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tv   [untitled]    November 4, 2010 9:30am-10:00am EDT

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national holidays the head of research at forks club gave us his assessment if these see financial markets everybody is preparing to the new year and russian shares are growing and we hope that this year or the r t as in this could reach maybe a one thousand seven hundred points. that's your business update for now but you can get small store a small website r.t. dot com slash business.
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cell phones would be useless without this mini. tiny piece is needed to make. good use of culture and is extracted at a cost to life. here with our t.v. live from moscow our top story is a german t.v.
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show that aims to expose online pedophiles is dividing opinion critics say journalists are putting themselves the on the wall by posing as minors on the web and setting up the potential child abuse or. the georgian government so seeds of discord as they plan to offer land to south african farmers meet stiff opposition from local they say they are afraid of losing their only source of some. when russia marks the day of national unity a holiday with a historic background see old events acquiring new meaning celebrations allow fountains of people with different political views their voices heard. faeces to announce in december who will host the twenty eight hundred football world cup the c.e.o. of russia's bid for the tournament next spoke to r t s andrew farmer ahead of the final vote he tells us about the campaign to land the big event for the first time in the country's history.
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well joining us today is that the man in charge of russia will cut bait for twenty eight teams to be a time thank you if we could start by talking about russia's chances to win the speed because a lot of people see it as a two horse race between russia and england how do you write russia's chances and how. unique selling points if you like will first of all we have regarded this as a four horse race for two thousand and eighteen but out of these four horses i think we are we have very good chances where very confident. without being overconfident of course we believe we have all it takes to to win this bid or unorganized a very good world cup one aspect is which is very important for is the legacy and there we have a lot to offer i mean legacy after the world cup in russia would be immense. will influence not only the football development in this country but certainly in the
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entire region where russia is situated and export it to all our neighbors so there is another aspect where we feel quite well one thing free for is concerned about is the creation of white elephant certainly in england there's a huge english premier league that all the stadiums they use pretty much they have to build full from scratch if russia may have to be able to fifteen stating you called for them that they would be able to you would be able to fill them on a regular basis. in the i think it was absolutely guaranteed with and with no white elephants because we've been carefully choosing all the hosts it is by them having either a premier league club or the first division club so there isn't a major club or to playing in each host city. and we think with the state of the art infrastructure of the attendance. levels will only grow plus what we have what
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we have in mind in terms of design of the stadium is temporary tribunes which with which the stadiums will reach a fee for acquired levels after the world cup some of the attributes will be removed and we'll have the stadiums with the capacity that is needed in a particular region if a city needs twenty five thousand stadium well it will have exactly nothing and nothing more i can say and it just simply how will it work for a well kept in russia because you have to leningrad you have to catch a great distance and similarly have some pain and so change logistically how we found we did not envision a plan where a group match or group matches could be held to one including growth and one in the . of course this this needs actually planning but through funding we can achieve more convenience for the distances it will be with and regular limits for
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free for right now we the father city that we have is only two hours by plane from moscow and that's that's not something extraordinary for a fee for. i mean look at the history of the world cup that we had we've had japan and korea we will have brazil we had south africa these are not small countries obviously competing with other nations there's been a few spots in the press with england has that sim it down i don't think it's a factor in our beds. i mean we have been the focus of the british media but. i think it now will subside and people will have other things to speak and the closer we get to the final presentation the more the first nation itself will be the focus and we have not been part of any. and it's speculative allegations or those or any. traps.
