes to providing free access to justice. and remembering deep purple's late on the lead russia's rock loving president catches
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up with the top brass of the country's music scene and get this daljit. now russia's resort city of sochi is putting itself on a map as one of the world's sporting capitals the international olympic committee says it has been impressed by the preparation being done for the winter olympics due to be held there in two thousand and fourteen and now the city is gearing up for its debut on the formula one circuit a six year deal has been given the green light and russia will host its first ever grand prix also in twenty fourteen reports from the black sea resort. promoted to carlo to malaysia formula one is one of the world's most popular racing competitions and know what's coming to russia. during the actual race did you feel you were one of the germans the right person to meet with prime minister and to secure
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a six year long deal. it clearly was until recently. duke more than three decades. talks first with so be it and now with the russian leaders to find a suitable venue most do in st petersburg dropped out but the city of sochi in the cell which will also force the winter olympic games in two thousand and fourteen will be the first to checkered flag we are on the beach in the mid to low and which could quite possibly see part of a future formula one race track from here you can see where the olympic venues are going to be just a few hundred meters away right over there at the big ice palace a purpose built super circuit run through so the cluster of the olympic park it will be used parts of the existing infrastructure as well as a newly constructed track or on some of the venues the first race is a scheduled for the end of two thousand and fourteen when the olympics will be over giving organizers a chance to arrange a con the dacian and provide logistics former ferrari team member says that
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building a circuit in russia should be a real crowd pleaser especially with some homegrown talent like dolly patrol taking part it's one of the leading countries in the world it's it's it's you know. an emerging economy. formula one should be there it would be great for from the want to be there would be great for russia to have a formula one race and in a place like so she. and now with petrol for the russian driver i think that's that's it's a nice energy. local administration and sponsors are planning to spend somewhere between one and two hundred million dollars on the circuit and pay another forty million annually to use the f one brand but with hundreds of thousands of formula one fans here is russians say the game is surely worth the candle for a certain new weave it will only bring benefits and not only in terms of image but people will be spending money here and well small and midsize business will be
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paying more taxes so it will bring economic life so i think it's really a very interesting and useful project. last year sochi already host good enough one demo competition on the streets drawing thousands of spectators from all over the region so with the new circuit engines ruling and cars going at top speeds it looks like the world's most exciting race weak point in the new pope year. are so cheap. and moscow will have a new mayor within a week the city parliament confirmed a will support the candidate favored by president of to take over as the leader of the russian capital may have picked deputy prime minister sergei civilians from a shortlist of four candidates to replace veteran leader you're a little cough who was sacked after he lost the president's confidence born in siberia a fifty two year old man and served as a regional governor in the year olds and chief of staff during why they were put in time as president. the whistleblower who revealed details of israel's nuclear
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program in the one hundred eighty says the country is still taking its revenge on hand and israeli court has denied mordechai vanunu appeal against a ban on leaving israel or speaking to foreigners the nuclear technician spent eighteen years in jail on charges of treason and espionage even after his release and twenty in two thousand and four his lawyers say he was denied basically times of speech and movement and was repeatedly arrested former israeli m.p.'s it's tom who says the government is making an example out of a new not to scare potential future lissa lowers. in some way. continue to try to punish him even after he served his the whole period i believe that this. is in a way to arising polisi which. is anybody.
