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tv   [untitled]    October 21, 2010 1:30am-2:00am EDT

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into. british stock. market. find out what's really happening to the global economy stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines kaiser report.
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soon from funds to impressions. from stocks on t.v. . in the united kingdom is available in the house bill and. the old wave in. some country house today in the pool. halls and the crimean to feel. the oil the ruben's hotel.
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paralyzed by the bodett protest against cutbacks and pension reform anger is now turning towards the right to spanking is done situation with us. prosecutors are to look into on occasions of child abuse and one of the brushes over sponsons teenage boarding students accused but not so beating them with belts spoons punching them with sleep and food deprivation. and american scared about a state of the economy and looking for new ways to escape reality for some comic and selling point characters have become just a property but also the perfect hiding place. russia's relations with nato come on the spotlight. for the full story
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we've got it for. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers. every month we give you the future we help you understand how we'll get there and what tomorrow brings the best in science and technology from across russia and around the world join us a technology update on r g. hello again a welcome to spotlight the interview show on r.t. . today my guest in the studio is to meet the at. the upcoming summit of the nato leaders in lisbon and will discuss and most probably accept
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a new security concept this document will guide the blocks policy for the next decade the concept poles terrorism nuclear proliferation and cyber crime the main threats to security. agree scots and did russia have managed to somehow influence those who masterminded the strategic paper or maybe there's something moscow would like to improve we're asking russia special envoy to nato anything that was. just a month before the lisbon summit many experts agree the proposed security concept be welcomed by all analytical think tank criticizes the concept of the lack of a unified perception of threats to the alliance with countries to suit their own goals and fail to find a common threat the need to secretary-general anders fogh rasmussen says he is sure the walk real time. proposed missile defense shield.
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like russia to become a pot system. thank you for joining our program first of all how would you assess the recent some in. it's only important for russia to work at various levels both in large scale form. the european union the united nations in the always see anyone formats in other forms and says well russia has existed was developed in europe for thousands of years so we have a long history of relations with the leading european nations so i mean that's why whenever i'm asked whether this summit has brought something new. that would be holding joint summits with france and germany for at least three hundred years it's
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a very important because both france and germany are in the. european union inmates will be they have influence and they have their own opinions and russia is not a total indifference to their positions. and should also take account of the russian stance it's an open secret that the arrangements we are trying to reach are related to other organizations including nato and the european union at the school do you think that the document veil is really have a bombshell effects or is it just routine politics. the russian president is not the only person who thinks about how to build relations inside the european union inside of the greater europe so to speak from the point of view of restoring imbalance of interests or other leaders who are thinking about that everybody knows about onto a murky. sarkozy who was borat is so-called concept of security from
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his russian colleagues with regards to the creation of the common european perimeter of security and various levels of security within a vast european space and that is why in this respect all president has an opportunity to talk to people whose presence. is not just nominal and who are ready to listen and come up with their own ideas. there had been a lot of talks prior to the. creation of the. moscow axis the idea was first launched in two thousand and three. and abandoned later as it's true that the idea is once again on the agenda. and i think that it's for our fellow journalists i myself am a journalist. so it's important for our fellow journalists not just to write a simple story but you had some element of sensation it's not just an obstacle that
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falls on the pedestrians here but a nightmare. they're also building well not he styria but i can see panic feeling it's it's a nightmare everything is falling. apart the european union is to collapse. the russians have made friends who would be successors. but in fact we are really working with various formats so i will give you an example stay in moscow for just a few decent now and then i'll have to return to brussels. highlevel expert conference to be held in a totally different form that this time it will be russia poland and germany so we are trying to build triangles. tents because this is what consultations are all of . us when you have twenty eight or twenty nine states in one form and like the nato council each step. given a few minutes at the most to express his point of view. four minutes are used to
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form something different so narrow formats is where the actual work is done and they help finalize agreements that have been reached. standing behind. russia and europe which is something that you don't deny that the new york times for example writes the name reason is desire to distance russia from china on the contrary the british newspaper the times says that it's an attempt to tear off europe from america writes british history and impartially have always been. when russia started building up its european policy. also thought that it should be in their interest there are. many others. certainly not in our. continent i would love
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to skeptics are so much concerned with russia's return to european experience to be that russia has always been and will continue to be a european nation. century was a century of exceptions rather than rules what i mean is russia's isolation self isolation prison and. unity create ever lasting peace. between russia and europe and here a kid from the twentieth century. the germans are going to insist on their sovereign right to have nuclear weapons withdrawn from german territory and how far do you think they will go. just their trump card or is it serious politics. just given an example would be a subject of accord between france and germany because the french nuclear doctrine such that it doesn't. even provide for frances participation in nato as nuclear
