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tv   [untitled]    November 4, 2010 3:30pm-4:00pm EDT

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moon's died. and made him look forward to be held down say. the pain and suffering will never be forgotten. as well as the joy of liberation. here a spring of nineteen forty five on our. line . would be soon which brighten if you knew about someone from phones to impressions. whose phone starts on t.v.
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don't come. up to the international association of russian language and literature teachers will hold the world festival of russian language. are you interested in a better understanding of russian language and culture can you sing russian songs well. become a participant of the world festival of russian language and will an exciting trip to st petersburg in russia. for more information visit the festival website. jan thirty pm in the russian capital these are your r.t. headlines a german t.v. show that. aims to expose online pedophiles is dividing opinion critics say
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journalists are putting themselves beyond the rule of law by posing as minors on the web and setting up the potential child abusers. the georgian government sows seeds of discord as its plan to offer land to south african farmers meets stiff opposition from locals they say they're afraid of losing their only source of survival. and russia marks the national day of unity a holiday with a story the background sees old events acquiring new meaning as celebrations a lot of thousands of people with different political views to have their voices heard. if you chose to announce in december who will host the twenty eight hundred football world cup the c.e.o. of russia's bid for the tournament alexei said oaken spoke to our team's andrew farmer ahead of the final vote he tells us about the campaign to land the big event for the first time in russia's history.
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well joining us today is alexey sorokin the man in charge of russia's we'll cut bait for twenty eight teams to be your time thank you if we could start by talking about russia's chances to win the speed because a lot of people see it as a two horse race between russia and england how do you write russia's chances and how do you see russia is unique selling points if you like the first of all we have regarded this as a four horse race for two thousand and eighteen but out of these four horses i think we are we have very good chances where very confident. without being overconfident of course we believe we have all it takes to to win this bid or unorganized very good world cup one aspect of which is very important for its legacy and there we have a lot to offer i mean legacy after the world cup in russia would be immense. will influence not only the football development in this country but certainly in the entire region where russia is situated and exported to all our neighbors so there
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is another aspect where we feel quite well one thing free for is concerned about is the creation of white elephant so certainly in england there's a huge english premier league that all the stadiums they use pretty much they have to build full from scratch if russia got well and they had to be able to fifteen stating you called for them that they would be able to you would be able to fill them on a regular basis for certain events in the i think it was absolutely guaranteed with and with no white elephants because we've been carefully choosing all the hosts it is by them having either a premier league club or the first division club so there isn't a major club or to playing in each host city and we think with the state of the art infrastructure of the attendance. plus what we have what we have in mind in terms of design of the stadium is temporary tribunes which with which the stadiums will
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reach the fee for acquired levels after the world cup some of the attributes will be removed and we'll have the stadiums with the capacity that is needed in a particular region if a city needs twenty five thousand stadium well it will have exactly nothing and nothing more i can say and how will it work for a well kept in russia because you have to you have catherine a great distance and similarly have some pay to. change logistically how we found we did not envision a plan where a group match or group matches can be held to one including growth and one in new york city and. of course this this needs actually planning but through funding we can achieve more convenience for fans and the distances will be within regular limits for free for right now we are the father city that we have is only two hours
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by plane from moscow and that's that's not something extraordinary for a fee for. i mean look at the history of the world cup that we have we've had japan and korea we will have brazil we had south africa these are not small countries obviously competing with other leading nations it's been a few spots in the press with england has that same advantage i don't think it's a factor in our beds. i mean that we have been the focus of the british media but. i think it now will subside and people will have other things to speak and the closer we get to the final presentation the more the first nation itself will be the focus and we have not been part of any. and it's speculative allegations or at worst those or any. traps.
