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and that's all for now but we'll be back with another update us on the to see that . wealthy british style. markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy in these kinds of reports.
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so we can review here on r t hidden civilian deaths and torture emerge in the biggest leak in u.s. military history as an online exposé suggests washington turns a blind eye to a violent iraq. terror strikes the north caucuses as militants stormed the chechen parliament prompting calls for tighter security measures. europe is hit with protests and promises of fresh demonstrations against government reforms after france raises the retirement age to pay cuts social benefits and jobs. and
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moscow has a new boss who is already laid out plans to fight congestion and corruption we take a closer look at the new mayor and his promises. at seven pm in moscow welcome to the weekly here in our cheney we begin with the latest wiki leaks the online whistleblower has lifted the veil on fifteen thousand iraqi war dead previously unaccounted for the websites published over a third of a million secret u.s. documents on iraq the largest leak in history the files also reveal details of atrocities committed by iraqis against their own people while the u. while u.s. forces turned a blind eye it's alleged washington has failed to investigate numerous cases of civilian torture and killing baghdad has since valid to bring the supposed to rocky offenders to justice but the u.s.
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has slammed the release saying it could endanger of lives and national security wiki leaks chief julian assange told r.t. that revealing the truth is vital to prevent such crimes from happening again. this is the most accurate description of the war that is being released into this. or a great quote we see that is nearly no street corner in baghdad that didn't have a body found that have been killed through violence in one form or another but is it every day squalor of war of course for the people in baghdad and other cities in iraq with their everyday life. and we need to understand what the reality of war is if we're going to choose to engage in it then and i mean it's clear that the reasons for getting into this war
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that weapons of mass destruction and so on this is a clear lie there's no debate about this anymore the second most stated reason that we would we be in the west. would clean up the government system of iraq introduce rule of law and prevent torture has completely failed. during that period of time lawlessness absence or rule of law and the tree killing were much higher than they were and on the saddam hussein and now we are left with an iraqi government that commits torture. regular. there you watch is full interview on our website r.t.e. dot com meanwhile more opinion on the latest weiqi lake brian bakker the director of the antiwar answer coalition believes the united states is directly responsible for atrocities committed during the war in iraq. the police force is an army that
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were trained by the americans who are allegedly the protectors and guarantors of iraqi freedom engaged in systematic torture abuse rape and it was unreported in unpunished by their masters by the u.s. trainers so i think there's no reason to think that this is an ongoing as a result of these revelations the un chief investigator for torture for instance has called on barack obama to investigate those in the u.s. military and civilian government for criminal acts against the iraqi people if the u.s. takes now actions to repress wiki leaks it may very well backlash backfire and instead of repressing them and intimidating them and their supporters create a groundswell of worldwide support for them the people want justice they want the truth i think the biggest obligation is for the american people to take hold of this information about what their government did in their name with their tax dollars and with the blood of their young people against a nation that was at peace with them in two thousand and three when they invaded i
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hope that there will be a massive global investigation for prosecution of george w. bush for war crimes plus there from brian bakker now to some other news from this week a terror attack on the part of the mountain russia's republic of chechnya left three dead and seventeen injured terrorists tried to storm the building in the capital cross name but special forces were quick to react one attacker was killed in a shootout two others blumenfeld up police say one of the militants was a twenty two year old local but the identities of the two others have yet to be established parties acts on that because talked to the witnesses. the following session was about to start in twenty minutes but instead of budget discussions chechen deputies faced gunfire and suicide blasts naturalis and silver but said that it all started here these gates colleague was driving through they followed his car she was shot at the security guards very. soon after the militants stormed the church and column and conflicting reports emerged about the building being
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mined hostages taken and the following chairman been injured there that will go a bulldozer they came to this corner as a supply manager was coming from over there and they show he felt as. well walking across the parliament area colleagues as long back and as maher recalled every detail of the day. the day of the probe resource running into the building and opened fire at the gas crash down on the person who was running last through are going one of the militants blew himself up just beside as long backswing do all those who are trapped inside the parliament for our president runs and can do was here from the very first moment giving commands he was afraid there would be victims on our side for whom the special operation was quick in less than an hour while federal officers killed the militants. quote noir could go to where the two militants who were in this building blew themselves up here one in
