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as part the overall net deal over which the treasury has a very limited say that's not necessarily well spent however. when you factor in the direct and indirect costs associated with the you membership the overall bill for business and for the country could be as high as an million pounds a year told me is that nobody knows the ice because there has not been a cost benefit analysis if you are you membership so there's a huge question mark there which the taxpayers alliance and other organizations are campaigning to get the answer to and where does that money get well a lot of it doesn't come back into the into the u.k. because the u.k. is after germany the second largest contributor to the the budget certainly in net terms and along with a small number of northern european countries it's one of the one of the few which are overall net contributors a country like france is it's much more i guess a lot more back. bang for the book. so you could you could say that a lot of it goes in terms of subsidizing and upgrading the superstructure an
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infrastructure of eastern and southern europe which from a british taxpayers viewpoint one has to question is a british taxpayer contributing billions of pounds a year effectively to another countries that is not proper use of taxpayers' money so you were talking about one hundred ten billion euros which is an impossible think athanase people to understand what does it mean what would it buy in real terms well let's let's narrow this down a little bit more i mean a hundred hundred ten billion euros is the overall cost including all of regulations in the red tape so firstly in terms of the regulations in the red tape the cost of the regulations and red tape in this is based on the commission's own officials their commitment commission's own statistics the cost of the regulations is for that in terms of the u.k. is greater than the actual value of the trade that is meant to regulate it because the regulations of a ten percent of the british economy which is our exports to the european union.
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but actually cover one hundred percent of the u.k. economy eighty percent of its internal ten percent is to the rest of the world so one hundred percent of the economy is paying the price of ten percent of all of what it's meant to regulate so that's one perspective the second thing is if you just look at the not the the cost of the regulations but the simple physical cost and the membership fee that is the equivalent of forming a chain along appear and dumping a block of gold off the end of it every one hundred seconds. it's a gold ingots every hundred seconds just cast into the watery depths and in terms of schools and hospitals which is something the u.k. desperately needs to upgrade what about that now it's about a new hospital every three days i think it pays for the world family in two days i think it's something like every five days is the equipment to repairing every single cathedral in england and when we were doing the research for
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a book ten years on which is it looks hypothetically at where the u.k. would be in any country would it would be were we to leave the european union to stop breaking down the that the benefits that we could be spending the money on other than into what's basically a financial sinkhole from the u.k. taxpayers viewpoint it's just search is astonishing waste of money isn't it chair less in this sort of global economy to talk about british money for british people well not really because the british taxpayer of course is funding taxes and would naturally expect that the money to be spent on things which are of benefit to themselves means for them and that that money and you talk about a global economy but of course the money isn't going to. say. north america it's a it's a european system it's not a global system so we're short of having a global. economy with the european union if that's what you really like
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a lot of politicians say that it's just not realistic to me the e.u. wholesale but you think differently we already have with respect to the european union about ten different levels of association with the european union you have countries which are full members such as france you have countries which have got certain opt out such as the u.k. has opted out of the single currency you have countries which are part of the depending on the. norway you have countries which have slightly less of a kind of agreement because after countries. but have gone less less far than not such as switzerland you have countries which have got bilateral trading agreements such as canada and mexico which could be a wide range of things and are very similar in style to the e.c. had agreements accession agreement some years back without a lot of the that that the burdensome regulations and that and it provokes the attacks that when you go way down that is even a special form of association for countries like north korea now i'm not saying we
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should have a form of association with the year that pyongyang has but one simply saying if you have ten different ways of trading and allying associating with with brussels and you to do opinion there's a mechanism in there somewhere which is appropriate for any country and it doesn't have to be for membership and how would you characterize the e.u. has relationship with the e.u. currently and how do you think it's in checking what we have to remember this is a perspective which is much broader than the now a perspective that politicians like to tend to focus on politicians when they talk about the european union talk about what's happening now what's on the agenda now what's in the agenda maybe in three months and what happened over the last couple of years actually the e.u. used to be the e.c. and it used to be the e.c. and before then it had a had a history of basically associated to agreements which predate the well the placement plan and the attempted creation of a of a of a european defense and it's got a long history and the key element here is to do it's all to do with the ever
