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tv   [untitled]    October 31, 2010 9:30am-10:00am EDT

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usually admits to yearly to about eight hundred military bases or sites from macro to micro but in their count they don't include anything in a war zone and at tom dispatch you know we've done some reporting for instance on the afghan war at the present afghan war zone where we have upwards of four hundred bases again from tiny combat outposts to enormous basically american towns with boardwalks with fast food joints and whatever that we just built more or less from scratch and there are certain countries where the countries are embarrassed that their military bases there it's really hard to say i mean eight hundred to a thousand maybe more depending on what you're counting it's an awful lot it's an imperial presence of a kind i don't think we've ever seen in history and it's particularly strange because the bases traditionally bases more or less where the way you kept colonies but for us bases are actually the thing when you see global
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it's a frightening word it sounds like every single country throughout just globe has some form of military presence from the united states that i can't swear that it's every city probably isn't every single country but a striking number of countries i don't actually know the number right here but i mean if you think if you if you take this another way and you think to yourself. the u.s. military now has a kind of secret military inside it and those are the special operations forces which have been incredibly peeved up and taken over certain activities that once were more cia type activities in the bush and now obama period those special operations forces and there are thirteen thousand of them according to the washington post stationed outside the united states their station now in seventy five countries there are only one hundred ninety two countries in the u.s. i think that's the latest figure so you're talking about somewhere upwards of forty percent. for special operations forces. it is
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a lot now it's very interesting that to draw that dividing line between declared war is an undeclared wars which you do raise this point in your work often most americans are aware of declared wars with iraq but afghanistan over the last several years what about the un declared boys how come nobody really talks about bad wars skirmishes whatever are you you know it's hard to know in this country what people know i mean i mean even the wars the afghan war for instance has disappeared more or less disappeared for years at a time from i think from the media well from public consciousness you know it's hard to say what the u.s. media you could always find something i mean there's something there and that is that it's not there's ever no coverage but you have to be a news jockey like me you have to be reading the inside pages of the papers the war in the pakistani border line and americans obviously know very little about that i mean we are proud of our drones and so we're caught always between calling it a covert war and actually. that actually bragging about it and americans are
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remarkably detached from the wars that being fought are being fought in their names and the various other military positions and so on and so forth on the globe it's one of the things that i focus on as is just the degree to which we are doing things that americans could know about basically don't we have to put some of that blame on the media who is essentially responsible for bringing some of that information to the u.s. and i have to ask you do you feel like the media and the military are sort of sleeping in the same bed at this point i think the military may have but there's a there's a history with the military of a post vietnam history of trying to put journalists in bed with it when you are embedded with the military there's an element of stockholm syndrome there just has to be with it and you tend to if you're out with american troops in afghanistan you are in the end i mean your life is at stake you are in the end going to identify with american troops let me ask you this. you've spent years the ciphering sort of
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the military as agent of the us foreign policy when when what should that line be drawn between you know reasonable national defense and really kind of paranoid expansionism is that line ever drawn any more no but basically it basically is no longer drawn in so what you really get this you get american treasure poor into by the multi-billions into you know into into remarkably strange wars approach i've long been convinced that if osama bin laden you know had a dream for him in a nightmare for us it was to involve us in in inconclusive wars in distant lands that would cost us a fortune there's a kind of intelligence national security bureaucracy that's fed in this country all fear and americans are irrationally scared of terrorism since two thousand and one the number of americans who have been you know killed by by terrorist actions is
