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tv   [untitled]    November 1, 2010 6:00am-6:29am EDT

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how would.
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pacific storm. visit to russia south korea provokes anger in japan which claims the far east and territory has its own brand of serious damage to relations. a new technology that revolutionized nuclear scientists across the globe pushing countries to give it a chance but their ideas are seen by some as a waste of energy. plus china's fast growing economies causing dominant view its own financial future economy want to trade war could be on the cards.
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here with. us today to our top story now president medvedev has sparked an outcry in japan by visiting one of russia's most flung outposts the coolants take care which claims for the audience as it was called that got his visit regrettable the remote. is in the pacific thousands of kilometers from moscow the audience have been controlled by russia since to prance capitulation in world war two and before that changed hands several times the region is considered a strategic as it is it's believed seashell could hold massive all of. the area is also used by submarines as an entrance to the hot seat on a boy has been following his visit. the main reason why the. dramatic reaction from. territorial claims to these poor islands and because of these claims russian leaders in the past have been very careful even really. acton to
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visit those searchers in fact the treme video became the first african leader of russia or the soviet union to visit these audits and keep first and nouns that he's in town sion to do say about a month ago but back then bad weather prevented him from flying in and immediately after the news broke out japanese foreign ministry issued a statement that if indeed takes place this would seriously damage ties between russia and japan now this statement also irritated their russian diplomats who in turn retorted that it was absolutely up to the president's bit of to decide where he wants to travel within the boundaries of music own country to give you an idea of what it's like to be and to leave on those islands here's our next report. it's a leftover from the second world war old soviet tanks rusting on the shore but their barrels pointed towards your pan the cornish island together with three other
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pacific islands was taken over by the soviet union sixty five years ago but the tussle to define its national identity still goes on. these cross appeared here a few years ago soon after the russian orthodox church opened its parish on the island of she katon up to decades of thing its population the window on it is now in the midst of a baby it will almost with the highest birth rates in the into a region where loss of young people votes of servicemen offices their living standards a coin distant now days through many kids here and parents bring them to be baptized it's wonderful to have children on the island building the church is part of the russian government's effort to raise the living standards of the korean island beach here means reinforcing national identity. all but the band and in the
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nine hundred ninety s. they are and saw a large influx of japanese charities and officials trying to persuade the locals that they might be much better off if the audience were on their japanese administration because you know if we get the owners bark we won't move the russians who live there we know how painful it is then you look for them citizenship. the dispute over the islands known as northern territories in japan always had a third party to it it was the united states that encouraged the soviet union to take them over in nineteen forty five and it was also washington that later still japan's territorial claims but now many japanese see both russia and america as occupying forces you knew of the japan has two issues one is a territorial claim to russia and the other is to get rid of american military bases on japanese turn tree. under international law the grill island unequivocally belongs to russia but due to geographic and economic reasons its residents of palm
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of bricklin get to japan than to the mainland. and while russia may be in their hearts japan is still vying for their minds eric mortar is teaching japanese at a she could turn school his soaries paid by the japanese government. the cause is a very popular when it comes to the school the children are already waiting for me demand those people who i see there are many people who came here last year i'm happy here sometimes it seems to me that i was my family again and here class seventh graders study alongside their parents who hope to get a job in japan life at the career may have a brew of the recent years but not quite so to stop eyeing the horizon these tests out there in the real audience have beautiful nature of their very reach in buyer resources than some mineral resources but when you walk around these coastal villages near cancun getting depressed because the structure is work for many many
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decades. such a fire first destroyed the thirty's and later by russian authorities that many people living on this island do feel abandoned and first made clear that he's going to change things around here regenerated that russia here and here is exactly what he said. in recent years we've managed to change the situation for the better you has ng is being built social infrastructure being created this is good as it's improving living standards and giving hope that they could reach the same levels as the. reasonable timeframe obviously it's a remote part of the country but still the opportunities that people have there should be at a decent level we need more professionals to go there helping provide housing good living conditions incentives. under international law. belongs to russia but