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and so we don't see any reason why we shouldn't shouldn't be at least in the final in the british press they did talk about incidences of hooliganism and also racism is that initiated being brought up by fate for atonement you know. these issues are perfectly global but they are not indigenous here they're not typical or characteristic of russia. these are things that are that pose universal challenge. in football. and of course as a country of one hundred forty five million people we occasionally have outbreaks of various negative processes of course. racism hogans are among them we do have very minor sporadic outbreaks but they do not
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represent a trend in russian a lot to really confront these challenges recently a memorandum and racist behavior was adopted by russian football union which we think is a good program to really. tackle this issue. but it's all a matter of whether you bring that up constantly and sort of robot or just position it as normal negative outbreaks in the overall positive landscape and positive development we have a few weeks left before the announcement is made what can you do between now and then what's the price you have to be obviously members twenty four members of the executive committee you have to get that seen value of the will cap what you do now between matter and that where there is a lot of presentations of public and individual that have taken place. there are a few that will still have to happen. within the next month. we
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have another event which is called soccer x. in rio in brazil which is very important for. a few individual presentations a few individual contacts and that's where you were up to preparing. a good sound final presentation and that's it and the committee members they give you an inclination of high they may not necessarily know but what we see is. that they are genuinely interested in. those who come here are sometimes very positively surprised. at the progress and the achievements that russia has made over the recent years and you think that's a real plus for you'll be do you think this will catch the error of the executive committee because this is something perhaps unusual compared to the other european
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base for sure all the visitors will see a lot of russia's a lot of different parts of russia and we have really. various a whole variety of regions i mean we have the western culture of kaliningrad the beauty of st petersburg could be muslim touch. and we have the. flavor of sochi. mean these are all various rushes that people will experience these are regions that are that have their own cultural and ethnic identity which is sometimes very peculiar and interesting a lot of work has to be done and when the. committee was here having a look over the some of the four days over the summer you'll beit they did say that would have to start immediately. does that concern you is it something that's going to be a problem getting things ready. in time is not something you are comfortable with
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what we've never had any problems. with delivering what we promised to look at look at sochi and every promise that we have made to the sea is being fulfilled right now as we speak. we do have a lot of things to built but it's no secret and we have already started that even. the first choice and out of sixteen stadiums will be built regardless of the outcome of the december second. and same applies for other infrastructure you know all the all the regions will develop. regardless of the world cup only with the world cup it will be faster and more focused and i promised the putin is always to be a factor hey he's given its full backing. his full backing how much of a factor do you think that will bay and in fact do you know whether he will actually be there in zurich when the announcement is made or certain i don't know
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that for sure but he has given it prime minister putin has given us his full support he has agreed to sign three additional guarantees on top of the guarantees required by fee for he's very well aware of what's going on. how it develops. and we certainly hope to continue. having his support and even if russia doesn't win the spade it's still been a success story for russia if you don't even want to think about it. but at least we. we have tried our best to least we. showed the world the football where we are what we have achieved what we have to offer what we intend to construct. and that alone is a great achievement. but we are very hopeful of the will and.
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being discussed best of luck thank you. the close up team has beams from. where russia first free elections were held
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a few thousand years ago. margie goes to the area they used to be a place of exile since the seventeenth century. where businesses take advantage of the wild growing products. more rich academic life gives birth to the fate of idea come to screech watch a close up on r.g.p. .
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more news today violence is once again fled the. scene these are the images cobol has been seeing from the streets of canada. for a shelter all day. would
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be useless without. the tiny pieces needed to make. good use of culture and is extracted to coast to life. in india oldies available in the move to joint the hotel rooms the violence the gateway hoto the grand imperial truly the tall western coast girl until you can a let her tell her to say don't need to go and. read this and the colonel was photo as used to retreat. party's top stories a german t.v. show that aims to expose online pedophiles is dividing opinion critics say journalists are putting themselves beyond the rule of law by posing as minors on
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the web and setting up the potential tolerant user of. the georgian government so seeds of discord as its plan to offer to south african farmers meet stiff opposition from locals they say they are afraid of losing their only source for bible. and rush remarks today and not some unity holiday with a historic background sees old events acquiring new meaning as celebrations a lot of people with different political views have their voices heard. on the latest sports talk is here next. hello and welcome to the sports news thanks for watching our main stories and bring you fairest spartak moscow beaten by chelsea in their latest champions league clash bob a stay in contention for qualifying group. so far this season it's not so about him
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holding up the russian flag high in the basketball yearly. and also wave of tragedy three time surfing world champion andy iran's is found to add at the age of thirty two. champions league fast was part of moscow and all tied for second in that group the russian side going down for want to chelsea at stamford bridge wednesday night all folders bills coming in the second hall for on then. followed by a penalty from job and then a brace by branislav involving the late consolation goal for the president scored by any point that. you want. with that kind of result there's just one positive to be taken from this game this year as part of that we have now there were certainly playing one of the best teams in europe and maybe one of the best teams in the world that says different object to it and different goals for the
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sport the players they look up to some of the best players in the world they see not only how skilful but also more physically strong they are and they can bench from themselves against those players not just against the russian elite teams that is. important to start it is important to have in the first players of. this group. but. i think that the final decision. for the champions league is in february march. you have to be. real because moment to avoid injury to my. feet. february march. elsewhere in the mall saying fresh visioning up seven also failed to qualifying group h.
