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tv   [untitled]    October 20, 2010 12:30pm-1:00pm EDT

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just. if. it was the same much of a different angle i think the real. issue of immigration the problem of the gender throughout europe. is multiculturalism was.
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live from the russian capital twenty four hours a day top stories now. european. rioting of retirement age increase while more angry protests are expected in the u.k. which has just announced its biggest social spending cut since world war two. the man believed to be behind the attack on the chechen parliament may have been a regional militant leader came to demonstrate his strength to al qaeda. and the weak human trafficking laws in india only to have shattered lives as village girls come to the big city by promises of a better life and end up in a brothel. and i'll be back with another update for you in less than fifteen minutes from now in the meantime does russia have full and open dialogue with the european union or other obstacles in the way well she's been asking
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a top russian diplomat who he's been giving his view on the country's foreign policy that special interview coming up next on r.t. . hi mr berndt cough it's good to have you with us today. the image of modern russia fear in many europeans where does all the prejudice come from. indeed i sometimes notice that russia in the eyes of europeans is a country that in essence continues the tradition set up by the soviet union or something like that but i don't think this approach is entirely correct russia is a completely new country it has a new foreign policy it has gone through substantial reform but there is no longer any difference in ideology between russia and the rest of the world the reason for
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all this prejudice as i see it is the fact that we still bear the legacy of the cold war we can't get rid of it. my generation grew up in a time when it was absolutely obvious that the world is split into there was the world of the warsaw pact and the nato world a western world in an eastern world so this dogma still lives on in the mind of some people especially in the west it's very difficult to reshape the human mind so i guess it will take us all some time to get rid of these cold war complexes. how close is the link between e.u. russia relations and the new strategic concept that will be put up for approval in the is it possible that the nature of our corporation will change. for in europe. as for russia e.u. and russia nato relations we see them as two different vectors of our foreign policy but you see the european union is a conglomerate of countries that are united first and foremost by the fact that
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they face the same economic problems nato is an organization that's aimed at resolving military and political stability problems this is an entirely different field of work. that is why our dialogue with nato is self-contained and it is of course aimed primarily at resolving issues related to strategic military and political stability in the euro atlantic space taking this into account it would be a bit far fetched to talk about a connection to our relations with the e.u. so we have a full fledged dialogue with nato especially so after the creation of the russian nato council in two thousand and two there have been certain unpleasant incidents of course but today we have a common understanding of the fact that we have to move forward we are currently working on a list of threats and challenges in order to make our cooperation more specific to begin battling against pacific threats we are interested in developing practical cooperation we live on the same continent so we've been facing up to the same threats and challenges for quite some time now these threats are terrorism drug
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trafficking and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction we and our nato partners have some things to work on but i think that nato is a new strategic concept should be free from such atavistic concepts as perceiving russia as a possible threat or hints about nato as global role in circumvention of international laws these things are unacceptable for us and attempts to bring them into the new strategic concept will hardly help improve our relations with nato if the board before but. russia is actively promoting a collective security system for hero it is europe need this system and how should it work. but it was horrible for our initiative which was filed under the name president medvedev as initiative is very simple the essence of our suggestion is to devise a legally binding agreement that would be signed by fifty six zero a c e states including the u.s. canada european states and the russian federation be agreement would restrict each of the countries that signed it from using military means except when sanctioned by
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the un security council no country would be allowed to strengthen its security at the expense of the security of any other state it is a very simple method and it's very effective a similar legally binding agreement is currently in effect between nato states but between east asian and european countries outside of nato disagreement is not legally binding but purely political we want to make it legal bring it into the judiciary realm doesn't apply a different degree of responsibility for those that would violate this order so i have to say that the overall reaction of our partners in the west to president made his initiative was positive our concepts of how to achieve universal security on a parity basis are different of course nevertheless we are having a very intense discussion on this question. you know that n o s e session is planned for this year the first one after nine eleven year recess this was also brought about by president david's initiative the summit will focus among other things on individual security and the modernization of europe's security structure
