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she's available in. toto keep a promise it is called us photo. capturing the city. as a good. stroke for us to become the hoto.
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backlash against rodgers in france as the country is gripped by protests and violence have a pension reform critics say that only making the situation worse. here which. may be just so from sometimes three times a day. each time to run one of russia's oldest denying allegations of child cruelty as prosecutors here accusations of severe physical abuse from teenage daughters. reporting the filmmaker hopes to have the last laugh as he strikes back against the hollywood comedy. the country. around the clock around the world this is our. go to a gas and water cannon have been used against rampaging testers in france french
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authorities have resorted to extreme measures to battle by students and trade unions while the senate debates a controversial pension reform bill. is in paris for us. yanga loud and proud to try and speak for their own country these people might look like they're attending a student party as they're all students this definitely feels like a party but in fact it's anything but it's yet another day of protests in the heart of the french capital paris these people are nowhere near retirement age yet this is exactly what they're protesting the proposed pension reform that people are starting to see the french president is attempting to push forward in order to try and help the french economy get off its knees these people do not want and added two years to their service and they are prepared to take to the streets and disrupt the life of the country for as long as it's necessary in order to get the job done
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now we're going to try and get over to the french senate where hearings about the pension reform are taking place and see what the people there have to say about the whole thing. only the heavy police presence outside the french senate reminds passers by that the protests that are grappling the country took place here just a few days ago the police of course are standing guard over what is happening in the senate when the real work on the pension reform is currently under place the decision could come as early as today and as late as sunday but the government has already said that they will not back down to public pressure the government and the french president nicolas sarkozy is saying that is not likely how the economy will recover from the current protests however is yet another question economists have not yet had a chance to count what damage has been done by the strikes and protests that have grappled the country for days but just to compare in two thousand and seven a nine day transport strike cost the country four hundred million euros and that is of course
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a huge amount of money and it is possible that the current strikes may end up costing the country the same amount or even more something that in the current financial climate it definitely cannot afford but there are a surprising number of people who actually say that what they're my. tired of is the protest according to popular opinion polls nearly forty percent of the country's people say that they're really tired of people protesting of all the violence and chaos that is governing their french cities and specifically in paris young and old people alike are saying that this is really destructive to their of regular day to day lives. the young smart and ambitious lucy is slipping her time between a master's degree and working for a large international company for her the recent protests in paris are first and foremost a personal distraction i'm not driving because in paris you don't really need your car so i'm using the. headquarter of my
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company yeah it's it's longer according to trade union officials in france over three million people took to the streets across the country but people like you see no the numbers don't always reflect reality in france there is a committee is just to avoid school like six years ago i made the same when i was in high school. i went to the strays because i can avoid. the rowdy crowd certainly give off a celebratory vibe singing dancing and shouting but while they're spending day after day protesting a reform that is aim to aid their country their very actions are doing serious damage it's basically this is one of the reform to. restore the. system remove disincentive for working out older ages as well give
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a signal of the commitment of the government to. take structural reforms that will raise the potential of the economy as well. because the numbers really speak for themselves france has a. huge foreign debt the fourth largest in the world and unlike in the united states there is no board advertising the numbers also unlike the united states where there is no annual paid leave the french enjoy the longest paid holidays thirty days a year their retirement age which is what the people are protesting about this time is one of the lowest in the world so are these protests a true sign of a democracy or simply a force of habit we have to say to the french people that is they who chose the deputies and members of the senate who make the laws laws are not made in the streets and in a year and a half will have the opportunity to say that we made a mistake and change our leaders but until then these are the people who run the country the my way or the highway philosophy certainly attention grabbing but who
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will back down first is still anyone's guess on the one hand it is a constitutional right of the people to protestant something they don't believe in and don't agree but on the other hand as with anything if you do it too much it becomes a farce and democracy becomes a blackmailed institution in the hands of the people who catch it as are the art harris. most of the millions flooding the streets throughout france for young people to go from a think tank nova which promotes the role of youth in european society explained the scale of the unrest is due to uncertainty over young people's prospects. the political context is very very specific in france today and basically most of the protestations are not against the reform system it is on the one hand on the other hand it's against nicolas sarkozy. and in general i don't think the young people