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and so we don't see any reason why we shouldn't shouldn't be at least in the final in the british press they did talk about incidences of hooliganism and also racism is that initiated being brought up by fate for talking with you know. these issues are perfectly global but they are not indigenous here they're not typical or characteristic of russia. these are things that are that pose universal challenge and in football. and of course as a country of one hundred forty five million people we occasionally have outbreaks of various negative processes of course. we do have very minor sporadic outbreaks but they do not represent a trend and russian does
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a lot to really confront these challenges recently a memorandum and racist behavior was adopted by russian football union which we think is a good program to really. tackle this issue. but it's all a matter of whether you bring that up constantly and sort of robot or just position it as normal negative outbreaks in the overall positive landscape and positive development we have a few weeks left before the announcement is made what can you do between now and then what's the process you have to be obviously members twenty four members of the executive committee you have to get their team values to secure that will keep what you do not between matter and that where there is a lot of presentations of public and individual that have taken place. there are a few that will still have to happen. within the next month. we
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have another event which is called soccer x. in rio in brazil which is very important for. a few individual presentations a few individual contacts and that's what we were up to preparing. a good sound final presentation and that's it and to the committee members they give you an inclination of hi they may not necessarily know but what we see is. that they are genuinely interested in. those who come here are sometimes very positively surprised. at the progress and the achievements that russia has made over the recent years and you think that's a real plus for you will be do you think this will catch the error of the executive committee because this is something perhaps unusual compared to the other european dates for sure all the visitors will see a lot of russia is
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a lot of different parts of russia and we have really. various a whole variety of regions i mean we have the western culture of kaliningrad the beauty of st petersburg could be muslim touch. and we have the southern flavor of sochi. i mean these are all various russia's that people will experience these are regions that are that have their own cultural and ethnic identity which is sometimes very peculiar and interesting now a lot of work has to be done and when the. committee was here having a look over the some of the four days over the summer you'll beit they did say that would have to start immediately. does that concern you is it something that's going to be a problem getting things ready. in time is not something you are comfortable with what we've never had any problems. with delivering what we promised to look at look
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at sochi and every promise that we have made to the sea is being fulfilled right now as we speak. we do have a lot of things to built but it's no secret and we have already started that even. the first choice and the nine out of sixteen stadiums will be built regardless of the outcome of the december second. and same applies for other infrastructure in all the all the regions will develop. regardless of the world cup only with the world cup it will be faster and more focused and i promise the patient is always to be a factor hey he's given its full backing. his full backing how much of a factor do you think that will bay and in fact do you know whether he will actually be there in zurich when the announcement is made or certain i don't know that for sure but he has given it prime minister putin has given us his full
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support he has agreed to sign three additional guarantees on top of the guarantees required by fee for he's very well aware of what's going on and how it develops. and we certainly hope to continue. having his support and even if russia doesn't win the spade it's still been a success story for russia to feel i don't even want to think about it. but at least we. we have tried our best to least we. showed the world the football where we what we have achieved what we have to offer what we intend to. construct. and that alone is a great achievement. but we are very hopeful of the will and. fingers crossed best of luck thank you.
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in the czech republic. and central. will still. available in. the beach. hotel. a german t.v. show that aims to expose online pedophiles is dividing opinion critics say journalists are putting themselves beyond the rule of law by posing as minors on the web and setting up the potential child abuse and. the georgian government
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sowing seeds of discord as its plan to offer land to south african farmers meet stiff opposition from locals they say they are afraid of losing their only source of surviving. a day of national unity a holiday with the historic old events acquiring new meaning celebrations allow thousands of people with different political views to have their voices heard. you know neal joins us now from our spectacular sports studio and all seems to be going well for moscow when the europa league. people give credit yes it's not going well domestically but internationally. we have more coming up in just a second. you
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with us this is sports today i mean you don't know me these are headlines for from for perfect in the europa league seeing off a child inside for the second time in a fortnight. bothering that's the message from a high ranking in the world cup twenty eighteen official who states the recent sunday times damaged the country in the eyes of the. shanghai show day one of the prestigious big money champions golf tournament sees a tally in the op by newcomer francesco molinari set the early pace in china. all right let's kick off with football where a storming start to the second half. in their fourth straight victory in the europa league the army men also into the round of thirty two a couple of games early following a three one win over palermo and will be looking to promising by the end of the opening forty five minutes the visitors. to go off but minutes after the break.
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on a break from thomas nestle keeping them off provide city pretty the top three is a need to have a chance to join them in the next stage when they go head to head with hadzic splits and around twenty minutes time the russian league leaders have been buying in the goals with aplomb domestically on the continent so confident should not be a problem for a new. charges. a senior official from world cup twenty eighteen team has stated the country's bid has been quote significantly damaged by the media the all named official speaking to the b.b.c. sports source stating that the sunday times which led to the suspension of two committee members farmed fish big. spied world football's governing body stating the opposite at the time of the investigation there's now under a month to go until the twenty eight team decision and zurich. are the current
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favorites with joint base from spain portugal and belgium neverland's also in the race. all right that brings us to euro league basketball where it's him key not long time a russian kingpin are making all the running on the continent this season the moscow region side seeing off previously on the spanish champions league but also keith langford leading the way for the have played with ninety six not a two wins from three games and are vying for top group status exult bridge. meanwhile it's going from bad to worse for c.s. huge eighty two fifty seven a loss of their latest the fate of their third straights while the spaniards are today celebrating their first victory in the europa league i. won exciting bottle of to all western conference rivals in the n.b.a. this spurs just about holding on for a win against the suns their first victory in phoenix since january two thousand and nine tim duncan on on early season roller coaster ride chipping in twenty five