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science and one right here this place has become their final destination one of the corn chills and mr tuesday's attack left seventeen people in hospitals and three dead reportedly they said there could have been orchestrated by the new leader of chechen militants who same guy to prove to all qaeda what he's capable of acting in isolation from his former boss doc omar of himself on the most wanted least in both russia and the us there may be launching his own war in the caucasus militants have been extremely active in russia this year twin blasts in moscow's metro and attack in a central market and logic of cause blasts uncovered korea and many assessing nations of police offices throughout the caucasus this week many have once again questioned why this troublesome region has turned into a minefield terrorist organizations in afghanistan and pakistan. and other republics as the gateway into the bigger caucasus and fold expansion into europe
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so in this context the ongoing war in afghanistan could have disastrous consequences all over the world and what was seen in grozny it's actually one of the consequences of stability in the whole region the ranks of the terror attack have been quickly removed from the pavement and walls of the church of palm and but the fact that militants is a liberal into the government's building in the heart of grozny well this all is over forgotten and the security rises in chechnya have been tightened joined international efforts to combat terror i don't buy them are somehow different from our team from grass. still ahead for you this hour leaving their homes only to end up in broad folds by the young indian girls are being duped into intrusion as they see a better life. but first france is witnessing its worst civil disobedience in fifteen years union leaders are calling for more general. strikes over the coming weeks in response to government reforms so far twelve days of protests have failed to stop
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a two year rise in the retirement age from going ahead with demonstrators in says they'll step up a campaign that's already seen clashes with police arrest and looting meanwhile authorities are trying to restore petrol supplies following fuel blockades across the country the government says the reform is needed to rescue the pension system from collapse but many argue they're not prepared to work longer arduous cuts of the notes are of a now reports not everyone in france sympathizes with the protest. young smart and ambitious lucy is slipping her time between a master's degree and working for a large international company for her the recent protests in paris are first and foremost a personal distraction so i'm using the. headquarter of my company yeah it's it's longer according to trade union officials in france over three million people took to the streets across the country but people like you see no the numbers don't always reflect reality t.j.
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sion in france there is a committee is just to avoid school it's like six years ago i made the same when i was in high school. i went to this race because i can avoid. the rowdy crowd surely give off a celebratory vibe singing dancing and shouting but while they're spending day after day protesting a reform that is aim to aid their country their very actions are doing serious damage it's basically this is one of the reform to. restore. the balance in the public pension system that will raise the potential of the economy as well let's. restore but because the numbers really speak for themselves france has a huge four. in debt the fourth largest in the world and unlike in the united states there is no board advertising the numbers also unlike the united states
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where there is no annual paid leave the french enjoy the longest paid holidays thirty days a year their retirement age which is what the people are protesting about this time is one of the lowest in the world countries are also affected by the global financial crisis like italy and spain have already increased their say but with less widespread opposition from the people so are these protests a true sign of a democracy or simply a force of habit. we have to say to the french people that is the who chose the deputies and members of the senate who make the laws laws are not made in the streets laws are drafted and approved by revolutionaries. so the my way or the highway philosophy certainly attention grabbing but who will back down first is still anyone's guess throughout the entire week this street outside the french senate was filled with hundreds of angry citizens protesting against the controversial pension reform over the weekend the city of paris is eerily quiet and
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the reason for that a very prosaic one the french people still oppose being made to work two extra years but they're not about to protest it on their legitimate day off cashier does r r t paris. now across the channel in the u.k. is also bracing itself for a wave of unrest as the country faces of harshest economic costs as the one nine hundred twenty s. half a million public jobs will be axed in a bid to reduce the massive budget deficit the cuts go on as the european union announced an increase in spending which will cost britain an extra nine hundred million pounds next year robert oulds from the right leaning groups groups the timing couldn't have been worse. as we are making these cuts in britain to pay off the enormous debt that we've been left having to give more money to the u.s. is money that the british taxpayer the british government cannot afford to give it shouldn't be giving this money to the european union contributions of sets of wires
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the e.u. accounts haven't been signed off in over fifteen years or so much for waste and mismanagement within the european union we just shouldn't be giving this money at all with the european union has gone too far european union laws take supremacies over british law over the laws of every member state within the european union and we've worked out that it causes a lot of damage economically we overburdened with regulation as well as handing too much money to brussels really british law in britain should be solving our own laws our own politicians but westminster should have precedence over those in brussels that's what we want to see we want to see a youth of nation states that can work and cooperate together but not be governed by the institutions of the european union based in brussels which no one has ever elected can force legislation on the citizens of the e.u. . thoughts there from robert from the british camp. there is they saw moscow's new boss sergei sabean and sworn in president medvedev pick