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closer union which was indeed right from the outset within the preamble of the treaties now if you if you consider that membership of the club is to do with always going in one particular direction and you don't want to go in that direction then the obvious conclusion is you can only do one of two things you can either stop it and basically get to a stage where you're happy to live with a modus vivendi at that time but if that if it continues then the only other alternative is structured either club and form a new association after all if you were a member of a. club and your bills kept going up and you had to basically the rules change so that you had to invite people round to your house every sunday and you had to put a blogger's or you had to basically you know you had a number of things which kept being added to you took in conditions of your being member of this golf that broader than just just taking off every now and again you would be happy with that so it's the same principle we live in a world they don't mean which is essentially dominated by simple power as the
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united states russia china and india doing this smaller countries of the european union need each other well absolutely not it's good that we're caught cooperating where we want to cooperate it's good that we're trading we're going to where we want to trade let's not kid ourselves i mean the european union is in the big picture it's big it's it's in danger of becoming a school or tech part of the world the voicing economies in the world obviously and if obvious to india china and also you know brazil indonesia and other places now rather than linking ourselves too closely with one part of the of the world trading system which is decreasing in importance the u.k. or any european country should be more about being involved in a more proactive free trade across the whole world was to them becoming part of a regional association which is risks becoming a professional protectionist bloc now you could also argue that united states is or is a great a great deal of power and is very important and therefore if that's true why don't
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we brought in the e.u. why don't we just sign up and become a state of the united states where nobody's recommending that so why on earth should we become part of the federal you also one of the things canada and mexico have. signed an agreement with with the us to form and after they haven't signed an agreement to have a they have a federal super government that incompressible them they've created a different model different models do exist as young as a different model from that from the e.u. . there are different models and offer let's not pretend it's either the e.u. or bolivia and there are lots of choices around there and if we are having a global trading network and interrelated post mcelhone age then then we shouldn't be too little not that linger and but little europe what we're seeing in europe at the moment is the degree of social unrest in response to the austerity measures because of the debt crisis do you see that impacting not just on the same but on
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the european union as a political entity yeah and the sad thing is it was something that you were skeptics will warning about even while the eurozone was being created we were saying that if you're going to be creating a currency union then you have to have a full economic union in order to whether these the shocks and you have to have a model so that where there is an asymmetric shock in one part of the the either basically you can have the larger moves on employed because to move from one part of the country to the other or you have large amounts of financial reserves which are able to support the idea. a couple of examples which your views might be familiar with in the u.k. you have for instance you have a single currency you called a pound. and if liverpool is in recession what happens is because there is social mobility in the u.k. people from liverpool are going to find a job in manchester or down in london or whatever and also you have
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a central government which pays part of the tax revenue into the pool in order to write and we generated now people accept that because there is this sense of of the democrats the sense of common citizenship in a sort of sharing together you don't get in the same way in the states if chicago is in recession but california is booming then people move from chicago to california and the federal government puts money in support of your now you can argue the pros and cons about federal levels of federal agents arrested. but the simple truth is that united states is a federal system which has what twenty times the federal spending power of the european union the price for having that sort of model which is more or less an effective economic system is too high for the political for the different governments who are creating european economic union because it had knowledge that over eighty that it was a european superstate with
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a huge central bank and a role for large amounts of central taxation being spent of course place i was there was a price too high to pay but because the idealism is paramount people went ahead without all the same to us and is paying the price today. thank you very much thank you. for the. killings continue. to curious. to see us like the middle of the magic has better place in the sky the seeds of hope to protect our markets here so you can provide such accuracy to many forms.
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the future covered. dear mom i'm sorry that i had to do this i've been in so much pain in the past year that i can't take it anymore the stomach and chest pains have been getting worse and no doctor has been able to help me please know that i'll finally be at peace and with no more pain i wish i could have had a life with it was a bit always pictured her being my wife and mother to my kids i love you all see you all in heaven when your time comes i'm going to meet jesus christ. thousands of u.s. troops in iraq received one of these drugs a drug called lariam and it may have prevented many soldiers from getting sick the question is whether or not soldiers were adequately warned about its rare side effects serious life changing side effects.
