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it was a morning rush hour in the moscow subway with passengers al boring their way through the crowd there is little that can make them pause at this time but here he was the terminator. i saw lots of people on camera flashes and the security service came out followed by arnold schwarzenegger i thought to myself well you don't see people like that often in moscow and the ticket barrier closed on him he got stuck people got it open a few minutes of course and let him pass but now he knows. or in the will shortz may get rolled just one stop but it was enough for him to post to weep that muscovites allegedly like the public transport had his journey lasted for more than ten minutes he might well have changed he's impression but the russian authorities pulled out all stops for the california governor providing him with police asked corey and a permanent right of way. it was in june that schwartz nager haas to the russian
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president giving him a tour of silicon valley and showcasing his very masculine boots. it is not clear why they made that they wondered what it's like to be in shorts negus shoes but one month later big government aid or even most go promoting russia's own version of a high tech hub. and it's great when i met president medvedev in a pretty fornia that he has a vision and a very clear direction where he wants to go and is very impatient and i think that we want to do everything that we can as free for nuance and as americans because it is to our interest to make russia successful yet as the presentation showed even arnie makes mistakes so that our business leaders are going to find great partnerships with the so we're with the russian. that. just shows no one i'm
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perfect. a pap project but a taxi be a russian president this cocoa or park has been designed to spearhead innovation and scientific research in russia and the me to admit it had no difficulties asking for help and. we are extremely interested in your considerable experience we are not ashamed of learning we must admit that sadly enough we learnt behind in many respects and we do expect that our cooperation will bring about positive results that's frowned on twitter made better french words may give praise to each other for their vision and to the delight of all he's found the governor promised that he'll be back and the first terminator movie innovation had gone so far that machines including schwarzenegger's own character tried to exterminate the human race ironically with his involvement in this cocker project the governator may actually make these plots a bit more plausible but at the end of the day he can always turn against the
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machines and save the world like in the second movie so i guess there's nothing to fear it's a wake up artsy skolkovo. still to come in the program here self-styled drug fighters thrown behind bars they've been hit nothing addicts and forcing them off the needle only to come under persecution themselves. months on a chunk of ice. cut off from civilization that's what i waits a team of russian scientists who have just embarked on a new mission there a minister study the untapped arctic riches in an attempt to boost russia's claim to a slice of the polar pie artie sick of the trevor join them for their journey. now like a little volcano about three hundred meters to the right keep right. at the time these job requires a jewelers precision the captain is running his jaw and new clear eyes breaker at
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the lowest speed possible together with a group of scientists he's on an important mission searching for an old farm and the piece of ice to host the north pole thirty eight station fifteen people and two dogs will be floating on eyes for a year conducting unique stone of the arctic environment with the mission is getting harder there are fewer and fewer suitable ice fields every year before we could find up to forty of them but now we're calling the whole arctic in search of one. the arctic ice cap is definitely getting fener at times the drill plunges down less than a meter explorers say just five years ago the drill had bored into thirty meter theek ice sheets. finally up to several days of searching and dozens of test trails the explorers announced peace is it. to find
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a suitable i spilled it on low to the arctic station is just top of the problem it is crucial not to damage the delicate that's why during the several days that i'm loading continues the eyes breaker remains stationary you know not from this giant russell or a gust of wind could lead to a crack and that will mean the whole situation having to be wrapped up again and a new search for yet another suitable ice flow. and this is where the hardest part of the mission starts the hardest for the helicopter the pilots work nonstop a top class performance without a single landing. despite a snowstorm everything goes without a hitch. three hundred tons of equipment are safely unloaded on to the ice the most precious cargo is a deep water multi-beam eco sound for
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a year it will be gathering evidence to prove that the months of reach is part of russia's continental shelf russia's in a race to submit its claim to the un should yield for twenty thirty mm. for you this some say what are the russians doing in the arctic on apollo night we're not going to ask anybody what and when we should do the arctic belongs to russia they're working in accordance with all international treaties and we will work day and night as necessary. as night falls in the arctic these fireworks mark the beginning of the real mission the eyes breaker hands back to the mainland while the fifteen man left face to face with a harsh paul a night a year of freezing conditions lies ahead for them with painstaking start the arctic world to reveal the treasures underneath it sit in the garage of our tea from the arctic. and on the way in just
