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tv   [untitled]    October 31, 2010 1:00am-1:30am EDT

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meant to and russia as a close friend and partner of vietnam mr happy to see that. indeed we have a special history of relations taken back to the time when vietnam was fighting for its independence in them we. were very glad to see that and i fear both during the soviet time and today russia remains a friend of vietnam but it will do everything. and you to make sure that these time improving relations develop and that there pragmatically and get friendly at the same time. we have just witnessed the signing of a great number of documents these documents fully reflective of the entire spectrum of our relations. who if we look at what is included in those documents think little asians in the energy sphere. of the new i'm talking about the document. on the construction of an atomic power plant are huge this is
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a major project a long term project. and ultimately. geek of the loom the if we reach the ideas set forth in the project. if we reach the capacity we can. remember this power plant will account for a great share of vietnam's power market energy market and it will of vietnam to develop as a solver in a modern state. that not only produces and process is oil pollution but also uses us and other sources of energy which is very important in today's world you to be a competitive strong and a modern state i will be with you. but you also cooperate in other spheres as well . traditional steer our cooperation has been the. oil and gas industry with that
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we have almost thirty years experience of cooperation in the oil sphere then we hope this line of work with her. remains. while retaining the parameters of cooperation that we achieved once but i would only hope that it as it develops in difference in new directions as well. ended mr president and i discussed options of still of a new objects both india naaman russian federation then to other countries as well but it is always good to. hear it is always good when projects. can develop independently. we also touched upon a whole number of other corporation options. in such areas as transport high technology ability but in the documents we signed today you know they prove that there is great potential in all these areas that will be. it is
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a good thing that we're developing our cooperation in politics and humanitarian severe and in the sphere of culture as well it also contributes to the to the friendly ties between our states cooperation in a sphere of education has been the most successful one of the most successful spheres of cooperation and i trained vietnam and russia. very many vietnamese specialists receive training and education in our country and i think those other people whose knowledge and experience and expertise that contributes to the friendship between our countries we're willing to prepare to train more so specialists which we have many of you know me students as well if you move studying in our schools and institutions these days. and today we also discuss the idea that mr president the voice during his two thousand and eight days that you know about establishing
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a joint technology university and i think we will work in that direction i think it is a great idea and we will also work on other q. monetary and educational projects. as far as again the only build up of foreign politics if you will is concerned with how countries stand on very close positions . but would like to see security issues solved on the basis of international law mention national regulations. with the lead with priorities of international. developments prevailing in the bat. with. your book in a sphere i think the essay on summit that i took part in the is also a step towards ensuring the regional security and i would like once again to thank our with vietnamese counterparts for the perfect organization of the summit you
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know and for the perfect organization of my visit to the country mr president if you will just mention the weather i think the weather is spectacular. in the book through the very contrasting with what we have the moscow now we enjoyed our walks around her noise with your great deal little but with the only media that i'm sure that there isn't the spectacular weather fully reflects the relations that women get we currently have between our countries dear mr president there colleagues and friends i would like once again to thank you. for your invitation to make this visit to vietnam. it ended opens a new page in our relations with him and thank you very much. the man michael. so dear colleagues i would like to hear to ask your questions now unfortunately we
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cannot have much time in the. way the. information agency or at least. have a question for both presidents what do you think. of the current relations between russia and vietnam since our countries have established such as a partnership relations in two thousand and five and. thank you michael . well i would like to be the first harasser shipley's member. bit numb and russia have always been very warm friendly relations. those relations have been of strategic nature since long ago and. it will
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work. very. well but only recently we established official strategic relations and diversity as those relations have been developing steadily this shows first of all we have a high level of confidence and trust that characterizes our relations. very highly thinks of russia's role in the regional and international global policy and it. is committed to developing relations with russia in many of years. and the e.u. also we have also seen positive response on russia's parts to our initiatives there have been many. state level visits you may need documents have been signed and many important projects have been implemented especially in the oil and gas here.