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that are in high school are worrying about their pensions really they are worried about their future. because you know that in france we have a very high rate of unemployment for young people it's twenty three percent the age of twenty five so it's very important and we have a general problem of sharing the jobs are freeing opportunities. more stories are coming your way. including. a new job as moscow lawmakers see it the new minister going to be on a joint reality of it in just a few moments from the. top designers have been presenting their collections of russian fashion week are to use nukes into the dressing room to see all the new garments more. the person russian company is under investigation over claims of child abuse within its walls teenagers say they were severely beaten
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deprived of food and sleep for the slightest fault the common is the blood in the region is one of the oldest institutions of its kind in the country dating back to the twelfth century it already faced abuse allegations a year ago but no evidence was found to prove the claims back but it has this report. the walls of this convent are supposed to provide sanctuary to teenagers inside his personal place to turn him into a model citizen but signed young people at the boarding school say it has turned into more the prison for them an experience it will take the months to recover from three teenagers went public with their allegations of horrific mistreatment at the convent boarding school. they beat us often sometimes three times a day forty lashes each time once it was there in one hundred and three lashes for one girl who cried every day our eyes were never dry and i was puffy we would
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always have headaches from crying so much and we had no one to complain to. father vitale is the head of another christian boarding school he was the one the teenagers turned to immediately after running away confiding in him their experiences. one girl was had with a garden tool and now has a spinal injury which she will have to live with for the rest of her life they would make kids eat a cup of sold or stand on a stool all night reading songs and they were not allowed to sleep or kneel down on a tray with nails one girl was forced to put a hand in a hot oven. but some believe a traditionally harsh bringing has been customary in russia and the line between abuse and parenting or instructing is hard to distinguish between what is the real life in the convent is in fact a very tough religious ability and sometimes demands physically taxing next that can easily be confused with abuse but that doesn't mean that the abuse is really there because a person only accept such a life voluntarily and in case of
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a child with the parents' approval. but not all parents whose children are the same at the boarding school are ready to cope with the reality of their children choosing god over family if you really are. in february words. having our daughter back home from the convent we were pulled over by the traffic police who said we had abducted our own daughter we took her back to the monastery but. her parents wanted her to get treatment for a serious medical condition but if she was twenty one they were legally any bill to take her with them this is not the first time that the convent has found itself in the midst of a controversy last year a teenage girl ran away from the boarding school going public with very similar claims ironically one of the teenagers who escaped this year testified in the school's favor back then. and list
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a geisha did not confirm that mr. cheyne co were being confined by police and thus we have decided not to open a criminal case due to the absence of criminal act. or your. but now some of those who defended the convent and its rules a year girl say the regrets not telling the truth back then even goes quite central russia. the european union is demanding an additional nine hundred million pounds from the u.k. kind of the largest public spending cuts since the second world war as announced in the country thousands of protesters took to the streets of london saying it will condemn the u.k. to years of brutal unemployment. all this the director of think tank the bruges group says the e.u. system is too corrupt to give them. but the timing is astounding. as we are making these cuts in britain to pay off the enormous debt that we've been left. to keep more money through the u.s.
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is money that the british taxpayer the british government cannot afford to give it shouldn't be giving this money to the european union contributions a set of wires the e.u. accounts haven't been signed off in over fifteen years or so much for waste and mismanagement within the european union we just shouldn't be giving this money at all while the european union has gone too far european union laws take suprema see over british law over the laws of every member state within the european union and we've worked out that it causes a lot of damage economically we overburdened with regulation as well as handing too much money to brussels really british law in britain should be solved in our own laws our own politicians but westminster should have precedence over those in brussels that's what we want to see we want to see a europe of nation states that can work and cooperate together but not be governed by the institutions of the european union based in brussels which no one has ever elected force legislation on the citizens of the u.
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. well still to come on the program the latest from the front line of the global currency war financial analyst max kaiser and stacey herbut discuss whether the u.s. will be missed by the world if it becomes the first casualty of this financial conflict where you can find out more about that in the cause report in the next hour. glass has got a gun to its own head it's committing nation aside and the rest of the world is giving out a collective huge yawn and saying you know if the u.s. if you want to kill yourself we don't really care we can always replay the hollywood movies we've got a plenty and they're making the same movie an over and over again anyway you know godzilla part twelve or indiana jones port nine i mean it's all derivative hollywood gone totally derivative they can just buy the old movies again they don't need hollywood anymore they don't need an america anymore go out and blow yourself up we don't care.