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top stories this hour showdown looms between israel and lebanon over a recently discovered in the eastern mediterranean. staking their claims without a clearly defined maritime border experts predict that countries are unlikely to reach agreements anytime soon. tensions. to u.s. troops leave the kurdish controlled region since intensified after the whistle blowing web site wiki leaks released documents highlighting cases of hostility between. and russia was seeking to prevent you from placing major forces close to its border with a proposal that would limit the alliances military presence in its newest member states. hoping for closer cooperation with particularly on european missile defense and afghanistan. with more stories more developments in less than fifteen minutes
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from now meantime sport is next with here. great to have you with us this is sports today i'm you know these are some of our stories. solid start on the reeva's chances of ending this season the world number one remains after the russian takes care of. into the. top of the pile no russians but a hefty seventy six barcelona players make the list for the twenty. award given to the world's best footballers. on boxing tennis ball ice hockey athletics the list of sports a child can choose to do is virtually endless which is the best choice scientists believe they have discovered how to find the perfect fit for every. intriguing
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story and more are not coming up now eight of the world's top female tennis players are currently in doha bottling it for the w t a championships kron the kotori tournament a big one for russian. twenty six two on the verge of becoming the world's top ranked player if things go her way so maria doing her part by easily sweeping aside the art of sorts of h. in the opening match of the white group. setting the tone by taking the first set six three building on her confidence from their own end. able to do anything in the i'm assuming set with the world number two prevailing six three six love so reeva needs to win in the group to make it into the final to have a shot at the world number one ranking. wozniacki needs to win one more group much to maintain her status at the top after this posing. to poison me into limpid gold medalist meant to be on able to put up much of a fight against this season's most decorated player was one of the leading six
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titles this year dominant. in the opener taking it to six. the second set was more of the same with the russians suffering a six one six one defeat so one more victory but you know nothing will remain off the. prince's own two football where seven of spain's world cup winning squad have been shortlisted for fifth as player all of the year award but there's no joy for russia this season not one of dick advocates charges making the twenty three. winning ballon d'or holder lionel messi he's there of course is. christiana rinaldo but it's messy barcelona teammates dominates the couple on our football sting six players who could lift football's most prestigious individual award favorites for glory a general certainly in zurich a world cup winners alvey beaten finalist dutchman schneider all of inter.
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for real madrid men making the list but none of them could help the clock to coast past third tier mercia on tuesday evening in the competition re the price of this man alone is twice the worth of the entire c. a squad but even christiane i'll go find the inside shot stopper more than to the task dummy hernando is brilliant on more than one occasion not before kick off this moment i'll monitor jones in marino had promised retribution if his team failed to win the fourth round first leg prashant it seems the heartrending can begin this is inspired this but i know how it ended the smirks. on boston the way following that is that. the real story should maybe look to munich for some tips on in particular byron's schweinsteiger the german international letting rip with a wonder goal of his second of the night to secure the defending champions third drawn berth in the german cup at the expense of verger brain. it's going.