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a few minutes gearing up for the race of its life. the formula one grand prix bonanza is set to roll into russia for the first time find out where and where you can book your hearts. kidnapping people locking them up for weeks that is what a group of russian activists is doing but their victims are drug addicts unable to kick the habit on their own the group's tactics have drawn public praise but also landed three members behind bars r.t. as a surface reports. a drugs raid gets underway and after hours of waiting for a contact to give a signal suddenly everyone is up and running the police are involved but not taking part a law enforcement officers the raid is being organized by a vigilante style group for me catherine he named themselves the city without
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narcotics a group using controversial tactics to target drug dealers and rehabilitate drug addicts this is a drug called there's a morphine locally known as crocodile it's a continual drug really dangerous beginning with a raisin coming through the window so it was pretty exciting but the minute you get inside the reality of the situation really hits you very hard you've got a young family. folks lying around the house next door a young child and a mother who looks barely more than a child herself extremely scared and upset and it really makes it very apparent just how sensitive this issue of. patient in raids has raised concerns about whether members of the foundation should be allowed to take the law into their own hands. it's an action which is cruel is it wrong to rescue a drowning person by pulling their hair if people say it's cruel inhumane let them
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teach us how to do it otherwise we work twenty four seven to help these people when the state isn't doing anything where we have to do it be an issue to one relationship with the authorities and you catherine there is a fragile one that in eleven years they have managed to pull their energies to fight the drug issue expectedly those caught in the raids face either arrest or we have this run by the grain is left to family members to give the final consent. conditions a hard they spend a month being weaned off drugs on a very basic diet and in crime conditions but with the group claiming a seven. percent success rate it appears tough love. story my mother saw what six years of drug addiction had done to me and turned to the foundation for help it's hard but you can see how the people are here they talk to each other there's an atmosphere of friendship which helps you through but in other cities such as nish need to go similar initiatives have been dealt with very differently. of was
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sentenced to three and a half years in prison despite having half the number of drug deaths in the city in just two years. i only have a feeling of disgust for law enforcement agencies who instead of fighting drug dealers are fighting an organization which was running a successful anti drug dealing campaign it makes no sense at all it's a crime against our city's population in both cities the foundation's have vowed to continue the fight in the face of what they say is government inaction. that people have to take the problem personal we don't understand that these before they are brothers and sisters and that unless they do it nobody will do it for the pressure is in the grip of a major drugs crisis with an unofficial estimate two and a half million drug addicts in the country people like genuine the foundation say a united effort is in everyone's interest and until proper measures are in place to
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deal not only with the dealers but in rehabilitating uses as well as left ordinary people like themselves to stand and fight sara fair. catching bag. in just a few days russia's capital will get its new mayor the majority party in the city parliament united russia says it will approve the candidacy of sort of case of yunnan currently a deputy prime minister who was nominated by president meant we had a fifty two year old a subway and then is an outsider to moscow he was born in a siberian village and spent most of his career working away from the capital as he moved to moscow only five years ago replacing dimitri mentally at them as the head of the russian presidential administration the previous man yuri luzhkov who was head of the city for nearly two decades was sacked by the president last month dimitri public from the united russia party explain to watch the why he thinks so be on in the right man for the job. i think it's not
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a matter of control of politics and money flow it's a matter of. federal importance moscow is a special seat here and it is supposed to be the in the vanguard of modernization and actually the federal government has a lot from vicious plans of how to create a financial center in moscow i think said banneker enormous experience call for work in the gallant he is known as an efficient professional he has managed to create a fact of system within big government stuff he was quite successful as a governor of one of the richest regions in russia so he has enough experience to do so and besides i think it's also a matter of personal trust because he's well known by the president and by the prime minister and they trust him as a person and as a professional that was dimitri from the united russia party. well two thousand and fourteen will mark a double sporting debut for the russian resort city of sochi it's already you set to host the winter olympics but now the formula one boss signed
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a contract to run one of the world's fastest races there as well arty's denise polaski has been checking out the possible futures circuit. for monte carlo to malaysia formula one is one of the world's most popular racing competitions and know it's coming to russia. bernie ecclestone the president and c.e.o. of formula one management arrived in person to meet with prime minister putin and to secure a six year long deal it clearly wasn't teresa against time to get more than three decades of talks first with soviet and now with russian leaders to find a suitable venue moscow and st petersburg dropped out but the city of sochi in the cell which will also cost the winter olympic games in two thousand and fourteen will be the first to the checkered flag we are on the beach in the middle too well with which could possibly see part of a future formula one. the racetrack from here you can see where the olympic venues