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to come in the next i hear an arty moscow's new man has been sworn in with an inauguration ceremony the city's lawmakers voted to approve the appointment of senate has to be on an account of the chosen by president medvedev the capital's new man in charge is being described as a skillful manager who can tackle the tough issues moscow faces artes and its habits as more. moscow does now have its new mayor tearing out inauguration ceremony earlier today attended by the president made their lives so they gave the speech on it it was sworn in as the new mosque it is city mayor there earlier in the day we did have the opportunity to hear the million and lay out his objectives for his a term in office during the q. and a session with nor make his which resulted in it being vote today and he laid out his road about he says we have to establish a fund just pulls out the cities roads the traffic or use the wall to tackle
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corruption head old particularly in the housing sector found say he wants to preserve the city's cultural and historical architecture but these are all just words abyss the waters here in the city remain skeptical so they gave john it is a relative on the road in the process through which he went through from selection nomination to election day it has been very speedy we know that he's widely regarded as an effective and competent about the job he's a trained lawyer and he was by all accounts a very successful governor of the siberians two men who each will and two big things are on the agenda very short of a fast bold he's got to tackle the twenty eleven sixteenth's budgets second leave what's widely predicted to be one of the coldest winters on record is just around the corner here to this call to move moscow some say like a passel feast of some eighteen years was hugely popular at the beginning of his term he was widely credited with that really improving the lives of most of the
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lights on the look of the city drastically cheering the early ninety's followed during the last stages all of his term allegations of corruption that don't seem at every which turn the flamboyant complicated a carrot to a public peace sense probably president medvedev last month when he was told that he no longer the confidence of the president a very harsh condemnation that baseball good english golf did no such and today's inauguration ceremonies but he did tell his supporters not to take to the streets all created is not a disruption and he also received an official statement saying that he wished the new man the very best of luck for the remainder of his time. time now to have a look at some more world news this hour in italy three from eastman were in a standoff with protesters opposing the dumping of rubbish from naples close to the town security forces were trying to break a blockade by locals to an up forty dump trucks deliver their loads just as used for crack as another projectiles during the confrontation and a police car was also set and. type made his continued
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spreading floods landslides and panic around the usual even more than seventy day hand in taiwan have been hard hit the water stranding cars but allowing passage for rescue boats and it's had its worst flooding for thirty years while hong kong and china and now bracing themselves for the storms. well they say revenge is a dish best served cold and kazakhstan is hitting back four years on after the hollywood movie or at mocked their nation and their exit from the central asian country has created what he thinks is the perfect ripostes there's. reports. oh. i like this is how my dad say i haven't heard that that this right down of kosik they said no no. no i did not be. hiding behind their freedom of speech and democracy and westerners insult our
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nation demeter seem backward it's all a lie and i wish i came back four years after the top grossing years film about the hapless cats like t.v. reporter because it sounds probably a comedy director has come up with their past the new film centers on an american keen to discover the real kazakhstan after seeing the original movie. we have such cars and such technologies here and. nothing like the american film. where he meets borat brother only briefly mentioned in such a baron cohen's film my brother in law and a very a funny. every day stand together that to engage in various high jinks. in our film below gets a married to a donkey. that payoff is that borat and below. but actually jews from romania. i do makers of the movie made the whole world laugh
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at us will made out of whole world africa down. there being several previous responses to burra please this video by rob collected or threatened to make him eat lead this time the producers are hoping for an international release. and after marrying a donkey becomes pregnant with this child. either a nerve. infectiously this autumn's mosco fashion week sees the unveiling of the most stunning trends for the twenty eleven spring summer season in a collection by more than fifty russian designers because it's the festival could become a real holmes race for up and coming designers to present the new project showcased on this year's trying to event. now we're here in the russian fashion week in moscow it is the last day of the twenty first season and each time this event is held it does put the russian capital in the international fashion spotlight and of
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course behind the glitz and glamour it's all about hard work so we went backstage and we checked on the models getting ready before every show there's just scrambling at the last minute to get everything together to make sure that the show is as good as it looks for the audience so behind it in front of be a camera a be a stage we are seeing a lot of action and we can see that of more and more people are trickling in and it's going to be a big party tonight now of course in fashion they're always a season ahead so just as we're preparing to get our coats out for the worse of winter they're showcasing the spring summer two thousand and eleven collection and just by watching you would wish that you could shop a season ahead as well now over the past few days they've had more than fifty designers showcasing their work coming from russia the neighboring countries france italy the group and many more so another feature of this fashion week is that they're celebrating the here of france and russia so there have been a lot of collaboration between the french russians and everyone who is here and
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another interesting feature is that this season they want to be a russian a fashion museum so it is a piece for the arts and for the fashion savvy this is the place to be but of course that's not our all there is to win just as everyone else is busy in between shows and models are getting ready designers are getting ready people like me can enjoy groups like these where i can just sit down relax and enjoy some pampering so i'm going to have a make over that's exactly what i'm going to do right now. to do that well next we take a look at what's going on in the business world that's what sure looks life in stay with us naughty. for the. voice to face with the news maker.
