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seeing from the streets of canada. trying to look for a shelter rule today. five thirty am in moscow we're taking a look back at the week's news here on our team these are your headlines from retro to high tech california governor arnold schwarzenegger brings a team of venture capitalists to moscow to boost russia's answer to silicon valley the skolkovo project is one of the most ambitious that the country is taking to diversify its economy. scientists kicked off a year long expedition to the north pole to prove russia's right in the arctic sea vast natural resources of other countries including denmark and canada are also laying claim to the northern treasures. dimitri medvedev lines of moscow's next
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mayor by nominating deputy prime minister sergei said the on in for the capital's top job he said to replace yuri luzhkov who spent eight years in office before losing the president's trust. and sochi takes the checkered flag as it seals a long awaited deal first ever formula one race russian f one flet fans will be able to attend their own high octane sports venue in twenty fourteen. up next we visit russia's far east to explore the rich wildlife in the coming nature reserve stay with us here on our. bowling springs in hot water full. of holes and steaming pits. of fun tins and dead sulfurous lakes. an eternal
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confrontation of fire. us undead creating a unique omni. the mentality of this land lies in canyons and volcano crazes discovering the spawning season the rivers of filth and shoals of fish. brown bears behave as though they own the land. this is kamchatka located in the northeastern russia. one of the world's most unique and unusual nature reserves its funny escape . the renowned valley of guises is hidden in the mountains on the east coast of kamchatka. in the canyon among the chaos of shia cliffs and ravines life is bubbling under literally
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boiling. this place is difficult to reach the renault roads flying provides the only feasible means of transport. this route is difficult for pilots but fascinating for passengers. helicopters fly along the eastern volcanic ballast. to kalinski volcano is one of the most active ones it's crater constantly throws up hot gas and ash. interruption is beautiful do insurers on one occasion it pilot decided to fly up closer to the real kennels creatures and over for a little while to a tourists see the eruption but the airshow and guinness turned out to be so far that the coffee smelt it immediately while the paint on the fuselage got scorched
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see. this as the valley of guises lies between two active volcanoes. the area has deep underground thermal energy sources earthquakes rock slides and landslides happen very often. heat rises to the surface forming intricate shapes three hundred thermal activity. the excursion path runs along the central part of the valley of. this geologically small area has the largest guises numerous boiling springs mudholes rising steam and in the world to. think if we choose.
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this place rather than. park in taiwan we do have but a small scale. like mots spring us well but this one. little is known about the formation of the valley of guises vulcanologist believe it to be about two thousand years old which they calculated using the speed of its growth. every five years it expands by one point two millimeters. the rocks with the steam springs and guises consist mostly of. the right from boiling minerals which sometimes emerge along with the water. the tourist path is away from the guises to protect people from hot water and steam during an eruption. playing conceals the most dangerous spots in the
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valley. liquid mix of clay water and sulphur. to keep tourists safe it's very hot here underground one can fold if they step on the soil and end up getting thermal and chemical burns which can take a long time to heal. beds are the only ones who can intuitively find a safe way among the boiling springs and mud holes. they have no fear of the guises mountain river. beds of the true keepers of the carnacki nature reserve. and. they never come across poaches so they kindly let inspectors use their paths to walk around the area. as always take the most efficient and simplest routes.
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see how far these marks or. person hundred ninety centimeters tall. have been using this more. confrontations. they bite into the tree trying to reach as high as possible to show their height this way other beers . conflicts when the. during salmon spawning the shores of lake curial have the highest density of beds in the world. unexpected encounters between man and bear on avoidable. where you go and they may look slow clumsy and heavy but it doesn't stop baz from being dextrous and strong they can cover fifteen metres in just two or three strides. dimitris an experienced nature reserve inspector.
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he comes across several times a day and is now accustomed to that behavior. some. very memorable encounter with a female beer she looked at. she was fool. they were about. tenderness and hunger and her jaw was literally dripping with. a rifle i've never seen such a. my life. lead to a junction of small brooks. salmon make their way through to get to the lake. not surprisingly it's not only a favorite feeding place but also a great space for everyone else to film these amazing beasts. they.