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the russian officials on this trip. that there are open for dialogue with regard. babies of the south in korea islands and they say that these deals stick to the terms of the nineteen fifty six to remember that it was a response to russia and to plan an agreement that included not what you just being a few of the audience back to japan but this is something that japan is not the ready to accept it wants to get all the islands back and this is something that russia thinks too much to ask. so they had few in the program setting the cross has . the chinese are being set up to be the next bogeyman and the only thing is interfering with that is that the muslims are in effect the bogeyman for right now . one of the emerging chinese economies being perceived as a threat by the debts for the u.s. . it's an obscure metal but it could end our dependence on fossil fuels and
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reinvent the world's energy potential named off the god of thunder many scientists believe thore and is the best alternative to you for producing nuclear power. it explores why the battle has still to gain a foothold in the market despite its many advantages. we all use energy but at what cost. energy security why many more wars are fought the oil's running out and there doesn't seem to be a viable alternative insights but unbeknown to most there's an energy source that clean green and abundant all over the globe story m z nuclear fuel and its supporters believe it will change the world conflicts that we see today based around energy could go away and the energy sources that i'm talking about which don't emit carbon dioxide or or greenhouse gases and don't produce dangerous ways
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chord. unable to have cleaner water cleaner air and less intrusion on our environment from energy production a ton of the silvery metal produces as much energy as two hundred tons of uranium ore three and a whole million tons of coal. the amount of thorin that it would take her vital all the power to run your entire life. is about the size of a marble that big a group working on story in the u.k. says it hasn't managed to get the british government on board so far so it's looking to cooperate with countries like russia for several years now a russian physicist has been proposing to build saurian power stations but ironically his ideas haven't been taken up there's a lot of focus on renewables at the moment so maybe that's where they feel that there's more public support rather than. but i think if they truly understood the
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potential of story. then they would realize that it's a good investment research on thore and was largely halted in the middle of the last century after a year rainy and powered reactor was designed. many believe also fell out of the spotlight because making a bomb out of it is thought to be almost impossible but today not all scientists are thore and converts foreign reactors don't really work every challenge and it's a whole new fuel technology which has very insurmountable problems in my opinion they would have problems in developing the process in which you split the fuel from the waste from the reactor they would have difficulties in actually storage in fuel . since two thousand and seven cities from london to sydney have held our turning the lights off to save energy proponents say
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if the warri of power became a reality we could turn the lights back on with confidence. for. the rooms a divisive thing some say it's a technology that's being tried tested and found lacking others say that because the light water reactor got there first the room was never given a proper chance but while it's cheap. abundant and even a possibility the scientists here at the annual thore and conference say give it a go it might even change the world you are abbots r.t. london and later talks to talk russian see how about the importance of developing an innovation economy he. says it could be just a matter of years before all materials run out and that new forms of energy will be needed. in the next ten fifteen or twenty years the world economic architecture will change so much that the raw material sector will simply lose the
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significance it has today a considerable part of the ultimo bill fleet will operate totally differently or it will be electrical environmentally clean etc who will then need us and our oil if the world stops consuming oil as an energy resource in such huge amounts and if we fail to diversify reorganize our economy and reduce innovative development then russia will turn out to be uncompetitive in the world market. atika watch our interview in full here in r.t. and just over time. now china's emergence as a major economic superpower has raised concern among policymakers in washington they fear beijing's rise could result in the u.s. for the trade wars between the two you have some experts saying that america is out to bankrupt china's rising economy. has the story. on r.g.p. and children made in china three common words quickly becoming bad words as part of
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smear campaigns made in the u.s. a. special treats the chinese are being set up to be the next bogeyman and the only thing that's interfering with that is that the muslims are effective boogeyman for right now but that hasn't stopped china and its alleged us supporters from being the bad guys does your great holes help companies create. jobs to make it with as seen in countless political campaign ads ahead of the two thousand and ten midterm elections with china in the u.s. china's ascent in the world is becoming the popular perceived threat from washington maybe you ought to run for senate trying to holywood going to get it over to where they're remaking the eighty's flick red dawn. but this time around instead of soviet troops invading the us you guessed it it's the chinese it seems for longer the us economy stagnates barely growing at all oh. and the more
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china celebrates the ten percent plus rise in its economic growth the more we see china vilified it's very important to see more progress by the major emerging economies with policymakers accusing the country of manipulating its currency to boost exports at the expense of the u.s. recovery and demanding they do something to change that every just look at the issue from that perspective you may think china is to blame here but if you want and china have a very dynamic interconnected relationship i mean you look at what the u.s. is doing because a lot less clear who is the bad guy but it takes two to tango there are two sides to that core and the only way to get out of this imbalance is to coordinate a process that is mutually beneficial both. an imbalance that has china the largest creditor nation on the globe. funding the us the largest debtor nation in the
