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tv   [untitled]    October 22, 2010 10:30am-11:00am EDT

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the company should either spend money for a gun in growth projects or the dividend should be paid out to the shareholders for shareholders effectively to decide what to do that is new business funds we are you paying their way ahead of schedule we do not believe there is a dividend. for the seller you can find more stories on our website that's dot com slash business.
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this is our scene live from moscow the headlines the french senate is set to vote on increasing the retirement age while the country is run by brakes in protest the experts believe the reform is crucial for the economy or first just don't want to pay for financial stakes. cultural traps of birth in iraq become the new health house served as the fuel they smuggle spills into reverse poisoning the populations water supplies. and a common goal but no common vision recognizing afghanistan as the world's greatest drug russia and the e.u. one of us can't agree on how to do that. next up is moscow out here on our team martin andrews finds out how to have fun indoors in the city if the weather lets you down.
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let me let it. go. if it becomes a. tough period. but let me pick up that. part of the. russians are known for that drilling excursions pushing prices going famously right to the russian does not love to drive fast maybe that explains the existence of say many cars incentives around the city and that
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popularity among both male and female pilots has races. for the has a cost in school for children from five to sixteen years old is used cars are equipment with added safety protection then you also holds kids' competitions broken down into age groups must the costs for adults are provided by next they cut a check of international investment causing competitions to hold also often organizers multilevel competitions amateurs and professionals. living on through entertainment news now and for those who are hungry for votes today and for hot there's a new venue in the city center the restaurant is open on the territory of moscow's museum of modern art offering its guests team and use of french transit georgian dishes you can not only enjoy contemporary art next to all the restaurants interiors often asli decorated to books on art and design
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a sharing of french. the owners also plan to organize music concerts that's the venue. to celebrate its fifth anniversary and rochelle magazine in style has organized a large glamorous event called to show you around one thousand celebrities and fashionistas have been invited to the fashion night palace which was unusual runway show models paraded the catwalk not in one simple design a collection more a mix of different brands showing how to combine and wedges i'm includes in every day life. you know up on sunday on the runway you know. which is why it's true that she stands true. to the clothes you can find it in style the media makes old friends old style of trends that. instead magazine the said one who would like to make such show. the truck inside the tent is six hundred metres long and six twelve metres wide this high quality costs smooth flight track short
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street stretches and abrupt one speaking by the bar and you can see why this causing traffic is so popular ten minutes of racing time costs from two hundred fifty to seven hundred rubles that's up to twenty dollars depending on the time and day and best of all because the sense is open until two am every night. until it's not about what the race is. the for. you got any longer they are nervous or are extracts of any age range or this activity and they are well within the coding is all provided for you. please consider not to come trotting lessons i don't think i'm doing too badly. please list.
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he told the new sensational cinema a majestic museum suspension to do if it rains in the russian capital moscow but it's all doom and gloom in the russian winter generally to move them to the skies and the sun shines through a fun filled winter packed with various activities just remember to pack she would release and we've arrived at the shopping center. it's an underground shelters paradise several years ago to simply nothing here today it's another example of the city's have a changing infrastructure and to take extreme temperatures a little over to. see again so it's very cold outside. when the weather is bad but there's a lot of that taking shopping to a lot of fun around that time this time around shopping malls it's
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a lot of their apps and ways they can take. months if not there again all the polling thinking they may indoor pool of their. fitness they can go to the lot of the pleiades a lot of choices from either put stopping for a big mall. in the center or they sat outside the fence and this is a lot of shopping mall to build. its nest called the really interesting indoor snowboarding and he plays the field and they have. the what a lot of places they're being built on the this is a lot of. it seems that there's a lot sourced a lot. of it's raining outside where would you recommend the forest service. be. what they're insisting is to find out what they're going to
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do if they get it. thank you. it's very rough in the way of being healthy and getting the right. things to work on. all different kind of body heat and get warm and have. concluded get it get there. and. have a fireplace and be aware that. it's. absolutely . one of the most popular sports entertainment is bowling and there are dozens of bowling alleys and mostly with a different number of lanes in the city center such venues all small and you can still find them in various shopping malls and cinema parks but if you travel further from the center species bowling alleys like this one here. in the