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are not afraid of people. for centuries the locals never went hunting for and never attacked them. one of the smartest and strongest predators and keep growing throughout their entire lives. they learn quickly at any age and have a good long term memory. in spite of their weak eyesight find their way around easily they sense fish and see them. cubs usually live with their mother for three years during this time she breast feeds them and so rarely have fish. but she's the only one who can teach
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a young to fish for themselves. later they will practice and improve their skills throughout their lives. or see she's standing upright nicely while she's tracking the fish standing up on her hind legs she gets a good view of where and how to fish she's so cute. there's live according to a strict routine. they hibernate for half a year during winter in spring and early summer they mate and then spend the rest of that time looking for food. beds
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a completely omnivorous. this female stays in the volcano caldera with her cubs even during the salmon season. is live in the area permanently they don't go fishing. this female bear is eating gross now with a laser her food will be supplemented with berries employing notes already if you get the last one you can very healthy and nutritious food as just as they offer people but for now they only have girls to eat than those. whose own count there is located at the carnacki nature reserve in the central part of can chant. about three hundred thousand years ago a three kilometer told conic strato volcano rose in place of whose own. it collapsed as a result of several larger options. the ground beneath sank and formed to come
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there at. its cliffs of four hundred meters tall on average and its diameter is more than twelve kilometers. use on plateau is flat but colorful. halter volcanic gases called fumaroles and sulphur taras transformed the surface. while the known chemical elements with and mixed in thermal springs mudholes miniature volcanoes and hot rivers and lakes which filled with strange bacteria and elg. for these basic life forms this strange well of boiling water and poisonous substances is a perfect environment. the clay crusts on the thermal grounds cover cavities filled with boiling clay. bez of the only ones who can find their way around them.
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footprints of the masters of the corrupt nature reserve can be found in various unexpected places. was it was some green grass on pez near the boiling groups and the tears it grows it's too to hot. they're barefoot but the bears can do it at the same time the water. bears like going to the zone caldera in spring for mating in summer they mostly go to mountain rivers to fish for salmon. but the most attractive fishing spots for baz life far away from here on lake shores. lake creole is located south of the camp chant kippen inshallah. in the northeast the linsky volcano stands close to the shore. and rises into the cold humid air
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streams from the sea of a hot sky thick fog often comes as the possibly of the volcano the passage through it provides the only means of reaching the lake by helicopter going by land or water is impossible. roughly five hundred people manage to visit lake correll during the year. trip annoying island office several houses for tourists and the employees of the criminal nature reserve. people from all over the world come here with a single purpose in mind to see brown beds in the wild. behavior .
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that. led to. the why bears are very large. when they standing up in the river. it's impressive and most of all they are very quick because if this. very very. quick way and that's impressed me very much. bears don't like it when somebody else goes into the water when they a fishing. distance is the most important thing. you need to strictly keep that distance if you want to avoid a sudden outburst of aggression. and get any closer than fifteen metres. there is approaching. the rifle to shoot the beast away usually that helps. keep
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moving the second load to flip and throw it to the animals. and this will give several seconds to think about what to do next. only applied in extreme conditions of various posing a direct threat to human life. is reason for. every month we give you the future we help you understand. and bring the best in science and technology from across russia and around the world. join us. on our jeep. it's the secret
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incursion into the country. it's the invasion by means of. language. so that the bestie. are still unaware of what's going on in their land. in some of the weather in the value guys it changes instantaneously mist fills the canyon it fades into the vapors of the hot springs and compass them with a haze. several years ago
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a massive landslide came down the valley when the same thick mist covered the area . even today the distinct. slide can be clearly seen in the canyon. the powerful moving just centimeters away from a house and a helicopter pad. twenty meters in the house an employee who was staying was saved. could have raised the entire tourist area. the mudslide blocked the geese and the water level to rise very quickly. that was created by a natural dam flooded many famous guises. it drastically changed the face of the valley but didn't destroy it completely gradually the river the way the land slide