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history of the world asking for the dollar to go down twenty percent against the chinese currency the yuan essentially as china who holds two point six trillion u.s. dollars in its reserves to just lose a half trillion dollars china doesn't want that an economist say this is anything but mutually beneficial and you want to know we want to screw you we want to burn kripke you like group to trip him. we want to disable you because if we can destroy you're going to have it great then you can never become a military threat outside of paranoid psychosis but it doesn't stop the u.s. from parading its military might around china's borders china has also held drills in recent months and both sides are duking it out in what's been dubbed a currency war i happen to think china should open its currency up and be freely convertible on the other hand the united states is running up the gigantic debts and printing money oh everybody's making mistakes here and that's where our economy
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is say a larger war is impending looks like we have a trade war developing a losing battle for both sides nobody in history has won a trade war but that may not stop anyone from putting up a fight and recent us history as seen here here and here doesn't seem to even be allowing a fair one lauren mr r. t. new york but out of some other world news this hour at least fifty two people have been killed in a police operation to release hostages from a catholic church in baghdad militants took over the church after attacking the country's stock exchange for two guards they were reportedly demanding al qaeda members be set free. afghan officials said the taliban overran an entire district in the east of the country overnight insurgents captured government buildings and the police headquarters or the security offices guarding the area were reportedly killed or taken captive before the attackers fled the scene show saying they've
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restored government control of the district. results of kurdistan's parliamentary election or win but there's no clear winner votes have been evenly split between five parties which will take up a hundred twenty seats a national assembly you don't make yourself five days to form a coalition what's now the first parliamentary democracy in central asia. by periodic outbursts of violence after revolution overthrew back here from presidential office in april. in brazil at the ruling party's candidate has won the runoff with the country's first president the former marxist guerrilla beat opposition rival. in the second round more than fifty five percent of the vote yourself has pledged to continue the antics poverty policies about going to the soon to be sworn in as the country's head of state on jan of the first
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. stories and blogs online anytime you like a dog that's what's on the site right now the live comes true while there is driven by hunger spark panic after attacking humans on the streets of roughest. last year everyone did which sport suits you best scientists believe they have the answer stored in our d.n.a. . after a woman in the south of russia was viciously more like two pit bull terriers the debate over who should be held responsible for dog attacks has been heating up some say bad owners out of the ng while others are calling for a blacklist of certain breeds of dogs parties in these polaski reports. this eighty
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four year old woman was almost killed by two pit bulls and here on the yard she was screaming for help and when neighbor heard her cries she called the police when the officers the roi of the region animals turned on them. one of the officers blew his whistle the dog the victim and the tag the policeman badly injuring his arm the officer. as had no other option but to both animals dead by the time the woman was unconscious she was immediately taken to a nearby hospital where the patient was in shock upon arrival we had to perform an emergency operation to amputate her arms the owners of the balls kept them for breeding but it seems they didn't keep them secure enough since on the fateful day they managed to escape jumping over a fence and tearing through the neighborhood so that the liquid unfortunately it's not the first time when dangerous animals are causing severe and sometimes deadly
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injuries and i think that one of the reasons is that there's a gap in legislation when it comes to dog ownership and punishment for those whose animals attack people large dogs should be considered dangerous just like common guns. the owners of the bulls in question have been charged with negligence resulting in but really harm and could face it too in the have thousand dollar fine or a six month jail sentence but courts rarely impose prison sentences for such crimes however the case has once again sparked heated debate on whether breed specific legislation should be introduced in russia currently twelve countries have banned or special conditions for pit bull and american stuff which are terrier ownership restrictions are not an option say the members of this dog owners club in the city of sochi let's speak to the enemy trainer and greet the seventy year old staffordshire terrier. and that there should be no breed specific discrimination considering one dog good and another one evil is just plain wrong always take into
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consideration certain traits that also should be considered by the dog's owner when choosing the dog but it doesn't mean that some dogs should be labeled more dangerous and therefore require some kind of special super training. maybe dog owners licks with insist that in most cases it's not the animals but their owners who are to blame the average basic training course for that bull terriers less. two to three months and could cost up to six hundred dollars something that in the cross in our case now seems to bourg and considering the price paid by the elderly woman who remains of the coma doctors fighting for her life did a small ski party across the region. shot its next with a business. hello welcome to the business program hey on our with michelle amos folly the third international nanotechnology for us not
