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tv   [untitled]    October 28, 2010 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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mineral water members of trade unions and students continue taking to the streets just outside the french senate protesting a reform that is pretty much already guaranteed to take place they haven't even had a chance to learn the new slogans but it's not enough to stop them. this is of heard we can strike and we're demonstrating against the reform we have decided to montreux distance with no possibility of retreat we're here because we have resolved that we have an obligation to complete our plan of these protests meal a convincing enough a news broadcast but do the unions in france really hold any sway at the moment the only thing they've achieved is to cost the already struggling economy a shocking two hundred million euros a day. as the protests spread across the country they got out of control of the unions throughout october the unions had only one tactic left to lead the protests and try to tame them to avert widespread violence because of this the risk we face
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is greater than just the spread of violence which we face before now we have the blockade of productions and disruption to the traffic because of lack of fuel and blocked access to. so what has changed between one thousand nine hundred five when the same unions managed to shelf the pension reform in one thousand nine hundred five the unions enjoyed a lot more public support compared to now where only fifty percent of the people say they would support those on the streets but not go out themselves today only the two main trade unions are united in their fight against the pension reform in one thousand nine hundred five most of the existing french trade unions were as one on the streets. even prime minister was seen as a cold technocrat and despite the fact that the current french president nicolas sarkozy is not a popular figure in france his popularity ratings are still a lot higher than former prime ministers but the main difference it seems is that the french people are tired of losing battles that drag on grinding life in the country. to
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a halt for extremist there is an extremist populist radical current in france today that encourages violent actions and this time they went too far this is even more with the people losing patience with not only the government but also the neverending protests it appears public opinion is changing and the trade unions may well lose not only the battle but to want as well i guess readers are about r t here's. while european countries are fighting to slash their budgets the european union itself is after more cash that's rankling larger states which resent paying for the problems of smaller they should and they're pushing for strict new penalties saying quoting the loss of rights for countries which break budget rules and even polish foreign minister sikorski said poland with a public debt worth half of its g.d.p. once the eurozone to change. the world on highland is an
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aspiring european country that wants to join the euro zone but want to join the euro zone with the greek crisis would be impossible we want rules that will not let it happen public gets should be paid we support strict rules in the economy and we want countries that full of such rules to be rewarded. meantime british m.e.p. and the euro skeptic gerard batten says the e.u. large e.u. economies rather use every crisis to feed their ambitions but ignore the only solution to the problems getting rid of the single currency. their problem is always that there isn't enough european union not that there's too much of it but they don't have enough power so they see every crisis as an excuse for demanding more power to solve the problems that they've created in the first place economically it's in a terrible state because of the european single currency greece portugal spain all these countries their economies are going down the tubes the economies of countries like germany and france and the u.k. it would be a lot more healthy if they weren't burdened with e.u.
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regulation and in the case of france and germany with membership of the euro and of course they have to bear the tremendous burden of failing out countries like greece and of course spain and italy and portugal what we need is to get rid of the european single currency get rid of all the over regulation on business and allow economies to actually revive and become more healthy under proper free market economic conditions the wide things that go on at the moment is they can ever inevitably only get worse. you always good to have you with us today and still to come this hour. while you might be picky with a sound one whole nation is three days with russia find out how or so i'd move to the differences behind. a pakistani born american has been arrested for carrying else a very low and so on the washington d.c. metro was part of a suspected terror plot. is accused of providing support to people he believed were
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al qaeda members but who were actually f.b.i. agents and u.s. counterterrorism officials said there's no indication ahmed was ever in touch with the real militants but still the incident has helped stoke fears of so-called homegrown terrorism in the united states and as artie's merino found out critics say the f.b.i. may not be fighting terrorism so much as entrapping vulnerability. may two thousand and nine according to the f.b.i. the four men intended to carry out their plan. for african-american muslims are arrested we have to say sorry paraded in front of new york news cameras presented as the faces of homegrown terrorism for individuals. to jewish facilities here in the bronx and also take on a military aircraft. a terrifying plot the f.b.i. claims to have more than the suspects quickly dubbed the new book for our poor illiterate ex convicts with neither passports nor licenses no direction by
