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in the czech republic she's available in ski gallery hutto and science central hotel prima very nice and most of the stuff i need to make sure i'm a chaste in bosnia and herzegovina available in who told me the children of each
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tell a joke. but you know what you know. joe makoto killdeer a boutique hotel toast. in serbia and she's available in hundreds we can see they are going to. pacific storm president madrid to visit to russia south korea island provokes anger into paris which claims the far eastern territory as its own russian's foreign minister says tokyo's reaction is unacceptable. a new technology that could revolutionize nuclear power scientists across the globe are pushing countries to give it a talent but their ideas are seen by some as a waste of energy. once we report on how china's fast growing a comedy is called an alarm in the u.s. it's fearful of its own financial center. and coming up in the business update
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all the latest market meetings and would also be all about the us no technology forum taking place here join us in about twenty minutes time. or welcome to you live from our headquarters here in central moscow this is our team with me and he said no way it's two pm here in the russian capital eight pm in tokyo now moscow has called the japanese reaction to president medvedev visit to russia's korea islands unacceptable earlier tokyo which claims four of the islands as its own described the trip as regrettable. you don't suppose because that only the reaction by the japanese is going on in the russian president dmitry medvedev says it is it. is unacceptable to you this is our land but it's the russian president visited russian territory russian lends
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a russian region we abuse new and we have explained to stewardship and his partners to de vos what we are going to invite the japanese impasse or into russia here in moscow and once again since we will make a clear statement to reaffirm this position on your. calling. well the remote archipelago lives in the pacific thousands of kilometers from moscow the islands have been controlled by russia's sense to pass capitulation in world war two and before that had tamed hand several times the region is considered a strategic asset as it's believed the sea self could hold massive oil reserves the area is also used by submarines as an entrance to the what's hard is a clown a boycott has been following this that. michelle made a very air force of the first hour leader of either russia or the soviet union to visit those islands and one of the reasons why russian and salvage have been so
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reluctant to. part of the country is because they didn't want to crave attention to neighboring japan but we should be sad if he felt it was extremely important it was incumbent on him to do so to stress the strategic importance all of this region and also sad that it is very important for russia to make sure that people living in the crew live as don't feel about them that they don't feel neglected that they have acceptable living standards keep plots to continue allocating resources in order to develop their regions and infrastructure here is exactly what you sat. in a recent years we've managed to change the situation for the better you have. structures being created this is good as it's improving living standards and giving hope that they could reach the same. reasonable time for obviously it's a remote part of the country but still the opportunities that people have there
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should be at a decent level we need more professionals to go helping provide housing good living conditions incentives japanese foreign minister already sad that this trip was highly regrettable and that it really hurt japanese public sentiment on the other had the russian officials are saying that they're still open for negotiations with that japanese call exhibit their guards to the south korea live in spanish but what they essentially a saying is that they're still ready to come back to the nine hundred fifty six agreement that the soviet union. came to and one of the points of that agreement was essentially part of russia agreeing to transfer. time and. back to japan but on the condition that the two countries first. signed a peace treaty that money would amount to the second world war and japan has never agreed to a dime for russia giving away you'll give islands he's already a very big compromise it's already a very big concession but with japan it's just
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a starting point in negotiations last year out one of a very interesting and very respectable polling agency here in russia conducted it was asking people nationwide. what they being about the possibility of russia handing their those dollars back to japan and ninety percent of the respondents that they are absolutely against it. let's get more now on this issue from political commentator to me to bob it's from real news agency thanks for being with us now it's pretty obvious why japan would be interested in these islands enormous gas reserves oil reserves expected to be there. but could there be any other motives in this is a historical thing why do they want them sell badly well there is a historical grown to all of this because there were some japanese living in these islands also in seoul so you were salt of psychology and i went so obviously history plays a part here how do you think that president enters this visit to the islands will affect russia's relationships with japan were getting hints from tokyo that it