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you know i think the forums participants will carefully consider the suggestions we've made on the subject and in time take them into account because we will not be able to move on until the cold war ideas are dropped or more than. the u.s. is quite sensitive about this initiatives that originate from russia while the e.u. take up on russia's suggestions without regard for possible repercussions in the nato just over a new view of be honest with you i have not seen the u.s. get sensitive president obama was the first or should i say one of the first people to respond to president medvedev is initiative to create a new european security treaty he reacted positively saying the u.s. side was ready to discuss this and we've been discussing it for some time now i am rather optimistic about the outcome of this discussion. is it possible that a successful resetting go fresh air huish relations may become less important in the russia america e.u. triangle. you know
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i would have stained from using megalomaniac metaphors such as this triangle but there are things to consider like for instance the g.d.p. value the role and share of the g.d.p. in an economy russia's g.d.p. share is six percent of that of the us it looks a bit better if we compare it to the e.u. that's why picturing these relations as a triangle is somewhat megalomaniac on russia's part i rather say that we could form a triangle together with the european union. but so if you insist on using a triangular shape to depict international relations in our case the color's would be the us russia and the e.u. and china. that would truly be a global triangle but we should not much ourselves against any of the other corners of the triangle. but we need more harmony and a better understanding of how those global triangles are formed that would give us a chance to acquire certain advantages to which i think the triangle configuration
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will in time begin to play a more important role in global politics than it does now with. some experts believe russia relations need to be reset as well do you think that's necessary. because. well we are constantly resetting our relations first of all two thousand and ten will be the fourth consecutive year of our negotiations on a new framework agreement that i think will be implemented in the near future if the agreement is signed and certain things indicated this might happen it will give a new quality to russia e.u. relations for the next ten to fifteen years ago that would fit the definition of a recess but even without that the intensity of our political dialogue is very high it is unique in a way it stands out even of the global picture we have to russia e.u. so much every year we have a nonstop dialogue between foreign minister lavrov and catherine ashton the head of e.u. foreign policy which with this indicates that our relations have reached a qualitatively new level that allows for rapid reproach it allows us to find new
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poll. of contact. this doesn't mean of course that russia will become part of the european union in the foreseeable future but i have no doubts that we will find some new forms of integration for the moment. because the e.u. view russia as an equal partner in all areas of its work. or i've told you about the dialogue the intensity of the dialogue implies that it is a dialogue between equal partners it gets difficult at times due to the fact that the e.u. has passed toward unification was a long and troublesome with the things you were has learned as it was with. our partners in the e.u. whether they represent the union as a whole or individual states they are very proud of these ideas but this pride is already starting to turn into self admiration and even selfishness or this is why it is sometimes hard for us to negotiate this is why we often see the position of we've negotiated on it within the e.u.
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and your only option is to agree with us if this makes life difficult of course it makes it difficult to bring our states closer together since diplomacy is the art of the possible it is the art of mutual concessions that make it possible for each side to find solutions to their specific problems in balance and in cooperation with the partner side for prudence this but. there is another aspect to the e.u. has its own vision of how russia needs to be modernized how well does this vision correlate with russia's own plants. russia and the european union have done a lot of work to identify the areas of our economy where cooperative work within the framework of the partnership or modernization program would bring us proportionate profits but we are talking first and foremost about exchanging experience and high tech we have also plans to cooperate on innovation in the energy sphere for energy efficiency raising the share of green energy in our overall consumption and promoting green energy on both sides in order to correspond with the eaves regulations on environmental protection we're discussing an exchange
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of scientific knowledge that would benefit both sides by raising our competitiveness on the market that would allow us to become more competitive on a global level that is why we are planning to keep developing this program and i think that the next russian e.u. summit is scheduled to take place in brussels on december the first and second will see the approval of a new action plan which we are current. working on one sarah people wanted here in russia by the law have been known to use europe as a safe haven problems related to the persecution of certain individuals affect the overall state of russia relations. this is a very sensitive issue you probably know that the problem here is the shortcomings of russia e.u. relations in the sphere of observing international law i put it more plainly russia and the e.u. probably have a long way to go before they begin following certain legal principles concerning the fulfillment of court rulings made in russia and the e.u. situation concerning akhmed zakayev is a clear example of this obviously took part in terrorist activity on the territory
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of the russian federation despite this fact has granted political asylum by an e.u. state is free to move from one european country to another obviously there is no way we can put up with the situation and of course things like that do have an influence on the character and misfire of our diplomatic relations that's why i'd like to call on our european partners to be more responsible because if they continue to act as they do now it will have a negative effect on the development of our relations thank you very much for this interview but you're welcome. like millions of americans i've lost thousands of dollars in retirement funds and i haven't had as bad as many it's not just about the there it's about me too.
