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and minimums looked forward to be held on say. the pain and suffering will never be forgotten. as well as the joy of liberation. era spring of nineteen forty five on our team. this is just a parliament building in perth in. atlanta a and sixty from years ago. it was the final target of the last major offensive from an army into a and his country became the symbol of the fall of the fascists of the a and the victory over nazi germany i am. the follow in our cheap.
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eight thirty pm in moscow good to have you with us on our t.v. as we recap the stories that shape the week moscow calls georgia's arrest of thirteen alleged russian spies a political farce aimed at scoring political points back home to police he was moved was also met with mistrust. one of russia's top investigative journalist severely beaten in moscow police say oleg kashin professional activity was likely a motivation for the attack. the trade medvedev store of russia's far east pearl islands has angered japan which also claims the territory of moscow says its ownership is beyond dispute and promises to invest in the remote region. and president obama's party suffers a defeat in the u.s. midterm elections but many say it's ordinary americans who really lost out as big business played a big role in deciding the outcome. coming up next artie's sophie shevardnadze discusses the future of the movie industry in particular tastes of russian viewers with the head of the disney company for russia and the c.i.s.
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stay with us. my initial golf was kind of thank you very much for this interview thank you very much for the invitation now more and more russian films take part in the international film festival so sexually mean that movies are becoming a full fledged business in russia all this new company came few years ago to the russian market and since then the whole movie industry in russia picked up and now russian box office is one of the leading in the world for a lot of disney movies so i think with a lot of comfort i can say that. this is the really important and very fast growing market in russian to get to you maybe have a feeling that the display company came a little late to the russian market. in our view it was exactly the right time.
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in order to develop needs a lot of infrastructure just maybe a few words about our business in russia movies is definitely one of the very important businesses for us movies distribution production are very happy about our first very successful experience with book with masters we do a lot of consumer products we do live intertainment shows we publish books games we do sell our programming on a lot of channels. the channel in russia so for all of that to happen i mean the economy needs to be prepared so what kind of products to us to snare actually sell in russia and in the c.i.s. countries with multiple consumer products starting with. a lot of stationary obviously games toys etc one of the most important trends which i would really like to specify during the last two years the amount of products that we need to produce
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in russia for the right. tripled if you look into the products that was in russia for the russian audience most of them in russia on the russian industrial enterprises when your opinion what do russian companies need to catch up with a standard itself western production companies i would say catching up maybe not exactly the right word. in russia there is amazing history of story telling and for this day in russia the country would like to get inspiration from the russian stories and make movies based on the russian heritage and culture but use some of the heritage that we have in the world this new company and tell them some how we tell stories how the characters develop and we always have the happy ending in all the movies that's really interesting to us actually solve. a stable hollywood tradition here in russia or just a russian audience need to be fed like
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a very specific content that it's used to strongly believe that russian audience has very distant taste definitely a lot of big blockbusters work in russia and russian audience love. alice in wonderland but at the same time there are a lot of stories that can be told specifically for the russian audience and we believe with all fairytales that we started with masters we tapped into something that was not done in russia for a long time it's the quality family entertainment and family stories which we see can travel around the world because with. nine prizes in various field festivals around the world what we see i mean traditional russian stories can also travel just beyond the russian audience even though the book of masters was created for the russian origin specifically was book of masters as big of a block baster here in russia as alice in wonderland all over the world but even my
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question is what kind of movie is profitable to produce and fresh. in order to make profits like block plasters make in the west for the movies to be successful the audience needs to be interested in the movie and the box office obviously is one of the very important drivers for the revenue for any of the movies t.v. rights definitely is very important part of that and other distributions like d v d blue ray and digital distribution so what does this need to do with digital content what do you deal with it digital content digitalization is one of the very important strategies for us in russian more and more content is being. used and distributed in digital form and one of the exciting tendencies that we see is that more content that we create in russia now travel abroad for example mobile games. games and digital games it's
