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moscow in a bit to strengthen me and alex is a ship the russian made the groundwork for their joint summit and this but it's not . for barack obama's democrat says results from the u.s. midterm elections showed gains for republicans the president's party has probability of seats in the senate but lost in the house of representatives but some voters say none of the changes will drive them around the troubled economy. and there are. groups in iraq trained by the u.s. to help build security cordons back into the arms of al qaida claim they've been abandoned sending american death down to the shore in protection. this week has seen a surge in violence in iraq and it's raised questions over the ability of the country's forces to handle the escalating security situation where next to our teammates general muhammad us going to be a spokesman from iraq's minister of defense to find out how the military will cope
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with the china just ahead. but now i have general mohamed i'll ask every an advisor and spokesperson with the iraqi ministry of defense so thank you very much for joining us here are not forthcoming the most consultants have left by and large from the terrorists and do you feel confident that the actual soldiers and the iraqi security force is able to keep the situation so calm and how do you feel. it is a good question it's worth talking about the readiness or not of the iraqi security forces because the number of american troops left in this country is forty nine thousand seven hundred something it's important the americans are gone what's also important is the timing and the timing of implementing this phase of the agreement was put forward by the minister of defense why did he choose this time that each time he has a meaning there are steps that need to be taken so that the iraqi forces will be
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ready december the thirty first two thousand and eleven we believe that we will be ready enough to have full security control at that stage and for all the american forces to leave iraq as well you say that timeframe is given by the racoons and not motivated from the american side. what it can be about it so what if that's true if the recent departure of american troops was because washington wanted to improve obama's picture so what. if it was because of american pressure or desire it doesn't matter to me as an iraqi as an iraqi i welcome the american withdrawal and i wish that we will be ready by the thirty first of december two thousand and eleven to say good bye to the americans for good because we will be fully ready to take over that as iraqis we cannot accept that the americans will stay in iraq for good i don't care for the reason but we will not let anyone stay in iraq for a long time before the timing issue is very important having timetables is critical
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because they serve as a pressuring factor. us we have to meet each deadline we have to improve the levels of the iraqi security forces the difference between iraq and afghanistan is that we have put timetables for everything we are doing iraq either not doing that they are relying on the americans or nato to do things for them. do you think that the with door of the american army from iraq will have effect and if so what kind of effect on the situation in afghanistan will because. the order to withdrawal from iraq will of course affect to a great deal the situation in afghanistan it has a direct impact because it's too hard now for anyone to have two wars at the same time and it's too hard for anyone to have a big war and the americans are now having two big wars in iraq and afghanistan so it made sense for the americans when they felt there was a desire from iraqis and an improvement in the security situation here to withdraw and concentrate on their own war in afghanistan their big war is now in afghanistan
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and they are moving out of iraq because they think the situation here is improved then the give honest in the american army the sense of those troops that will remain in iraq are involved in training is the screw over an element of combat will some of us soldiers still be involved in fighting units that. the americans have three main jobs training advice and support with especially airborne support we don't have fighter jets we only have helicopters the main thing we need from them is airborne support on it for jet fighters and for intelligence for the iraqis against us and weaponry why now is to brace american weapons of and. russia actually didn't cooperate in this field with us we are very serious about getting russian weaponry not only because their weapons are good and effective but also because the iraqi army has been shining on their weapons for forty. fifty
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years we have been buying russian weapons since the fifty's i was working on rehabilitation and reforming ties with russia and we took some iraqi pilots to russia to be trained we got some promises from the russians to resume selling weapons to us but they thought this would rely on an american decision they're wrong because we have make contacts with serbia to buy some weapons and we bought some weapons from them but we rejected some american weapons so it's all up to us we decide which weapons we want and from whom we will buy them we still want to have the american weapons and we are still waiting for their approval to sell us their weapons we have the m.i. seventeen these are helicopters and we wish that the russians will maintain the make fighters that we have and we wish that they will approve selling us the mit five so far we are still waiting for the reply that even the current minister of defense he studied military sciences in russia that i was trained in russia almost all of the iraqi army was trained in russia we want the russian weaponry but that
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doesn't mean at the same time that we can't be open to other countries we buy from italy from the u.s. we want to be open to other countries. that they do that eventually i will try and have your soldiers five americans. that it ended up with the current iraqi soldier is different to the soldiers we had before two thousand and three today's iraqi soldiers were young during the two thousand and three war but they were also trained in the russian weaponry like for instance on the russian tank when iraqi soldiers were trained on american weapons they understood what they were trained done it yet we still have the russian influence especially the iraqi pilots who were trained on russian planes and have done a great many flying hours we wish that the russians would help us in this regard to keep training our pilots and giving us new planes americans are training our soldiers but whenever we get another expertise from or example france or russia we go to these countries and we get that help that we ask for that it will say that