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where also broadening our cooperation in the oil and gas share in russia in russia and in other countries as well and we have boosted our cooperation in other spheres such as culture of science. and so on. the link there a high level of cooperation. however if we look at all possibilities and potentials. i would like investment and corporate in the economic corporation. to grow even greater. fitting the potential of our potentials of our countries and i would like to emphasize once again the importance of cooperation between our two countries and i would like to thank mr medvedev and the people of russia for cooperating with our country a little bit. of them. will continue in what mr president has said what i would
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like to say that strategic partnership in my opinion consists of a place of three parts and all the three parts of the presidents and their relations between russia and the socialist republic of vietnam first of all it's privileged economic relations relations that are full the steady and based on mutual trust it will give us a good example of that is everything that has been done over the last ten years. and the documents that have been signed today serious economic agreements on major economic projects and this is what i call privileged economic relations and they include very they consist of many different components putting energy infrastructure and such an important issue and subtle issue as military cooperation military and technical cooperation the second component is powerful humanitarian
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and educational ties but in the mitchell sympathy of people who in the time tested relations based on the firm. contractual basis and i think this fully applies to the russian vietnamese relations indeed we have a partnership that dates back. far longer than two thousand and five but it friendship began. during that period when the vietnamese people fought for their independence and i think this is what sentiments our friendship because stronger than documents and number three is the coordination of international policy of external policy only with global went to states have a common position on issues of global development they try to coordinate their policies. the basic coordinated positions. on many issues and they seek. prompt resolution of international issues
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this is exactly the type of relations that we currently have between russia and the socialist republic of vietnam you know so i fully uphold what mr president has said . and i regard these relations as strategic relations full of friendship and strategic partnership. well. like you. and i this is it art house correspondent i'm asking about the set of documents signed today while and mr president mentioned to noise desire to participate in these tablets meant a free trade zone between vietnam and the customs union. mr president mr medvedev you also said that our economic relations with vietnam are of privileged nature. and vietnam can be characterized as our key partners in the economic sphere.
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besides you yesterday you had an opportunity to walk around the lake. and can you please tell about your impressions from the visits and perhaps what you like most liked most in the vietnamese cuisine that will get you in the. last far of friendly strategic ties and relations i've already said a lot about that. repeating that the entire history of our relations just shows just how great and friendly they are you reveal them and i think we should each year you would be preoccupied with what has been done already we shouldn't rest on our laurels i think we should look into the future who will do only regarding my yesterday's war and my impressions a little too. well i mentioned in my introductory space that hanoi has changed
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a lot over the last nine years of the move for them i think this is great. because on the legal level the one hunt it represents vietnamese traditional movie could have it hasn't lost its colors. the mood would at the same time the for the. changes. i was able yesterday to make some photos with both from my car which does. require a certain skill because the car was going quite fast. so i managed to take some photos to get them and i think the city's very beautiful and when we were visiting them with the ancient temples at the lake. i realize that remember what annoyed blends history and modern developments moment and the future of the socialist republic of vietnam libya and the preparations to the. to the thousand year anniversary of her annoy i think it is one of the key dates when
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you've made very important date. and i think a visit to vietnam wouldn't be complete without trying to vietnamese cuisine it is it is delicious indeed matter did you move with them and they were. perhaps too spicy for the russian palate it's well but i for one like it. maybe women may have some problems with this licenses but felt that i think is probably up to personal preferences. today we went through a whole set of vietnamese courses here yesterday with me and that was when you might feel a real delight and i mean so i understand very well the tourists that came with coming to vietnam from russia and it was vietnam is a mix of the way history and culture create customs. and i think people in the streets a very friendly. to him a little bit they are very friendly and kind hearted as and i think this
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contributes a lot. to good note. no more questions please the vietnam radio station. russian for mr medvedev. while. we're very interested. in russia's modernization that you proposed in your species. and this connection i would like to ask. what role belongs here to the strengthening of russia's. connections with asia pacific region. well indeed modernization is one of our key priorities for them for the most of these days you will group not only them not because we want to change everything around us but because thinking about the future is impossible without going forward and developing and russia wants to be
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a competitive country when it will be buggered russia has great natural resources that we remember that we years more together with the vietnamese counterparts and with other countries but national resources alone which is not enough to create a future with. it will must develop our country in line with what is going on in the entire world one of them and that means innovation means more efficient production more energy efficiency you know you placation of my technologies and every day life inmates in the education will do in their soul will allow us today to become dynamic. and be flexible enough to be. a bit more modern and better suited to the requirements of today. says what i mean by modernization with. them but only now modernization has five key priorities.
