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tv   [untitled]    October 27, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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further to the east so russia simply things that they are asking nato to keep to that promise that was made only days that years ago other cording to foreign ministry buildings this plan was actually put forward as far back as december and has been in negotiations ever since but will now seriously be on the table in the next months allow mug russian navy meeting to take place in lisbon and possibly even before that when they take secretary-general anders fogh rasmussen visits moscow well one the particular area in which both russia and those who can cooperate is in the own going issue of afghanistan and maintaining peace in that area and also in the ongoing fines against drug trafficking that comes out of afghanistan earlier this week several leading u.k. newspapers i made the statement that russia would be is sending it troops back into the country to help in training afghan forces now russia's envoy to nato to be
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a ruggles that has flatly denied that another area of potential cooperation is in a future discussion on the europe walled missile defense shield in the spiritual be improved to russia needs so of friendship nato has said that it very much wants nato h.b.o. russia role the to be a policy of that discussion on how best to implement that missile defense shield across europe. has just been for an amazing report suggesting russia why because templating sending troops to afghanistan to help train local forces but as fellow to have all the russian global affairs magazine says their memories of the soviet experience in the country are still to rule for moscow to consider such action. russia has been. before and experience was so terrible that i can't imagine any circumstances under which russia will return to start. rumors are based i guess.
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in terms of a discussion of future of the understand which is also in the framework of need to russia nato calls so and so but it's not about russian troops but disappearing and fighting it's about how russia can support future calls through a. regime of the situation by other means spying on me. and dr enjoying a lecture in politics at the university of kent says if russia is to provide helicopters and training to nato in afghanistan there's a digital reason. i think hardcore security interest that moscow is quite legitimately defending does two things one is terrorism moscow is worried that extremism from afghanistan pakistan will spread across central asia and also perhaps fuel conflict in in russia and secondly the flow of drugs which is a major security and health issue because it of course is part of organized crime
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and causes such terrible social and physical damage among drug users in russia so russia's got a legitimate interest it's defending them and it's just right it does so while nato has admitted it needs help in afghanistan there are already fears the end of u.s. military combat operations in iraq will plunge the country into tales this follows the explosive we can leaks revelation of secret last files showing widespread torture and killing by the new regime in baghdad with a blind eye turned by america the documents raise concerns that kurdish controlled northern iraq could develop terror into ethnic violence when u.s. troops withdraw sébastien mine. a dawn raid a race against time to catch militants off guard in the iraqi province of kirkuk we're in the suburb of duck cook and the police are just a few minutes to get into position before sunrise. daybreak's in the raid begins
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police under the supervision of the u.s. army go door to door searching rooms and checking residents against lists of unknown terrorists. dominated heavily by kurds have been remarkably successful recently they've cut terror attacks by over fifty percent in the past few months these guys are very good they are very good and they're very good at intelligence and of gathering intelligence and developing intelligence and the other sort of verge pro police who are not worried about it but others mainly the city's non kurds are here in downtown they're going to live with her charity target due to their own historic claim of the kirkuk is a unique city in iraq to melting pot of all the different ethnicities in the country but this mixture continues to lead to extremely volatile ethnic tensions the two thousand and nine field report that was recently leaked by the whistleblower wiki leaks states that without strong and fair influence likely from a third party these tensions may quickly turn to violence after the u.s.
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forces withdraw all of the miss will in terms of security when the u.s. leaves there will be no independent security force right now the securities from the kurdish side of the city this is the truth when the u.s. leaves things will get worse it will be conflicts arabs will stand up and created and we should say with thirteen and this will. by god for a bit but wars will begin between a bit bigger as. an example of this violence wasn't long in coming no more than five minutes after we finished the interview a roadside bomb targeting the police detonated in the center of the city. luckily for the police the terrorists missed it appears that despite the gangs that the police are making. the american troop withdrawal could easily lead to a return to sectarianism we can't cook for kurds arabs and turkmen alike the consequences of the u.s. led war have left the future of kirkuk very much uncertain sebastian meyer care cook or two. this is all c.n.n. still ahead this hour u.s.