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points after all tree seven last time all right jason richardson the twenty one points in getting the home crowd into the back and forth. a breakaway junkier cuts the spurs lead to the minimum in the third more highlight reel material from richardson and part of a nine zero run to put the suns off by three late in the fourth richard jefferson making the game a zone though hitting for fourth quarter three pointers to help seal a one hundred twelve one ten hours with. now the world's golfing elite are in shanghai with four of them in the king of the hill above all for the right to be called the world number one of the b.c. champions martin kaymer house flew in under the radar in the discussion of potential suitors for top spot a win for the world number three in china would see the german rise to the summit but the twenty five year old house got some way to go off the full in seven strokes
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behind defending champion phil mickelson another aspiring world number one he finished in a group of nine who were shots off the lead tiger woods going one better than a lefty while the current number one lee westwood finished the opening day second and six is francisco molinari who's the man to catch the italian kneeling seven birdies on the day for a seven under sixty five propelling him to talk to the. all right heading the cult settle hockey league ice where the high flying u.h.c. dinello hosted sol about your live in the pick of wednesday's action here in moscow let's get straight to it constantine the top off reports. solitary life one of the best attacking teams in the k. trail phase deny moscow who have conceded less goals than any other team so for the game was to decide who strategy was best in the blue and white got off to a discouraging start dropping a goal just thirty eight seconds even though the far side have the best results
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playing pro plate and no surprise they doubled the lead playing with one man up i lifted off his short ricochet out from eager to grant and was going to end up michael gordon to nothing at the first intermission killed had a tough talk and the second period study would deny most furious attacks and it paid off to number one the face off in march and the buck wired into the now. i've just recovered from an injury and i was a little bit careful nervous at the start as i missed sixteen games but after several line changes everything got much better and it was hard to fight back as we conceded a goal early in the game. it seemed like the moscow side got back into the game but their hopes were down to get into was alone at the far post and he's only doubled his money after that dynamic to be about the fans' much income going to broke away while some of the wives were shorthanded and left the goaltender guessing. in the decisive period of play deny my full back and scored once
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a stubborn denise myself pushed it back on the third attempt however their way team didn't let them win a close or four to the final score and i don't think we played a very good defense tonight myself included here. when you're going into this game that before has many star players in a very tense team and. now i think if you give not many chances they're going to take advantage of you and that's what happened to my. so one of the surprise pictures of the season do not increase their losing three to three matches but still stay at the top of the western conference while two time regular season champion sol if you want to return home in a good mood as the one two thirds or two on the table. forty. now it's been a tough injury plagued year for danko put the twenty nine year old is on pace for a strong finish to twenty ten the russian into the quarterfinals in valencia after a straight sets win over wanting. the bigger argentinian always
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a threat to the danco haven't beaten the russians six out of seven times in the head to head but was able to tough it out in the first set taking it seven to six in the six seated russian giving his opponent much fewer chances in the second for a seventh when i left fracture has kept our potential out of action we don't see set for a late push to end the year on the higher notes. surfing community is still in shock after the sudden death of three time world champion andy irons and choose day with more details beginning to emerge the sport's elite paying tribute to their fallen colleagues public in puerto rico after the ongoing world championships there were postponed until friday prescription drugs were found in the dallas hotel room responding with the authorities will follow play is suspected in the thirty two year old's death irons previously withdrew from the
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search event citing illness with earlier reports indicating he may have been suffering from fever why native champion three times on was widely seen as the only surfer to seriously challenge recent dominance of the words. i just. seen surface. just to see. this. through this before with. there's nothing there to make it better you have to feel. just process all those memories. four hundred seventy six events in forty two sports contested by some of the world's greatest athletes that's what the biggest asian games yet promises us a heads to china for next week start plenty of awards to go around the masa disciplines these are what the field are all after of course the medals rahm's.
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if you. are the muskox for the events forty five countries in total will be gunning for glory and nobody can blame saif career for a lack of government and support the country's president no list lee myung bak leaving some light stretches and drills before the squad head off look out for them in the judo fencing and football disciplines. all right the former one where we're down to the final two races of the twenty ten season theoretically five speedsters can still race off with the championship crown but its leader fernando alonso on mark webber who are in the driving seat third place lewis hamilton will be hoping things in brazil and abu dhabi go its way a situation which could bring the briton a second title in three years. with pushing and putting everything into these last two races as we do every race but really guys a good sleep at the factory to make sure we have the pundits for that race and
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grades so in there for me i've been training all week. just eleven ks like every morning six thirty every day just a final push final push and hope that every little bit counts big weekend ahead in brazil let's move to san francisco finally were thought of locals took to the streets to toast their giants world series winning squad the last time the city host of the parade of these proportions wasn't ninety ninety five when the n.f.l. is forty niners won their fifth super bowl title giants creates willie mays on the willie mccovey were on hand for the festivities on their watch team manager bruce bochy took the trophy hard for a spin and his country heard a bell slugger or brief health threaten to unveil his looking red thong at the fridge as you can see he is a man of his word a great day in south in. and that wraps off the sports now i'll see you soon the
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weather is coming up in just a second. great for the full story we've got it first the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers.


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