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tv   [untitled]    October 30, 2010 7:00am-7:30am EDT

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the successful completion of the new asia pacific is in the country's interest in. a constructive life i would like to note that russia is a key to this kind of cooperation especially the creation of alliances of course many issues were addressed during the a.c.n. working sessions for example the issues of natural disasters which of course this region is specifically prone to specifically hurricanes tsunamis underwater explosions all those things this region suffers from them quite severely and the russian president expressed his condolences to the people of thailand which of course are at the moment suffering from that very face so dealing with natural calamities has been on the agenda for the a c. and summit leaders today also various other issues like economic cooperation global security dealing with the aftermath of the global financial crisis all those issues were discussed too much satisfaction it seems from the region is
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a very attractive one primarily because it has a lot of growing economically growing countries china of course is one of russia's main partners and is of course a part of bric brazil russia india and china says some experts say one of the strongest emerging economies in the world today and those boys are dealing with the effects of the global financial crisis a lot better than the so-called economic giants like the united kingdom the united states and the european union so how is a lot of economic potential for russia to be involved with this region of course globalization has also meant that there are a lot of other interests with countries separately that make up the asia pacific region not just the a c. on or a pad group as a whole but also its relations with vietnam go back a very long way and they do seem to be very strong ties as the russian president dmitry medvedev said in an article published in the local newspaper russian. stood
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by the get rules as they fought for their independence and will continue to stand by them as they emerge a strong economy into the twenty first century into the world arena as my colleague found out on the ties between moscow and how we are growing stronger by the day. vietnam in the twenty first century it might look like a throwback to cooled will tell you but it's not the case vietnamese more noisy it's economy growing at an increasing rate and it's looking to his old allies to help spur the. russian money big companies are flowing to vietnam bringing millions of dollars of investment which is a good sign of healthy relations. but the biggest venture is still ahead russia has to build vietnam's first atomic power plant it took several years for georgists an environmentalist to find the right place hang vietnam to the country's first nuclear plant they chose the central province mench on haiti's locals call it the
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land of sand and sun. there is no rain here now it's raining but it's for the first time in the last few months and as a result few people live in here and that makes it an almost ideal place for a future project and the plans include eight power stations within the next two decades we think the first unit we launched by twenty twenty it will provide us with cheap and safe energy to meet up to fifteen percent of the rise on demand. people welcome the idea of their region which is among the poorest in the country becoming vietnam's and a g. powerhouse communities here have traditionally been dependent on fishing and dries growing but now they sense a brighter future. for structure and give us opportunities i think one day my children could be working at this plant for this they work hard good education to
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be smart it's an honor. but one long reach over the red river north of annoying vietnam the country's longest for years it symbolized a long friendship between vietnam and its strongest ally communist brother u.s.s.r. its vietnamese name could be translated as rising dragon and it seems the drug got its tail flying high twenty years on after the collapse of the soviet union russia is among vietnam's closest partners or even ocean r.t. vietnam. still to come for you here on ars he zero tolerance russia's new drink driving ban is going. to cut the country's shocking road but some say he goes too far. to. find out why americans trust t.v. comedian more than anyone else much more than the president that's in just
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a couple of minutes right here on alt. a new spy scandal has flared up between georgia and russia after reports that twenty people have been caught allegedly spying for moscow georgian officials have so far refused to confirm or deny any parts of the story but have said they will soon make a statement artie's peter all of a tries to shed more light on the story. well on friday the reuters news agency was reporting that twenty people had been arrested in georgia accused of spying for moscow the report cited a source saying that all twenty were georgian citizens however way yet to hear any official response from the georgian sides over those arrests now we may not hear until perhaps november the fifth when the georgian foreign ministry has said that they will issue a news conference to talk about the situation at the georgians might not have said anything but russian political figures have spoken out on they say this spice