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a bit of sleep while the collison are. the ministry of defense change when a new government is formed in iraq when the her over the head of. the ministries policy will not change especially with regards to training and contracts and i want to emphasize again we really want to involve the russians on one of our money at the moment the iraqi security forces volunteer there has been a law that's been put forward to reintroduce conscription do you think that this law will be implemented. that i feel a little bit about the this compulsory service has not been approved yet it's still a draft only the retirement law was approved for now we don't need compulsory recruitment because when we ask for example for ten thousand volunteers we have at least one hundred thousand young people coming to volunteer so we don't need it countries need compulsory recruitment when they need soldiers and they don't have them besides what we don't have the facilities and equipment to train all these personnel when we have them in the compulsory recruitment we have
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a new soldiers for now in the future when iraq is stable enough and investment will start coming in the young men will go towards civilian projects but our time will be having a lack of personnel and by that time we will need the compulsory service that this . there have been tied to this is that the security forces are now off well trained and that just two hours ago there was a bomb not far from. do you think that's all on the incumbents back a safe and secure place for. them without it being are not alone trained with the training they receive is not enough when the americans came in the borders were open to terrorists and violence spread the americans dismissed the iraqi government to did not think to form an iraqi army before two thousand and four and it was too late because the terrorists were already in we got volunteers we gave them brief training and sent them to the field they were combat soldiers with not enough training the bombs that are going off in iraq today are not a measurement of how well the soldiers were trained but what the bombs were going
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off even when the united states was in the country that we need better intelligence who is behind these bombs and how they managed to still carry them out but the. general thank you very much for joining us here on our back a lot of us. the admiral no human a passenger liner sailing in the black sea. august thirty first nineteen eighty six. twenty three twenty. four kilometers off shore. crashes into another vessel. four hundred twenty three people died. russian titanic.
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the close up team has been shooting. where russia's first free elections were held a few thousand years ago if our party goes to the area that used to be a place of exile since the seventeenth century. where businesses take advantage of the wild growing products. where rich economic life gives birth to innovate of idea come to come screech crusher close up. millions died. and minimums forward to be held down say. the pain and suffering will never be forgotten. as well as the joy of not a racial. spring the nine hundred forty five
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t.v. dot com. millions died. and minimums forward to be held down say. the pain and suffering will never be forgotten. as well as the joy of going to. europe spring the nineteen forty five on our team. more news today violence is once again flared up flew from these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. china operations are the day.
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they faced this is not a prohibition but a warning that. the forces and we should use several you should disapprove retraced recently they have no idea about the hardships to face. they wanted to says it all to news and. the army the life of the usaf is the most precious thing in the world. is of self-sacrifice and heroism with those who understand it fully but you have to live a. real life stories from world war two. nineteen forty five gold dot com. be sure to try to be hotel hotel while cio his group who took the show would have
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this month. democrats results from the. republicans. seats in the senate and house of representatives some. changes were traveling around the troubled economy. groups trying to help security. protection. the. sport. hello and welcome to the sports news here in archie and here's a brief look at our headlines. hopes of reaching the dollhouse stages of the champions league are down to adopted being held to go on
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a stroll at home to palace niklaus. meanwhile russia's second club in the champions league spartak moscow travelled to london to take on car launch along to use chelsea later on wednesday. and also there are a look to maintain their lead to the top will be driving standings as formula one goes to brazil for the second from last race of the season. start with champions league football where rubin dozens of road to the knockout stages much tougher now off to a goalless draw at home to badmouth nyc us on tuesday night's mail mail was how it ended two weeks ago in greece sound the same result in close on meaning both sides still won this so far in group d. . elsewhere in the group and told them as the change the last that sounds zero with a three one win over those into the log. go with the third goalie scheme the game their dutch league leaders and see when they go that past victory of the brim and then feed told the group really does the old fool three at home but still remain
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two reasons and two losses and of a nail played out by hope well televised and shall no more hopes will turn your side towards us or south of the pool small sold the campaign at old trafford with united now as the top of group c. standings while van and send a probe arranges for second place in that group after a three day old has to have a victory and finally the most unexpected result of the night absent from hagon holding barcelona to a waterhole drill. and on wednesday spartak moscow have a mountain to climb in their group after game against chelsea at. south a bridge the english premier league made as a high after being soon just two weeks ago here in moscow they followed that up with a couple of domestic weigh ins and outs of boosted by the return of style strike a d.j. a job off from suspension and the injury so a big trip home to spartacus marching dissipative in their camp adding a strange way and would also secure the blues