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and geez. now. since this is my film i get the last word. this financial crisis will not be turned off like a light sleep. every month we give you the future we help you understand how to get there and want to bring the best in science and technology from across russia and around the world join technology update on our jeep. more news today violence is once again flared up. and these are the images cold
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world has been seeing from the streets of canada. china operation to rule the day.
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top stories this hour on r.t. european outrage the french are rioting of retirement age increase while protests are expected in the u.k. which is just announced its biggest social spending cut since world war two. the man believed to be behind the attack on the church of parliament may have a regional militant leader came to demonstrate his strength to al qaida. and weak human trafficking laws in india and lead to thousands of shattered lives as village girls come to the big city lured by promises of a better life and control. more news for in about fifteen minutes from now but first the sports news is next with. good to have you with us this is sports today i'm you know these are headlines feeling the blues spartak moscow see the one hundred percent record in this
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season's european cup go up in smoke at home to chelsea. coming get me vat's the message from wayne rooney after months just united manager alex ferguson confirms the union strike and wants to leave old trafford. on continental quest continuing our free trip on k. cheltenham suite this week chronicle the high flying. on their mission to become the first non russian side to lift the current. or not coming up shortly but let's get started with the champions league. and will aim to secure their first win of the campaign this evening the russian champions taking on up and i called who are still pointless after two games of being go not much better off with just a point following their opening matches for the bad news for the tougher stand team is that influential defender the man to run off will miss the rest of the season
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with a knee injury group these other fixtures sees barcelona aim to leapfrog f.c. copenhagen off the top of the table in group c. manchester united must place turks bursaspor with the supposedly injured wayne rooney while rangers will aim to inflict a second straight defeat on valencia. and make it three wins from freeze when they spend feet get shocked at their favored to keep up well and zero point those two games in group b. twenty one virgin game must play second fiddle to tottenham's meetings with dreaming champions ensuring that south of the table group a clash. and. we always have a go we play you know we planted checking game that's how we play. we look to have a. problem so you know we won't sit back and just. pressure for ninety minutes you know that's just not the way we play. chelsea test meanwhile proved to be a step too far for spartak moscow and choose their valarie carpenter's men suffering
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their first loss in the champions league at the hands of the london side both soft on wins from suit heading into the stadium clash but it's chelsea for the sole remaining on beaten squad in trip after falling a couple of first goals from. nicolas anelka jerked off some wonderful half by the fact that he had spent five years previously with spark arch rivals sask sportbike remain in the second qualifying spot despite the defeat however. i spoke to the team in the dressing room to put it lightly some players were spirit of chills there were some who were good most were. in the first half was like you've. got to stay focused because you want to arrive in the first place this is the. possibility.