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scandal if you will saying that they believe that there's no dues no need for russia to have a spy network in georgia and it this is just the georgian side trying to play russia off as the bad guy again. this looks like another of georgia's internal political battles in russia is used as the boogie man as usual russia doesn't need a spy network in georgia will be waste of resources russian officials can get all the information in georgia without leaving their desks there's a massive georgian jospeh here in russia was jong toys to homeland's so there's absolutely no need for any old spying methods to gather intelligence it's all basically nothing more than pawns of george's internal policies twenty thousand and six russian military personnel who were arrested in georgia accused of spying for russia and that resulted in the the temporary terminations of travel and services between the two nations and the relationships between the countries hit its lowest ebb in two thousand and eight following georgian aggression in south
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a set yet this forced russia to send troops into the region and resulted in the military conflict in august of that year and in march of twenty ten this year we saw two russian citizens and one georgian receiving lengthy prison sentences here in russia on espionage charges so quite a few incidents over the past few years involving tensions between these two countries. still ahead for you this hour. take it easy carry. you can see that it really does provide. a. comedian jon stewart has more clout in america than president barack obama that's the view of voters in an online men's magazine who picked the daily show host as
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the most influential man of the year in the united states and is. going to reports today he's putting his popularity to the test in public. when its own box gets in the way of political promises were promised during the campaign change you can believe in right it wasn't change them believe in in eighteen months when the media wants over with fear and anger. and the minds of a population are attacked with misinformation there's such a lack of truth on the airwaves were being dumbed down by the news business who are americans left to trust according to a poll conducted by an online men's magazine comedian jon stewart is the most influential man in america after eleven years on the daily show how four million voters bumped him up to the number one spot and i would be concerned if it was they said larry the cable guy was the must trust a man who married guy so i feel like. one way of earning the trust has been
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confronting the mainstream media we need help from the media and they're earning us they sexting the lies being spun by pundits taking over t.v. screens in america i. know you don't think it's going to look silly doing it how do you learn that border collies doing the right thing there you. know. i don't know do you think it's dangerous well i wonder what the letter would have to say about. the security in the us these days it is taking a comedian to show that the lack of trust in the media is what's causing programs ratings to crash i have privately amongst my friends and also an occasional newspapers and television show. mentioned this show as being bad you made the
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right choice you are leaving this place you know when you are in the last guy out of a burning building draw on. and you are so up and so comedian jon stewart became the most trusted man in america he calls crap like you sees it and always uses humor humor and simpler reasons to he's just a handsome man he's just a handsome trustworthy fellow but it's far from just believing he's appreciating the humor for the first time a sitting president has appeared on stewart's show just a couple of days before the midterm election the democrats this year seem to be running on. please baby one more chance now. in the same pool stuart won the number one spot obama didn't even make the top twenty with tens of thousands of americans if not more headed to jon stewart's rally to restore sanity this weekend the fight for truth in media and in politicians is moving almost right into the homes of the
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political elite and even those stewards and denies being a man of politics there is this idea out there that comedians do not have a personal political agenda but it has one i can say that we do if the comedian were to push his agenda forward the most trusted man in america would have his followers join him which should be the scary thought for all those politicians media pundits and the rest of the establishment so far failing to earn trust with their own people and so i say if you're going to r.c. new york. well people trust jon stewart because he questions power that's why jeff cohen journalism professor at ithaca college things but he does warn the comedian don't become a politician. you know i don't know that he's the most and but i think one of the reasons he's so popular is he his program is imbued with small d. democratic spirit you look at people with skepticism you look.
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questioning what they're doing you have an attitude about them that's the democratic spirit that our country was founded we about the united states is this democratic spirit so when you look at the corporate mainstream media you see a lot of cozying up to so i think the reason. is they make fun of they make fun of. were important they make fun of the media elite themselves. blogs are always available twenty. to one of its.