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as for madonna and to are those the wind up a shock to anybody else brought up doing just enough to talk in that same group while via munich state perfect being grouped in forney a lot closer with a hat trick from mario gomez drove us eight seconds there following a victory of basel on the realm of dreams qualifying for the knockout stage despite a tool draw with a similar as the suns ciro substitute on salvaging the points for the business that was on offer to pull them through while the long drop just sat down to. see you at . it was it important to learn what it's like playing in the champions league at the top level if we played the second half the same as the first school or would have been easily zero two or even zero three when you lost it but managed to improve our game to control the match which is a very important experience. and of course it's your opening time across the
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continent so nights with seeking to do the double over the more at home the russians to a three male away victory a fortnight ago over the same up position ball for the cool surreally. parade to add the top of group alf with nine points from through three games and that's without going to seeding a single girl one more win will see them after the round of the thirty two domestically they always sell so rosy the on the mound failing to win in the previous three games will but ending their chances over a third crown in six years the sheer amount of games. the primary reason for that sounds to me i need. we've tried an individual approach while trying to solve problems says call players are thick skinned and the ordinary person would have psychological problems in their situation but those guys i think have the inner reserves and skills to overcome those difficulties as for physical preparedness the guys actually only had problems in one game and that's because the
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last match of palermo ended late on thursday and then we had an early game on the weekend in russia that's why they had problems then but now the team is perfectly fine. moving to san francisco now where thousands of baseball fans came out to toes the giants world series championship their hometown heroes taking a victory lap in a ticker tape parade reminiscent of the one held one the team moved west from new york fifty two years ago. and last time to see to host the parade of these proportions was in one thousand nine hundred ninety five when the n.f.l.'s forty nine ers won their famous super bowl title giants greats willie mays and willie mccool the were on hand for the passivity is while manager bruce boesch a man who enjoys calling his giants a ragtag bunch held up the world series to be in his convertible slugger overhaul had threatened to unveil his lucky red thawing of the parade and as you can see
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there he's a matter of these where the great dane francisco indeed. your league basketball now and him came not just a big hole victory over the previously and beaten spanish champions coffee. heathland for them benjamin leading the way for the home club with nineteen and fourteen points respectively in both teams now have to beat trees from their three games and buying four top of group standings with childcare east countess. meanwhile says i'm also still struggling early in the season a big eighty two fifty seven loss at polls. well get this test victory in the euro league for more than six years while the iron man remains free from that three games. took a shell hockey now it's not my host and sell about your life and one of wednesday's highlights here in moscow. has more. solitary life one of the best attacking teams in the k. trail phase deny moscow who have conceded less goals than any other team so for the
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game was to decide who stretches it was best in the balloon would get off to a discouraging start dropping a goal just thirty eight seconds even though four sides have the best results playing in quo place and no surprise they doubled the lead playing with one man up to do a few short ricocheted from either a big grand and was going to end up michael gordon to nothing at the first intermission. had a tough talk and the second period study would deny most furious attacks and it paid off the number one the way so in march inch the remark fired it into the now. i've just recovered from an injury and i was a little bit careful and nervous at the start as i missed sixteen games but after several line changes everything got much better and it was hard to fight back as we conceded a goal early in the game. it seemed like the moscow side got back into the game but their hopes were down when he got into was alone at the far post and he's only
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doubled his money after that number forget about the fans think i'm going to broke away well so i want you live for shorthand and left the goaltender guessing. in the decisive period of play deny my fullback and scored once a stubborn denise my side of push the puck through on the third attempt however their way team didn't let them any closer for to the final score i don't think we played a very good defense. myself included. in your point is again that before has many star players and and team. no i think if you give him that many chances they're going to take advantage of you and that's what happened tonight so one of the surprise pictures of the season dunam on increase the losing streak to three matches but still stay at the top of the western conference while two time regular season champion sol if you want to return home in a good mood is the one two thirds sports on the table and thing about forty.
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now is shocking death in the world of surfing with three time world champion andy our own spouse in a way of the age of thirty two the hawaiian withdrew from a pro search event in puerto rico on sunday citing a male us body was then found at a dallas hotel on tuesday morning the cause of death is unknown though multiple sources report a surfer had been suffering from the tropical virus daniel sieberg leaves behind a wife who is seven months pregnant with fs child and quite a professional sporting legacy iran's wong world championships in two thousand and three of the war and was seen as the only real way to tell us later this surfing treat you recent times a competition free day has been called in on the whole of stuff. to see if he's tired last. week or last one of our fellow tribesmen and one of our family that we've been traveling with for many many years the world champion lost
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a friend. and is extremely sad for all of us. we've decided tomorrow to recall a competition die off. and finally octopus paul may be dead and buried but his successor is already settling into his new home maze a five month old pool the second of the office the sea life aquarium in oberhausen in germany he takes over from the legendary bold will correctly predicted all seven of germany's world cup results over the summer the present incumbent hasn't he had tried his town tickles at forecasting but no doubt all eyes will be on the french native the european championships in two thousand and twelve one thing's for sure he's got a big aquarium to fill out salacious told the moment but you can always log on to a website which is our team dot com slash sports for more meanwhile coming up is the weather hungry for the full story we've got it for. the biggest issues get
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a human voice face to face with the news makers on. the most up to speed. where russia first free elections were held a found years ago. party goes to the area that used to be a place of exile since the seventeenth century. where businesses take advantage of the wild growing product. more rich academic life gives birth to. them to come creature roger close up.
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