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soldiers benefiting from inside information house and no make it seem to be using illegal tactics to fund that kids trying to protect this. big climate for his day now some in britain think global warming theory is just a lot of arab and want some real proof all the details. recently discovered oil reserves in the eastern mediterranean looks set to become the latest point of tension in the troubled middle east at least four major competitors are staking their claim israel lebanon turkey and cyprus all want peace but with no clearly defined maritime borders the fight could be lengthy and bitter and despite unclear a border. israel has a right to gain the upper hand and started developing two sides policy it takes a closer look at the divisive deposits. prayer is
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a long time in coming more than we have been begging for a year a year please lord don't let me down don't let me down and finally jackie relations prays have been answered the oil company he's invested in reportedly hitting bingo underground we're still talking about the largest amount of oil average to be discovered in the state of israel there's a joke in israel that when moses led the jews out of egypt he took a wrong turn on his way to the promised land bringing them to the one spot in the middle east that has no oil but that punchline might need to change because it seems that moses might not have been so wrong after all in two thousand and nine israel announced the discovery of a first major natural gas field off its coast but the most recent reports from the giant natural gas site off the coast of haifa point to a potential for billion barrels of black gold we will be able to future.
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energy. it will be less expensive which is how important. from a political. appointee we should we should be less dependent on the. import of foreign oil but it's not only israel laying claim to the reserves greek cyprus turkey and lebanon also say the oil's there is and while the international law allows a country to drill in the so-called continental shelf of its coast the fact that israel and lebanon have never agreed on maritime boundaries makes it unclear when israel in and lebanon begins i know the club about how its version of we think the border line will pass if and when they will have a negotiation and i know that there will have it or diversion or other about what they're not the agreement or whether and because the two countries are enemy states there's unlikely to be any agreement anytime soon both have threatened to go to war
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over the issue obviously this is. an israeli company. is an israeli company and. will not be. allowed to uncover into lebanese territory or any part of their connection with ration of a lebanese a gas lebanon filed a complaint with the united nations after israel placed floating markers extending two miles into the sea and weighing in on the conflict hizbollah was the major political actor in lebanon. and strongly supported from. iran. and it would seem if we take statements and public positions seriously which we are to they really interest in form and to really create internal. israel has the upper hand for now it's already struck a deal with cyprus and is preparing to start extraction while lebanon still needs to sort out the boundaries of its economic zone with cyprus and syria and it will
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be years before it has the evidence it needs to show that israel's fields extend into lebanese territory policy r.t. television. and i'll forget there's much more for you on our website r.t. doc home just log on and explore here's a look at what might catch your eye as soft power forward with its twenty fourteen winter olympics preparations the nights of construction work reveal secrets of russia's art had to r.t. dot com to discover why after all it's not athletes are racing to decide. against tradition and find out why young couples in india face felony fall outs for taking money to get off. capitol hill insiders in the you are south thought to bad be using that position to
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make some extra pocket money the wall street journal has reported that many in congress are taking unfair advantage of that knowledge of markets and as. reports even legal. the annual salary of members of the united states congress one hundred seventy four thousand dollars the profit they can make by trading on inside information priceless. a number of u.s. lawmakers and dozens of congress staffers have reportedly traded thousands of dollars worth of stocks of companies they or their boss is wrote last for under the u.s. law there is no conflict of interest here they're just plain cheating and it's not fair what they're doing currently all u.s. lawmakers and their highest paid staffers have to do is to disclose information once a year on their finances by the analysis of the wall street journal u.s.
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public servants have been phenomenally successful trading stock at the peak of the wall street crisis senator spencer backus made tens of thousands of dollars betting against the market that he's committee helps oversee and he's the ranking member on the house committee on financial services. chris miller a top energy policy adviser to the senate majority leader harry reid nearly doubled his bat when he's boss helped pass legislation that won't up benefiting the fur after his staff or his name was mentioned in a list of capitol hill stock traders mr reed reprimanded his aide. pocono spoke with chris miller. my attempts to talk to some of those involved were time consuming and unsuccessful. we talk a lot about exporting democracy one of the bedrocks of a successful democracy i believe is freedom from corruption the sense that elected
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officials are elected to serve the public not to and hence their own wallets or that of their friends or cronies or family congressman brian baird offered a bill that would ban insider trading on capitol hill years ago but the act received the support of phone the nine out of four hundred thirty five members in the house of representatives and none in the senate and in this case you've got. the possibility of making great amounts of money in ways that are illegal and ways that are hard to detect congressman baird says and you'll disclosure reports are not enough to my knowledge there is no human being employed by the congress of the united states who has looked at our financial reports with a with an eye towards possible conflict of interest now there is no initiative to change the rules what for the rest of america is cheating it's perfectly legal for
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the country's lawmakers why would they want to change it as it is now a public servant stock market activity is are hard to track there are no investigators here on the hill doing that and some believe those senators and staffers who have recently been caught in the spotlight are just the tip of the iceberg vanished on r.t.e. washington d.c. . bruce being from michigan state university's college of law says the us has made corruption legal mold this in no debate crosstalk next hour when peter viles guests algie there is only one way to beat corruption among politicians and that's through elections. unger's has had its hands completely into this financial crisis in the late ninety's. there is no doubt they're not going to jail the only thing you can do to a congressman or a senator is not elect them i mean. we're marveling at the fact that there's