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a success commercial success of inevitably linked with the way that film is advertised i think yes but different movies might require very different advertising yes it could be advertising on t.v. billboards in the recent time a very important part of advertising is social advertising and social communities on the internet there are a lot of examples already in this country and in other countries where the audience loves it not necessarily you have. but they really lot of people come to see the movie if they feel it's worth seeing and spending the time there is the major question for filmmakers after the success of avatar hollywood companies including this may have started to take advantage of the three d. for one thing there were companies will begin to use this format it's called potential as we see right now some of the russian companies started producing three d. . and we hope that in the near future there will be very successful examples of that
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most. the recent releases of war converge to movies so now we're waiting for a really true three d. movie when it would be short as a three d. movie because the production process requires very different cameras equipment post-production process that d.v.d.'s is one of the sources of your income's piracy is a huge problem in russia one of the annual losses for this name for your unit have to stay here in russia and how do you fight it how do you protect your intellectual property piracy is definitely a big issue for disney not only in russia but in a lot of countries what we see recently that people tried to buy quality content and they used to buying d.v.d.'s in retail we also developed a lot of programs for various price points and we work with a lot of retail partners to make sure that we get a quality legal product to the audiences for very different price points and what
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we see our d.v.d. sales and brewery growing really really fast even though we know that now the market is changing and blu ray and digital distribution is really around the corner but still a lot of families buy d.v.d.'s they want to watch movies together they buy it for their kids so would you say their losses in piracy are and aren't considerable in numbers we don't really calculate that so we do calculate how much. growing and what we see especially recently that they pirated market might be decreasing because we sell more and more d.v.d.'s again not only very expensive ones but for mass audience and do we believe that the piracy market is decreasing so many foreign competition actually say it's very difficult to make business in russia and they're citing corruption and bureaucracy as main stumbling points would you say that the unit or your unit of distinct local corporations facing the same problems here well this new company established. in two thousand and six and imagine at that
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time there was nobody in and two. we were able to build a very strong business and we're leaders in a lot of segments that are important for us we haven't seen more than two hundred people working in this office so i believe if you really have a strategy of well thought of if you have a strong team of people you can be very successful in this market the only global major studio not to have its distribution offices here in russia or browsers. ready for an emergence of such serious competitor what would change if warner brothers were to open their distribution offices in russia all of the major studios are present in russia where the direct office is all through their partners so already russia is one of the major markets for the hollywood studios and is growing even more do you guys use the specialist. offices and queue up more from the global the psni here in russia there are seven strategic territories in all different
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company and we really exchange a lot of best practices with our colleagues not only in the u.s. about in other territories as well there's a lot of similarities between russian market in america for example there is interesting examples that we can learn from in china or japan you know the japanese animation has become really popular with the children and especially on the cartoon market do you think maybe there's a chance that japanese anime will actually squeeze out the traditional cartoon which has actually been bergen in chip for years and. when t.v. . everybody said all the theater will die all of this. so i think there is very different types of entertainment that people would like and definitely japanese animation is a very very important part of kids love the movie kid loves old soviet movies and emitted movies so i don't think it will influence strongly yes it's one of the
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very interesting and important. information which will weigh. together with all the other types of animation what do you think will be successful in two thousand and eleven zero where really excited about two thousand and eleven for us it's already started because our financial year and this at the end of september for us then you very interesting releases obviously tangled very exciting movie and next year would really really looking forward to releasing parties for the caribbean right now thank you very much chris and thank you. cellphones would be useless without this mineral. is needed to make. good use of culture and it's extracted at
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a cost to light. the admiral no human a passenger liner sailing in the black sea. august thirty first nineteen eighty six. twenty three twenty. four kilometers off shore. crashes into another vessel. four hundred twenty three people die. russian titanic. holidaymakers wouldn't dare to swim so deep. a tourist would be scared of such cold water. and would never die if
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nothing's within an arm's reach. they are not to lists they are researchers. and field workers on land then in deep water. they faced it this is not a provocation but a warning of. a full state of michigan steverson he assured us of a pretty free trade speaks they have no idea about the hardships to face. they wanted to says it all to tunis and for any army the life of a usaf is the most precious thing in the world. is of self-sacrifice and heroism of those who understand it fully but you have to live a. real life stories from world war two. the true nineteen forty five dot dot com.
