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tv   [untitled]    November 6, 2010 3:30pm-4:00pm EDT

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when the world has changed forever. thousands passed to nothingness. thousands wounded. nursed her and doomed to suffer to the end of the land. it was the first but probably not the last military uses of this weapon. call many more will be come. children common get on in the future wealthy british style holds fast not on. the. markets financed scandals find out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines today in two cars
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a report on. they faced this is not a provocation but a warning of. a full of shit and the second step is what you showed us a pretty free trade speaks they have no idea about the hardships to face. one it's the says it all too nice and for any army to life ever you say to me is the most precious thing in the world. is of self-sacrifice and heroism with those who understand it fully but you have to live it. real life stories from world war two. victory nineteen forty five dots on t. dot com.
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ten thirty pm in moscow good to have you with us here on our teeth easier headline a top russian investigative journalist severely beaten in moscow and now with an induced coma police say the attack is likely linked with his professional activities. campaigners in the u.k. demand convictions for police officers responsible for deaths in custody one person or week reportedly dies as a result of contact with police in the country but no one has ever been found guilty. in the us comes in for on precedent to public scrutiny over its human rights record at the united nations human rights council eventually got a harsh criticism over its immigration policies of racial profiling the use of the death penalty and abuse allegations overseas. up next it's all about russian bred as host martin enders hits the capital's bakeries in our entertainment segment must go out stay with us.
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there's a famous person probably i don't see a full if you haven't tested right of the centuries it's the more the key finch is also russian diets and from the russian dog ride bred to the popular drink class that's what we'll be exploring on this week's moscow out the history of breast. plate is with just a few thousands of pieces of agriculture grains have been the foundation of making . music here shake a stick district of bread making it in russia and from serbia purses a fishing tool using examples of different person great bronte's you can see the
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implicit well bred played and still plays in every day life so mr campbell bread has its roots deep in the history of mankind and nowadays tea not a single russian table can be imagined without to buy fresh sweet scented bread on the snow and dozens of rest this now but no matter what the flavor of bread is still an important part of any dinner. bread represented life itself during a season any glad. for the nine hundred days of the blockade locals are rushing to his nose one hundred twenty five grams of bread. over one million people died of starvation stress and exposure but for the fortunate people who survived the small amounts of bread was literally the life story. a thousand years ago grains were crucial to the diet of the slab. ry was the dominant grain in the northern parts. short growing season. which is more
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widely in the southern parts of ukraine. it was all about surviving the long harsh winter bread was the king as a staple food source to millions and it still is today. and posting to this week's entertainment news famous italian grand have come up with a special project somebody will have a favorite twenty fifth anniversary in fashion collection of t. shirts with prints by the best international photographers all featuring the only combo to be sold in the beauty acceptable fashion capitals and at the launch of the collection in moscow naomi made in the pyrenees. the russians powerful and rich that live in the city's prestigious residential.
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restaurants. all the time but. its name in english headed by a chef. his team everyone says to. contemporary french cuisine. now we had two european bakery and. office hundreds of bread. is close. in two thousand and five. hundred factories in the russian.
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twenty four. only fresh.
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fish the. time. you can buy them in several locations and he just simply makes to the pound and hey
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presto you have to shoot in no time. see you again oh welcome back to tell me how did you end up working here must go to well i've been to most good couple of times on consultation jobs in fact bakeries. and when i have to call from one of us to say rooms i was safe for ales and i came back in the sauce and. i'm so lucky because the menu i have to air is really international as you can see with saddam's bread basket you've been here for a few years now. i mean i've been here five you really do see the difference of all these new bakeries are loosely when i first arrived here it was. rather nasty plastic sliced bread as old dog heavy rye bread which is very much the traditional staple of the russian cuisine and now with this will be bankers opening their home was amazing you can have
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a cat share and buy gas with cheese all these different flavors it's fantastic now you have cheese around the block with people willing to spend twenty pounds forty dollars on a few loaves of bread because it's a tasty it's a huge development not to go back to the rye bread it's here. absolutely because i know that most of my family wouldn't even know what this is. that it has at least seventeen difference in greece. and traditionally it has. caraway seeds fennel and. coriander seeds in that but you can at the very least amount it doesn't. it was about seventeen flavors and in the olden days and some pieces they lift illness for three and half it is. nothing else but it has a. she brings it has also been about power. for
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example. russians get married the first bytes from the new bride it will symbolize a peach well. so this means that you're very wealthy that. normal everything that you have the spirit is calling to me it's a great life. and we've arrived i'll find a location the attack of a drink spiked drink and founded in one thousand nine hundred seventy eight the plant is well known for the class that they produce here known as the bread drink in my home country that we're making it here in russia for centuries. compasses been a russian staple of refreshment for centuries enjoyed by generations of russians across the country. from the pushkin describes how russians believe they needed
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facts like the after living in russia and the peace of the great it was the most commonly known drink in every class of society. and official here they have a small museum and an area where you can taste different varieties sounds good to me made from black regular ryegrass the color of the bread used contributes to the color of the resulting drink and the alcohol content from the fermentation is typically around one percent. entry screen extremely popular in russia which does army times mass manufacturing you have to drink to supply the whole country to gamble. has become popular and nowadays when talking about various we think of the don't go on first but only a century ago only a light colored drink was made it was called white canvas and it was on the filter . coca-cola this year. even started selling class in new york in hopes of winning over the american pallets to the motley fool mentioned russian drink with
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a particular crisp most taste. the splendid mighty russian grass. he says he says it's a symbol of life itself but a use for a trained simple data system is the subject of dread in russia is rooted institution truth social history and i'm sure it will continue today to decades to come. but it's wrestling the rye bread bring back you really should drive enough i think. it's wrong and a lot larry like in russia of course they say that's all the time we have in this big fire i'll see you again i say five next week so that for me and the rest the things i'll buy and.