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a tech twenty ten is getting underway here in moscow more than three hundred fifty russian un foreign companies and thirteen countries will present their work at the exhibition of innovation products our correspondent dana bash was at the event and joins us live now hello to dining so what's been happening so far today. bush is going over guns blazing in his attempts to bring high tech to the country to transform the country from the robots who was the producer into an innovative one we've seen the high tech spots of the silicon valley like google and intel open in moscow within the last month the russian official deliberation they went to california to see how they do it of course ahead of building you saw in silicon valley near moscow in a place called spoke about now we hear this nano tech twenty two pretty much the most high profile sector nothing like tech at the moment technology which involves breaking down and zeros into pointing out terms and then brea building them to produce lloyd's a strong good new materials and troll dogs and spearheading that is
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a company called bring over we're joined by mccall live shits who is a director of the company we call tell us a specific no no project which will change people's lives. you know i will play a little bit about now on the project because normally it is on the shelf space the particle. that acknowledges vicious things. ok as you mentioned go down with the top of the pops in and play the babe basically a whole area of low life. the broadest presence we should be moving it's a known example if a center of the coding solutions it's all the better and all that. and it's not been that good by. the much more important thing which we have trying to build our view of the focal project give your mind something and the event where we are now.
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i'm afraid we're going to have to cut the usual business show hands of intel we can all cross life if the joint news conference between me pharma says of russia and germany let's cross live to that now. germany is making good progress a leaders meets regularly and they consider the entire spectrum of our relations. and many regional and global issues it wouldn't be an exaggeration on my part to say that if every international issues be considered we regularly compare our positions on their e.c. shoes which weeks change their views and in most cases we are able to work out a common approach solar or close interaction on international affairs made an important contribution to our relations and to european and global policy. but we're used to not consider a short little term interest so we look up in the shoes that i have accumulated and
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so very good potential of trust and support and this helps us to lay a major role in providing a common agenda for the international community with the issues we have discussed the upcoming summits in the g. twenty or we also discussed various east use of our interaction in the g. eight group of also we covered the preparations for the russian nato summit in lisbon on before the oas sees summit astronaut and we also had an exchange of views on the prospects of the building because the architecture of european security that it would be based on with them the principles that all the names of the countries in the lancet carry it here we are interested for all the upcoming good forums including russia e.u.
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summit in december to bring serious results was over and to be concluded that she would like them in your record needing our common policy in european affairs we also had an exchange of views on some issues such as them where our countries are coppery together in various formats for example the proofs that the three plus three group that deals with iran's nuclear program used to influence all so we are all interested in resuming the talks as soon as possible and we urge to run to assume a constructive position on the proposals that we have made and we hope that possibly talks could be resumed this month already let's go to one of the workers wall so we agree with germany that a deal. efforts by the international community are necessary will suit on blog the
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blind ala situation in the middle east talks and we will get the group promote such an approach in an active way going to the us you know in june the german chancellor and the russian president met in missile burble and they came up with an initiative to set up at committee air russia e.u. committee on foreign policy and security issues that we are interested for such a committee to start working as soon as possible that would be good to promote who are common approaches to this to a number of crises including the transnistria settlement something that we also covered in much detail today but it's the lens. starting when january first verse removed that germany will become a nonpermanent member of the u.n. security council and will closely call parade with germany in these form it is well and confidence that is of with germany in the council the decisions made by the
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un security council will be even more weighty and we will take an active positions on the various issues stead to the supreme body within the un considers but also we analyzed hols the remus that we have reached earlier on being implemented at the twelfth randolph the russian german consultation since the july here and during primarily the goals of practical development through the sleeves of joint initiative with the partnership for more than a station it's a. also we support from burlington issue to expand our cooperation it's in the area of law as well also we were pleased to note that we are almost finished with the preparations for and with an exchange of cultural center is a.


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