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tv   [untitled]    November 7, 2010 2:00pm-2:30pm EST

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on. morning news today violence is once again flared up thing these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada from china corporations are on the day. the be. recapping the stories that shaped the week moscow calls georgia's arrest of thirteen alleged russian spies a political bars aimed at scoring political points back home to police he's moved
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was also met with mistrust from. one of russia's top investigative journalists severely beaten in moscow his professional activities suspected as motivation for the attack. responsible and good will cost a smuggler one hundred dollars the right people so it's a run. on poverty and despair for so many iraqis to smuggle banned alcohol to neighboring iran if the risk of their freedom and even their lives are he follows the dangerous route. and president obama's party suffers a defeat in the u.s. midterm elections but many say it's ordinary americans who have lost out as a big business has played a big role in deciding the outcome. it's ten pm in the russian capital i mattress i giving you today's news and
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a look back at the week's stories here on r t in a fresh and james bond style scandal between russia and georgia tbilisi this week confirmed that it had arrested thirteen people accused of spying for moscow out russia says the whole story is a political farce and that georgian authorities are simply grabbing attention ahead of a nato summit as artie's arena delusional reports many georgians fear the government's anti russian mania could land them in prison for espionage too. for alina this spy scandal was a horrible deja vu her own husband. was thrown into prison for allegedly spying for russia during the two thousand and eight conflict between georgia and south the city or. they said some three thousand and three hundred pages of data which my husband supposedly sound to russia that's a blatant lie we have presented evidence numerous times that on from ation with witchcraft and worked was just his analysis if you look at his case you'll see that
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it's easy to say that anyone's a spine george or something with. the lynas husband was george's envoy to nato he was named in the documentary just shown on one of george's main channels too as one of the russian spies who didn't get away in fact the film was just part of what seemed to be a spy novel unraveling in a small caucasus country over the past week first the news of the arrests that came suddenly and not from the authorities but through western news source then a week of silence after which the georgian interior ministry made the announcement with much pomp and circumstance aspiring for years a work by the georgian counter-intelligence service amol invited into russia's chief intelligence directorate so what is this latest spy scandal all about a political farce a desperate plea for attention or simply much ado about nothing moscow says it's a combination of all three and many say it won't do georgia any good mosco reacted
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almost immediately the saakashvili regime suffers from some chronic spine mania fueled by under russian sentiments in recent years the georgian leadership has resorted to fabricating similar scandals more than once cynically hoping to political dividends inside the country and abroad some analysts believe the whole affair was an attempt to put pressure on georgia's opposition. the regime of circus really does not feel safe and they use any possible to again in the in their struggle against a position which still is not consolidated body is getting in power more and more and in georgia the spy story was met with distrust. everything that concerns any information coming from the georgian authorities is highly don't fall and with a healthy dose of irony. this whole affair seemed to be fashioned on the american
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spy scandal only it lacked on the chaplain the sex symbol but apparently the taste at the same time it's an attempt to lead the situation between russia and georgia to novice collation. but wild tbilisi in mosco exchange verbal blows one woman continues to wait for justice for her and. i'm not afraid but i know that if need be georgian authorities can accuse not only me but any georgian citizen inspiron for any country they don't need it right now but when they will they will accuse me of pretty. to be lisi georgia. russia has received nato his proposal for a joint european missile defense system on wednesday the alliances secretary general was on a visit to moscow anders fogh rasmussen stressed that nato sees russia as a friend an essential player in a regional stability president medvedev said partnership with the alliance could
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boost security in europe and the world to me becomes the head of a nato summit in lisbon later this month with which the president will attend an expert in conflict resolution can be trained training tells r.t. that a joint russian nato missile defense project could be a breakthrough for both sides the secretary general is a champion of joint missile defense on russia's. cooperation with nato on missile defense he made that statement his first speech on russia first major speech on any issue. last year basically you need to realize that no amount of the strategic arms reduction did levitations can transform the russian nato russia western russia u.s. relationship one needs to have to teach a collaborative project and it looks like the thing is the one thing. the
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project that key has the potential at least transformed the entire russian western relationship it's a game changer or fail to seize appalled that it could be a game breaker. nader's original plans for an anti-missile shield in europe sent russian relations with the alliance to a new low but recently things have been on the mend in september nato invited to russia to take part in the alliances next summit and last month the two sides carried out a joint anti-drug raid in afghanistan. while russia and nato boost cooperation in afghanistan moscow delivered the first of sixteen planes with weaponry to kabul on tuesday the arms are being supplied free of charge following an agreement between the two states on fighting militants and drug trafficking russia's defense minister says it's possible that the country's military experts will need to help train afghan security forces moscow however has stayed about the troops will not return to afghanistan despite earlier speculation. moving to iraq now where war has
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arrived to the economy with estimates suggesting that a quarter of the population lives below the poverty line many resort to illegal means to make ends meet smuggling spirits into neighboring iran where drinking is bad our teens sebastian meyer follows the alcohol trail. in northern iraq kurdish smugglers load their horses with hundreds of boxes of booze they're taking into a brain although alcohol is forbidden in the slum a public much of tehran's bourgeoisie can't resist a drink and these smugglers provide them with an extraordinary selections we hear in a smuggler storm in a mountainous area of northern iraq that borders around we have absolute fuck you here teachers here mr chavez whiskey black and white whiskey back here we have johnny walker black label we have johnny walker red label over here and we even have over four different kinds of smear not. this box of luck it will cost
