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tv   [untitled]    October 19, 2010 2:00am-2:30am EDT

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breaking news on r t a suicide bomber has reportedly blown himself up in the
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parliament of russia's republic of chechnya these two other people are believed to have been killed we're also receiving reports of continue shooting inside the parliament. down saying to different fifty years since the u.s. imposed a crippling trade embargo on cuba some say the policy even working at a major would sink is required. meaning of violence the leaders of russia germany and france put their heads together as they try to find a common vision for the future of european security. russia's green car crash the to six prom calls for better driver education as an illegal bracket of selling licenses hampers government efforts to make roads safer . and one hundred billion dollars has flowed into the russian economy and foreign investments this year but this could have been more business are tells you what
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foreign investors are looking forward to change in russia. telling out of the russian capital you're watching r t with me marina josh in our breaking news this hour there are reports of a blast and shooting inside the parliament of russia's republic of chechnya in the city of grozny was suicide bomber at least two others are believed to have been killed we can now cross live to a correspondent for more on this story. some of low to talk us through what's happening in grozny. as far as we know to suicide bomb of god himself blown up in front of the parliament and at police two people have died as well than people who have been shooting in find the building by the office the bespeak of the chechen problem and because sources say that the man is alive and the preliminary
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information has been a few people have died too in that last also special forces are moving to the scene and the latest information needs that the special operation has begun any male attention have been blocked inside that column and of chechnya so also for so long for say that they have terror attacks could have been a way five militants family and may have been linked to al qaeda or the group has been behind many terror attacks in russia like moscow metro while he was forming this march and to them. in chechnya the latest militant attack happened in september when militants attacked the home village of which and president runs on could do of and to many were they were blocked there and there was also a special operation ok thanks very much indeed for bringing us the latest just to recap what we are hearing from the news agencies here that the fact that we're developing story here in our team is reports of
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a blast and shooting inside the parliament of russia's republic of chechnya the city of grozny we'll be bringing you more details on this as we get it for now thanks very much indeed. to other news stories that we're following for you here in r.t. this hour it's fifty years since the u.s. imposed an economic embargo on cuba prohibiting most trade with the island recently there have been some minor policy changes under the obama administration but the main restrictions are still in place costing the u.s. economy over a billion dollars a year parties gun edged account reports of the emergence of new factors which could cause a receding of the blockade. politics aside americans miss cuba at this club in washington d.c. they make the most of probably the only thing americans can legally import from the communist island the rhythm. while the love for cuba flourishes on the dance floor it goes cold when the revision of the fifty year old embargo is up for discussion
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where the matter. why should we give them after all these years benefits of trade relationships more tourism everything like that when they basically say they're not going to change their system whatsoever but that doesn't stop the u.s. from dealing with china the same standard that applies for china does not apply to cuba cuba has a communist regime that has a state and dynamic model that is is is sort of very weak and china has a big economic engine in other words you know we're represents everything we're against it's a totalitarian repressive communist state but unlike china can't lend us money and cuba is criticized for violating human rights not without a reason and the harshest criticism comes from a nation that slammed worldwide for preaching human rights at its one tunnel bay prison which it runs in cuba the embargo was the way the u.s. punished the castro regime for seizing power in nine hundred fifty nine. and we've
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that wiping out the vast share americans had in the cuban economy arguably the idea behind the cargo was to let castro's regime wear out and prompt people to revolt against it it's been fifty years and it never happened let's lift the embargo will sell more products there more americans will be able to spread their influence there i think it's our best hope for having influence in cuba when that wonderful day comes when the castro regime falls the embargo has been largely seen as in fact if it's given the castro regime a handy excuse for the failures of its socialist experiment it's hurting the very cuban people that we claim to be helping cuba now hosts businesses from europe can about latin america and mainly leaves off its beautiful resorts but booming tourism does not seem to make life easier for every day cubans they're set to make four cents of every dollar
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a foreign company pays that the government takes the rest. where has recently taken steps to modernize its economy now over half a million people are allowed to engage in small private enterprises but for the u.s. to lift the embargo there needs to be a prick magic reason ideological ones have proved unsustainable there's a really strong and i think economic interest people are seeing there are markets tend to be exploited and if we don't take care of them. or we don't jump in europe is just going to feel it for us and that's not nor interest and then there's the question of oil and that's a new thing as well moreover russian and spanish companies are queuing up to help cuba exploited supposedly huge offshore oil reserves the opposition over the embargo here in washington has long been down to this question will trade with cuba make the castro regime stronger or will it eventually help bring them down but some would argue the regime is not the biggest issue here the u.s.