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a former governor of one of russia's oil which regions from a short list for his candidacy was later approved by city lawmakers are to his alice hebert reports on the mayor's first day in office. surrogacy beyond and is the new man about town approved by the city's rulemaking isn't a near unanimous vote mossies new massa be on and use his inauguration to set out his political roadmap it was also a thinly veiled swipe at this prita says. scuttled to be tackling corruption and red tape as well as increasing the responsibility of officials will be mama priorities of my policies. sabean's appointment fully vetted sucking of you're english conflicts month slicing a lack of confidence the second of missile of course as i saw and i suspect it. was primarily due to all his polls his personal mistakes and his behavior is
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between him and mr medvedev. the flamboyant and controversial mr liskov ruled the city for eighteen years regarded by many as a steady hand that guy did the capital through tomorrow just periods bringing in investment he was also a challenge with destroying many of the capital's historical allow mogs and doing little to tackle traffic allegations of corruption and nepotism have a say don't him and his wife the property in a billionaire is a be on in house is work out for him but the problem from his us about it is the main findings of most will think about it more effective i think he can do a lot of things in poll ordinary people and the gains popularity just in the first year in office so is this relative unknown the right man for the job after training as a lawyer he raged through the political ranks to become governor of the oil which
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two men region before the then president vladimir putin named him his kremlin chief of staff in two thousand and five he gained a reputation as an honest competent manager with a scandal free radical which with an annual budget of overflew she believed. roaming the capital will prove need to be on and the biggest challenge to date and most of the mines that remain skeptical very soon they'll be able to see how much disability and pay to get the protecting could be one of the coldest winters on record here in the russian capital so time will tell it all to the public and servant is that you by his promise of the change we do translate into action alice said but i'll see most today. let's take a look now at some other world news from this sunday at least four people have been killed in time by a call northern iraq the blast went off by a medical compound in the city of laws all police are investigating whether a suicide bomber was involved security forces say another attack is likely and
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every move civilian vehicles from the area. the cholera outbreak in haiti has reached the capital with at least five cases detected in port au prince medical officials warn the disease is likely to continue spreading rapidly more than two hundred people have died so far across the country with over two and a half thousand others in fact it the outbreak is the worst medical emergencies emergency to strike haiti since january devastating earthquake. hundreds of supporters of the leader of a nationalist party in kyrgyzstan are demonstrating in the capital bishkek it comes the day after come to back to claim to have been wounded in a politically motivated attack the protesters are demanding the resignation of kyrgyzstan security chief whom to she avoids for the attack a country of all violent overthrow of the government of april and ethnic violence in. a stampede at
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a football match in kenya's capital has left at least seven dead and happened when soccer fans were trying to get into a game between two of the country's top team shortly after kickoff people were crushed as the crowd surged forward the game was temporarily halted but despite the deadly incident later continued it's the second time in five years a deadly stampede has taken place at the venue which has been banned from hosting international matches by the world governing body for. and of leading the pauli climber who was scaled mount everest nineteen times as missing after an avalanche in the himalayas forty three year old nima was part of a british expedition trying to climb a smaller mountain peak another surprise missing but the rest of the team are said to be safe helicopters been being flown to the region to start a search for the mountaineers. coming up striking back at burra. this is a. cause i know it's not
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a real call the film directors out to show the world the true face of his. and take a few shots of the impostor one that. russia will take part in nato is next summit in lisbon the announcement was made during talks between the russian french and german leaders in the french resort of bellville that i bring in moscow and the e.u. closer together president medvedev said he hoped his presence at next month's i remember how he does and maybe i'll find compromises in problem areas if you don't rule out moscow becoming part of the alliance as global anti-missile defense system german chancellor angela merkel interned for europe is considering russia's proposal for a new security structure former british euro m.p. judges and even the european defense is impossible without moscow's participation. things of common descent always since the cold war and i do think that the more europe here. later becomes the more stronger european pillow in nato is the more
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open it is going to be towards russia i think that particularly in germany and also in france but also i think in britain there is a recognition that defense of europe with russian participation is meaningless with the the challenges that you face from the far east in particular from the rise of asia economically strategically is the immense and russia has to be part of that even before we start considering the middle east and the crucial thing i think is that there is emerging an idea of a new way to be nato was defined as the worst and russia of the warsaw pact was the it is the east i think there is now in a sense because of the rise of asia there is a new way to which includes russia. and because the challenges that we face and the shared interests that we have russia europe and the united states when faced with the prospect of the enormous shift of part towards the far