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that's how well known but that doesn't mean. that modernization has to be constrained to these five factors you know really only the opinions of course not you by the way and. those are just the fundamental lines of development that i'm with you but of course we have to look around. and correct our priorities to game. the moon and of course if we succeed in the lines that we have chosen we need to look at her. find new lines of development for men as for the asian pacific region this is the most rapidly developing region in the world are you. a live human today it is. well law but it has home to over fifty percent of the global g.d.p. if the theme is that on the go to the who is what you live for and cooperation with
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all the countries that are currently in the asia pacific region is a key priority for us and. the reason for that well one reason for that is one simple russia is also a country of the a.p.r. that wasn't participating though bill is you know an economic processes going on here so if i didn't warrant i think this is why the fight is reporting to what i'm going participates in everything that's going on here this is why i would pay so much much attention they should live. to work within their own forum but in their bag. like any other regional forum is are very important to us as well who it will and we're going to increase our presence in those forums and we'll try to find will seek new forms of cooperation with all countries of the asia pacific region with that of course vietnam is one of our key partners in this respect. last question please. place come our sun
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newspaper russia. mr medvedev the. only russia is a currently returning to the region to regions where the u.s.s.r. was quite active ones. in south africa and so on. doesn't mean that russia is about to return as intensively in the southeast asia and my second question is how do you see our relations with the situation. will consist only of weapons and energy or will there be something else you can guess my question to the vietnamese president benefits to you think the region is going to receive from ash from russia's increased presence in the russian. speaking of southeast asia. which.
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i think the situation here is quite more obvious than in south africa on the lights in america and i think we have actually never left the region to go for that we have friendly answers as you have our question relations with most other countries here so we have basically nothing to restore here which is need to. get those relations up to a higher level we have always been friends with the socialist republic of vietnam in those relations have now been instructed to think that this is the way to go in the future but i know what i'm saying is that we need to seek new approaches it's we can't live on. alone we need to find new projects we need to find a new series of corporation including high technology alternative energy including atomic energy. with them that we have signed an agreement on tomorrow and i think the prospects are very good here in this respect. melissa president agree with me. we. fully agree. with mr medvedev and i would also like
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to add. that if he had a nominee in the us and countries. who. would like to enhance relations with old countries of the world. both on bilateral and you know let's basis. toss. that russia is of great importance. as it plays an important role in the international arena and we would like to develop relations and cooperation with russia in all areas including science education culture and economy. who work. there. and also to work together along in ensuring peace and stability in the region i therefore russia is of kiem portman's i've been here . for you here and around the world.