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it'll . it'll. but. it was. a recap of the stories that shape the week moscow calls georgia's arrest of thirteen alleged russian spies a political farce aimed at scoring political points back home to police whose move
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was also met with mistrust. one of russia's top investigative journalist severely beaten in moscow police say oleg kashin is professional activity was likely linked to via time. dimitri made better store of russia's far east coral islands has angered japan which also laid some blame for the territory the last go says its ownership is beyond dispute and promises to invest in a remote region. and president obama the democratic party suffers a defeat in the u.s. midterm elections but many say it's ordinary americans who've lost out as big business played a big role in deciding. ok parker joins us now with all the latest in the world understand there's some big english and russian football action to tell us about yes sir is not yes on the top of the table to use in it will win is in russia they came back to win it c.b.s. bought chelsea look like they going to lose that live a full more on that plus the rest of the sport is coming up next.
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hello welcome to the sports news and your headlines one hand on the trophies and it's come from two goals down to win five to. nine points clear at the top of the russian. while trouble at the top chelsea trial at liverpool also slip up against new counsel to see to triumph on a day of crunch battles elude us from the. simply the best italian francesco molinari out number one in the west which to win his first world golf championship . i was always football wasn't simply. his break came back from two goals down to win five two at rock bottom syria and extend their lead to nine points at the top of the russian premier league serious down the visitors by taking a two goal lead within six minutes if an id been opened to just two minutes before
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only four would that's when you jack if there was a second were however didn't acknowledge the level with just a quarter of a lap laid the mr off to go back to it for st joseph the next three days i met. and it was level at the break but three second half goals within six minutes gave the visitors victory danny isn't it three two up on now. and side gets a match and alexander and you cough that is to ensure he finished five two in it now needs just two more points from the last four games to ensure the title is that severe on the other hand and that seven points from safety just three days left were. elsewhere said langham took on an offer to moscow eighteen theorically place as finished goals that runs in the last game of the day test on moscow a winning three two and a clear set of about fifteen minutes left to play. well on saturday struggling with
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their hopes of avoiding relegation by producing their first victory since mid september when to nail a time to turn back the home side haven't won in the last five games but still lie to their fans and meet out the back of each night at home after twenty four minutes . was up the pressure rooted for the left it's tough to be bright but it's out there stitched this time with a beautiful glancing had a. was a second goal seemed to knock the confidence out of their church and opponents on the same science were at the second half of that too many problems so too nearly finished at the start stadium. meanwhile sitting and she also boosted their hopes of avoiding the drop by alleging deficit really since late august off. that's a solid start to the season slide however he goes to the top but the home side won the lotto after twenty three minutes in a game against home journeyman striker making the most of the slippery surface to net what proved to be the winner. and us why did alastair stretch their
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unbeaten run to five games and to come back to the old one wanted southern russian side crossed off half by young cross. over the course is a shot that six minutes i can to keep you guessing the bus after the break at sanderson had the equalized seed in the final result and maintained numbers hopes to take the qualification. while moving over to england and chelsea could stretch their lead to five points if they win at home to liverpool in the english premier league but the leaders according to madonna soundfield fernando torres is the blues tormentor scoring twice in the first off chelsea left in a drop on the bench earlier andy carroll headed the winner on strike at all time as newcastle moved up to faced with a one mil victory at third place mike tyson ferguson equinix the gum since december two thousand and one manchester city a fourth after winning two nailed in an eventful day and west bank mario balotelli scored two first off goals in six minutes and then saw reds just after the hour
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albion's was also a man down for the last eight minutes thinks if the longboat sent off the baggies get to tenth. one on saturday told them suffered a european hangover as they lost four to the boats and just on top scored twice including the lights went out as manchester united with a two one victory that needs to go into points of chelsea manning and scored twice in nine second half minutes to rest will point to get swept bottom left and moved clear of the bottom three at the expense of local rivals wigan their second top goal is morten gamst pedersen and jason roberts everton twice came from behind to draw at blackpool columns prior to handling had a ninety fourth minute equaliser to deny aston villa that first league win since september and asimo guy and scored twice on these. start for sunderland because they want to milford home to ten on stage. moving out to ice hockey where table toppers metal leg magnitogorsk lost for want second place to eight seed in a row in one of eight games in the kontinental hockey league despite that defeats
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the eastern one remaining first place elsewhere having got had no problems against with these two grafters they've beaten six two at home ice meanwhile last season's regular season champion style about you liar were surprisingly struck also sixteen by constantine tyreese atlanta after beast for one defending champions act asking for three goals down to me for three weeks into a bad joke scott in petersburg they also claim that three want to come back victory at home to severe what more teeth thrashed next meeting realises level seven two and then i was minsk needed a shootout the chairs in the moscow region. meanwhile francesco molinari has claimed his first world golf championship by winning the h.s.b.c. champions event in shanghai the italian outclassed lee westwood by one shot in a spirited jewel molinari closed with a five under par sixty seven for only the second win of his career he spoiled the debut of westwood as the world's number one player. at a time where the his ranking meanwhile molinari over one point two million u.s.
