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tv   [untitled]    November 1, 2010 3:00am-3:29am EDT

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if you move. from france to pressure the sun. don't come. this if it's storm front it's pierce did it to the south korean island provoke
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angry in japan accent when it came a couple of minutes. scientists demand the world stops ignoring a nuclear fuel technology that's supposed to maximize power and limit pollution rejecting it's a waste of time and. economists predict trade between china and the u.s. washington is trying to bankrupt beijing's fast growing economy. and coming out of business that they would put all the latest market news and also will be life as the roast night elegy for gets underway here in moscow join us in about twenty. around the clock and around the world where live from moscow this is r.t. our top story now president medvedev has sparked an outcry in japan by visiting one
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of russia's most oft long outposts the cruel arlen's remote occupied ago lies in the pacific thousands of kilometers from moscow japan which claims for the islands as it was called visit regret. little. details all fled did it strip coming to us some more about why did the visit has triggered this reaction from japan. well of course the main reason why the east visit triggers such a dramatic reaction from from japan is japan's own territorial claims to these four islands and because of these claims russian leaders in the past have been very careful even reluctant to visit those searchers in fact reach immunity became the first african leader of russia or the still being if you need to visit these audits and keep first announced that he's in town shouldn't you do said both a month ago but back then bad weather prevented you from flying in and immediately
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after the news broke out japanese foreign ministry issued a statement warning that if indeed that takes place between these with seriously damaged ties between russia and japan now the statement also irritated the russian diplomats who in turn retorted that it was absolutely up to presidents made a vet have to decide where he wants to travel within the boundaries over his own country and indeed many analysts that i have to doubt the statement very commanding statement coming out of japan he had absolutely no choice he had to visit those territories and that's exactly what he did today he visited the island when issued this is the largest and the most populated island all of the four disputed territories it is home to about six and a half thousand people and present it it had plenty of chances to meet the locals today he had a very busy idea there ready visited
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a lot of construction construction sides a kindergarten a reporter for a local factory and he really tried to get a sense of what life was like for many people while living there to give to give you an idea. what it's like to be and to leave on those islands here's our next report. it's a leftover from the second world war old soviet tanks rusting on the shore but there barrels pointed towards your pan the cornish island together with three other pacific islands was taken over by the soviet union sixty five years ago but the tussle to define its national identity still goes on. these cross appeared here a few years ago soon after the russian orthodox church opened its parish on the island of katon to dicky to phoenix population window on and is now in the midst of a baby will almost all of his with the highest birth rates in the into
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a region where lot of young people of servicemen. their living standards are quite decent nowadays there are many kids here and parents bring them to be baptized it's wonderful to have children on the island. building the church is part of the russian government's effort to raise the living standards of the korean island beach here means reinforcing national identity. all but the band and in the nine hundred ninety s. the audience saw a large influx of japanese charities and officials trying to persuade the locals that they might be much better off if the on and on their japanese administration says you know us and if we get the oil is bark we won't move the russians who live there we know how painful it is then you offer them citizenship. that the dispute over the korean islands known as the northern territory's in japan always had a third party to it it was the united states that encouraged the soviet union to
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take them over in nineteen forty five and it was also washington that later still just passed a rhetorical claims but now many japanese see both russia and america as occupying forces you know new. issues one is a territorial claim to russia and the other is to get rid of american military bases on japanese territory. under international law the real islands unequivocally belong to russia but due to geographic and economic reasons its residents a bomb of week when it gets to japan than to the mainland and while russia may be in their hearts japan is still whining for their minds erica yamamoto is teaching japanese at a she could turn school his salary paid by the japanese government i don't know how close is a very popular when you come to the school the children are already waiting for me amanda's people who i see there are many people who came here last year i'm happy here sometimes it seems to me that i am with my family again and here class seventh
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graders study alongside their parents who hope to get a job in japan life a degree allowance may have a proved in recent years but not quite so to stop trying to her rise and. now we have already heard some new reaction from to prague regarding this latest visit the prime minister of this country said that he was indeed a very a recurring ratable invent a very regrettable treat while at the foreign ministry sad that these visit by admission if it really hurt the japanese public sentiment and the whole security that japanese foreign ministry is about to summon the russian ambassador in tokyo for further clarification. on a solid from the diplomatic issues what was the focus trip to the others. well before i answer that question let me just point out that. one of the most frequent arguments for hearing from the japanese side with regards to these islands