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bills with china all right one thing that could make the u.s. really care about cuba is what it can get from it self wrong thing garzon beaches maybe not strong enough oil on the other hand could have a bigger potential going to check on our t. washington d.c. . now still ahead this hour here in our tino on jews not happy about pledging loyalty to israel. this country defines itself as a jewish and democratic state but if you ask just about any arab kid they'll take it's heavy on the jewish and draw the light on the democratic. find out how the recently adopted loyalty oath bill is training on easing israeli palestinian relations even further was. tempered drivers are supposed to go to a driving school and pass a test on a closed course like this one that we're on right now as well as study the
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different tactics of driving from a written test but that's not exactly how it happens in most cases around moscow. we look at what russia on top of the list when it comes to road. european security is under scrutiny as the leaders of france germany and russia meet in the french resort of divil president viet of us to push his proposal yet again for a new security framework to replace the current system which he says is outdated. or has more. they're going to be some very serious issues of course on the table as the three leaders tackle various issues relevant not only to the european community but also to the international agenda issues such as stability and the middle east the ongoing situation in afghanistan and iran is nuclear agenda those are all going to be discussed by dmitry medvedev and his colleagues from france and germany but it's also issues of course that are relevant to europe specifically and they are expected to dominate the talks here and specifically the issue of european security
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proposed by the russian president a little earlier russia's cooperation with the north atlantic treaty organization is also going to be discussed of course and that will be done tailing into the new proposal for european security plan and various other aspects of european corporation of course the aftermath of the global financial crisis and the various effects that it has had on bilateral trade on european trade on russia's relations with those members of the e.u. the negotiations to have a visa free regime for russian citizens wishing to travel to europe right now of course we know that russian citizens are obliged to get a visa in order to enter the european union that's according to the shang an agreement that is currently in force and for a number of years of officials have been talking all over the possibility of removing the visa regime and making travel for russians into europe visa free and that is yet another issue that medium and if it's certain to raise with nicolas
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sarkozy and angola merkel and of course many russians are keeping their fingers crossed that something definitive will come out of those talks i was over responding to and as our and to talk more on this we're joined now by a who's director of european programs at moscow center for post-industrial studies thanks very much katrina for being here with us on the program so first off what do we what can we expect from the meeting of the three. this is the city in fact the second meeting of the. in the in this format and the previous one. that's free and that meeting was seen as a. as a starting point for an alliance to oppose the american war in iraq in two thousand and three so this this time this time president medvedev and i was that he will try to go through his agenda his own security by the way that was the first idea he put on the table when he became president two years ago and so this is that means that he will try to. discuss the new security architecture but the main problem is that
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whether whether it is appropriate to discuss this issue without the american president of course because hours of meeting germany france and russia and so many say that this may irritate the united states. i don't think so because the europeans are quite busy on the on this topic and. i didn't hear any sign any sign of agreement with president medvedev on this issue and we must we must also understand that the current thinking about the current situation the current secure architecture. is probably very comfortable for the europeans and it's not for sure that the want to change it. well the meeting of the three state employees ahead of the summit of nato which will be taking place in lisbon next month how will the current talks are going on now developed sort of a fact meeting and how will they prepare for that as you know my head of the
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meeting in lisbon i need to meet alison but also the head of the european council europeans of course and some of the waiting to take place in later this month and this is very important because right yesterday before medvedev provided to. cause an american had a meeting together and they agreed on common measures to. on economic architecture in europe on economic regulation system in europe and that was seen by european observers as a sign. as a sign to show to president medvedev the unity of europe and this is very important . because of this meeting nato meeting in all is born really european good leaders want to bring russia to lisbon and they want russia to be to be present at this meeting and to try to resolve the problems pending problems in the european security but that that is not that doesn't mean that the new security architecture
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will be put in place on the on the maidan so the situation is very is very interesting because of the on the right hand they do not want to change the security system but on the other hand they want to involve russia into the existing more to involve more into the existence of architecture on the surface it seems like there is a sort of a warming of relations between europe and russia in your opinion how would you assess the level of closeness between the two so we have overcome a certain period of uncertainty and tensions in their relations and we are discussing right now a partnership for modernization but it is for sure that we have to think about some breakthrough measures such as new investment agreements and maybe. because your business or director of european programs of moscow's center for post-industrial studies thanks very much indeed for being here with us in the program now israel is facing criticism over a bill that requires knowledge or citizens to swear allegiance to the state the