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could be very serious where we will depend on japan because basically there are two approaches to russia one advocated by japan and the other by china one of the vacated by japan is intransigent will not if you will if you give the russians you're not going to get anything back there otherwise by the chinese was sort of a softer softer approach so china from russia in the last twenty years a territory which is several times bigger than the one in japan has been demanding in a way so i think it's a very good lesson to all the countries where they confront patient with russia but he's often not now the speed of course has been going on for decades you seem to think it's the way the country approaches the confrontation. and that will have it move either way but do you think there's really a solution that would suit both countries well basically a russian. recognize that the problem exists several years ago and russia is
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radio for all sorts of negotiations i would rather suggest as just do away the problem aside and try to develop the ration they are not in a few years not for years now. but your last eight years or so i would say that. the world of conditions to normalize and you could on the general relations with russia one of the main conditions this program so on this i would see issue so basically you know the example of china shows that when relations in general improve and do you remember russia had a much bigger problem with china in the sixty s. than it has now with so when relations soon proved there is a possibility or for a compromise on a lot of issues all right we'll keep our eye on this situation between japan and russia thank you very much for inputs meter by which of ria novosti news agency. now another news an obscure medal that could energize our war world it's called eco
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friendly and there's lots of it many scientists say it could even replace your rainy and as a nuclear power source but despite its potential the metal is yet to gain a foothold in the market argues more and that explains why. we all use energy but at what cost. energy security why many more wars are fought the oil's running out and there doesn't seem to be a viable alternative insights but unbeknown to most there's an energy source that is clean green and abundant all over the globe story m z nuclear fuel and its supporters believe it will change the world conflicts that we see today based around energy could go away and that these energy sources that i'm talking about which don't emit carbon dioxide or or greenhouse gases and don't produce dangerous
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ways could enable us to have cleaner water cleaner air and less intrusion on our environment from energy production a ton of the silvery metal produces as much energy as two hundred tons of uranium three and a half million tons of coal. the amount of thorin that it would take her vital all the power to run your entire life. is about the size of a marble that big a group working on story in the u.k. says it hasn't managed to get the british government on board so far so it's looking to cooperate with countries like russia for several years now a russian physicist has been proposing to build thore of power stations that are going to be his i did happen to be taking up a lot of focus on renewable at the moment so maybe that's where they feel that there's more public support. but truly understood the
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potential of. investment research on thore and was largely halted in the middle of the last century after a year rainy and powered reactor was designed. many believe also fell out of the spotlight because making a bomb out of it is thought to be almost impossible but today not. so foreign reactors don't really work for every challenge and it's a whole new fuel technology which has very insurmountable problems in my opinion they would have problems in developing the process and so i could why would you split the fuel from the waste from the reactor they would have difficulties in actually store in. two thousand and seven cities from london to sydney have held our turning the lights off to save energy
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proponents say is the real power became a reality we could turn the lights back on with confidence. through. the rooms a divisive thing some say it's a technology that's been tried tested and found lacking others say that because the light water reactor got there first the room was never given a proper chance but while it's cheap. abundant and even a possibility the scientists here at the annual florian conference say give it a go it might even change the world you are at it r.t. london. well there are two talks to a top russian c.e.o. about the importance of developing an innovation economy eager are going to resign it could be just a matter of years before wrong materials run out and that new forms of energy will be needed. in the next ten fifteen or twenty years the world economic architecture will change so much that the raw material sector will simply lose the
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significance it has today a considerable part of the ultimo bill fleet will operate totally differently it will be electrical environmentally clean etc who will then need us and our oil if the world stops consuming oil as an energy resource in such huge amounts and if we fail to diversify reorganize our economy and introduce innovative development then russia will turn out to be competitive in the world market. you can watch that full interview in twenty minutes time right here on r.t. . china's emergence as a major connor economic superpower has raised concern among policymakers in washington they fear beijing's rise could result in the u.s. fall but the trade wars between the two have some experts saying that america is out to break up time is rising a commie party is more or less star has the story. it's on r.g.p.
