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do you understand how we'll get there and want to bring the best in science and technology from across russia and around the world. join us. on a. retro to high tech california governor arnold schwarzenegger brings a team of venture capitalists to moscow to boost the russian answer to silicon valley. scientists begin a yearlong expedition to the north pole to prove russia's right to the arctic so vast natural resources. russian well it's lawyers will spend a year on loads trying to find this. is one such as it might.
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be a chair say would mean you could do the job full. dimitri medvedev winds up moscow's next year the next mayor by nominating deputy prime minister sergei said yunnan for the capital's top job. and so she takes the checkered flag as it seals a long awaited deal to host russia's first ever formula one race. seven am in moscow giving you today's top stories and a look at the week's news here on our team's week in review california governor arnold schwarzenegger legere to lead a group of billionaires to russia this week in search of innovative business ideas the legendary action film hero was in moscow and president medvedev request talking
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on ways to develop russia's new high tech art he's oksana boyko has more. it was morning rush hour in the most the subway with passengers album wring their way through the crowd there is little that can make them pause at this time but here he was the terminator. i saw lots of people on camera flashes then the security service came out followed by arnold schwarzenegger i thought to myself well you don't see people like that off in moscow and the ticket barrier closed on him he got stuck. a few minutes of course let him pass but now he knows. or in the world schwartz may get rolled just one stop but it was enough for him to post a wave that muscovites allegedly like the public transport had his journey lasted for more than ten minutes he might well have changed his impression but the russian authorities pulled out all stops for the coliform your governor providing him with
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police asked corey and a permanent right of way. it was in june that schwartz made your hostage the russian president giving him a tour of silicon valley and showcasing his very masculine boots. it is not clear whether medvedev wondered what it's like to be in schwarzenegger's shoes but one month later big government aid or even most go promoting russia's own version of a high tech hub. and it's great when i met president medvedev in a pretty fornia that he has a vision and a very clear direction where he wants to go and is very impatient and i think that we want to do everything that we can screen for nuance and as americans because it is to our interest to make russia successful yet as the presentation showed even arnie makes mistakes so that our business leaders are going to find great
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partnerships with the so we are the russian. and i'm perfect. a pap project but attacks the russian president the scope of our park has been designed to spearhead innovation and scientific research in russia i mean to me that it had no difficulties asking for help. we are extremely interested in your considerable experience we are not ashamed of learning we must admit that sadly enough we lack behind in many respects and we do expect that our corporation will bring about positive results from some twitter made bit of french words and they give praise to each other for their vision and to the delight of all he's found the governor promised that he'll be back and the first terminator movie innovation had gone so far that machines including schwarzenegger's own character tried to exterminate the human race ironically with his involvement in this project the governator may actually make these plots
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a bit more plausible but at the end of the day he can always turn against the machines and save the world like in the second movie so i guess there's nothing to fear it's a boycott artsy skolkovo. so self-imposed exile in the arctic all for the sake of science and the future of a nation a team of russian researchers has embarked on a lengthy mission at a brand new ice station there to study the untapped arctic riches in an attempt to boost russia's claim to a slice of the polar pie artie's are carrying ratch over join their injury. than a little volcano about three hundred meters to the right keep right at time these job requires a jeweler's precision the captain is running his jaw and new clear eyes breaker at the lowest speed possible together with a group of scientists he's on an important mission searching for an old and big
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piece of ice to host the north pole thirty eight station fifteen people and two dogs will be floating on eyes for a year conducting unique stories of the arctic environment. the mission is getting harder there are fewer and fewer suitable ice fields every year before we could find up to forty of them but now are combing the whole arctic in search of. the arctic ice cap is definitely getting fener at times the drill plunges down less than a meter explorers say just five years ago the drill had bored into me to think ice sheets finally after several days of searching and dozens of test trails explorers announced peace is it. to find a suitable ice build to unload at the arctic station is just top of the problem it
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is crucial not to damage the delicate that's why during the several days that i'm loading continues the ais breaker remains stationary even then not from this giant russell or a gust of wind could lead to a crack and that will mean the whole situation having to be wrapped up again and a new search for yet another suitable. and this is where the hardest part of the mission starts the hardest for the helicopter the pilots work nonstop the talk last performance without a single landing. despite a snowstorm everything goes without a hitch three hundred tons of equipment are safely unloaded on to the ice the most precious cargo is a deep water multi-beam eco sound for a year it will be gathering evidence to prove that the months of reach is part of
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russia's continental shelf russia is in a race to submit its claim to the u.n. should yield for twenty thirty. or you dismissed some say the russians doing in the arctic on a polar night we're not going to ask anybody what and when we should do the arctic belongs to russia and working in accordance with all the international treaties and who will work day and night if necessary. as nots pulls in the spy works mark the beginning of the real mission the eyes break hands back to the mainland while the fifteen man on the left face to face with a harsh paul a night a year of freezing conditions lies a handful of them with painstaking stone the arctic won't to reveal the trash is in the. in the pressure of our teeth from. coming up in the program a crackdown on drugs either group or via. addicts and forcing them to keep up there