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down. the top of the geyser which used to be completely. reappeared and is erupting once again. beds seldom visit the valley at this time of year that's why the reserve stuff can easily go ahead with their research. and. down to the bottom of the canyon several times a day. the river which is the valleys water. runs through it. of that to measure the depth and speed of the river. the ramp plans to build a bridge over the gays are in there repairing this place to extend the tourist parts that are used to be bridges here before but they have been swept away several times if we want to know where the best places to build
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a bridge this time so that the water doesn't wash it away once again. unlike most rivers in the camp. has no fish water isn't suitable for drinking. fountains that erupt from under the inflow into the river springs and waterfalls a full of poisonous acidic and alkaline compounds. the purity and the beauty of this mountain river. and deceptive but it's just one of a kind. in summer most rivers in kamchatka abound in shoals of fish the numbers are recorded by the kamchatka research institute of fisheries and oceanography located near the river estuary and the nature reserve. it's the only river that flows out of lake and carries its waters to the sea a halt. wild salmon from the pacific ocean swim up. to their spawning
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grounds and. how can they find the way to the report from the sea. divined it the most widespread point of view is that the fish orion's itself by looking at it fields and currents ecologist the fish recognise its native. let's just call it a sense of smell taste of the river. the fish recording station has one single task that is to count the salmon heading for their spawning grounds the scientists method is simple the river is blocked by a dam as soon as a shoal of fish approaches it they pass through special enclosures where they are counted. the margin of error it's ten percent. as a rule three people work here but none stay for a long period at any one time because of the dangerous proximity to the baz.
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however biologist you catarina is an exception she and her husband have spent their whole lives on the banks of lake. well my children have grown up at the station and my husband aleksei and i have brought all adult to with us when she was almost two years old and his son when he was eighteen months old it's like permanently living on the frontline you're over still watching. a wild beast is a wild beast a bear will never become civilized nothing more than tempting food for it to hear your words. take up position around the clock the fish stations damn they wait patiently for the mass surge of fish to commence. in some a bad as live side by side with humans on the shore that's why mass towards
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a forbidden in this part of lake. a standard unsafe tourist route of the nature reserve lies between the valley of guises and the volcano caldera. the most important thing is to not be afraid of flying by helicopter. even professional pilots four hundred horns to fly here if they're not from can charge first of all it is difficult to orient in this terrain knows uneven ground not to mention the weather it's foggy windy and there can be moon going clubs. in summer the weather in the volcano caldera is usually warm. the formation of its own microclimate is one of the surprises and inexplicable features of.
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in two thousand and eight a geyser sprang up in one of the thermal fields. it's found in shot up to six metres high. there there is divided into five fields but all we did is excursion will be along the east so millfield because it is a lot just one and the most picturesque. the middle is heated by a hot underground pocket of magma and is where the main thermal zone is with its hundreds of hot springs warm lakes and steam vents. this an earthly landscape is shaped by hot gas and steam. sort of. brings so for makes you. think it's good for tourists. for your company.
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at sunset after the working day the reserve staff who live in the use own caldera allow themselves the luxury of bathing in bunyan lake. it's an unusual. filled with water temperature around forty degrees celsius that's about one hundred four degrees fahrenheit. grrr your sleep. you can see. the water in the spring. is the only way. we cool it in fight these a. despite. rivers and lakes it's impossible to bathe in them in the summer because it's very cold. maybe volcanic in origin but the
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water temperature doesn't rise above five celsius that's just for. the beds feel comfortable and patiently hunt the salmon until. late in the evening the reserves work is gather on the pier to discuss and show off the results of. the most difficult thing not to snap a beer but to show the photo to. the. exclusive. fish. his photos have never been published anyway. dmitri prefers showing them to his colleagues.
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to show you. come on don't be afraid. of pictures the whole morning. all right. come on my beauty over it and it is the female of the air is nice and decent too she keeps lisa you like us and us that we said we were under her she's the boss here we are much lower in rank or that the gone beauty go on and don't be late next time you go it is if we make it a twelfth blues be here at twelve. bear cubs came to us the last time we were sitting here listening to that be sniffed around us and went away when you lost usually. the valley of guises and the count there of the use own vocal you know of the three gems of the nature reserve. experience travel advice coming here once you've
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already seen much of the world because off to kamchatka everything else on the planet is going to look some more dough in comparison.
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