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is something along the lines that russia has such a large tear tree why does it need these poor little islands especially when it takes such a poor care of that and indeed some of it it's true because these tests out there in the real audience have beautiful nature they're very reach in by resources and some mineral resources but when you walk around these coastal villages you can tell getting depressed because the infrastructure is so poor for many many decades these islands have been essentially in the black to fire first they saw in the thirty's and later by russian authorities that many people living on this island do feel abandoned and present admit it made it clear that he's goal was to change things around and he's sad that russia does indeed period both people while living there his trast again this trip importance of these territories for russia he had a lot of opportunities to talk to the natives for example i see
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a visit in essence trucks inside for a new house as he even had a chance to sit down with some of the families and he regenerated that indeed russian gas here and all of these people here's exactly what he said. to choose to leave. as opposed to in recent years we've managed to change the situation for the better you has ng is being built social infrastructure is being created this is good as it's improving living standards and giving hope that they could reach the same levels as the mean life within a reasonable time frame obviously it's a remote part of the country but still the opportunities that people have there should be at a decent level we need more professionals to go live there helping provide housing good living conditions incentives to say. yes we already pointed out under international law these are belong to russia but the russian officials on this trip to reiterate it that they're all open for dialogue
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with to pad with regards to this they had the southern correll islands and they say that they still stick to the terms of the nineteen fifty six to remember that was. reached between russia and japan an agreement that into the not but she jumped. back to japan but this is something that japan is not the ready to accept it wants to get all the islands back and this is something that russia thinks too much to ask ok are reporting from russia's far east thank you for that. we can discuss more about this route of a visit to the caribbean islands with italian stuff on the political analyst for the moscow state university of international relations she joins us live from moscow thank you indeed for joining us what's the significance do you think of the audience on the visit by president kennedy in terms of the relations between these two major. media today is made of it is to reason it is not
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a sudden want it wanted from the chain old freshman leader or so visits to the russian far east you know that in july. and you know it was spent several weeks in the far east. so it's kind of important. for a strategic to political she lived in russian foreign policy russia to turn still was the south pacific asia pacific region and it's really important in general not only talking about this special event. given that what you may call japan's negative reaction to president gets visit. you know that rely loans for a long time was an issue between russia and japan but this time it is
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a visit to chanda shows that his main interest is economic one and his main goal is to check the program that was promoted several years ago there was a program for the development of creel islands real two thousand and twenty and he was looking for the. energetic plans and new ports new roads are still developing of interest truck chain relied on these helps to develop the region in a whole not only with the islands and from this time rely less on start turning from the bad tour. brought thought russian far east tollways the front porch of russian and friends to the asia pacific region you've mentioned not going to be there from not just but in slightly that you eventually economics a bit of is expected to take part in the asia pacific economic cooperation summit
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hosted by the city government about two weeks' time how is that likely to be affected by this latest flare up over the current audience in york that. it's difficult to predict the real shipping news ran. but. we should wait to start. any should. understand this visit as the. step forward today economic relationship between two countries and the cross border corp. into this one to destroy any bilateral relations between japan and russia that will be the best from this situation. and political analyst from the moscow state university of international relations thank you very much indeed for your thoughts on the program today thank you. well still ahead few in the program setting the cross-hairs. the chinese are being set
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up to be the next. and the only thing that's interfering with that is that the muslims are in effect of bogeyman for right now. one of the emerging the chinese economy is being perceived as a threat by the debt stricken u.s. . it's an obscure metal but it could end our dependence on fossil fuels and reinvent the world's energy potential named after the god of thunder no this many scientists believe for him is the best alternative to a new producing nuclear power well ti's explores why the battle has still to gain a foothold in the market this spot its many advantages. we all use energy but at what cost. energy security why many more wars are thought the oil's running out and there doesn't seem to be
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a viable alternative insights but unbeknown to most there's an energy source that is clean green and abundant all over the globe story m z nuclear fuel and its supporters believe it will change the world conflicts that we see today based around energy could go away and that these energy sources that i'm talking about which don't emit carbon dioxide or or greenhouse gases and don't produce dangerous ways could enable us to have cleaner water cleaner air and less intrusion on our environment from energy production a ton of the silvery metal produces as much energy as two hundred tons of uranium three and a half million tons of coal. the amount of thorin that would take her vital all the power to run your entire life. is about the size of a marble that big a group working on story in the u.k.