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dine. forward to be held on say. the pain and suffering will never be forgotten. as well as the joy of liberation. spring of nineteen forty five on our team. the admiral no human. passenger liner sailing in the black sea. this thirty first nineteen eighties hips. twenty three twenty. four kilometers offshore.
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crashes into another vessel. four hundred twenty three people die. russian titanic. holidaymaker who wouldn't dare to swim so deep. a tourist would be scared of such cold water. and would never die if nothing was seen within arm's reach. but they are not tourists they are researchers. and feel worse online than. water. oh a cell phones would be useless without this mineral. tiny pieces needed to make them
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work. but every piece of coltan is extracted at a cost to human life. more news today violence is once again flared up. and these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. china corporations are today. a top russian investigative journalist severely beaten in moscow and now in an induced coma police say the attack a likely link with his professional life to vs. campaigners in the u.k.
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demand convictions for police officers responsible for the deaths in custody one person a week reportedly dies as a result of contact with police in the country but no one's ever been found guilty . and the u.s. comes under impressive scrutiny over its human rights record at the united nations human rights council the country got a harsh criticism over its immigration policy to racial profiling the use of the death penalty and new celebrations overseas. you know neal joins us next with all the latest from the world of sports stay with us. thanks for joining us this is indeed sports today i mean you know you and they used our headline. wrong it was not a vengeful suffer day for the strugglers in the russian premier league find out he's leaving a little easier in just
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a moment. as you were francesco molinari is still the man to catch up the big money he just b.c. champions world number one leave west goodlife just a stroke behind the italian. trying hard on lots of season a brigade gets underway but it's the same old story for england as they feel the power of world cup favorites you see. car had almost forgotten what a win was in the russian premier league side from perm having failed to do so since mid september. relief then the team want to know i guess that's the trick in salford ace early kick off without a victory in five confidence couldn't have been too high in the home squads dressing room so imagine the delight when novak of h. . and it's car kept pressing after that and go to reward for their efforts right after the half time break defeats a wristwatch this time with
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a beautiful bouncing had to. knock the stuffing out of their chechen opponents once and for all leaving to see the second period with minimum of fuss to know the final score at the star stadium propelling i'm car out of the relegation zone for the first time in weeks. and she from weight on and also giving their survival hopes a shot in the arm the new boys had left a solid start to the season slide recently feeling to register a win since august. sort of though twenty three minutes in against. the journeyman strike and making the most of this slippery surface one nil at the finish up the victory moving. on. to twelve three spots off the drops. in the day's final game moscow were seeking to stretch their arms and run to five weeks away to rust off well they did just that fighting back to secure
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a one one draw in southern russia european qualification is still very much a possibility for both those sides. that brings us to be english game where on doggedly the much of the weekend occurs at field where chelsea will aim to inflict yet more misery on liverpool but that's not until sunday there was plenty of football to be played before the fresh from midweek her roots of european champions tottenham travelled to bolton but the home side brought bale and company crushing down to earth with a four two win at the reebok stadium united have been a couple of points of leaders chelsea. wolves hearts on the trafford blackpool and everton meanwhile feel to pick away from need people to after they played a two two draw at the road. block. other winners. ok
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the battle of the world's golfing elite in shanghai has reached its climax francesco molinari the man still holding on to his one stroke lead with a run to play at the hitch s.p.c. champion's. thirteenth hole here in eagle helping him cart a five under sixty seven. how to make birdie on the final hole though to maintain his advantage. all day long was world number one lee westwood tiger woods for. mickelson and martin kaymer all but heart of contention for his top rank after they posted less than separate showings on day three westwood would like nothing better than to reaffirm his new top dog status with a comeback when fellow englishman luke donald not too far off the pace either he sits four shots behind the leader. still no clear cut winner in formula one with two races left to go this season another surprise on the day with nico who can