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a foreign entity or a real terrorist group instead direction came from shahid hussain a pakistani immigrant on the f.b.i. payroll reportedly paid nearly one hundred thousand dollars for his services f.b.i. operatives provided the fake c four and actually showed them a fake stinger missile fake weapons and a manufactured terror plot according to court testimony hussein rick. routed the economically strapped defended by offering cars in cash to carry out the orchestrated operation then the agent provocateur or testified as the government's key witness in this nine eleven america the f.b.i. has upped its ante against terrorism how much it really boiling hot summers the country question is would there be any plots well with our government in place to help free that despite surprisingly little criticism from amnesty international and human rights watch others have expressed a lord over what they term entrapment
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a practice considered unacceptable in countries all throughout europe i now think it is i know what is entrapment aleesha mcwilliams mccullum is the ont of twenty nine year old david williams one of the new birth for she says her nephew is languishing behind bars for a fake terror attack grown in the home of the u.s. government they are creating scenarios they are manufacturing crimes that would not have occurred if you had not planned on unconstructive seen into a community bin ladin is still out there there are real terrorists out there that we should be concerned about and they should use goes resources to those individuals and not sit back and rely on a woman's to make up crime well these are all people that we begin to identify attorney steve downs who tracks cases like newburgh for argues the u.s. government is systematically employing preemptive prosecution targeting those whom
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officials deem predisposed to committing crimes before an actual crime is committed there taking some really down and rather vulnerable individuals and not only implanting the ideology of jihad on them giving them all the things that they need all of the material setting up the plan and doing all the research everything else and then grabbing them and then claiming. these were homegrown terrorists it's just a fiction downs' created this ten foot wide visual listing the names of individuals he believes were entrapped by the f.b.i. government the size of for some reason your ideology is causes them concern because then they can come after you and they can manufacture crimes against you and they can make up a whole case and put you through a whole thing and eventually if they can persuade a jury that this manufactured case is valid you can go to jail for a very long time guilty verdicts for all four men as is the case of david williams
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and the other three who now face life in prison i don't have slaveholders i got government owns a government that will sell a family off for political gain. and this is a god damn shame as a son said to be a goddamn larry king today. r.t. new york. now do remember you can always get much more on all the stories we're covering on our website. opinion video clips. for you online right now. for the d.n.a. passport. global warming skeptics to convince them. the.
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new level of relations as foreign minister visits the country and he's met with his counterpart. with both of them agreeing that the potential of their partnership is huge the turnaround follows years of distrust between both nations. reports. when the two countries foreign ministers came to the media today they looked very happy and there has been a feeling a clear feeling but both sides of pretty much satisfied with what they've achieved and what they've had in the press briefing has just proved that prove they cite via this mr lover of mrs sikorsky have repeatedly emphasized that the relations between russia and poland are currently significantly improving and they've
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been talking about trade turnover between the two country which has increased dramatically in recent times and many border issues between the two countries and cultural events and many many are the things bilateral issues to raid chain that there are many facts indicating that the reason a good relation house relations progress in quite well between warsaw and most liberation is between russia and poland have been far from ideal from even warm for many many years and actually it is a terrible tragedy this april's plane crash which took the life of kaczynski polish president his wife and ninety four other people including many polish ministers and politicians this tragedy actually has brought the two nations closer full of in this loss for all polish nation president richard very for express his condolences and russia has actually done
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a lot to help paul and to go through it. reporting there from warsaw now coming your way later this hour what's worrying britain's best minds we travel to oxford to watch why a top academics fear the u.k.'s reputation as one of the world's best places for research might soon become a thing of the past and. internet users across the globe breathe a slight sigh of relief after an investigation busted the man thought to be the world's biggest spammer ego to fares now on the run the russian is blamed for a fifth of the world's junk e-mails. you might not have noticed that there have been less spam messages churning around the internet every day in the past few weeks in fact fifty billion less spammers are a source for hard to find and how vast networks acquire is controlled computers to
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pass on emails but it seems that once you do start looking in the right place the results can be fast dramatic officials say the recent fall in spam emails is because the world's most prolific spammer has done a runner although no pictures of him are available bigger goose of a suspected of flooding the web with bogus marketing option according to the law he might get as much as five years in prison for this kind of crime we can't tell at this point how much money he has an easy counts he's considered the biggest spam and based on he's reading these and the number of messages he was sending. goose effused the website spam it dot com and glove med dot com which supposedly paid spammers to promote fake versions of prescription drugs often quite lewdly anyone who responded to the mails will be paying to further the scam rated as the internet's largest such operation but with the russian police investigation closing in on who serve who still to fled the country searches of the seven removable hard