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government says a loyalty oath is a necessary step for peace but arabs are refusing to pledge themselves to a country they say is snatching their holy land or do you suppose we are reports. this photograph is all that remains from some near why these family home the house survived for generations but it couldn't survive an israeli demolition two years ago in the middle of the circle i started to have problems with the circulars ten years ago they wanted to take all of my land they took one house and then they wanted to take this house since then he started rebuilding. things god the supreme courts discovered that fake documents they changed the name of my grandfather on the papers but the discovery didn't help him hang on to most of his grandfather's land a family of israeli settlers now on his own property insists is his and his story only one of many. in the two hours we spend here therefore
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a wrist and the usual round of tear gas rubber bullets and blame and they are because the union shouldn't complain about anything they should say thank you israel thank you that we are still here. and they'll be saying a lot more than that if the country's foreign minister avigdor lieberman gets his way he wants all one million arab israeli citizens to pledge loyalty to the jewish state the arab world if they want us to give concessions for peace if they want us to give some sacrifices for peace they should start looking at us is a myth. state so lieberman has his supporters but he's also got his detractors arabs and many israeli jews are up in arms this country defines itself as a jewish and democratic state but if you ask just about any arab here they'll tell you it's heavy on the jewish and rather than light on the democratic. angry
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demonstrators take to the streets claiming the next step transferring arab israelis to a palestinian state but the government is doing its best to accommodate lieberman's demands and recently approved a loyalty bill by a twenty two eight majority. the government under american pressure to freeze settlement building and needs lieberman support but arab citizens lack of wadi will never give in almost the whole that argument i'm a muslim i'm not allowed to swear in the world due to a jewish state what should i use word two in the first word to them what do i think them fall in love. with saudi arabia and those drusilla nonces preliminary plans for two hundred thirty eight new secure homes seems like there's so much more likely than arabs pledging allegiance to an israel that keeps them under the thumb policy r t television. and if you have any thoughts on that story go to our website
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r.t. dot com and leave us your views we also got something out of the wire for you there is a taste of what's alive right now. in our c.n.n. sales the secrets behind the russian terminator cocktail tipple to activate your mind and boost your physical power. and it probably heard of the red sea and wax but what do you know about russia's wide sea. that russia is infamous for the bad roads and reckless driving almost thirty thousand people lose their lives in traffic accidents every year and artie's sean thomas found out the problem start with a learner drivers bribing their way behind the wheel. welcome to russia where the roads are notoriously bad driver safety seemingly optional and the traffic
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notorious. with very busy traffic which has been poorly organized and which requires improvements interchanges have been made in efficiently our traffic lights haven't been working properly and road signs are located in such a way that drivers often can't see them all this results in numerous accidents. in two thousand and nine alone there were nearly two hundred four thousand car accidents the human cost was twenty six thousand deaths and more than a quarter of million people seriously injured the international transportation forum lists russia as having the most traffic deaths per capita in the world many believe corruption and general lack of knowledge are to blame. do you know the traffic signs. i do you what does this one mean. i don't know really i don't know oh isn't this amazing temporal drivers are supposed to go
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to a driving school and pass a test on a close course like this one that we're on right now as well as study the different tactics of driving from a written test but that's not exactly how it happens in most cases around moscow if you motors it is probably there are two problems with fake driving licenses the first is that criminal groups issue fake licenses of such a high quality that only a specialist can see it's fake so people buy a fake license and think it's real the other problem is bribes and driving schools to pass driving tests this girl wishes to remain anonymous but for the purposes of television we will call her like many russian drivers she's purchased her license illegally so how much did it cost her. well the actual amount is eight hundred dollars but that was that money i think she would be three men driving school i was supposed to attend classes and so on but i was living in st petersburg at the time so i could. shop at the school. but as country learned learning how to drive
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properly isn't as essential as having the proper pay off some with my father the fishes would blackmail me for money and that is why there was no need for me to update my license in the traditional way it's easier to buy it he took me to some distant metro station in a moscow suburb they are they invited me to a room issued my driving license to me and took my photograph i was so ashamed i said i'm sorry i will really learn how to drive the answer doesn't matter to us. and now even cardio thinks she may be a threat on the road. as i have a feeling that i'm a threat to pedestrians if you days ago i fail to see a bicycle rider in the dark i think that can serve as just occasion prompting many to call for a complete overhaul of russia's driver's education system at the system or that it's not enough to fire a bribe taker it's necessary to change the entire system as long as there is demand there will be supply we need real changes at the high level in the interior ministry we can probably even at the state management level in hopefully making