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are but now they're on the wanted list. first though moscow is only days away from getting a new mayor the united russia party that holds a majority in the city parliament says it will support deputy prime minister sergei so be on in nominated by president medvedev. fifty two year old so beyond it was born in a siberian village and spent most of his career working outside of moscow before moving to the capital five years ago he served as the governor of the oil rich region moscow's previous mayor yuri luzhkov was sacked by president medvedev after losing his trust dmitri paula cano from the united russia party explaining why they think sabean is the right man for the job. i think it's not a matter of control of politics and money flows it's a matter of city or state of importance moscow is a special city and the supposed to be the in the vanguard of modernization and actually the federal government has the world from the plans of how to create a financial center in moscow i think said banneker enormous experience hall for
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work in the garment he is known as an efficient professional he has managed to create active system within the government stuff he was quite successful as a governor of one of the richest regions in russia so he has enough experience to do so and besides i think it's also a matter of personal trust because he's well known by the president and by the prime minister and they trust him as a person and as a professional to be speaking from the united russia party. authorities in russia's southern cross in our region have declared monday a day of mourning for the victims of recent flash floods the day luge has taken the lives of thirteen people nine more still missing more than twenty villages were completely swamped with some fifteen hundred people caught in the flooding the storm caused rivers to burst their banks and led to mudslides in the mountains blocking several sections of the north caucasian railroad the region region is now bracing itself for more bad weather as the emergencies ministry has issued
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a fresh storm warning. this week the russian security service announced that it had solved the case of last month's deadly blast in russia's republic of north of setia on september ninth twenty people were killed and almost two hundred wounded when a car bomb exploded in a crowded market in the city of lot of. three suspected militants have been arrested two others were killed when they refused to surrender russia's top most top wanted terrorist leader doku umarov was said to have close links to al qaeda is believed to be behind the attack one of his aides is thought to have masterminded the bombing. a group of self-styled russian drug fighters are targeting addicts and breaking their habit they chase them down lock them up and let them out only when they've given up the needle the team's tactics have drawn public praise but they've also led three of its members behind bars. for a ports. a drugs raid gets underway and after hours of waiting for
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a contact to give the signal suddenly everyone is up and running the police are involved but not taking part a law enforcement officers the raid is being organized by a vigilante style group for me catherine bergen you name themselves the city without narcotics agreed to using controversial tactics to target drug dealers and rehabilitate drug addicts this is a drug called as a morphine or locally known as crocodile it's a codeine containing drug and really dangerous beginning with a raisin coming through the window it was pretty exciting but the minute you get inside the reality of this situation really hits you very hard you've got a young family. lying around the house next door a young child and a mother who looks barely more than a child herself extremely scared and upset and it really makes it very apparent just how sensitive this issue is. participation in raids has raised concerns about
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whether members of the foundation should be allowed to take the law into their own hands. it's an action which is cruel is it wrong to rescue a drowning person by pulling their hair if people say it's cruel inhumane let them teach us how to do it otherwise we work twenty four seven to help these people when the state isn't doing anything where we have to do it be an issue to the relationship the group is force with the authorities and you catherine there is a fragile one that in eleven years they have managed to pull their energies to fight the drug issue effectively those caught in the raids face either arrest or we have this run by the glory is left to family members to give the final consent. conditions a hard they spend a month being weaned off drugs on a very basic diet and inquire conditions but with the group claiming it's. seventy percent success rate it appears tough love. my mother saw what six years of drug
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addiction had done to me and turned to the foundation for help it's hard but you can see how the people are here they talk to each other there's an atmosphere of friendship which helps you through but in other cities such as nish need to go similar initiatives have been dealt with very differently yes of was sentenced to three and a half years in prison despite having half the number of drug deaths in the city in just two years. i only have a feeling of disgust for law enforcement agencies who instead of fighting drug dealers are fighting an organization which was running a successful anti drug dealing campaign it makes no sense at all it's a crime against our city's population in both cities the foundations have vowed to continue the fight in the face of what they say is government in action. that people have to take the problem personally to understand that these people or their brothers and sisters and that unless they do it nobody will do it for the pressure is in the grip of a major drugs quite says with an unofficial estimate two and
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a half million drug addicts in the country people like genuine the foundation say a united effort is in everyone's interest and until proper measures are in place to deal not only with the dealers but in rehabilitating users as well as left ordinary people like themselves to stand and fight sara fair. you're catching bag. still to come a baby labor boom in afghanistan the war torn country sees more children taking over adult jobs to provide for their families while the men are fighting on the front lawn. and shunned by society find out how thousands of widows in india are forced to live their final days alone after being rejected by their families and communities. first though two thousand and fourteen just got even busier for the russian resort city of sochi not only will it be hosting the winter olympics that year but the city has also gotten the green light to hold russia's