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even children still made in china three common words quickly becoming bad words as part of smear campaigns made in the us a used to be voted to give china's special trade status the chinese are being set up to be the next bogeyman and the only thing that's interfering with that is that the muslims are in effect of bogeyman for right now but that hasn't stopped china and its alleged us supporters from being the bad guys does your records help foreign companies create chinese jobs to make it as seen in countless political campaign ads ahead of the two thousand and ten mid-term elections with china in the u.s. china's ascent in the world is becoming the popular perceived threat from washington maybe you ought to run for senate trying to holywood going to get it over to go through they're remaking the eighty's flick red dawn. but this time around instead of soviet troops invading the west you guessed it it's the chinese
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it seems for longer the us economy stagnates barely growing at all oh. and the more china celebrates the ten percent plus rise and its economic growth the more we see china vilified it's very important to see more progress by the major emerging economies policymakers are accusing the country of manipulating its currency to boost exports at the expense of the u.s. recovery and demanding they do something to change that every just look at the issue from that perspective you may think china is to blame here but the u.s. and china have a very dynamic interconnected relationship and when you look at what the u.s. is doing because a lot less clear who is the bad guy who takes two to tango there are two sides to that and the only way to get out of this imbalance is to coordinate a process that is mutually beneficial both. an invalid. that has china the largest
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creditor nation on the globe. funding the west the largest debtor nation in the history of the world asking for the dollar to go down twenty percent against the chinese currency just so you on essentially as china who holds two point six trillion us dollars in its reserves to just lose a half trillion dollars china doesn't want that and economists say this is anything but mutually beneficial to us no we want to screw you we want to bankrupt you like we bankrupted the program we want to disable you because if we can destroy your canonically then you can never become a military threat and outside of this and paranoid psychosis but it doesn't stop the u.s. from parading its military might around china's borders china's also held drills in recent months and both sides are duking it out in what's been dubbed a currency war i happen to think china should open its currency up and be freely convertible on the other hand the united states is running up the gigantic debts
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and printing money oh everybody's making mistakes here and that's where economists say a larger war is impending looks like we have a trade war developing a losing battle for both sides nobody in history has won a trade war but that may not stop anyone from putting up a fight and recent u.s. history as seen here here and here doesn't seem to even be allowing a fair one lorin mr r.t. new york. well the german foreign minister has been meeting with his russian counterpart sergei lavrov here in moscow and following it all for us is our to use because you know groucho for now joins us live hi there you've had to do not tell us more about the main issues the two foreign ministers have been focusing on. but me so a range of issues and the nature of those issues which the two foreign ministers address at a press conference today again showed that the russian german relationship. period as a relationship based on finance and business is now dovetailing into something bigger
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and to strong police go beyond it a strategic partnership diplomacy and security it is remarkable the basement is sterile meeting comes on the food steps on the hills and now there are a trilateral meeting between the three continents the polish russia germany and france which to college place in. on the agenda of that meeting was the upcoming g. twenty summit the middle east peace process at ghana's iran and today again the ministers focused on some of the most difficult and john just points out becoming g. twenty summit in soon russia nato summit in lisbon the always c.e. meeting which is due to take place in kazakhstan a star not. to teach there with every international issues being considered to be so our close interaction on international affairs contributes to our good relationship is that we've discussed the upcoming g twenty summit its operations
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for the g eight summit and i always see some of the nice to know where you and the russian nato summit in lisbon a little are interested in all the upcoming forums is this including the russia you someone in december and hope to see serious results so you know we also have an exchange of views on social issues where our countries cooperate closely could not including iran and looking at the situation in the middle east. now as for some global issues which were touched upon today that was a question addressed to the fore. and minister love rolph on the whether russia is coming back to afghanistan the question comes several days off to a successful operation was carried out between russia including russia and nato when they destroyed several. report excel aboard trees on the border between afghanistan and pakistan said it's been pure speculation that judging by just least one successful oh pray shin some say that russia is coming back to afghanistan with its troops it will never be the case he sat in the several time times
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a repeat of that russia is not going back to afghanistan yet you know what stay with nato for a moment a review of the euro atlantic security arrangements is a top priority for russia what sort of relationship with nato and the e.u. is moscow looking for how can we get some answers to that as to what you've been hearing throughout the day during this visit. ninety security seems to be the central told both in the trilateral talks so the leaders so france germany and russia as well as today's meeting and it's expected that we are coming g twenty summit will also be part of the devoted to that each you would know that russia is now pushing for for a joint european security texture it says that a. new defense architecture should be part of that security the main stance of russia and that is that security is. on divided and that data protection
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against home on global rights is needed on the continent both the german and the russian foreign minister has said today that the times when. nato north atlantic alliance and russia would consider it as anime is is a thing called the pasta and today russia is seeking to develop partnerships and different ways of hope ration bowls. we be european union and with the north atlantic alliance here is what the german foreign minister the vice chancellor get devastated by lisette and how russia is viewed. in the in the so. you saw does this make even the image of the enemy shouldn't exist anymore and must be left in history to review russia as a strategic partner we've got mutual interests we of course have differences in opinion we can talk about them and solve problems in terms of nato and it was always the goal of germany to bring russia into the project neutral defense i have
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stressed that russia must work on the issue with us so we're making good progress towards that. this year the two sides germany and russia already signed an agreement on a stubbly shaking would ship ultimately expected to end up in a new for an unsecured key policy to meet to the e.u. european. foreign and security policy committee in which will include russia and we can see that what russia is now doing it no tries to formalize relations with the european union and it seems that that it made its takes on germany was the right step because germany is now the country europe's new. traditional rising call on the continent and. here is what sergei lavrov said i don't know how
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important the issue of global security is viewed in russia is viewed by the foreign ministry here. in the midst of the we don't think nato views russia as an enemy because we expected that the strategic concept that nato has to adopt soon will reaffirm the policy of celebration which is very important and we expect nato to reaffirm his commitment to international law and act within the framework of the u.n. charter to do. well there's been many other topics discussed today including visa free regime which hopefully will. be introduced one day between russia and the european union of course it's not a thing called been near future. they also discussed cultural relations between the two countries and some other topics were on the agenda but again is just part of a long dialo crowe says between the two countries and this ministerial meeting is just a part of that because the director of a live from moscow thank you for that. next turn r.t.