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evening hours and separate special for the kids choice is different depending on the time of day and range from around ten to twenty dollars per hour i do enjoy bowling i think it's a lot of fun have friends over. in the restaurant. if you fancy of how it's not involving physical exercise while also enjoying performing publicly. should be the choice for you there are several carry few venues and many bars you must go to provide their guests with singing along. with the latest equipment and a professional team who can even apply some computer specs to you for the hottest thing maybe to choose a good song for hundreds of them. don't be shy. and sound sensational. and if you daring enough you might even. that's inside
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a shopping mall in the city if you can carry heavy shopping bags maybe seven fifty meters high walls for climbing and all seemed such a challenge for you this rock climbing called a suitable to but professionals and how much is signifies by instructors and also all the equipment you need commitment to. tell itself doesn't look. like a canal the lobster salad a little silly if the weather is bad. in the balloted out of the say with it but he still lives with her side as you can see why it's become so popular with family members of this place it is. situated just outside the most daring raid the empress get machine fee varies from three hundred fifty to
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small children to three thousand rubles addles depending on the day and week and style of the day through the car park park website which is also in english you can book entrance tickets online since it is a day from ten to ten a car and restaurant allocated in the venue every friday and saturday the venue holds the beach night parties hosted by resident d.j.'s if you plan to visit was a party with children the one of the advantages of the car carpark is the great playground kids the venue has several of the slides that range reminds you to one hundred twenty minutes this seems to extreme and you can relax in the large way pulls you to z's while pools. that. you have to. get to park also comprises excellent spa christian soul is made by renowned specialists everyone can enjoy miraculously treatments performed by misunderstood. tendency in
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stream science is a unique slide the tsunami hitting one of its kind in russia it's now my spine to do some stand a red and yellow face and it looks like it's in the fields credits. i'm taking my rubber reins you can come all the way here now trying very small slides new interests and if he's a multi they must settle subtly be taken to a higher level say guess what in the rain outside to getting what's inside here. listening to listening to the live. earth going to save time let me live in the live.
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it's the secret incursion into the country. that the best days. are still.
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the official. video. feeds. full stop.
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the friend senate is set to vote on increasing the retirement age while the country is rocked one brain to approach the experts believe the reform is crucial for the economy workers just don't want to pay for finances mistakes. traffickers in iraq become the new health pounds or the fuel they smuggled spills into reverse poisoning the population's water supply. and our common goal but no common vision while recognizing afghanistan of the world's greatest drug threat russia and the u.s. can't agree on how to deal with it. i'll have more details on all those stories at the top of the hour work here next with the sports. hello welcome to the sports news thank you for joining me and here are the
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headlines. wayne rooney agrees a new five year contract at manchester united just days after saying he would leave . while it sets maria kirilenko cruz's into the semifinals of the country in moscow . leading from the front read it was mob boss this time in practice for sunday's inaugural career grand prix. restart with english football and wayne rooney has made a short and agreed a new five year deal at manchester united just days after announcing his intention to leave the club on wednesday the twenty four year old striker said concerns over the strength of the club's future squad had meant he would not sign a new contract but following intensive discussions rooney changed his mind on friday and signed a new deal he hailed manager sir alex ferguson as a genius and said it was the scots belief and support that had convinced him to stay along with reassurances from the club they were committed to winning trophies rooney moved to all traffic from everton in two thousand and four for thirty point
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two million us dollars and help the club win three successive premier league titles from two thousand and seven to two thousand and nine his previous contract was due to expire in the summer of twenty twelve. staying with football and senate coach new channels for letty says his team needed to be more clinical in front of goal despite there to know when a time to hide expert in the right to legal thursday isn't petersburg side to remain top of their group along with take on moscow who also wanted a limo and it's on the book that he scored once in a chop to give the senate that third win from three matches top of putting g six points clear of second place and elect a long it's a similar story for tesco moscow in group as the office. i for it's clear the army men continued their red hot for mississippi they beat palermo three nil wagner love mr early penalty but say to do be a went on to brag a based brakes on tom daschle that's it they did the scoring later on after the had