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reaction. today. these are the images. from the streets of canada. russia has a zero tolerance approach to drinking and driving but still alcohol is blamed for around two thousand road deaths a year and opponents of the law think it's actually too strict they say a new breathalyzers are so effective that just eating certain foods can push motorists over the limit. operation mini break the driver is in full
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swing it's the latest attempt to combat russia's drink driving problem one of the worst in the world these offices are equipped with brand new breathalyzers albers zero tolerance more with allows no alcohol at all and to drive the system. instead of arresting more people where rectal is seen and drug people are deterred by the new laws and the the several dozen drugs stopped by the police and this night all test clean authorities say that the combination of tougher legislation and more in terms of policing is having the desired effect not everybody agrees drivers' associations have been up in arms they say statistics show the drink driving has been on the wane in recent years regardless of legislation and they claim the new laws are unworkable and discriminatory drinking a small mind of alcohol has no impact on driving licenses being confiscated from
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those whose ability to drive isn't impaired. it's the same question current through their city gay dude in is asking so are benefits so gay tries a government sanctioned breathalyzer. after a cup of tea he takes the test again now he's over the legal limit. i got one of these government sanctioned breathalyzers for my birthday last year when the legislation was introduced i tried it and was surprised to discover alcohol content can be triggered not just by drinking small amounts of beer or by bread spicy food in milk now i'm starting a campaign against islam because i am not a criminal with sergei is still driving and hoping his coronary experiences won't cost him his license while the police hope that the number of drink driving related there falls from the two thousand recorded last year whatever it takes you go over on the party moscow. it's about eighteen minutes past the hour. let's check out some other stories making headlines around the world this hour. behind an attempt
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to carry out an international terror attack two packages containing potentially explosive material hidden in toner cartridges were accepted or rather intercepted on airplanes in the u.k. and dubai the flights were on route to chicago from yemen barack obama says it was a credible threat to u.s. citizens all the signs of al qaeda both packages were addressed to u.s. jewish organizations. thousands of paid last respects to former president. at his funeral in the south of the country his wife cristina fernandez who's the current president and let the procession leaders from other south american states were also there including venezuela's hugo chavez died on wednesday after suffering a heart attack. hundreds of north korean family members separated for more
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than half a century by the korean war i've been reunited in the north of the divided peninsula it is the first of a series of three day reunions to be held either side of the border the meetings are emotional with many elderly family members eager to meet long lost loved ones millions of korean families were separated after korea was divided in one nine hundred forty five. while an exhibition ter showcase the latest arms equipment available to military and civilian security forces has taken place here in moscow sara first went along for a ride on one of the new super vehicles at the frontline of the war on terror. fourteen. red. states and here is. the main. thing that there isn't a. and throughout the day they gave me a month's supply back. i just love russian forces a capable this is
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a three day event that combines full connected specialized exhibitions one with the international exhibition at police and defense technologies another is the international specialist exhibition of technical systems and facilities the board a service and specialized international exhibition at the medical equipment and technology in that area is one of the largest events its kind in russia and it's a very unique event with the book from the russian government that's the only exhibition in russia that demonstrates in the way it does the technical capabilities of the forces and the equipment you have a demonstration by the russian interior ministry and. the combat operations and you can see now that the landing that enabled. the specialist so to be flying and taking this building so this was a high ranking officials this gives all the participants of the exhibition a chance to get up close and personal some of the specialized military equipment
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like this heavily armored vehicle. take a look they could easily carry up to ten sodas at a time and you can see that it really does provide a unique opportunity took the disappearance of the exhibition to see exactly how these vehicles were in combat situation sir further porting right now an army over zombies and vampires is coming out to play this weekend here in moscow but still a fairly new thing here more about the ghoulish celebration in russia and the latest edition of a moscow out next hour here's a preview. so it's it's midnight it's a couple unfinished pumpkin and i'm all alone here in the park just opposite the crowd and. it's about this time of nights where all the ghosts of the spirits are meant to come out. and whether some people like it or not
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follow it it's definitely be it's in. and in just a moment stephanie is here with the business. hungry for the full story we've got. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers. hello