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a bit in the knockout stages. when you have a possibility as like a. tennis player in your every possibility to grow as they gave you are still you have to do we have to try to do in this game too and i think the top of the day. and two to play we don't play sure about. the last games of the groups. a similar story for real madrid who travelled to a similar on holding a record of three wins from as many games however the hosts still have everything to play for despite losing to kneel at the bernabeu a fortnight ago we've all got second degree of g. though level on points with placed so if victory would be a big boost stand some insider knowledge could come in handy which striker loved me but he managed my post frail coach maureen you. learn to look for marine you from the first day to the last one when i was. he's a great coach with great bissonnette it's
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a strong character who knows what to do in order to win he has his own way some may know and i could but it works because what matters in the end is that he wins. as another perfect siding the champions league and all over will tried to top sixteen paul's at second save that shocked out of the net skin group h. begun as one five one back to them bob all some of them care was trying to downplay the expectations i had a wednesday's question. we had which would be to. sort of. try to get all the best all to for performance to give a chance to be. even in the first game i feel the game or try to be in the school indicate but. i think the pick is good. for you should be a very good games because the two teams are technically very good and the two teams
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we don't talk. to have a good game i don't think. we can read then you were in the world because you have don't you don't you would do would you have won never were. moving stateside into the n.b.a. now where the portland trail blazers improved to four and won all the ses and with a confident when that came the books open that were nearly lead and your boots working on the offensive gloss off st johns sounds mystical the whole globe up by seven. by the blazers and this thing around in the second very different as with three points for a four point lead late in his room. and it only got worse for the boxes in the second home front on this story being all the dribble this time i'm reading down to four in slam and later in the final frame another highlight from the back a big man reverse al you the boys are still strong for the boks ninety seven to six the final score. also on tuesday night in the n.b.a. atlanta one of three remaining undefeated teams taking down cleveland now but want
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drop big john wall having near triple double with twenty nine points thirteen assists and nine steals in washington's overtime win over the sixers. miami loop more and more like they could actually told the town when mark this season boston and the lakers also breezing through their contrasts while the game at madison square garden between the knicks and the magic was postponed due to safety issues. meanwhile the giants are back to san francisco after securing a town's game five when the world series four won over all the giants last warm the crowd in one thousand fifty four four years before they moved west from new york victory finally to an end years of disappointment despite having giants of the game on their roster such as willie mays sabera bonds and. now is asia's busy champions on the golf calendar this weekend full well the golfer tiger woods has once again cross woods with the man who and that his reign at the top that's
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lee westwood of course the two squared off in a ceremonial battle ahead of the shanghai season ender with world number three and four martin kaymer and phil mickelson respectively also taking up weapons westwood has been paired with son and the young while tiger's playing partners will be airedale send us open champion grandmother dowel each of the top four has a chance to go first in the rankings with success this weekend after woods lost his number one position on monday westwood however sounds being top of the world is not the only thing that matters to him. he said was there no lie when a challenge other people's careers are defined by magic chairmanships but it's certainly. confirmation that i'm doing everything right you know the stuff i'm working on and it's come from. you know a lot of consistency and i'm playing some solid golf regularly. meanwhile scuderia ferarri maybe this force most decorated team bob they're still gunning for more
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glory as the formula one season stops in brazil this week for the penultimate race on the calendar the tell and see i'm still in contention for a seventieth constructors title and. also hope for you from are civil once again shine in front of the home crowd on sunday the brazil and won twice before at the circuits while his team mates for how the loans are enjoys an eleven one question at the top of the drive a standings after winning the korean grand prix in their latest outing. i think the you will not change the post of the head in the last couple of races he needs to be stronger need to be perfect and you need to score points for sure to walk to we can have the four of them only thing is really not to add up at the end of the race for the reason. and this is the main target i would say. i saw him now in the cage shell where on guard have missed the chance to bridge the gap on the lead as the almost glob finding themselves on the wrong side of
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a six four scoreline add baris. of a guard came from behind four time spots conceded two more goals in the final period and lost the third spot in the table to see beattie for bits far back in the other games else was call st petersburg won the full three at home to middle level clues in the us to stay second from bottom to scum also edged in our ego on home ice to win four three on sat all tears and also struggling for one or two at service that. and to russian football finally was in the cellar going south to deprive double champions are being of their title however both what countable winners over the weekend which also sold say a scot held to a draw by a south torn here is our as a male premier league's weight twenty six in the gills galore.
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and that was the latest in the wild weather stay with us.


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