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first formula one race artie's dennis bought skis in pole position for us where the new track is going to be built. promotes a carload to malaysia formula one is one of the world's most popular racing competitions and know it's coming to russia. bernie ecclestone the president and c.e.o. of formula one management the rived in person to meet with prime minister putin and to secure a six year long deal. it clearly wasn't a race against time to come more than three decades of talks first with soviet and now with russian leaders to find a suitable venue most few in st petersburg dropped out but the city of sochi in the cell which will also face the winter olympic games in two thousand and fourteen will be the first to the checkered flag we are on the beach in the mid to low ledwith could quite possibly see part of a future formula one race track from here you can see where the olympic venues are
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going to be just a few hundred meters away right over there at the big ice palace a purpose built super circuit will run through the so-called coastal cluster of the olympic park it will be used parts of the existing infrastructure as well as a newly constructed track or on some of the banned use the first races are scheduled for the end of two thousand and fourteen when the olympics will be over giving organizers a chance to arrange you can the dacian and provide logistics former ferrari team members says that building a circuit in russia should be a real crowd pleaser especially with some homegrown talent like dolly people taking part it's one of the leading countries in the world it's it's it's you know. an emerging economy. formula one should be there it would be great for from the want to be there would be great for russia to have a formula one race and in a place like socially. and now with petrol for the russian driver i think that's
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that's it's a nice and energy. local administration and sponsors are planning to spend somewhere between one and two hundred. million dollars on the circuit and pay another forty million annually to use the f one brand but with hundreds of thousands of formula one fans here is russian say the game is surely worth the candle for a certain it will only bring benefits and not only in terms of image but people will be spending money here and both small and midsize business will be paying more taxes so it will bring economic life so i think it's really a very interesting and useful project. last year so cheap already hosted and the one demo competition on the central streets drawing thousands of spectators from all over the region so with the new circuit engines ruling and cars going at top speeds it looks like the world's most exciting race weak point in new home here that is full of ski r t sochi. as the war in afghanistan enters its tenth year
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rights campaigners say more must be done to protect the country's children many families have lost their breadwinner to the conflict forcing tens of thousands of young afghans to provide for their families as artie's policy reports from kabul millions more children are at risk of abuse violence and harsh labor conditions. for a few hours each find these street kids good to remember they still just children. to them confines more than just a past time it's a sport of skill or who lost her child. and for a few brief moments forget that they live in abject poverty. one name is what's he doing in the form of the will never forget one day there was no job i came here when there was no food and my brothers and sisters and my mother they went to sleep hungry man that he's only thirteen years old but as the man of the house his
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responsibilities start early at six in the morning. i ask what a good boy. good boy my brother. on the first pull this is a typical poor kabul neighborhood children with runny noses duty feet and crawling stomachs every day was a dean takes his bucket and joins the tens of thousands of children heading to the country's streets to make the meager living washing cars but despite their stolen childhoods they are the lucky ones my. dad was he was working with the policeman during the real explosion which is very very hard work will make it hard to deal with day sometimes the other boys are with me they say they want to watch this. is obviously is twelve he manages to bring a few dollars more into the home but it's barely enough to feed his mother and seven sisters harder every to i wake up surely my house is
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a long way from here only i can on the equivalent of about eight dollars but some days there's no work yesterday there was no work. but for some children it's easier just to come to the streets and they make a playground the university of life. most parents don't want their children to come here to school that's because these young boys and girls are the only breadwinners in their families and spending just one hour in class could mean no food on the table that night fifty seven percent of the population of afghanistan is below twenty five years. majority of them they are born during the war in grande going to war without scale without education for every one hundred million dollars of foreign money spent on the military only seven million goes toward social projects even less to the international community and they get the state of afghanistan has
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to pay and has to focus more on the children six million children are at risk in afghanistan of sexual abuse violence and harsh child labor and with precious little being. and to help in afghanistan's future generations see little chance of their lives if we get him off the ground. karpal. an israeli whistleblower who revealed the details of tel aviv's nuclear program in the one nine hundred eighty says the country is still taking revenge on him and israeli court has denied mordechai vanunu is appeal against a bad i'm leaving israel or speaking to foreigners the nuclear technician spent eighteen years in prison on charges of treason and espionage we knew dropped an earlier nomination for the nobel peace prize because israeli president shimon peres had received the award in one thousand nine hundred four a former israeli m.p. says the government is making an example out of a new new so that others will not follow his lead. in some way.