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it's a shark attacks but below anything else dangerous in our world you know and yet the fear level is so remarkably high and everything is justified upon us those lines are drawn and we don't think seriously about what our national interest is and we're paying for it now you've mentioned money and apparently the pentagon is going to be able to enjoy as much as seven hundred twenty six billion dollars next year or something along those debts and i have to ask you i mean it might seem a sort of a naive question but it has to be asked couldn't this money be put to better use and especially now in this economy of course you know commanders in afghanistan can walk into a village they have they have a fund so they can find an afghan village elder if they want to do a hearts and minds' sort of thing they can see that the infrastructure is weak that they have canals or filled in or whatever they can just pay money to people to start digging out those canals you can't do that in the united states we're a can't do nation here we can't. build anything we just we just decided not to
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build a tunnel between new jersey and new york city where i live because it was too expensive but we can spend billions building these bases very efficiently if they're extraordinary in a way can do x. these huge bases in afghanistan or iraq or wherever else i think it's quite startling actually and what about the cost of civilians on the ground civilian lives we have piled up many towers in response to the towers that went down to two thousand treat three we have piled up many towers of dead and they don't have memorials nobody thinks about them i mean except obviously their families and their countries we don't know the numbers in iraq or afghanistan but they are they are startling numbers that not only has the idea of peace gone just go on the idea really if diplomacy in the normal sense as opposed to a militarized kind of diplomacy but the very idea of victory the most basic thing to a military culture is going on in one of your latest articles you ask this question
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how old will you be when the american envoy stared state goes down as you often bring up this point of a terror of an internal state of war you know is that essentially it america's destiny and one war i'm starting out or i actually think not this can only go on so long all things of course must end but in the american case you know we cannot simply continue fighting trillion dollars to three whatever it might be trillion dollar wars ad infinitum i this country simply can't afford it and washington thinks that we're in a slow long manageable decline i think this country like the soviet union in an earlier period it's in decline now most this is what americans know asked the question is this country in decline sixty five percent of americans the most recent poll say yes we are in a state of decline americans feel this washington doesn't fully feel this yet but that reality is going to shape this war world of ours. will it continue to go on
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for the next couple of decades or what i don't know because i'm going to i don't know i don't think it's a couple of decades no i mean longer or less no i think it's less i think it's really significantly less so i think we are in a steeper decline and we realize we won't be able to afford to eat it too eternally . it will be a necessity to to lessen the american military on the military mission on the planet talking about these issues and us wars and u.s. military bases. there are many authors out there here in the united states talking about it how come this point does just not get across to washington is it so different planets i think washington is in many ways remarkably sealed off from most fresh thinking i think one of the startling things and disturbing things about the arrival of the barack obama in foreign policy terms is that is the people he chose to put around him you know obama picked james jones as his national security
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adviser but general marie a retired marine general who is a friend of john mccain's he had made him elections coming up right out nothing's really going to change after that right it's going to be the same thing over and over again it will be worse it will be worse because the we know before the election happens in without being there are november second without even thinking about it we know that whoever comes in the group be the america will be a country that will be able to do less and congress will be able to do less and less is going to happen for a while i mean less and in the sense of anything new any change anything that would really set us on a different course i think this is not going to be a happy moment. not a very optimistic prediction time go hard thank you very much for sitting ten of us today it's a pleasure. dear
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mom i'm sorry that i had to do this i've been in so much pain in the past year that i can't take it anymore the stomach and chest pains have been getting worse and no doctor has been able to help me please know that i'll finally be at peace and with no more pain i wish i could have had a life with it was a bit always pictured her being my wife and mother to my kids i love you all see you all in heaven when your time comes i'm going to meet jesus christ. thousands of u.s. troops in iraq received one of these drugs a drug called lariam and it may have prevented many soldiers from getting sick the question tonight is whether or not soldiers were adequately warned about it's rare side effects serious life changing side effects.
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with. for a no holds barred global financial headlines kaiser report. download the official. called touch from the top story. of one life on the go. if video on demand. costs and says feeds now in the palm of your. question on the. news today violence is once again flared up. from these are the images. from the streets of canada. corporations are today.