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gets over to business with charlotte stay with us. hello welcome to the business program here with me. the third international night at all g. for us nanotech twenty ten is getting underway here in moscow more than three hundred fifty russian and foreign companies in thirteen countries were present there was a exhibition of innovation products all correspondent done to bush was the event and joins us live now hello to you john you know so what's been happening so far today. this four cups what has been a key moment for russia's attempts to build the high tech sector silicon valley joins like google of intel have come to morse code doesn't build this old silicon valley on the outskirts of the capital i didn't officially russian delegation has been over in california to see how it's done by the originators of this event no
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take twenty ten focuses on what is probably the most for profile six to russia at the moment to terms of innovation and that is not new technology which involves breaking down materials into lloyd's new smaller out to sea and then really forming them into new products and the woman who knows all about what it takes to make a successful choice take a very short is you get these sorts. oh for helix ventures based out of california you get me how excited for you boy devotion projects you've seen here today well. you know russia has changed a lot over the past five or six years i remember i was involved in innovation in russia before but maybe he was a bit part of the plastiki and i remember five or six years ago there were no venture funds here there were very few startups working on technologists there are that were not very sort of. appropriate for the global market but today the
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situation has changed a lot and you see a lot of interesting eight years here the scientists and entrepreneur a small piece we speak the same language was in silicon valley and i see a lot of new interesting projects and you know the job of venture capitalists goal is always to see what's new on the market what are the new developments whether new technology is always working on was this forum i think is a great representation of the situation in high tech industry in russia and many sectors because not a tech is. i mean there is no market to my knowledge right and venture investors and focus on specific markets by tax. software are the materials when tax and not because you can't be part of the much gamey any of those industries one of the pros and cons of russian high tech is you see it. well first of all to me as
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an investor the main advantage of being involved in the russian business today is that russian high tech industry is very beginning sort of its explosive growth. that's a venture for venture investors it's very important to invest in assets that grow fast that's going to. increase in value in a manner of few years and that's why you want to be in. markets like russia that's why it's dropped if do most of the venture capitalists who have visited russia recently and there have been two missions just this year one in me another one is in the cupboard and just a couple of years ago. silicon valley venture capitalists were not interested in russia at all they were you know they were not comfortable about russia they didn't know what was going on here even though everybody in the world knows about the high tech potential of russian science briefly could we actually see deals here today or
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is it too early for you for example well i don't think i can see deals today because it's a matter of you know it's a matter of long cross officials and something you normally have you know see companies you talk to them for a couple of months then you study the technology you go through the market analysis and said so i would expect you'll see right away on the spot but. i will have a lot of conversations here with but the show partners because we have a traditional venture capital for a super delegate because i am russian and i have a lot of connections here we are thinking about several different russian strategies for our fund it's not just investing it's also bringing technology expertise drug development expertise to russia helping countries build the innovative interest from here in the store they very much indeed you're getting a slice of the mix ventures and we'll be talking to some of these american companies to the likes of microsoft and siemens and the cisco that are here at this
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event and seeing how they feel is it the right time and place for investors to launch into russian high tech back to you ok for now tony thank you very much thought of it as our correspondent there done a bushel at the wrist not i tell g four and ask time now thinking of how the markets are doing and they're higher here in moscow with both wealth is up almost a percent all the main players are making gains on the r.t.s. despair bank lukoil one point. five percent and a rally in london has quickly lost steam as investors await the verdict of the us federal reserve in a potential new round of quantitative easing in london the shares of ryan air declined around three percent the low cost airlines saw thirty two percent increase in second quarter profits but warned as little visibility on ticket prices in the fourth quarter. on our website r.t. dot com.


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