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drives for flash cards and three laptops found in his moscow apartment may bring charges related to his online empire which reportedly made him over a million dollars both to serve and his lawyer of denying he promotes spam but now that he's gone the mount of prescription drug related junk mail has dropped significantly amounting to a fifth less daily spam traffic worldwide spam itself of the big problem for everyone so from this point of view yes it is a pretty dangerous and currently the node is the. number of especially a pharmaceutical spare computer security companies however are being cautious warning that spam volumes could quickly spring back to the previously high levels tom barton r.t. . all right before we get to the business news with stephanie for the meantime let's take a brief look at other stories making headlines now around the world this hour and more than three hundred forty people have been confirmed dead following the tsunami
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in indonesia thousands of people have attended funeral ceremonies for the victims already over four hundred people are still missing and feared to have been swept away by the giant wave nevertheless rescue teams are still hoping to find survivors after reaching the worst hit areas a failure of a tsunami warning system is being blamed for the scale of the fatalities. when chief banky moon's issued an ultimatum military government while visiting neighboring cambodia he said must release political prisoners november's general election not being recognized the ballot will be the country's first since one nine hundred ninety when she won their pro-democracy leader's been under house arrest since then and self has been under military rule since one thousand nine hundred sixty two. possible come chaka and russia's far east has been buried in ash after
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a volcano on the peninsula erupted schools and offices had to be closed and there were little signs of life first several hours thousands of people were forced to stay at home or to wear gas masks when outside. thousands of kilometers across the peninsula and meteorologist say they're likely to remain for another few days. for britain's a drastic budget cuts announced last week are already making their impact felt universities around the country are having to make do with less as artie's are lower and found out top academics are starting to look at broader better funded research positions. oxford city of dreaming spires and academic excellence but not for long according to some if the government refuses to support it professor brian foster loves oxford he's a particle physicist head of one of the leading research departments in the world but he's also a reluctant participant in
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a brain drain as scientists abandon the u.k. for better funding abroad everything about oxford is fantastic except that before landing which we're getting to do our research from the government is you know perpetually going down becomes a point when you can no longer even with the best people do what you need to do so professor foster's off to hamburg where the government will give him a million euros a year for research into whatever he likes plus a generous salary that's a lot of money he says roughly half what he gets in oxford to run his entire department with thirty academic staff and all that entails for now britain has one of the best research reputations in the world held by prestigious universities like oxford but some academics believe that ranking could be undone within five years if funding is withdrawn and this at a time when other countries like singapore france and germany are increasing their
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budgets scientific research got off relatively lightly in the government's recent spending cuts it will see only nine percent of its money disappear due to inflation in the next four years instead of the feared twenty five percent but it may be too little too late since the time i've been here the amount of funding that we received in oxford which is one of the world's leading universities and is one of the world's leading particle physics groups has dropped by to sort of size of my department is about one half of bob in terms of support staff technicians and you news when it was when i arrived dreaming spires they may be but if they govern. continues to cut funding academics say the only thing they'll be dreaming of is former glory nor am it artie oxford. now just after twenty past the hour here in the russian capital you are with our two youths good to have your company today now let's dive into the world of good stuff hello to you staff i will read so what's
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the news here that arafat is now getting into a basketball yes it's obvious it's done a deal with make up mikhail prokhorov new jersey nets i'll have more on that in just a bit later but first troika dialog has been in talks of both the run and listen about the possibility of selling its stake in russian carmaker after bouts troika and state holding russian technology each own twenty five percent bows and is seen colors gone spoke exclusively to business r.t. of the world economic forum for the middle east and north africa on wednesday he explained the french and japanese firms positions. but we have a desire to buy troika dialog share and after advise and we are in the go see asians however we have not come to any decision yet we are not in a hurry and have plenty of time however both renault and there are interested in buying troika dialog share. russian car producer gas could drive sales