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almost one hundred seats available that are contested well i recall that there are four hundred thirty five seats up every year what is it what do we call it when three hundred thirty five are the guys that are in serious contests we don't call it corruption but in this country there's no doubt that we have legalized what in other countries we call corruption. the institutions are set up to accommodate the congressmen and the congress and make the rules. in the u.k. the global warming skeptics have gathered to mark what they dubbed. to get. as the british parliament was the basing a bill to tackle global warming it was the. activists claimed the ironic and chilly
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coincidence was just that the bill was not. sort of a global warming skeptic planes collided is a normal prices and there's no proof to suggest it's. nobody disagrees look climate change is climate change for four point five billion years we're not arguing about something trivial like the issue of climate change the real issue here is corruption now what we try to do is ask the governments around the world to show us the evidence it's not good enough to tell us that they have the records we found time after time here in england there they say are you last year and recently in new zealand when challenge to the government agencies cannot produce the records. let's now take a look at some of the top stories from around the world former president bush has died suddenly of a heart attack at sixty sending his nation into shock and mourning the popular
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husband of current president cristina fernandez had been expected to run again in the next election will be remembered for tackling a devastating economic crisis after taking office in two thousand and three four years before his wife succeeded him and he also prioritized improving relations with neighboring countries. telling the knees that has topped three hundred off to natural disasters the tsunami hit several islands killing over two hundred seventy one of the things searching have died after a volcanic eruption rescue workers were capturing reaching victims for two days by about whether the us quake that brought the massive wave came from the same fault line that caused the two thousand and four tsunami which killed over two hundred thousand in a dozen countries. and many in government has now really survived a parliamentary no confidence vote over a planned austerity programme well just seven more votes the opposition would have toppled the ruling administration budget cuts thirty thousand demonstrators to the
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streets of the capital city have been harassed the romanian government has been sr slashed public sector wages and spending to meet the terms when i left alone which stopped the country last year. british taxpayers expect that many to baseband that if it's rather than own up grazing the infrastructure of poor e.u. countries on this and the other dogs and the. tax but in the u.k. relations and coming up short.
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dr rather and thank you very much for talking to lottie now first of all tell me how much it costs the u.k. to be a member of the e.u. well that's a both a very important question and a very tricky question to ask in the first instance the treasury writes a check to the european union every fortnight to the sum of eight hundred million pounds now that's not the whole picture because that is basically that's the gross contribution some of that money comes back as part of the overall net deal over which the treasury has a pair of limited so that's not necessarily well spent however. if you factor in the direct and indirect costs associated with the you membership the overall bill for business and for the country could be as high as two hundred billion pounds a year the problem is that nobody knows this because there has not been a cost benefit analysis if you say you membership so there's a huge question mark there which taxpayers alliance and other organizations are
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campaigning to get the answer to where does that money go well a lot of it doesn't come back into the into the u.k. because the u.k. is after germany the second largest contributor to the that you put it certainly in net terms and along with a small number of northern european countries it's one of the one of the few which are overall net contributors so you could say that a lot of it goes in terms of subsidizing and upgrading the superstructure and infrastructure of eastern and southern europe which from a british taxpayers viewpoint one has to question is a british taxpayer contributing billions of pounds a year effectively to another country is that it's not proper use of taxpayers' money so you're talking about one hundred. ten billion euros which is an impossible figure for most people to understand what does it mean what would it buy in real terms well let's let's narrow this down a little bit more i mean a hundred hundred ten billion euros is the overall cost including all the
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regulations and the red tape the cost of the regulations and red tape in this is based on the commission's own of statistics the cost of the regulations is it in terms of the u.k. is greater than the actual value of the trade that it's meant to regulate the second thing is if you just look at the simple physical cost and the membership fee that is the equivalent of forming a chain along appear and dumping a block of gold off the end of it every one hundred seconds. it's a gold ingots every hundred seconds just cast into the watery depths and in terms of schools and hospitals which is something that the u.k. desperately needs to upgrade what about that now it's about a new hospital every three days i think it pays for the world family in two days i think it's something like every five days is the equipment to repairing every single cathedral in england and when we were doing the research for
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a book ten years on which it looks hypothetically where the u.k. would be indeed any country would it would be were we to leave the european union which is stop breaking down the that the benefits that we could be spending the money on other than into what's basically a financial sinkhole from the u.k. taxpayers viewpoint it's just a waste of money isn't it chair less in this sort of global economy to talk about british money for british people well not really because the british taxpayer of course is funding taxes and would naturally expect that the money to be spent on things which are of benefit to themselves i mean it's fundamentally old you know that they have money and you talk about a global economy but of course the money isn't going to. say. north america it's a it's a european system it's not a global system so we're short of having a global. economy with the european union if that's what you really like a lot of politicians say that it's just not realistic to mean the e.u.