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planning. part to returning to nato some military organization france has reserved its full sovereignty nuclear issues had been a condition of france's return to nato training but you know there was. still sticking to the equality defense from all directions started by charles de gaulle there's also certain unpredictability with regards to watch be considered an act of aggression against france an attack on french territory an attack on french interests for the germans theory absolutely different like some other european countries germany favors that would. have to go nuclear weapons from the european continent and went to russia has withdrawn all tactical weapons from the territorial form and saw that allies and keeps these weapons in russia while the americans consume you keeping their weapons in europe so many europeans don't quite
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that when i talk to ordinary people in brussels you know not just working there i'm also living in the city so i go to the barbers and speak to my neighbors and when i tell them that the u.s. nuclear bombs are located fifty kilometers away from their homes you know firstly they don't know anything about that and secondly they get depressed when they find out if this is that or not to tell about all of the world no i think we should keep telling them about that that is why it's very important for the germans to seek the europeans so world becomes free from foreign tactical nuclear weapons just make sure you don't mention the dentist when you're in his chair. and as far as i know has suggested involving russia in this so-called european missile defense he did moscow hear anything specific about this and what was the reaction or when can we expect a reaction it's. nearer the whole defense or. not limited by missile defense per
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se it. being nato. let me explain what i mean by that the bush administration used to overstep nato and build relations with different partners directly that's the way they dealt with poland and the czech republic which it would find out. after the fact it was destroying nato rasmussen in houston to see nato is integrity preserved talks with all countries and with the us in particular a common european missile defense system for all the allies you know also partners like russia but at this point is more. has to do more with nato seen turn away show of unity. so when we are trying to figure out so to see if there is a black cat in this dark room or maybe diskette is no longer black or maybe it's missing a tail or ahead no one can explain it so we're dealing with a political invitation basically economists but they're trying to involve russia
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into something unknown to us. the debates over the new strategic concept final stage the discussions among nato wise men how can this new concept change nato policy towards russia. first of all the wise man have no longer anything to do with this new concept it was some sort of a trick on the one hand we saw that some work was being john on certain people who was most wanted all capitals including moscow he did come here. yes they came here wrote a paper we studied it carefully began to comment on it and suddenly we find out that this paper doesn't really matter in stead there is another paper that they were not going to show anyone. and nothing to do with it and nato secretary general himself wrote the real peeper you know it is being discussed by nato. member states behind closed doors strong russia has not seen this document but i hope it will be
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introduced at the summit to do so you haven't even seen it. yes let's put it this way we haven't seen it and no one has given it to you to read right we're not doing this documentary and that's why you can't make any comments about if i write of course. write another question they munich security conference session that's currently taking place in moscow sums up us as to what the issues are being discussed at that says so that's the first of all i would love to say that the russian president will be hostile to screw and i think it will be a significant event because the president he's hosking the group after he made certain decisions in deauville together with his french and german court nurse but the mini conference which has the reputation of the main security forum it involves country leaders or key decision makers. and the fact that it's
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a mini conference now has sessions in russia. says a lot about the importance that russia is now playing in the decision making process. s. four d. mini conference itself it will take place in february next year and its main focus will be in the caucasus. and there are often also leaders over. here but john will be key presenters there john says the. russian representative tonight spotlight will be back shortly off till we take this should break saddles stay with us.
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first. welcome back to spotlight on malvern oven just a reminder that my guest in the studio is the meeting i was in russia representative tonight. that was what was inside it not
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a nato summit in lisbon which will take place in november but russia was invited to it did russia accept this invitation and who will represent our country there we saw little bits of pretty much we're not supposed to take part in nato or internal events and we will but on the sidelines of this event there will be a special meeting for countries that some troops to afghanistan. and some others. participate in this meeting so they will go to lisbon even though there won't be any special meeting with ukraine in georgia which as for russia we don't participate in nato advance but we are ready for a serious dialogue at the top level within the russian nato council format. that will have discussed the issue of russia joining nato several times and i just got a few journalists whom you like to call since you're one of us to love to discuss
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this topic it's always brought up whenever we talk about nato because it's the most interesting part of what it what mr folk are really going at city you experts and former german defense minister added heat by saying that the time has come to accept russia and to nato. only say that. mr a friend of mine even published a few things together in the german press. but i have never doubted he's a personal integrity professional skills. and as a former defense minister mr. really thinks that it is possible to by the way you asked this question it seems like it was your idea and you. know not at all of course not on the contrary i have always told you i don't believe in it. as the writers have this opinion and he's sincere in his conviction that.
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others on the other hand are not being so sincere or talking about this issue because they think this could entrap. and want to get carried away talking about joining nato. it is like saying that if their grandmother had a mustache she would have been a grandfather. we know that would not turn a grandmother into a grandfather. it's the same with russia when it will not become in the member and it's pointless to discuss this but it is just. used to undermine our objections against other countries joining nato countries like georgia ukraine and so forth. if we ourselves join nato how can we be. doing the same in fact we realize that the new nato member is to join nato escaping from russia.