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says it hasn't managed to get the british government on board so far so it's looking to cooperate with countries like russia for several years now a russian physicist has been proposing to build saurian power stations but his idea is happening being taken up a lot of focus on renewable. so maybe. they feel that there's more public support. but truly understood the potential of. investment research on thore and was largely halted in the middle of the last century after a year rainy and powered reactor was designed. many believe also fell out of the spotlight because making a bomb out of it is thought to be almost impossible but today not all scientists are calm but the foreign reactors don't really work for every challenge and it's
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a whole new technology which has very problems in my opinion they would have problems in developing the process in which you split the fuel from the waste from the reactor they would have difficulties in actually store in the. two thousand and seven cities from london to sydney held our turning the lights off to save energy proponents say the worry of power became a reality we could turn the lights back on with confidence. through. the rooms a divisive thing some say it's a technology that's being tried tested and found lacking others say that because the light water reactor got there first the room was never given a proper chance but while it's cheap. abundant and even a possibility the scientists here at the annual thore in conference say give it
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a go it might even change the world you are abbots r.t. london. china's emergence as a major economic superpower has raised concern among policymakers in washington they fear beijing's rise could result in the u.s. for all the trade wars between the two you have some experts saying that america is out to bankrupt china's rising economy. has the story. it's on r.g.p. even children still made in china three common words quickly becoming bad words as part of smear campaigns made in the us a used to be voted to give china special trade status the chinese are being set up to be the next bogeyman and the only thing that's interfering with that is that the muslims are an effective bogeyman for right now but that hasn't stopped china and its alleged us supporters from being the bad guys does your records help foreign companies create chinese jobs to make it with as seen in countless political campaign ads ahead of the two thousand
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and ten midterm elections with china in the us china's ascent in the world is becoming the popular perceived threat from washington maybe you ought to run for senate trying to hollywood going to get it over to go through there remaking the eighty's flick red dawn. but this time around instead of soviet troops invading the west you guessed it it's the chinese it seems for longer the us economy stagnates barely growing at all oh. and the more china celebrates the ten percent plus rise and its economic growth the more we see china vilified it's very important to see more progress by the major emerging economies with policymakers accusing the country of manipulating its currency to boost exports at the expense of the u.s. recovery and demanding they do something to change that every just look at the issue from that perspective you may think china is to blame here but the u.s.
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and china have a very dynamic interconnected relationship and when you look at what the u.s. is doing because a lot less clear who is the bad guy who takes two to tango there are two sides to that and the only way to get out of this imbalance is to coordinate a process that is mutually beneficial both invalid. an. that has china the largest creditor nation on the globe. funding the west the largest debtor nation in the history of the world asking for the dollar to go down twenty percent against the chinese currency chests to you on essentially ass china who holds two point six trillion us dollars in its reserves to just lose a half trillion dollars china doesn't want that and economists say this is anything but mutually beneficial to us no we want to screw you we want to bankrupt you like we bankrupted japan him we want to disable you because if we can destroy your canonically then you can never become
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a military threat and outside of this is paranoid psychosis but it doesn't stop the u.s. from parading its military might around china's borders china's also held drills in recent months and both sides are duking it out in what's been dubbed a currency war i happen to think china should open its currency up and be freely convertible on the other hand the united states is running up the gigantic debts and printing money oh everybody's making mistakes here and that's where economists say a larger war is impending looks like we have a trade war developing a losing battle for both sides nobody in history has won a trade war but that may not stop anyone from putting up a fight and recent u.s. history as seen here here and here doesn't seem to even be allowing a fair one lorin mr r.t. new york. at least thirty seven people have been killed in a police operation to release hostages from the church. militants took over the