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russia's roads a safer place to be sean thomas moscow. and now let's take a look at some other stories from around the world and strive for and hit the fuel supply hard forcing some petrol stations to close airlines to cancel a large number of flights action continues as protesters fire the government's plans to raise the retirement age from sixty to sixty two students and workers have blockade of schools transport was an oil refineries doing anything in an attempt to affect the upcoming vote in parliament this wednesday. a passenger bus in mexico has crashed into an industrial trailer truck catching fire and killing nineteen police say all the passengers and both drivers perished in the accident the bus was heading north from mexico city want to hit the vehicle transporting industrial waste thought he say it may be weeks before all the victims can be
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identified. one and here's our developing story we're getting more information at this point we got information down the militants have caught some people hostage so we will bring you more on this but in the meantime let me update you on what was happening before information that we have so there are reports of continues continued shooting inside a government building in russia's republic of chechnya that's in the capital of grozny and initial reports suggested a parliament building was hit but others suggest it's the agricultural ministry building so special forces are said to have surrounded it with three suspected militants inside well at the moment it's unclear whether reports of a suicide blast or correct of three people so far have been reported dead and just to remind you the information the very latest we got is that some people were taken hostage there by the militants will be gathering. at getting in touch with our
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correspondent to get the very latest on what's happening on the ground to stay with us for that if you can. and for now though let's take a look at what's happening in the world of business he is here with us in the studio. hello time to look at what's happening in the world of business the russian government has a fifty billion dollar reason to improve the country's investment climate it has an extensive program of privatization wants to get to the market but as soon as madrid are reports it's a plan that needs the help of foreign capital. hundred billion dollars has flowed into the russian economy as foreign investment but it could have been more if not for administrative barriers of access to infrastructure the labor difficulties in the regions it's inadequate training of the workforce number two difficulties for
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accessing financing number three its high levels of corruption and number for unfair competition from the grey market the prime minister to get nude of the criticism and assured there semblant investors and business people he understood their problems however he was keen to point out the progress that had been made the right to that had been slashed the fight against corruption and opening up of the russian market reforms would continue he said pledging that foreign investors could count on getting the same treatment from the officers of state as domestic companies. we do make a distinction between russian and foreign business when it comes to protecting the rights of investors it's important for us to create comfortable conditions for those who want to make investments in russia to develop their business to promote their goods and services. the russian government has a strong incentive to quickly improve investor sentiment it has an extensive program of privatization to get away with this many as twenty of the country's
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biggest state run companies marked for possible sale the finance ministry wants to raise around fifty billion dollars from the assets over the next five years to help cover the budget deficit it's an ambition that will be hard to achieve if outside my knees afraid to come here and we've a business r.t. . let's have a quick look at how the markets are faring this hour as usual stock markets are high on tuesday with both indices gaining more than half a percent sentiment in the markets quarter left from wall street's rise helped by citigroup strong earnings and an improved measure of u.s. homebuilder confidence in hong kong resource stocks also high on strong for more of a. prices. found in russia there are two yes a slight positive in early trade and they might suggest that you see on the screen off. monday's closing and the boys will stop trading in a few minutes. but of which and has approved
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a plan to give companies working in the i'm opening a tax holiday the government has came to encourage gas production in the region which is rich in resources but it's hard to access the plan includes exemption from the resource extraction tax and just zero export ju-ju for liquefied natural gas as well as local tax breaks the terms of tax holidays will be agreed before the end of the q but will not exceed twelve years. and b.p. has agreed to sell assets in venezuela and vietnam to its russian joint venture. for one point eight billion dollars the deal includes b.p. stakes and three joint ventures in venezuela and two gas fields in vietnam the same spot of the peace plan to raise up to thirty eight billion dollars by the end twenty eleven to help the company meet its financial obligations after the gulf of mexico oil spill acquisitions will be financed from t n t b p's own resources and won't require additional debt. vs old projects over global expansion plans to
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incubate p. . has adopted for itself in an internet attempt to diversify itself out of russia and become become a truly global company. so as a starting point i mean the first step towards that goal. wrote a modest sized modestly sized acquisition might be just the right size. car production in russia has almost double in the first three quarters year on here more than eight hundred thousand vehicles rolled up that something line with in the period that russia's economic ministry said it expected and no can't production to nearly double by twenty thirteen. and finally american mobile phone make a motorola is leaving russia it will close its offices at the beginning of twenty eleven and will no longer officially market or distribute its handsets in the.


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