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dollars in prize money was up to number fourteen in the world rankings. my g.p. now and world champion jorge lorenzo has ended the season in style as he took a victory at the valencia grand prix the spaniard passed pole sitter casey stone on lap twenty two to hold off the australian for the win stoner eventually finished almost five seconds behind the winner dani pedrosa came home seventh in spain but ended up the championship. italian valentino rossi took a comfortable third place in his last race with yamaha to finish the rule. has been the gracies race you know my life. and i so. one of the beautiful races for me that gives me but the feeling it. i.e. yes the cough i would have started but then in the first in the second corner a songwriter would take me and then mainly she want chile after the end give me any
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facilities tool the wall for work but there you know i keep the gown. on the rugby it was a good weekend for the southern hemisphere sides in the opening matches of the autumn internationals the twenty eleven world cup host and favorites new zealand to be down there to britain and ireland with an english test at twickenham as the visitors began confidently into an early fourteen two tries recap here to read the last of assets showing off the whole array of new zealand's talent. it was seventy three at the break and ended that were to their strengths in the second half a scrum beginning in forward line test in forty minutes but it was a quick break that gave the host a try dylan hartley judged to touch down a couple of penalties poor thing going to within seven points with a quarter of an hour to go but the fitness of the group last told in the end i got so many wants until six to sixteen and i am as
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a copy packing game over in card is there a stray edge wales there is very little between the size of the interval with the wallabies in front thanks to an early david pipe try however it was a different story after the hans time team talk astray at least wales with two try is all but still the trash after sixty five minutes this was the visitors second try the half tank it seemed i am in which he responded give us for us some respectability ten minutes from time but by then straight it means the wind was effectively dead so twenty five sixty eight and the let me say i am and finally a group of less able children from st petersburg are back to see one of their wildest dreams come true the young footballers will meet two time world player of the year run again year after winning a tournament in their native city but the mystery that reports i am meeting is remedy near many kids imagine in their wildest dreams but that scenario will come true for
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a few young star systems in petersburg to be one. in a tournament called everyone is equal in sport helping the school was the band was put together by international direct selling company and wait for a means to raise the issue of disability to high a level in russia that i make teams there are children with disabilities and without disabilities and they have a team and the aim is to make them to make them friends to make them communicate with each other. because you know the mind of the problems in our country is that people with disabilities that kind of isolates hits if you are russian premier league players showed up to watch their potential future placements in action the footballers and knowledge and how special and gauge it was for the children i mean over in the community when i was a kid it was difficult to watch for you games my heroes play frizzy need in my
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native seen petersburg i always try to get their autographs and was happy just to see them near. while demetrius sinica can now be happy for his young fellow townsmen and they'll travel to milan next a feral beast children one day a band in a tense phenolic that went all the way to penalties and that winners didn't hide their emotions. i love to watch truly knew i had money he's doing his abilities i'm looking forward to meeting him milan's training ground to neil now will be the place where the saw grease the youngsters the hope is that more children from russia will get a chance to see one of the waltz greatest players in person as organizers of the everyone equal campaign promise to make the most good tournament and a new one but a mr hard cheat on us it was posing as his boss and i think.
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wealthy british style it's best not to cut ties. with the. markets why not scandal. find out what's really happening to the global economy in the kinds of reports on our t.v. .


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