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and welcome to the business bulletin one of the world's top auto parts supply is has opened its fifth plant in russia canada's mark now is ramping up production hand as more foreign carmakers are expanding their operations but as medina question of our imports the relative lack of locally produced components is putting the brakes on the russian auto industry. that aborts bomb perris the radiator grills and other components that's what this newly built plan and the cougar region will produce and more importantly that's what the fast recovering russia call market lacks at the moment the kaluga plant is just one of a serious of russia projects run by magna and late september the canadian company also announced the opening of three plants in simpy does that the total investment into the kaluga project top seventy four million euros the plunge will manufacture
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components from false fagging school into renal n.p. . for certain products. but they're all the same referred to but there are lots of parts we still have to import. data for example from from from outside. pretty sure that this will change over time experts say this year global cop production could exceed pre-crisis levels with seventeen million vehicles rolling off the assembly lines russia will contribute about one point seven million to the total by twenty eleven for many of this are simply a sample hand rather than build from scratch the biggest bottleneck for production in russia is the lack of so some components plenty of manufacturing plants but the source of supply of world class quality components is pretty limited and a lot of the plants that have been set up a store importing the vast majority of components so now the big question really to
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consolidate the restoration of the russian car industry the growth potential of the russian call market is such that x. prize believe more foreign manufacturers will be looking to set up joint ventures with domestic phones but as the industry here expands some kinks in the manufacturing process need to be are in assets analysts say russia needs to produce more high quality mass welcome. ponens if it's to fulfill its potential as a base for foreign comic mind in the question of business r.t. region russia would increase gas supplies to poland by as much as forty percent following the signing of a new agreement after nearly two years of negotiations on legal delays the deal has been sealed the outline of the contract was agreed in january this year but it then faced a long process to comply with european antitrust law that the prime minister igor suchan said the talks in warsaw also included agreements in other areas of the
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energy sector. in the power industry we plan to export russian electricity to poland we've offered our polish partners to participate in constructing a baltic nuclear power plant but the shareholders and in other forums. are informed about the privatization of some oil assets that will take place in the near future and we agreed that russian companies would be able to participate in this. fashion equity markets finished high on friday here in moscow a raised early losses and managed to pull into positive territory in my six also finished more than a percent higher and if you may just that support i'm back spared losses on my sex with two percent place. after climbing past the sixteen hundred level at the beginning of the week the r.t.s. couldn't hold on to those gains and despite the rebound on friday but the r.t.s. on the my sex at the week below where they started rolling nashua nation's capital
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explains what caused the downturn. mark you start off quite well earlier in the week and then it came off towards the end of the week and the really big talking point is over the stimulus package coming out of the u.s. can but nanki pump enough money into the u.s. economy to not only get the u.s. economy back on track track but to get those dollars into global assets one of which is russia this is to say it's a russian companies move to sectors that are really in the public eye right now the first is the banking sector and the second is the utility sector and banks is all about the privatization this announcement that russia is going to be privatizing states inspired by and can be has got a lot of people pretty excited and you know there's been some pretty positive changes that have taken place but from the management and in the way in which those banks are being being driven they're looking much more because of the pan russian platform and people quite enthusiastic about that so the banks have done well and then the utility side there's a lot of speculation about when tariff reform will actually take place and we had
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some very good news this morning that finally the markets expectations have been met and you know tariff reform seems to be on track and so we've got a lot of money coming into the utility sector as well. and finally russia plans to create twenty one national parks and expand and eleven existing ones over the next decade the state will also increase spending on pay and training for park employees they will also be provided with modern equipment to manage the forest and fight fires by ms tippett and says he hopes the new parks will help the country develop eco tourism following this summer's devastating wildfires the government has pledged an additional two hundred and forty two million dollars of investment for forests in two thousand and eleven. and that's all the business news for this hour headlines and next with laurie so don't go away.
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there is not enough space for them on the ground. to. get things nonexistent under the sun. the gap of adrenaline. discovery deeply hidden secrets. they are seeking. and even. talking to god.
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under the ground. with the headlines not play. as first nuclear fuel. president. nations. reports of a russian spy ring being busted in georgia. is between the two but experts believe it's just another tbilisi p.r. stunt. and a funny business poll shows the most trusted opinion make the us. president
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barack obama doesn't even make the. spotlight this time. the film's big screen. time. more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. operations the day.


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