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church after attacking the country's stock exchange where they killed two guards they were reportedly demanding al qaida members be set free. at least five militants have been killed following a u.s. missile attack in the northwest of pakistan were officials say an american plane fired at a house in the volatile north waziristan the u.s. military doesn't comment on strikes by drones the region is a stronghold of taliban and al qaeda militants the prime target of the u.s. led war against terror. with teenage al qaeda fighter held at guantanamo bay has been sentenced to forty years in prison but a plea deal means he will serve only up to eight years as he's already been held since two thousand and two. was captured in afghanistan at the age of fifteen after four gun for the u.s. forces he pleaded guilty to five war crimes charges for throwing a grenade that killed an american special forces medic. on the brazilian ruling
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party's candidate who said he's won there via voter will be the country's first president former marxist guerrilla eat opposition rather it was a ceremonial second round of more than fifty five percent of the vote spectacle t.v. antipoverty policy is about giving the loot the silver to be sworn in as the country's head of state under the first. shot that joins us now the latest business. hello welcome to business program hay on r t with michelle amos following the third international night had already for. two thousand and ten is getting underway here in moscow one three hundred fifty vosh and foreign companies from thirteen countries will present their work outside the exam exhibition innovation products funnel for more now i'm joined live by sponsored who is out the forum for it has done so much more can you tell a. lie for government activity guaranteed results the us would already have the
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most opposed to take sick during the world within the last month so lowered companies like google of intel opinion polls go to inspect the stall top sir creep in for a roll show russian official delegation has been in silicon valley in san francisco to see the latest innovations and learn from california trends and also reportedly boy came to around eight still going startups today we're here for bruce and the no take twenty chain which really focuses on the most floyd profile sector here in russia none of the technology which breaks a material down into tiny little to i tunes and then reassemble them into law it's a small of small dog with show room with two producers he would hold his in medicine a lot to do so for food on the ground the promise is a lot of will stay cool for sure bruce none of his imported experts from leaving
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companies like north korea the most largest mobile phone maker q look pie called also the world's largest producer of computers here and there really tried to shed light on how it's the big fear of foreign investors is getting caught up in red tape in fact this year's physics nobel prize winner on drake game but refused to return. to russia silicon valley called skolkovo being built. memo story here because he says the whole project will become ports up in red tape and corruption now we're joined by the head of russian scientists a bit to stuff so far of bitches the government have to. bring scientists by the best scientists from abroad. because they do something for . minister of science indication africa's problems one program to provide temporary vision of scientists working abroad
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a force which success so many people clustering so many russians. the are scientific areas for them to russia to leave the group. to a few here as the program is to invite. for the more important project which has been budgeted about two million dollars to hear us and i believe to come back it does not and i haven't is a procedure it's take some time to people to re-install the relations with the scientific group to see how things are going on with them both the bars on the bench universities if they say to themselves well implanted these some of us with a light meter and so on so i believe they should be there for them for several years not just one specific. evidence i was talking to the head of ross notes on a chip by sneak guarantees bribery in projects so important ship with ross not if
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you believe him. yes it's inside the head of the various portions and in any case the members of our association who verse on this program make special attention to this forum and they are a few specific oracle to participate in the game so while there with respect to russia. yes i had the relations throughout several. years i said no good position to each other over the course and i would come back. to look forward to that thank you very much should be just looks up over the head of russians scientists abroad now you may get to hear a booming voice just behind us is the head of more results steve will be talking to marcus of companies like her siemens the cisco throughout the course of these two days the two days of the four to see for us years old the royal right to become a world leader is the pits to become a world leader in high tech technology. ok for now thank you very much john our
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correspondent there done other worse than i for in this. time else take a look at how the markets are doing in the us yes here in moscow is open for trey's and is up no zero point seven percent after week and the week by day whether my seconds gained more than one percent on the back gangs in the energy sector in every major stock markets are mostly high in china and hong kong rising sharply off a solid manufacturing towns in china take a market to struggle with concerns as to how to earnings and a strong yen hung sackings up two percent. you can always find most henri's on our website r.t. dot com slash business.
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millions died here. and minimums looked forward to be held down say. the pain and suffering will never be forgotten. as well as the joy of liberation.


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