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revenue up thirty percent of this year the company expects total income will be around two point seven billion dollars it also plans to increase the production of light and medium sized commercial vehicles by forty percent. the tender for the tribes to top four fields appears to have broken down as all of the bit is except one have been rejected on technical grounds the last to go was so good enough to go out which failed to pay its deposit on time with only bashing have still left there's been speculation that the tender may have to be reset but alexei cockin from oral simply explains the government is not obliged to do so. the simple solution is to go on with the bidding with just one little left of the rules of the york which is not technically an option it is more of a bidding process. so these rules don't really require the government to counsel the process if only one bidder is left the government may
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transfer for them i. just leave it as it is and proceed with with the same goal. which is motion of the. sun that's a quick look at how the markets are doing european stocks are gaining in london the footsie is trading point four percent higher this hour shows a world that sheltered gained more than one percent on well received outings of course from the oil giant georgia telecom unbolt spog and are among the top players on the banks. and wall street has reversed gains made at the open on thursday a lower dollar and better job this data half in lending support but caution over the extent of the expected federal reserve economy stimulation is now weighing. on here in moscow the russian markets finished trucked to mixed on thursday the raising gains made earlier in the session lou call this the made for the chip to sell on the bisects down a one and a quarter percent at close this bank also wait. greece may have a greater budget deficit for two thousand and ten than the eight point one percent
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agreed as part of a rescue package from the i.m.f. and the e.u. the new york times reports it may reach eight point nine percent of the country's g.d.p. investors fear that greece will be on able to close the gap week ten year bond yields have jumped to one percent on the news. and staying with the e.u. the european commission pants are launch legal proceedings against its own member states that pay over flight fees to russia the move is a roundabout measure to eliminate billions of dollars in fees that washer charges european airlines to fly over siberia germany france finland and austria would be the first to face proceedings but the other twenty three member states are also under investigation the commission says countries doing unilateral deals with russia is uncompetitive as the aviation rules require all e.u. citizens and companies to be treated equally. russia's state kerry era flock has entered into a sponsorship agreement with n.b.a. teams the new jersey nets and by russian billionaire of this is the first time
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arafat to supported a professional sports team in the u.s. but there has been agreed to for two years but team representatives hope it will be extended is the second sponsor contract team has signed with the russian company and agreed to a five year alliance with still each vodka earlier this month. about one fifth of russian insurance companies are facing a bankruptcy insurance watchdog said out of seven hundred funds up to two hundred fifty are in financial difficulties however major market players say the industry is in need of some rationalization. for not a very real board yourselves. leave the market it will buy a market for healthy. over the whole affair of the market of companies believe probably five of them for a real cost above will not strongly be affected by. the market. tanking b.p.
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could invest up to two billion dollars in a shell gas project in ukraine's don't yet scrooge and the russian british oil company says it could put in fifty million dollars in the first stage which involves drilling a six test wells but he wants the investment will only be possible once a memorandum has been signed with the ukrainian government. russia's biggest dairy produce a venerable don has bought eighteen percent of its own chefs from down on for four hundred seventy million dollars the deal marks the end of the french food companies involvement were started eight years ago the transaction was able to proceed after the government approved the much of russia's milk production with ukrainian. i'm not so the business news for this hour but of course you can always find one if you've been to a website that's r t dot com slash it's. wealthy
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british style sun. sometimes. markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger for
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a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars a report on our dear mom i'm sorry that i had to do this i've been in so much pain in the past year that i can't take it anymore the stomach and chest pains have been getting worse and no doctor has been able to help me please know that i'll finally . be at peace with no more pain i wish i could have had a life with it was a bit always pictured her being my wife and mother to my kids i love you all see you all in heaven when your time comes i'm going to meet jesus christ. thousands of u.s. troops in iraq received one of these drugs a drug called lariam and it may have prevented many soldiers from getting sick the question tonight is whether or not soldiers were adequately warned about its rare side effects serious life changing side effects.
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more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images. from the streets of canada. showing operation to rule the day.
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the headlines now. but the majority. particularly after the pension reform gets. arrested in an f.b.i. sting criticism of the agency's entrapment tactics catching the wrong people. investigation into one of the world's biggest spammers sends him on the run and slashes circulation of e-mail. before my colleagues. turn over to the world of financial big money scandals but the kaiser report.
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hungry for the full story we've gone to. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news maker. max kaiser this is the kaiser report markets financing the scandals they have all that wiki leaks thing they put four hundred thousand documents in the public domain and folks are saying oh this is bad for the soldiers it might endanger the soldiers .


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