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gone down to ten men. ten is now in russia's maria kirilenko history to the semifinals of the kremlin cup at the olympic stadium in moscow the number six seed eastern as that qualifier carina zarina d.s. x. six one six two victory meanwhile at the second i bought a fail to reach the last ball after the russians no time placed second seed victoria has a rank of valerie's to seven straight sets to more russians for tads and director sheva now covered in action vying for the second semifinal spot and its tool set while in the men's game the only russian left in the door and failed to advance into the semifinals was the russian qualifier just he didn't start with his pakistan in straight sets. in forward on championship leader margret webber of red bull has set the fastest time in practice sunday's you know group korean grand prix and drivers concerns about the new track young gun drivers are worried about the speed difference between cars racing and those coming into the potential routes
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into the blind corner me while webber was almost two tenths of a second quicker than title contender and under long as the ferrari mishandled some third spending champion jenson button was fifth head of run ins with. a teammate the target patrols all say the three races to go webber has a fourteen point lead in the street in korea the same as any other race. it's been a very interesting season up to this point also lots of different winners. we're in a position now where we all are not by not by accident we're all in these positions we're here because we've all had the seasons to add up to this point so we have three races to go they all offer the same points as the first three races of the year and the ones in the middle so nothing's really changed too much skill to go there and to you betty. i realize ok now a legal aid is much alike visit h.c.a. top a day in one of six games taking place in the kontinental hockey league. tears run
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is up the team and the time clock so there are several schools and be just like all eager to put an end to this three game home losing streak as i did on my rega second from bottom in the western conference has yet to go because it's all about your life and i mean scott has it inside us and in the late game of the day as a moscow dumping spots i told her to stop meanwhile let's check out the best of this week's action so far.
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and staying on the ice in scotland petersburg have denied that aiming to make the legendary wayne gretzky the new coach the canadiens seen here on
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a visit to russia has joined the vancouver olympics had been recruited to be in talks with the k h l side but their general manager andre to speak insists they haven't approached gretzky the forty nine year old trailers the phoenix coyotes for three years is currently out of a job. meanwhile russia says it will soon submitted a bid to host the twenty sixteen world ice hockey championships prime minister vladimir putin says matches would be held in moscow and st petersburg and he's also revealed plans to revive one of the great hockey rivalries between russia and canada twenty twelve is the fortieth anniversary of the first eight game summit series between the two countries which canada won four games to three one time it's hoped a similar contest will be staged to mark the anniversary and and canada hockey chiefs have welcomed the idea. i mean while there's also some good news for russia's disabled athletes the government has committed to investing heavily in the team for the sortie winter olympics in twenty four teams and agreements with the paralympics
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and definitely take the socio sions. decision of which is the on a lot has already been done but a lot of work is still ahead so respect coaches and sportsmen will be released next year a special training camp will be opened and that will be the biggest sports center built in the last twenty years for paralympic indefinitely because boards and such center should be built in every region of the country we publish another level and finally there's nothing wrong with taking your sport seriously bonsa british boxing derek chisora says becoming a heavyweight champion is more important than his girlfriend in december he takes on ukraine's like the matrix coach who is putting his three well title belts on the line the twenty six year old britain has fought only fourteen times but one more of them and taunted the champion about what was more important to him his partner or his belts no answer from klitschko chisora was crystal clear about his game. yeah
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i'll give this a second of those and when you go from. every i'll be giving it issues my. own watching poyet. said well maybe he won't have her shoulders a cry and if you lose it is a massive underdog klitschko the undisputed champion of the world has a record of fifty five wins and i mean three defeats the same really one hundred percent focused in another interview he sounded a bit confused but in his fighting next. i don't see these five go through france three answering questions straight up. and then also preparing for the worst when they were there with dave. which she sore and. then he think of me right now. so i'm looking forward to this right of the summer. and that's all the sport is for now a place join us again for another update in just under two hours time see them.
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culture is that so much of a given to huge musician has the power to find the mark west as the western powers do their best to isolate the islamic republic of iran itself has demonstrated there remains a key player in the greater middle east.


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