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a smuggler one hundred five dollars in iraq he will sell it in tehran for over four hundred although the profits appear immense to many who actually take the dangerous journey are paid a mere fifty dollars a night this is not work for those looking to make a fortune he does work for the poor uneducated and desperate for love that i do this because i'm a literate i don't know how to do and you know it was so this is the only job i can do out of the rain is brutal in its approach to keep alcohol out a smuggler recently arrested and was sentenced to life by others who have been wounded in police ambushes have been fined up to half a million dollars and then charged the price of the bullets that were shot at them with a mind they stepped on a new we crossed the border and there are explosions shootings i restore fights it's terrible most nothing we can do because we have who are. not only is the job dangerous but the living conditions are bleak on the iraqi side of the small river that makes the border so it's a series of shanty towns full of tattered shacks soon. small shelters for the
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smugglers as well as stables for the horses the police is to feed and stinks of course don't then when it is the season there is no food or drink during the cold and then when we leave and it's. on the other side said hundreds of a reunion border police some in concrete towers others in canvas tents but all in their pursuit to keep the smugglers out of their country a few days before we arrived he mounted an ambush on one of the smugglers. came from the other side three of my muse back across the border and show everyone. the remains left the corpses rotting on the riverbank as a warning to the smugglers nine a phone call comes in is clear the smugglers quickly finish packing their horses and then take off towards the border what awaits them on the iranian side is uncertain what is certain is tomorrow the same dangerous job awaits do those who
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are desperate enough to do it sebastian my own party on the iran iraq border. stay with us here on our t.v. still ahead a visit that's triggered an angry response we followed immediately made a bit of tour of russia's far east korea islands and explore why japan is unhappy. and the t.v. show that split german society find out why the program exposing online pedophiles has been accused of putting itself beyond the rule of law. but first the midterm elections in the u.s. dealt a serious blow to the obama administration republicans wrote a wave of public frustration with the pace of economic recovery to win a majority in the house of representatives but experts say it's not a regular voters but big business is cash that determine the outcome. this was a special election year in the us for the first time corporations were allowed to funnel as much money as they wanted into political campaigns and they definitely did not miss out on the chance to buy influence on capitol hill we've come to take
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our government by big business is pumped hundreds of millions of dollars into the pockets of the republican party that's now in charge of the house of representatives so what was at stake what they're hoping to do is bend the laws and regulations or prevent new laws and regulations from being approved they'll cut their bottom lines the problem is that a lot of these rules and regulations exist for a purpose they're supposed to protect the public interest to watch corporate influence inaction take republican john boehner now a majority leader in the house of representatives wall street invested millions of dollars in his campaign is also a darling among large health insurers oil firms and drug manufacturers baner is campaigning against all kinds of government regulations and against a tax increase for the rich and other republican congressman spencer baucus is going to be the chair of the house committee on financial services he has reportedly taken over four million dollars from wall street and pledge to fight
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against tougher rules for the financial market and it seems there is no way around it the election system in the u.s. is such that it's virtually impossible to run for office without strong financial backing but the bigger the backing the more candidates over to their benefactors many argue the latest supreme court decision which made it possible for corporations to invest unlimited amounts of money in politics and be able to be credited as anonymous donors has basically legalized corruption one definition i have of core option is the privatization of public party two years ago corporations supported obama knowing it was going to bail them out but now that he imposed tougher rules on the financial markets. and wants to increase taxes for the rich they're betting against this party no fear mongering and constant attacks on obama were arguably the third rationing main tools for making things work their way
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and it wasn't hard with most americans on happy with the way commie works and with the unemployment rate at its worst in almost thirty years people are frustrated they're deeply frustrated with the pace of our economic recovery some corporate darling channels like fox news were especially good at channeling distrust rationing. but many americans now fear they're interested been left down because of someone's special interests on the outside this democracy is usual with people coming to a polling station putting a cost before the name of a candidate they lie but in these elections we theme clones of corporations on meat first it seems who really has a vote in american mail is money going to shut down on t. washington d.c. . and as the republicans staged their comeback in congress one republican former president is also coming back with memoirs later this hour we'll look at how people
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remember george w. two years. not be able to get a job after that. iraq war a lot of things i remember about george bush will be like harry truman it may take twenty years twenty years later i think you'll be looked upon as maybe a decent president. before we get to that though what top level police investigation has been launched into a vicious attack on a russian investigative journalist oleg kashin a correspondent for the commerce newspaper was brutally beaten near his home in moscow friday night he's already undergone two surgeries and doctors say his condition is serious but stable investigators name cautions professional activities as one likely reason behind the assault police got c.c.t.v. footage showing two people attacking the journalist the case is drawing wide public response with many rallies supporting caution happening in moscow and st petersburg russian president dmitri medvedev says the attackers must be found and punished