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are going to be just a few hundred meters away and right over there the big ice palace the purpose built super circuit will run through the so-called coastal cluster of the olympic park it will use parts of the existing infrastructure as well as a newly constructed track or on some of the venues the first races are scheduled for the end of two thousand and fourteen when the olympics will be over giving organizers a chance to arrange you can the dacian and provide logistics former ferrari team members says that building a circuit in russia should be a real crowd pleaser especially with some homegrown talent like with dolly petrov taking part it's one of the leading countries in the world it's it's it's you know . an emerging economy. formula one should be there it would be great for from the want to be there would be great for russia to have a formula one race in a place like sochi. and now with petrol for the russian driver i think that's
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that's it's a nice and energy. local administration and sponsors are planning to spend somewhere between one and two hundred million dollars on the circuit and be another forty million annually to use the f one brand but with hundreds of thousands of formula one fans here is russians say the game is surely worth the candle for a certain it will only bring benefits and not only in terms of image but people will be spending money here and. small and midsize business will be paying more taxes so it will bring economic life so i think it's really a very interesting and useful project. last year so chip already hosted an f one demo competition on the central streets showing thousands of spectators from all over the region so with the new circuit engines ruling and cars going at top speeds it looks like the world's most exciting race week point a new poll here the sports keep switching. and still to come in the program another
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of our tease a close up series this time are you troubled one of russia's ancient cities or not go to a place where history comes back to life. u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton wrapped up a three nation tour of the balkans on wednesday whilst in the region she said leaders in serbia and cause of open reconciliation talks washington is encouraging belgrade to accept the breakaway territories independence an obstacle in the country's bid join the european union many serbs in the former yugoslavia still remember nato was the enemy that bombed them in one thousand nine hundred nine balkans expert i mean little bitch believes the us is trying to gain influence in the region in order to control its resources they conducted a war there the first toward
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a lead by northern european powers against a european country i'm talking of course about the nato bombing of one thousand nine hundred nine for they were also born the republicans have screamed boss and so they've clearly taken sides in what has been a civil war and an ethnic conflict so they're not seen as some selfless benevolent power there but what the us one sister controlled the region and its resources they can build the largest military base in europe in the occupied province of course it will also in boston and herzegovina they've taken over the former yugoslav military airport basis. and by the way have already used it in there was against iraq and afghanistan. that was balkans expert in the show governor. weld war torn afghanistan is seeing a boom in child labor as many men are either fighting on the front line or being
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killed in action for a large number of young afghans school is a luxury they can't afford as they have families to feed artie's policy reports from kabul. for a few hours each friday these street kids get to remember they still just children . there kite flying is more than just a pastime it's a sport of skill or who monster truck will and for a few brief moments to get better live in abject poverty was one name is what's he doing in the form of. i'll never forget one day there was no job i came home and there was no food and my brothers and sisters and my mother they went to sleep hungry madam that god is only thirteen years old but as the man of the house his responsibility started early at six in the morning. my sister could. get on my brother. on the first. this is
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a typical poor kabul neighborhood children with runny noses dirty feet and crawling stomachs every day was a dean takes his bucket and joins the tens of thousands of children heading to the country's streets to make the meager living washing cars but despite their stolen childhoods they are the lucky ones. he was working with a policeman during the real closure which is very very hard work will make it hard to deal with. the other boys of these with me they say they want to watch this. is obvious equality is twelve he manages to bring a few dollars more into the home but it's barely enough to feed his mother and seven sisters to charge for every to i we hope surely my house is a long way from here only i can earn the equivalent of about eight dollars but some days there's no work yesterday as there was any work. but for some children it's
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easiest to come to the streets in a resume class or a playground big university of life. most parents don't want their children to come here to school that's because these young boys and girls are the only breadwinners in their families and spending just one hour in class could mean no food on the table that night fifty seven percent of the population of afghanistan is below twenty five years. majority of family are born during the war in grain going to war without scale without education for every one hundred million dollars of foreign money spent in the military only seven million dollars goes toward social projects you can use to turn to an international community and to get the state of afghanistan has to pay and has to focus more on the children six million children are at risk in afghanistan of sexual abuse violence and harsh child labor and with precious little bindi. and to help afghanistan's future generations see little