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scary russian beer of who joined the alliance. the presidential thing called. they often raised this issue of russia joining nato saying this step is a necessity. what do you think about these guys from the. institute of contemporary development. i think they are naive in the early. ok. in the new strategic concept need to wants to stipulate its rights far beyond the borders of nato countries and to show that of course president can about the guys down there right away. as russia concerned about this freedom that nato is trying to granted sell. well yes. it could because there need to be certain criteria for assessing threats coming from different parts of the world and they're not the should nato thinks that these threats come from
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everywhere else and usually from forward beyond nato as mortars. but where's our home then. just imagine the situation what if nato thinks that a mosquito. actually means to bite down. or they gather all their nato mighty. sledgehammer and it was huge in the forward with. both you. and the mosquito. was it was it that what you told me sounds very russian people sit on the porch drinking tea. the other one on the forehead and says sorry mosquito i have not seen this kind of concern in other countries. and all russian traditions are good and should be applied by other countries the u.s. state department has confirmed the european travel alert issued earlier this month . has the details. europe is
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a dangerous place at least according to the u.s. state department which issued at the beginning of october it suggests europe has become targets for al qaeda what immediately raised questions was the vagueness of the alert which wasn't country specific but covered the whole. continent the media speak that several european landmarks could be targets among those most frequently named have been a photo. draw in paris as well as central station and hotel and long it was mentioned that the planned terrorist attacks could go along the lines of the move by attacks two years ago then a small group of terrorists attacked a number of sites and killed more than one hundred sixty people the threat apparently comes from the region on the border between pakistan and afghanistan where terrorists are trained following their us alert several countries including britain japan sweden and france issued their own travel warnings as for the travel
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as they appear to be taken dealers who. couldn't to a poor buy trip advisor dot com and usa today only thirteen percent of americans decided to defer their trip to europe. to this what do you think about this terrorist threats coming from afghanistan from al qaeda talking about or does it mean that nato is complicated structure as well dated does not help in dealing with today's challenges. well in nato does think about security problems and by the way. this points of nato needs its military forces only in order to defend its borders from outside. who would attack nato. especially because russia is no longer considered an enemy but it partner who needs to be involved in all nato projects. kemet
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technique good question if anybody plans to attack nato this would not be a military threat and in order to deal with this threat they don't need such huge military forces they need some flocks. below the line so for special services these services could exchange information some duct special operations targeting certain regions dealing with specific threats nato can spend as much time as it wants looking for a job but i think its current qualifications make it hard to find an appropriate job. and has been revealed that this. pay special attention to the issue of delegating all the responsibilities to the afghan authorities that we are now getting alarming reports from afghanistan. how long do you think this process of pulling troops out of afghanistan might take voice because of. the other wish to i
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don't think we'll find any example in history when americans answered some country and then exited right away when they do something like that they don't usually plan on an immediate pullback. i think that in some form or another if the nato contingent will stay near guinea stand or in the entire region they will find some kind of excuse for steyn so they will stay on some military basis maybe not in afghanistan itself but close to its borders but of course the one hundred fifty thousand soldiers and a huge amount of equipment will be pulled out but you would wife well because they need to realize that their methods dealing with insurgency don't work in afghanistan. and secondly they don't really want to fight there. they mostly try to use our there are special forces or the afghan army but afghan forces don't
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have a strong fighting spirit yet we will do so in this sense meaning in the nato headquarters or discouraged maybe even close to panic so the troops will also because the war in afghanistan is very unpopular. especially with the european countries so they will delegate responsibilities to the local afghan people and to special services. this will be discussed and less than right. but let me give you some numbers which may surprise you. expands about seventy thousand people to resign from the have can secure of the forces next year but how can you say that you have an army how can you say that you have security forces when half of your soldiers are resigning every year some afraid it thirty americans and their allies have just stirred up the corn it's nasty now they are pretending
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like everything is fine. but it has happened that europeans will start pulling out of town and americans will be the only ones left there to fight the war alone. it's very possible as i said most likely americans will stay there in one form or another. leave and americans both stay but what about nato. will nato solidarity in the fort away in the european military presence is often purely nominal should take iceland for example they have two officers in afghanistan what are we talking about here. it is important to marry you have the reactions outside to ass. as a legitimate you so that's why they answered of ghana stand along with the european troops then you. give about this is not important to europeans europeans for one reason only this way they see want security. in afghanistan they actually spend
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money and personnel for this atlantic solidarity so it doesn't really go well with the european lot you need to remember ship which. thank you very much for being. just reminded that my guest here in the studio today was meeting and i was in the russian representative to nato and that's if the now from all of us here if you want to have yourself a spotlight or if you have someone in mind who you think i should into next time line at al going off at. r.t. and let's keep spotlight interact we'll be back with more from stan comments on the what's going on in and outside russia until then stay on our t.v. and take care.


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