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are cool and i think russia can make a great contribution in maintaining peace and stability in the region. thank you very much neal. and i've just been watching life common turns coming to you from honeymoon that amuse capitol where the russian president dmitry medvedev and his vietnamese counterpart. were discussing the key points in mutual cooperation well president dmitry medvedev is in good nam to seal the deal to build get now first a nuclear power plant and according to both presidents cooperation will also increase in such fields as telecommunications mechanical engineering oil refining as well as banking and outer space exploration well we'll be bringing you more on
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this as we're going to hear from our correspondents and we'll discuss this in a more detail. let's not take a look at the other stories we're following for you today and a georgian russia could be one step away from a fresh spy scandal with reports tbilisi detained twenty people for alleged asked on friday according to an anonymous source quoted by reuters the detainees are all georgian and are suspected of creating a spy network to gather secret information from moscow but georgian interior ministry has so far refused to comment and says it won't do so until the end of the week russia's foreign minister sergey lavrov said moscow is not aware of any details as there are no diplomatic relations between the two countries observers say the lack of clarification from tbilisi is an indictment of the authoritarian
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way the country is run. when someone is arrested they're entitled to due process that means they can call a lawyer that family members could be contacted therefore arrests are announced and it never happens i can't tell you how bizarre it is to hear a police spokesman see. i can neither confirm board to lawrie that arrests have taken place the secret arrests are the hallmarks of a police state. you know there is a new law before the georgian parliament which is called the freedom charter and it's something akin to the patriot act in the united states it will drastically increase the powers of the security service it passed its first meeting in the in the georgian part parliament recently and it is possible that someone is trying to whip up. a social mood to support that. georgia's opposition
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politicians are also can damning the authorities actions of the country's conservative party leader says an e.u. lengths to russia seem to be enough to bring a prosecution by the police leadership the kind of charges russian links russian ties russian experience is always used in georgia's police. i do not think about these people but i know that it's like you know to be some poll moving through the russian. spinach may be there but if you are business you russia. a favor when the russians you were with the georgia it's quite enough for georgia law enforcement off shows to make criminal use. georgian opposition leaders speaking from tbilisi. and coming up in the program here in our team fit in or get out that's the stark warning from politicians in germany to immigrants across the country look at how that message is going down in just a few minutes. russia and the u.s.
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are celebrating their first joint victory in the war in afghanistan opium trade on thursday their operatives destroyed for drug producing labs in the country and seized a ton of heroin afghan president hamid karzai has denounced the operation saying it violates his country's sovereignty but russian officials say everything had been agreed with the afghan interior ministry the drug raid mark the return for russian special forces to afghanistan over twenty years after savia troops left but for some veterans of that war the news came as a complete shock artie's academy now reports. if this one this one through this one this one. this one lost his leg and that he got a mush is showing his cormorants killed in the soviet war in afghanistan two decades ago only four out of the fourteen in this picture made it out alive andree
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was a commando of a mine disposal unit in kandahar in two years he schooled thirty five people dozens of others. a third of all mines used against soviet soldiers were american mate most of us were enemy who helped the mujahideen with equipment weapons medicines it was there who supplied afghanistan with the stinger fighting vehicles which helped knock down our rockets. two decades after the soviet army humiliating defeat and dream will stay can a back to find out that russia was back in afghanistan again this time with its former anime. these are the pictures he saw on the news reports for drug producing lapse on the border between afghanistan and pakistan were destroyed in a special rate and a ton of heroin worth over two hundred million dollars. after we gave information
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to our u.s. and afghan partners the three sides plan the operation for three months we used about seventy special forces units three landing helicopters and six supporting ones the whole operation lasted less than four hours. but many experts say washington needed a push before it started to act it's unbelievable to me that it took russia to tell the united states where the drug labs were when we have a hundred thousand troops we've spent eighty billion dollars on intelligence we have one hundred thousand additional contractors so we had to know were crawling all over every inch of that country but it took you know two in fact two out the united states to force us and to embarrass us to cooperate with you to stop the drug trade which is in the interest of the entire world including the united states with more of the drug passing through its food has than any other country russia is
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convinced that the skin which must be confronted at its source however those who know first hand what fighting in afghanistan is like learning against being drawn into a full scale war because. of course there should be special operations carried out against drug cartels but again special units should be in charge of this one thousand year old boys should not be recruited to do this every single operation should be planned in detail starting from the intelligence the operation itself and the wrapping up of the operation it's easy to get trapped in this war and hard to get out of it. as long as islamist militancy and drunks emanating from of ghana's stand are seen as a threat to its national security rush is likely to remain a force in the region even as the u.s. works out an x. it strategy faced with big worries and less reliable neighbors say the region they are not as states and nato appear.


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