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the latest news of this week's top stories on our team rochelle seals the deal to build vietnam's first ever nuclear power plant in a bid to help the country develop as an independent and modern state the agreement was signed as to meet the demands made to visit tel noid cooperation in the region . fresh tensions flare as georgia has reportedly arrested a network of twenty people all georgians for spying for russia to b.c. has refused to either confirm or deny the claim. and the first ever joint us russian anti drugs operations in afghanistan has been held a success forces have stored for drug labs and confiscated a ton of heroin worth over two hundred million dollars. however many more details
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on all those stories at the top of the hour up next we'll check in at sports desk for a live update. hello there thanks for watching the sports and these other headlines. occurs you called double sings the lanyards any to increase their lead at the top. she usually betrays third title of the season as the final of the simply just big open gets underway. and sexist call their way back into baseball's world series victory over san francisco. the first russian premier league leaders any to have restored their six point lead at the top the soft in a comprehensive three no win for them over a lan year who are now in a real relegation scrap alexander could become again the man for their name two more goals from him to bring his tally to twelve off the last of its got the first
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in st petersburg it means they need to six clear second place through being with a game in hand in just five games left of the season to skulk could go a point behind rubin with a win in sunday's late game lokomotiv moscow still have hopes of europa league spot playing and the half an hour gone their earlier spot it now chicks elvish a point against terror and out of one no picture a over and card to keep them in the relegation. yesterday spartak moscow came from behind to stay in the hunt for european football next season spartak who were four found themselves a goal down one and three how to score for us that but went into the bright level i'd mcgeady provide the cross and the league's top scorer valid and added the finish on one one was the way i stayed until the final minute when substitute alexander than the pulps and me getting made no mistake from the sports bar taking crucial points. and six placed in amorc to go off to remain in the chase for
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a europa league spot after coming from behind to win four one at home to rock bottom said the ball born. gave the visitors a surprise lead after half an hour but within six minutes taking a leap in crown you quickly pulled the lever and then we are different and as the new meister identical to make it to one. of the how you stand before the ministry alexander semin goes on target to make three one. stoppage time some show i did the fourth that could cross from alexander voting. in england there are two local dobbies to enjoy this sunday aston villa against birmingham was the first to kick off one of these mill nailed with injury time being played there while newcastle not long picked off again sundin it's also got a quarter now gone and then in the late game liverpool do have the chance to climb out of the bottom freight when they travel to bolton. let's go to tennessee can classes how to overcome a minor car accident to set up
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a final against car and i mostly asked the deputy a championships and both for good straight sets victory in the last four matches wozniacki beating russian and world number two bit is about moving over into you said clijsters dominated her match against. clijsters was involved in a minor bump on route to the stadium yesterday and that may have unsettled to the start the stars are taking a three day love lead in the first step but the belgian men found form and eventually set on a tie break before wrapping up their second six one to take the match and go through to tonight's final. and meantime russian mikel usually is trying to win the same page this big open he is up against me. a kazakstan because i. want to up in the first set. sunday's ice hockey action in the carrick gel is also wonder why police are currently hosting our own garden catherine. after the second period of the big one of the day they seize western conference latest in our moscow scar st
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petersburg well in the other games the defending champions. take a new grab. hold but it actually came yesterday there was a three one defeat so you can flop my teeth away and more than we should go because open for the house at the very end of the first period. and i would go straight to the second row converted to double advantage however alexandra cousteau converted a power play from the blue line to pull one back. but martin sheen who police needed only one minute to restore a morse to goal advantage in a quick counterattack. aside in the game the strike took place. but that is as close as it got the three four no. preparations for next year's rugby world cup of suffered another setback after they were thrashed thirty two points to six by argentina's reserve side best
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second loss to the tane and is nineteen weeks his which of them perfect. is like seventy years ago two thousand and eleven rugby world cup gets under way new zealand and davidson's russia have a lot of work to do no one is expecting miracles but the newest nation to take part in rugby showpiece event needs to improve fast big going to be competitive against the likes of australia ireland and italy and says russia's new banks coach henri paul could see. the road through the world cup. draw i still want to hold the short term but when it's all over the players themselves they need the fruits they need to work for a concert that pretty much everyone everywhere. meticulously researched you know we slowly going to go through the course since the decision making here to make about who's going to go to the world cup so you know those are things that you know obviously diametrical i will work on myself i'm going to have to work with the