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burge emerging to grab pole at the brazilian grand prix the williams driver progress improving throughout his qualifying runs leaving the red hot red bull jewel of sebastian vettel mark webber to start to second third respectively holcomb berg's best race finish was a sixth place effort in hungary back in august his latest effort pushed overall leader fernando along to fit on the grid with lewis hamilton sneaking in ahead of the spaniard there are numerous scenarios for how the season could play along so webber vettel or jenson button yet take the time. he may not have the title but he could end up with the final victory of the twenty ten moto g.p. season casey stoner earning pole for the year ending event in valencia the australian could quickly sneak into third place with a podium finish if departing valentino rossi is
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a total non-factor in the race the two thousand and seven champion will be hoping for better luck next year as he trades his to cathy for a honda this year's best racer already established world champion. will be starting from second followed by marco simoncelli rossi the rens who will be hoping to conquer on the valencia truck one of three circuits where he's yet to win any receiving trials. can rejoice the long anticipated autumn internationals season is upon us the first set of fixtures are already done and dusted with good opening weekend for the southern hemisphere sides twenty eleven world cup hosts new zealand began their tour. with an english test at twickenham on the visitors didn't miss a run waltzing to an early fourth the lead three tries. from rico gear on q. and reed now reads effort showing off the whole array of new zealand talent on
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offer seventeen three the score the break. and then to work to their strengths in the second half their shrum giving the new zealand forward line a testing forty minutes but it was a quick break they'd give the holster and retry dylan hartley adjudged to have touched on here a couple penalties brought in to win seven with a quarter of an hour to go but the fitness of the all blacks told in the end pulling off the gallant men in white twenty six to sixty i. cracking game moving car to three mile sauced really age wales that was just the minimum between the sides of the interval with the wall base in front thanks to an early david try it was a different story after the half time team talk was truly a blitzing will for two tries to all but seal the crush after sixty five minutes this is the visitor second of the period i banned alexander i richie rees did this for some respectability ten minutes from time but by venice truly knew the wind was
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in the by twenty five sixteen the fans were out a surprisingly far from full millennium stadium i if the opi and how league see has shown on numerous occasions recently he can go the distance better than most meaning the thirty seven year old is still the man to beat at his first new york marathon on sunday the multiple time world record holder busy plotting his way ahead of one of the five world. you know new york it's not the i want you around for a time you know the one you're on. of cause you know that is more talk than. what i cry like an office called i'm enough though it doesn't matter at all what kind of course but better than all out there. that i thought to be pretty pos that thirty seven and still going strong and i finally a group of less able children from st petersburg are about to see one of their
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wildest dreams come true the little footballers will a two time world player of the year roll denio no less after winning a tournament in their native city picks up the story. i am meeting was ronald dean you go meet keats imagine in their wildest dreams but that scenario will come true for a few young star simpson petersburg have to be one it tournament called everyone is equal in sport held in moscow. they are banned for screwed together by international direct selling company and wait for a means to raise the issue of disability to high a level in russia there are mixed teams there are children with disabilities and without disabilities and they have a team and the aim is to make them to make them friends to make them communicate with the child there. because you know the mind of the problems in our country is
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that people with disabilities that kind of isolates hits if you are russian premier league players showed up to watch their potential future placements in action to footballers and knowledge and special innate gazin it was for the children for me over there when i was a kid it was difficult to watch foreign games my heroes play frizzy neat in my native st petersburg i always try to give their autographs and was happy just to see them near. well demetrius say nneka can now be happy for his young fellow townsmen and they'll travel to milan next stay for at least children one day a band in a tense phenolic that when told that we need to penalties and that wiener stayed in touch i am oceans. i love to watch truly knew i had money he's dribbling his abilities i'm looking forward to meeting him. milan's training ground to neil now will be the place with the saw grease the youngsters the hope is that the children
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from russia will get a chance to see one of the waltz greatest players supercenter as organized as everyone equal campaign promise to make the most good tournament and a new one but a miss to uk r t what a trip that's going to pay well that is all your sports not world weather is coming up in just a tick he said. wealthy british style.
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markets. can find out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines to name two kinds of reports on are today.


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