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at the shop. elsewhere on the night real madrid won the clash of the big guns against. level with. some pressure talking about getting their first points. are perfect for three games. away from home in the same group and. russia for their third straight win. against part. it's a go there'll be no wayne rooney on the field tonight entertain the sport tonight the man why the regarded as the best player of the current generation stating he wants to leave old trafford on the fellow meant reds boss alex ferguson. i feel
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that we still have to open keep the door open for him simply because he's such a good player. and. we've done nothing but come to school. that's another mystery for those. teams whose private life and. you know that we want to get. because much of it is. we do have witnessed his mother who is this part of your job . that. you would have to your players and that creates a tremendous wealth so it's been a good friend. so we have as. we've been muses anyone can be because we can't quite understand why you'd want to we've . all right that brings us to the greens on the tournament which can rightly call
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itself the best of the best but this season the p.g.a. grand slam of golf which aims to bring together the year's four major winners has a front line who didn't claim a major after day one david toms leads the thirty six hole tournaments by a shot after getting an alternate two british open winner. ernie els is another sub filling in for master champ phil mickelson in bermuda the south african showing these events to win it finishing the day in second but who is eligible due to his two thousand and one p.g.a. championship win is the man to catch ending the round with a four under sixty seven score. twenty ten is proving one of the most open formula one years in recent times ferrari's fernando alonso one driver with little room for error six third career cry on the spaniard some fourteen points behind leader mark webber challenge the team say the relishing. the
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likes to be just concentrated in the next one. is in a very big moment because the military can do and. i will say that. just focus on the gentleman. an exciting week ahead there are finally to the ice in its first two seasons the kontinental hockey league was won by a russian team. but in year number three their dominance is being severely challenged by the over the border squads notably. details the lafayette high flyers . since the cage shells inception have been performing on an upward scale reaching the first round of playoffs in the inaugural season and the following year they
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went all the way to the conference semifinals defying all odds this year the last inseam start of the season exceptionally well and are currently one of the cage shells in the lights that despite a distinct lack of big names on their roster most of it is that we're on the dogs. and. other teams are just doing all that sawers with the bank paychecks and all that stuff that is just all pride in yourself as you kind of one i'll play them so it's just thought i think a lot of things come to mind in our one thing and that's why you see us the number is one of the oldest ice hockey clubs in the post so i'll give space established in nine hundred forty six the reagan men's most memorable achievement dates back to one thousand nine hundred eighty eight when the team won silver at the u.s.s.r. championships however shortly after the breakup of the soviet union itself light hockey left the lot and capital but the game loved by millions returned along with the creation of the new cage shell league in two thousand and eight when the build
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. league its first was idea to maybe like to be in and play there too yeah i know we call it we all are lucky and i shall players and build the team for visitors all of players and that's why it's really important because we get. our goal twenty twenty two national player seen in amerigo every year and that's why all the funds the every game we get a full ice rink goes actually explain the sheltie you know boss you to shoot player is no stranger to grassroots projects having become the first head coach opening you to establish slovakia under his reign that team managed to climb for. hockey's lowest ranks all the way to the world's elite in an amazingly short time two years a situation which seems to be happening for him again in latvia but the coach is cautious when making such comparisons and instead prefers to focus on each upcoming match we got
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a lot of. expect is we've got the lazor. need to do for next the first goal will need to do it's made playoffs let's. go for team we've got a lot. of them. over. the stuff. home ice arena regatta is rarely calm during home games and it's no surprise as most players are from latvia and form the majority of the country's national team dedicated fans stormed the ticket offices buying up not just regular seats but standing room as well however it's not the locals alone who make up a winning squad to foreigners in capital is it beating not only for its hockey and proximity to western europe rica bowls mcdermott's the end of the same time possesses a rich history reflected in its architecture multinational population and plenty of
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other factors of which there are too many to mention in this hockey story so for toots i'm stephanie cutter mark hartigan this city is not just confortable to live in it's also become the center of family life for him you know they like it all you know they they find the people very nice they love coming to the hockey games while they love the atmosphere. you know my you my kids are well my one daughter is in a lot of the in daycare here and she's already learning a lot here and you know if somebody's home and she's singing latvian songs and it's kind of like what you say but it's pretty neat you know she gets experience you know all around the earth you know all different experiences and so they do enjoy it and you know i'm a real gets a day is a far cry from what that scene used to be in this. obviously the club is not only the base of the country's national team it is also the symbol all the whole of the latvian hockey which ensures the sports legacy in this country for generations to come or i'm on call sort of artsy riga latvia and i see story finishes our sport
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for this hour i'll see you soon the world weather is coming up and just a second. wealthy british sign it's time to. time. the. markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy in these kinds of reports. soon which will brighten if you need some money from funds to transition in some. nice clean startup.


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