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cause on technique and schoolwork to continue their preparations for you then to new zealand russia been playing to. test against argentina second string the russians will be opening encounter by over forty points last weekend and we're hoping for a much improved performance seven days away turn for the majority of the first half they would give a good account of themselves and would have been in front before we would goal kicking and opportunistic trying for move this to strum half thomas could barely have proposed to trail by just cool points going into the half time break his point of trying some early pressure falling resumption russia would soon find themselves further behind as visitors long problem both managed to bundle is way over the line from close range and the home side were left with a mountain to climb just minutes way turn despite being down to fourteen men they certainly didn't individual as and juan pablo still is was on hand to finish a slick move and put argentina into twenty to six lead meaning russia needed to
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convert a tries just to draw level those to be no way back for the russians who were beginning to tire and argentina's great of fitness would prevail as they would run into late scores to secure a thirty two points to six victory. in the first half as proposal of. power from the try against a run a play by those who came in the first ten minutes because he controlled most of what we had most a position we were in smile with and those are the negative side that's there for the summer to work on but i think today we keep herself in the game the real kick is in goals we work in all and there are a lot you know with mr noel for half of the fly off the last two games with we've given a few guys who are on the for in general prefer a lot of game time and that's great for their development and improve performance by the russians who now face japan as bay continue their build up of the world cup but in reality the team needs to become much fitter and stop making elementary mistakes have begun to have
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a chance of even competing on the same level with some the world's top sides in september two thousand and eleven richmond. if you don't see. now over in the states the texas rangers have got their first win in baseball's world series defeating san francisco forty to cut the giants lead to two one in the series texas had come into saturday's home game in arlington looking to restore some pride after being thrashed in san francisco it was a fraud game but the key moment was when rangers number nine hit him each morning to smack jonathan sanchez for a two x. three run homer in the second innings that proved to be enough to win the game and gives the ranges a chance to level the best of seven series win the sides return to the ballpark on sunday. grow you know it's. much more than has certainly established himself as a major league player. just a battler he goes up there in. he uses every bit of talent. when he gives but you don't usually misuse it was a huge homerun for us tonight but it's on the board gave us
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a little breathing room and who is took it from there well there's also been a victory in the n.b.a. for the walking books they got their first win of the season by beating charlotte on home court ninety eight to eighty eight said this was andrew bogut first game since breaking his hand and just locating an elbow in a bad fullback and i did fourteen points rebounds in four blocks including this one in the first quarter which led to a quick cancer attack where he made it twenty one fifteen into the books but it's teammate brandon jennings not his first career triple double with twenty points making walking two hundred ninety eight eighty eight victory but. jennings right so. you know they getting that atlanta rash school washington by ninety nine points to ninety five sacramento away when is it cleveland portland or so it came out when is it usual. and indiana next time i'm winds of detroit and commit respectively i think memphis easily defeated minnesota and home court one
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hundred nine to eighty nine want them a new orleans had no problems in that white guy. so that brings us to the end of the sport will behave in a couple of hours with. you know as you know. we've got the future covered.
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news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images cobalt has been seeing from the streets of canada. china corporations rule the day. hungry for the full story we've got at first the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers.
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would be soon which brightened a few new movements soon from phones to transition so. nice friends don't totty don't come to the admiral no human a passenger liner sailing in the black sea. august thirty first nineteen eighty ships. twenty three twenty. four kilometers off shore. crashes into another vessel. four hundred twenty three people die. russian titanic.
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the week's top stories on our t.v. brushless seals the deal to build vietnam's first ever nuclear power plant in a bid to boost the country's economic growth. was during president made its first official visit there i know i call the details of the trip and stay with our team. of press tensions flare as georgia reportedly foster spy network gathering information for russia but three d.c. refuses to confirm or deny the claims. france of south sudan unity russia and the us destroyed for drug labs on their first ever joint operation in afghanistan.
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it's five pm in moscow welcome to the weekly here in archie this sunday on monday so now way first russia will build vietnam's first ever nuclear power plant to me said the deal will help vietnam develop as a powerful independent and modern state the russian president's visit to hanoi comes as moscow looks for closer cooperation with southeast asian countries considering those are the reports from the vietnamese capital. many deals were signed today during the russian president's official visit to one noyo bought this deal is perhaps the most important in this deal is said to be worth over five billion u.s. dollars and will certainly help vietnam stablish stability and its energy sector vietnam of course suffers from a lot of blackouts are a lot of electricity shortage it helps president himself said help the country establish itself within the twenty first century world the arena has a strong suit.


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