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east towards asia to towards china it will. it india. that has really changed the world and it is it is reacting to that but i think it has led to a much more positive attitude towards particularly the europeans and russia but also i think the americans are not to be excluded from. former european m.p. there john stevens meanwhile researcher on russian u.s. relations victor cremin you told r.t. about a new security system is needed to unite moscow with the european states or as nato elise separates. the world today we should think about european security in a different way we should switch over to other forms of interaction between russia and the western community we are trying to pave this way while nato is dividing europe and russia for various reasons it's unlikely to join nato it's too big and it's quite self-sufficient in military terms it doesn't need nato and its guarantees
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a totally different system should be created there we have our views which our president has set forth however the west has so far been cautious. we'll stay with our team for the full interview with victor coming to you next hour here in r.t.e. . conflicts that has held a grudge against british comedian sacha baron cohen says his two thousand and six film bore at my country a laughing stock around the world but now a complex filmmaker is striking back with a comedy of his out of house the story. i'm not a lawyer but i can you know i like this is how my dad say i haven't had sex that this right down of kosik they said that the owner at best. did not pay. for years after the top grossing years film about the hapless cats like t.v. reporter because it sounds premie a comedy director has come up with their post. hiding behind their freedom of
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speech and democracy westerners insult our nation demeter seem backward it's all a lie now was shaking back the new film centers on an american king to discover the real kazakhstan of the same the original movie day he meets borat brother only briefly mentioned in such a baron cohen's film my brother in law and a very a funny. every day san together that to engage in various high jinks. in our film below get some married to a donkey. the payoff is that borat and below are not cows x. but actually jews from romania. i demand the movie made the whole world laugh at us will make the whole world for the down. these are. several previous responses to burra not least this video by rap collective don't
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threaten to make him eat lead this time the producers are hoping for an international release. and after marrying a donkey will it becomes pregnant with this child. either of nerve. here with our t.v. live from the russian capital twenty four seventh's let me remind you that there's lots more for you on our web site that's our team dot com here's a taste of what's on offer right now because find out how i think the house long shot the baikonur cosmodrome went horribly wrong killing dozens of people exactly fifty years ago all the details fabulous pictures and now section for you. class we have an inside view of an arctic expedition as our very own correspondent hops on board a nuclear powered icebreaker with the russian polar explorer check out her travel blog at all t.v. dot com.
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promises of a better life in lucrative jobs are luring thousands of indian women into prostitution sex traffickers take advantage of girls in poor villages often picking under-age a victim's but artie's card saying reports campaigners are pushing to make families more aware of the danger. rush me may be young but she's gone through more than most girls her age to leave the village for the bright lights of mumbai only to find she was heading for life in a brothel. he said he wants to reach my lot of karbala why did you go with them. i didn't want to you forced me to india is that if you send for this extravagant industry die now in the world and the reason is that there is no enforcement of
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laws against traffic pins and joins it support more than a quarter of a million women are trafficked in india each year some are as young as nine and come from the rural areas of neighboring heading for mumbai. neither the parents nor they have any idea what the void is like the parents may know a little bit if television is in the village about what bombay is and to them bombay would represent a lifestyle rather than a brothel owner and octoroon it's easy to cross the border between india and if there are well established routes for trafficking in the northern state of bihar rescue groups keep an eye on the trains passing through they have identified they believe are being trafficked and ordered them from the dream but there was an inkling when we ask youngsters where they're going they say they're going to study it for girl is travelling with the boy she says he's her father but when we demand there and density cards we see the aren't related to the two girls are questioned
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by the local police but claim they are travelling to mumbai to work wise ultimately we have no work in our village i have two young children and when i was promised a job in mumbai i decided to take up the offer but. girls are misled by people offering them jobs in big cities we apprehend them and then hand them over to women's shelters there are also girls who are convinced they can be part of a dance group and are conned into coming to india. it's easy to convince young girls in a village hundreds of kilometers away that they can make it big here in mumbai but once here in seoul two brothers they are condemned to a litle bondage all campaigners want to see villagers in a pod given more warnings of the dangers and the police more active in clamping down on traffickers out and saying r.t. mumbai. you're up to date now from the news desk later today though sacrificing your health to provide for your family.


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