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from bad to worse for one of the n.f.l.'s preseason favorites dallas with a solid three win and five losses following defeat to the new york giants it was old going the cowboys where early on though with eli manning picked on the giants first to possessions but then tony romo becomes a victim of this year's quarterback curse a whole host of signal callers are through injury already this season missed offensive assignments a rumor goes down hard up to eight weeks with a broken collarbone late in the second money takes over throwing at thirteen yards to steve smith for the score of the visitors go up by one for half time the giants running game then turning out as strong as ever done jake up here in the third with a thirty yard rush to the end zone you're sick at forty one thirty five they moved to five and two three seasons a record dallas can retreat. either money pick
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a hour until you margaret so we'll be adding some silverware to their collection on the van by the third day that vacant world super welterweight championship belt on the line at the cowboys stadium promoter stating pachmann looks as focused as ever ahead of the ballots but is hoping floyd mayweather jr resolves his mounting legal troubles for a mega much up soon with the filipino. there's only one by has priority and that's may with. that weekend. for us is mayweather secondly more than even mayweather is the judge. obviously you can't do a mayweather fight if the judge is going to schedule with a trial. so we'll see november mind you know find out what's going on. with mayweather least of the judicial system but that's certainly. manny's first priority ok another sporting spectacle will swing through arlington texas before
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that cowboys stadium though that twenty ten world series featuring the texas rangers the san francisco giants set for a start later on wednesday the rangers have far surpassed expectations this year with cliff lee instrumental in the win over reigning champions yankees to get to the finals the giants are seen here feeding the phillies to reach the big dance have plenty of big hitters. to have closer brian wilson to look to as well of course they'll want to make the most out of the first two games in san francisco before they head to texas on october thirtieth unless the series is a sweep the finals will head into november for the second straight year but only the third time in history. sticks i never thought just which sports you are would have been best suited for well scientists believe they have the answer to the very question the so name genetic passport robert for dani and got himself down to the
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lab to discover more. sport a wonderful world where everyone strives to find the limits of their physical and mental capacity and sometimes goes beyond it with hard training always being must in the way to success laden reserves of the human body can play an essential role in this respect keep in the secret key to that knowledge is violent baled it's called genetic passport but the essentially it's a kind of a database containing all the necessary information about one's d.n.a. or geno that's the way we can find out nearly all about a person's genetic predisposition to certain diseases or deviations on the other hand it can be widely used in sport medicine as it helps us understand what kind of sport a person should go for it going to russian scientists andree in the leg lot of there are two main types of genetic predisposition in terms of sports stamina and power
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it wide range of genetic cook three six bailable due to genetic passport made it very useful for parents wondering what kind of sports activity is the best for their kids and professional athletes trying to fine tune their form and optimize their training was like east unfortunately fatal incidents are not a rare thing in professional sport nowadays so first of all the genetic passport lets us minimize the risks athletes have in terms of their professional of getting what you also recommend proper exercise and nutrition assistance which would have been athlete make significant progress and achieve high was. to make passports a great deal of gaining a lot of popularity with leading russian sportsman the lead so for arsenal starman and red sharmeen and heavyweight boxing giant. they were to go their own genetic i.d.'s. as well as rushed me spike and then you live there is
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a killer. thank you it's still i'm sure i've passed the genetic research and the fact is that martial arts turned out to be a very good choice for me a combination of speed and jury ability that's what you need both in boxing and wrestling and friends of mine take my advice on what sport they should choose who their kids and they would often like them to follow me on the path of martial arts . to the future is nokia do with signs becoming more and more essential and his poor achievement with russia futurist boring rickards. marty finally hey may be gone but he's certainly not forgotten the tentacles of death catching up with the most famous seppala paul who ever lived that is of course paul the octopus now he was just two and a half years young paul dying on choose me in this time in germany being is born octopus rules to global fame correctly predicting all seven of germany's world cup
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results this past summer choosing the winning team fly when given a choice of two tasty muscles on live television over house and see that center is now considering giving paul is only burial plot i will also produce a best d.v.d. compilation to deal with the death of mourning the death of the legate one. just so that's all i have to say about all your sport i'll see you soon the world weather summing up in just a tick. culture is that so much as. we should call you on it i'm still here corruption one form or another is a cancer that gives away in countries and societies around the world that corruption is very much part of.
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wealthy british. margetts why not. find out what's really happening to the global
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economy in these kinds of reports.
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to limit its military presence near russian borders after recently rist cooperation with the alliance. tensions. the us troops leave the kurdish controlled region. fighting over black gold a showdown looms between israel and lebanon over recently discovered oil reserves in the eastern mediterranean with turkey and cyprus also staking their claim. and russia is facing a challenging task of stepping up its youth crime prevention as new figures show it has the highest rate of offenses in your.
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life or more studios here in central moscow this is good to have you with us russia is seeking to prevent nato from placing major forces close to its borders moscow has presented the plan which would limit the military presence in its youngest member states. has more now from moscow. roll show wants to prevent naysayers from placing any major full says close to its border it wants to set a formal limits i kept on the amount of the alliance's forces of that all place close to its borders particularly in its new members states which do light that big close to the russian our borders isn't doing this russia believes that it simply asking for nato to keep the promises it's made to the then soviet president mikhail gorbachev back in one thousand nine hundred when it promised not to move quite as much as the thumbs which further to the east say russia simply things that they are all.


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