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wholesale but you think differently we already have with respect to the european union about ten different levels of association with the european union you have countries which are full members such as france you have countries which have got certain dr such as the u.k. which is opted out of the single currency you have countries which are part of the you can economic area such as norway you have countries which have got bilateral trading agreements such as canada and mexico there's even a special form of association for. countries like north korea now i'm not saying we should have a form of association with the year that pyongyang has but we're simply saying if you have ten different ways of of trading and allying in a series cheating with with the source and you have to do opinion there's a mechanism in there somewhere which is appropriate for any country and it doesn't have to be for membership we live in a world they don't we which is essentially dominated by superpowers the united states russia china and india don't the smaller countries of the european union
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need each other well absolutely not it's good that we're caught cooperating where we want to cooperate it's good that we're trading we're going to where we want to trade let's not kid ourselves i mean the european union is in in the big picture it's big it's it's in danger of becoming a school or tech part of the world the voicing economies in the world of obviously in the far east india china and also you know brazil indonesia and other places now rather than linking ourselves too closely with one part of the of the world trading system which is decreasing in importance the u.k. or any european country should be more about being involved in a more proactive free trade across the whole world war than becoming part of a regional association which is risks becoming a professional protectionist book what we're seeing in europe at the moment is the degree of social unrest in response to the austerity measures because of the debt crisis do you see that impacting not just on the same but on the european union as
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a political entity yeah and the sad thing is it was something that you were skeptics who warning about even while the eurozone was being created we were saying that if you're going to be creating a currency union then you have to have a full economic union in order to whether these be shocks and you have to have a model so that where there is an asymmetric shock in one part of the the either basically you can have the larger moves on unemployed. you have to move from one part of the country to the other or you have large amounts of financial reserves which are able to support the idea. a couple of examples which your viewers might be familiar with in the u.k. you have for instance you have a single currency oh it's called a pound. and if liverpool is in recession what happens is because there is social mobility in the u.k. people from liverpool go and find a job in manchester or down in london or whatever and also you have
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a central government which pays part of the tax revenue into a pool in order to live and we generated now people accept that because there is this sense of of a democrats the sense of common citizenship in a sort of sharing together we don't get in the here thank you very much thank you. for the. surveillance continued. bacteria strike to see a slight middle of the magic has better place in the sky seeds of hope to protect our lives the obviously we can provide such accuracy to many forms. we've got the future covered.
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dear mom i'm sorry that i had to do this i've been in so much pain in the past year that i can't take it anymore the stomach and chest pains have been getting worse and no doctor has been able to help me please know that i'll finally be at peace with no more pain i wish i could have had a life with elizabeth always pictured her being my wife and mother to my kids i love you all see you all in heaven when your time comes i'm going to meet jesus christ. thousands of u.s. troops in iraq received one of these drugs a drug called lariam and it may have prevented many soldiers from getting sick the question tonight is whether or not soldiers were adequately warned about its rare side effects serious life changing side effects.
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and again this is coming to live from the headlines. mind. pushing they said you can see that plan to limit the lines as a military presence in eastern european states which have joined since the collapse of the song comes ahead of the nato summit in lisbon this next month while the creation of a single missile defense system for the airlines and insecurity center stage. tensions remain high in kurdish controlled northern the wrong with theistic terror and violence well the promise of troops to leave the region explosive and weaken its revelation of secrets and showing widespread torture. and canning has also
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highlighted sectarian violence between kurds and arabs. and israel's recent discovery of oil and gas reserves in the mediterranean fuels new the energy tensions in the middle east so he thinks cyprus and lebanon with israel relations is ready ration is already fragile leong claims to the retreat. as the headlines up next takes a shine to metal and still helping to train. hello and welcome to technology update this month the show goes middle only without the head banging we're talking about the most elementary of materials that have helped build our civilization.


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