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who tries to. or decides the nuclear policy i am sure. does not in danger of the security of. the borders see. the nuclear issue. and i'll stick look at some other stories from around the world at least twenty six miners have been confirmed dead after an explosion at a coal mine in china's hainan province tons of coal dust in the shaft are hampering rescue efforts to reach sixteen miners still trapped in the ground the blast was caused by a gas leak in a mine where more than two hundred fifty miners were working dozens of relatives and friends have gathered at the site anxiously waiting for their loved ones. hundreds of thousands of people have marched across france in protest of government plans to raise the retirement age from sixty five to sixty seven protesters clashed
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with police after what had been a peaceful mass rally in paris a demonstration by transporting the oil refinery workers is in its fifth day as fears grow that airports could run out of fuel more strikes are expected on tuesday . so my pirates have released a greek ship after holding it captive for five months the twenty two members of of mainly filipino crew are all accounted for and it's reported a ransom was paid but the amount is unknown higher it's in the region are thought to be holding nearly twenty other hijacked ships and four hundred crewmembers. bone freezing cold hand analysts nights the arctic is one of the least welcoming places on earth yet for the next year it will be a home to fifteen intrepid explores the team of polar experts are on a mission to prove russia's stake on the region's rich reserves because you know
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reports. of. their small start up like little cuma three hundred meters to the road keep brooch. at the time required. the captain is running his jaw. breaker at the lowest possible together with a group of scientists he's on an important mission searching for an old and big piece of ice to host the north pole thirty eight station people team people and. a year conducting unique studies environment. the mission is getting harder there are fewer and fewer suitable ice fields every year before we could find up to forty but now are combing the search of. ice cap is definitely getting fener at times the drill plunges down less than
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a meter explorers say just five years ago that drew into. finally up to several days of searching and dozens of test drills the explorers announced. to find a suitable i spilled to unload at the arctic station is just top of the problem it is crucial not to damage the delicate that's why during the several days that i'm loading continues the ais breaker remains stationary even then not from this giant vessel or a gust of wind could lead to a crack and that will mean the whole sation having to be wrapped up again and a new search for yet another suitable. and this is where the hardest part of the mission starts the hardest for the helicopter the pilots work nonstop the talk last performance without
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a single landing. despite a snowstorm everything goes without a hitch three hundred tons of equipment safely unloaded on to the ice the most precious cargo is a deep water multi-beam eco sound for a year it will be gathering evidence to prove that the bridge is part of russia's continental shelf russia's in a race to submit its claim to the u.n. should yield for twenty thirteen. or you dismissed some say the russians doing in the arctic on apollo night we're not going to ask anybody watching when we should do. to russia is going to be working in accordance with international treaties and who will work day and night as necessary. as night falls and beyond these fireworks mark the beginning of the real mission breaker back to the mainland while the man
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left face to face with a harsh paul a night a year of freezing conditions lies ahead for them a painstaking start is on the arctic world to reveal the treasures underneath. the pressure of our team from. the americans or the biggest nation in. the world the world health organization says over sixty percent of the u.s. population is obese it's also the only country to admit expanding waistlines are a prime national health risk online show host laurie harvest also known as the resident asked new yorkers what they think is to blame. obesity is a worldwide epidemic according to many organizations but the us has more obese people than any other country by far how did this happen this week let's talk about that well now people are playing more and more video games they're on the computer
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they're couch potatoes they're watching television years ago they never had these things we were always out we get out there and enjoy the life that south africa has to offer here at an hour and a car you tell but i see that iran's a lot more focus on other things out of parties in life making money and so forth i'm going to say it's laziness i think too many people are more concerned about finding what brings them pleasure we don't want to deprive our children that's my opinion because i know when i was growing up you know you don't get cookies candy yeah and so i wanted to give my kids more and they want to give their kids what i have that's my opinion so is that how they view them we're not depriving them but are we doing them an injustice totally made because of you know the kind of restaurants and the food i mean the most the most successful ones are like food like mcdonald's and all of the stuff so i think maybe it's because of that food in the u.s. is very orderly a lot of cheers a lot of cream and
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a lot of food in everest around ten people become used to that and part of a huge problem is that it's cheaper to eat unhealthy than it is you healthy i mean you can go to mcdonald's and get a dollar menu and feed and bunch of your family for like five bucks or you can go to the organic grocery store and buy an apple who's to blame for getting us here. it's a if you're marketing exactly i mean you turn on the t.v. you see commercials for mcdonald's all day you'll see commercials for celery and broccoli and you know who can blame kids i think a lot of us to do with our government. in keeping entertained and busy doing other things and not thinking about things that we should be thinking about no matter who you think is to blame for the obesity epidemic the bottom line is that our bottoms will continue to grow until we actually do something about it.
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and in a few minutes we'll travel to russia's far east to explore the beauty of the regions while alive and i'll be back with a recap our top stories. zero .
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on the matter with r.t. here's a look at the top stories of the week california governor arnold schwarzenegger paid a return visit to president maybe out of moscow this week he tried out the cavils. tweet of was the russian leader as well as discussing the key business of driving russia's technology sector. a vigilante group in russia's urals is fighting drug addiction by kidnapping drug users and forcing them into rehab extreme public support but also jail time for three members. and fifteen intrepid explorers are
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setting up a home in the arctic they will span the next year on a drifting ice floe collecting evidence to prove a large part of its untapped resources belong to russia. well up next we visit russia's far east to explore the rich wildlife in can chalk as nature reserve. springs from the baltimore. sun steaming pitch. going to the front in. an eternal confrontation of fire. and creating a unique comedy. joint tell it to you this. unfold.


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