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and i welcome to business program with me was folly narrows nicko shareholders a voted against changing the board of directors at an extraordinary general meeting in the last day that it was called in order to clarify a dispute between its two main shareholders entire also rosello in a battle for control of the russian mining giant with a joining twenty five percent all correspondent died of bushel has been following events from the meeting in center. because failed here in his attempt to rebalance control of russia's biggest miner in his favor but the vote was much closer than expected minority shareholders to hold the key to this whole dispute was swayed at
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the last moment for the argument that royal billionaire shareholder of libya put on in the corner holds control of the mining joint is not fulfilling its potential to head of roussel who is also on the board of north nickel told us that they should be focusing on their morning operations we believe that there really is every single program which have to be put in place and the people in the green devalue of the company. to fifty or sixty billion in eighteen to twenty four months and then it's simple i mean the poor is known for assets that are hopeful bunch of non-progressive sitting on the. morning tides they have to be either sold to the market or they have to be spun spin off as an indicator for g q three this is being seen as just the beginning of the conflicts i did they will continue the dialogue
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with interest this talk of this not being taken to the courts talk of point of no return said the two sides are not talking to each other they're going through the media through media press releases to communicate with each other and shareholders and the specter hanging over all of this is the government says he doesn't want to get involved but if the two sides the two major shareholders call reach agreement then the government may have to. times like that have a market for u.s. stuff the main thing any games they start is john after another but just for of course the markets being dragged down by a mixed report on jobs signs that growth in china slowed quarter and a very near markets climbs the clutch of companies also now. see it and brits. moving in front. and head rush the markets rallied to six month highs with closing more than three percent higher on the back of gazing crude and
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meso that also spragg p.t.p. in search of the government announced it will sell stakes as part of a five year plan preservation program. will send me my sex. now the russian ruble has fallen to its lowest level this year against the euro dollar currency basket but does touch on import of covert reports the central bank officials don't seem concerned about the weakness as they focus their attention on controlling inflation. the government is increasingly a purse way that the ruble can take care of itself is inflation it means to worry about the central bank has widened the exchange corridor as a cautious step towards the free float of the current say when this happens it will allow the central bank to focus on setting policy to control prices this has the ultimate aim of making russia more in line with the developed economies which offer a stable monetary environment. if we want an investment economy inflation should be
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around five percent any measure that leads to decreasing inflation is a priority. there is no sounds of the panic about the current valuation of the ruble unlike in two thousand and eight when the government broke through a sizable chunk of its reserves to prop it up russia central bank says the current fundamentals of the russian economy do not support one way trend indeed officials believe there are a number of factors which will lift the value of the current say in the medium term . the measures that can prop up the nation or currency are the transfer of some export oil contracts to the ruble and increasing the volume of ruble deals between the c.i.s. countries russia has just announced a large scale privatization inflow of capital prompted by these deals will also have a positive impact on the ruble status on the world market paradoxically the current weakness of the russian ruble contrasts with the problems faced by many other
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countries struggling to restrain their currencies at the moment that perhaps explains why the russian government is in no hurry to alter its course dramatically but you're not going to call a business our team. day for this but you can always find more on our website r.t. to call slash business.


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