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chance of their lives ever getting off the ground. kabul. are now let's get to some other international news making headlines at this hour and iran's president mahmoud ahmadinejad says this law make republic is ready to get back to international talks so for its controversial nuclear program the negotiations stalled a year ago and later the u.n. security council impose strict sanctions against iran as it refused to hold your radium enrichment russia the u.s. britain china france and germany are expected to take part in the talks which could be staged in mid november in vienna. just on the militants of staged to shoot out in the country's largest city of karachi leaving at least twenty five dead the motive is unknown but polls or rather the police suggested that the killings are linked to gangs controlled by rival political groups the violence came as
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a byelection was being held following the murder of a deputy of the local assembly there had been fears beforehand that the poll could trigger fresh ethnic and political bloodshed in the city. so benedict has officially recognized australia's first saint mary mackillop was a male born the born nun who worked with needy children she was canonized along with five others including a canadian monk credited with miraculous healings mckillop who died in one thousand nine hundred nine it clashed with senior clergy and was briefly excommunicated for allegedly exposing a priest agrees that it's sex abuse. and now a trip to russia has a vast and varied regions. fairly key in of the road is our destination this sunday situated about five hundred
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kilometers northwest of moscow it's one of the country's oldest cities founded over a thousand years ago it's considered the cradle of russian democracy the country's first parliamentary style body in march that artie's igor over a half looked at its roots in the city of long grid as a place of major historical interest in medieval times it was a european wide trading center and also a freedom loving republican unlike almost anywhere else in russia so it's not surprising the city authorities are trying to capitalize on its history right now they've got two thoughts which they face having to attract more people and also the people they do attract making them stay longer and spend more money now talking about the reasons why people might want to come to know god here's an overview of its history feature here they gather in the small city of novgorod to celebrate the past at a time when novgorod was the capital of a trading empire that spans from finland today edge of siberia. the circuit that we
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still love it you know we are the army of the ruler of novgorod from the height of its prosperity you know many people have forgotten but we are keeping the memory alive. russia's all the slavic city novgorod was founded more than a thousand years ago centuries before st petersburg it became russia's gateway to the west non-god filled the whole of europe with candle wax becoming one of the most prosperous cities on the continent once upon a time this was not just the hope of a powerful trading republic but possibly the birthplace of russia's democracy. at the sound of a bell the city population assembled on the main square there they voted on the most important. issues facing the republic a new ruler was elected after an old one died each part of a city how did so unsolved government military commanders were invited from neighboring states and at the park. a glimpse of what
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a different russia might have been like instead of simply they could have been freedom and democracy but it was not to be moscow princes keen to get their hands on its riches subjugated the city and even carter the way the assembly bell in fifteen seventy number became the setting for one of the bloodiest chapters in russia's history we were going to. win ivan the terrible came for a visit the feast was laid out for him then just as the guests were getting drunk he suddenly got up and banged his staff on the floor that was a signal for his henchmen around up the citizens of no going to begin torturing them for two weeks a thousand people were killed every day the legend says a river is reddish in color because of all the blood that spilled into it moscow needed no political power st petersburg its economic significance and later the soviets desecrated its religious symbols for bearing of it as. that is the biggest
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tragedy before world war two the soviet authorities melted down most of the enormous bells whose unique peel charm across the city from saints a fierce cathedral russia's oldest church chorus still haunts the just love who dreams passionately that it might one day return. we have all the blueprints if only we had the money we could rebuild them exactly as they were my only dream in life is so here's and so here's bells ringing out over the city again. like the whole city has to be happy with what he's got and live with hopes of a rebirth of glories. see no girl. and also the headlines looks at the poisonous effects of everyday meals i'll be back with.
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forty two thousand americans die each year from car accidents only a thousand. seven hundred thousand people. and thirty two thousand will kill themselves cancer in all its forms kills five hundred sixty thousand of us here part is easy the more devastating it kills over eight hundred seventy thousand
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americans every year. here in moscow this is we're running down the week's top stories in. metro on his way to a high tech hub california's governor pledges cooperation in creating russia has a brand new innovation center skolkovo. fifteen explorers breaking the ice in the north pole the team of an. ventures launch a year long russian mission to on so vital questions why the arctic is melting what natural treasures it may hide and to whom they belong. taking the boss moskos gearing up to appoint its new mayor as president medvedev pushes his
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candidates into the frame so to get a a sabean it also has the support of the majority party in the city parliament currently serves as a deputy prime minister and was previously governor of one of russia's oil rich regions. but my colleague bill dog will be here in half an hour's time but for the meanwhile you off what you eat discover why food can sometimes be a killer in the kitchen that's next here on r.t. thank you for watching. everybody. and we all.


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