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to punish him even though he still has the whole view and i believe that. this. is only a way to. see which. is anybody. who tries to question or decide is this the nuclear policy i am sure of that. does not in danger of the security of israel he endangered the holy see the israeli. nuclear issue. commentary from former israeli and. turning now to some other stories making headlines across the globe the iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad says the islamic republic is ready to get back to international talks over its controversial nuclear program you know she stalled a year ago and later the u.n.
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security council impose strict sanctions against tehran as a refused to halt uranium enrichment russia the united states britain china france and germany are expected to take part in the talks that are likely to happen in mid november in the. pakistani militants have staged a shoot out in the country's largest city karate leaving at least twenty five dead the motive is unknown but police suggest the killings are linked to gangs controlled by rival political groups the violence came as a by election was being held following the murder of a deputy of the local assembly there had been fears beforehand that the poll could trigger a fresh ethnic and political bloodshed in karachi. some of chile's thirty three rescued workers have returned to the mine that nearly became their tomb first ceremony to mark their survival the events being held at camp hope where families had prayed for their loved ones and the government's promise to look after the rescued miners with each already receiving only twelve thousand dollars
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but it wasn't such good news for their colleagues who've been out of work since the incident happened in august they held an angry demonstration claiming they'd been forgotten after being refused entry to the service. three inmates have been killed in a riot in haiti's largest prison in the capital port au prince two were shot while trying to escape from the roof of the penitentiary the third was trampled to death during the unrest seven foreign hostages were briefly taken by prisoners as un peacekeepers cordoned off streets around the facility the prison holds around fifteen hundred inmates and was damaged by the devastating earthquake that struck the island in january. hindu women who lose their husbands are often ostracized by indian society many many are even shunned by their own families who see them as a burden with nowhere else to go thousands flock to a holy city where they simply wait to die artie's charan singh filed this report just a warning you may find some of the images disturbing. lies on the streets or northern
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india but no one stopping the dead woman was a little. bad luck even in death in traditional hindu ism when a woman's husband dies she is considered to be a liability for the family the marriage is legally possible but from the pardon it's superior society and man wanted. to frame it in such a me that everything is to his advantage which has been coming too but he could remarry you could do what he wants and he did pray woman from those things where the balance feels she has nothing left to live for as a will she was deserted by her extended family so she traveled to the holy city of rome and auburn and spends her time reading hindu scriptures. i have no family now i have to complete my life that is if i get fewer that's fine if not
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that's also a fine shunned by society sixteen thousand widows day in this city because it's associated with the hindu god krishna the lover go on whom do you believe they are now married to they can be found on the streets with many forced to beg for scraps of food. my husband died of cancer and used to pull a savings in treatments and he died no one would look after me psyche intervenes happen. the social service organization of service runs store homes for windows in the city here hundred eighty even the host and fed it's been a long journey for one woman who came here two years ago for medical dental most people come to when done because the helpless in the beginning i felt alone and would cry all the time but. i just had to my new life here life is not easy for weirdos on the fringes of hindu society yet that all when i was asians working to overcome centuries of prejudice to give weirdoes
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a chance to live with dignity the bigger challenge would be convincing families across the u.s. thousand villages not to abandon them in the first place got and saying. a recap of the week's top stories here on our team coming your way in a few moments stay with us.
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