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dimitri of a cilia former editor in chief of commerce says cautions bold writing could indeed have provoked anger among some. of course the reason for this attack is conscience professional activity he was a popular blogger and he was more open and outspoken online then in the paper common sense has a certain more reserved style this beating is very similar to the attack on the journalist because of which took place a couple of years ago this mention of his fingers for example so that the person could not write anymore there is a horror show element. japan seems ready to mend ties with russia as its ambassador has returned to moscow earlier than expected he was recalled following a spat over president visit to the coral islands to which tokyo also lays claim as our teams are solid boyko reports moscow has not forgotten it's about territory and has big plans for the area. it's
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a leftover from the second world war old soviet tanks rusting on the shore barrels pointed toward japan they're about to be scrapped format when the visit by the russian president put them at the center of another fiery exchange between russia and japan discovered in the seventeenth century the audience changed hands several times to the soviet union lost in the month to expel the japanese army from the islands in all this stuff nineteen forty five that prevented the two countries from signing a peace treaty living a door open for japan to claim the island seventy. sixty five years after their handover the tussle to define the islands national identity still goes on this across a period here if you years ago when the russian church parish and the island of secret town after decades of seeing its population window they are and is now in the midst of a baby boom. we have the highest birth rate in the entire region there are many
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kids here and parents bring them to be baptized and livingston's it's a quite decent nowadays just a few hundred metres from the church atika you mean more to. teaching japanese at a local school in health class seven great or sit alongside their parents and many of them getting a job and to fan is that best shot at lifting their families out of poverty are classes are very popular and people keep coming here year after year i'm hippias sometimes it seems like i am with my family again. this is precisely why the president came here to tell the locals that russia has not forgotten about them and while the regional officials try to paint a pretty picture of the roads in crumbling infrastructure betrayed the island's financial problems. it's an important part of our land we would definitely invest some money into the region. and the midst of reach dishing grounds the ons are a prime spot to buy seafood an opportunity that mitchell advent of didn't miss the
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what is it smelt can i get some. while fish and seafood are affordable here everything else cost almost twice as much as on the mainland the locals complained of unreliable supply but as the president noticed one item was always in stock yet apparently you don't have any problems with the supply of alcohol here with the president's visit it wasn't missed on the japanese side caucus foreign minister said the trip heard japanese public sentiment and temporarily recalled its ambassador from moscow. it is extremely regrettable that president medvedev visited the korea lions even though japan had earlier notified russia that there could be a negative impact on bilateral relations his russian counterpart was annoyed. because that only japan's reaction is an acceptable it's our land and russian president was visiting russian territory with already explained this to were just
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a nice porkers should lead to once again an ambiguous new retreat this position however we're not going to take any steps that would change relations. while the russian officials consider last week's row over the unfortunate they stressed that their first priority is to make sure that the people actually leave in the audience aren't left feeling model according to a two thousand and nine nationwide poll about ninety percent of russians would strongly object to handing the grill audience over to japan but the overwhelming majority of the respondents have never visited this territory and are very unlikely to decern in the future the audience may be an integral part of russia on big map but they cannot make clear and logistically they're still very much a foreign land and some boy are in russia's far east. remember you can always check out our website r.t. dot com to say posted on these and everything else we cover here's what's online right now on this day sixty nine years ago russian troops paraded in the red square
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before marching off to war the nazis had almost reached moscow take a look at this year's commemoration on our website our team dot com. and some people think rats can be beautiful as has been proved by an unusual beauty pageant in russia and watched the rodents from all over the country struck their stuff on our website our team dot com. debate is raging in germany over a t.v. show that exposes internet pedophiles by secretly filming their meetings with decoys posing as victims critics including the country's justice minister claim the program flouts the law in pursuit of ratings but its creators claim they can't use other methods since the law falls short in tracking and tackling internet predators
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are t. sorry for a thousand more. it's every parent's nightmare their child is being looted by someone named mats on the internet this girl is pretending to be a teen years olds in man at the table is in his sixty's they think embarrassing online for weeks come to mind the girlfriend it is you isn't it yes if i'm a little kid and you. went to cusco you tell me i'm shy. the back of your neck may be ok but perhaps that might turn you on that later is actually an undercover journalist and it turns out the man works for a children's charity he's completely unaware that the meeting is being secretly filmed as part of the german t.v. show a cool tattoo internet and it's exposing the danger is a sexual predator online in the very beginning we expected it expected.
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to have a very specific. person to be imagined you know what you would really usually magine as a sexual predator you know the guy with the glasses and you know the old old guy but we've met people from all kinds of society those who praise the show say that the authorities should have been inform straight away especially as in this case the man worked with children and that the shades designed for big ratings is the primary made savation the people who took the video clip took the clip in may and broadcast it in october now and in between there was no information for any. you know investigate to. officials for police and not for the employer or employer as well but the producers argue that the reason for having to keep the identity of the men they film secrets is due to
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a major leak hole in the little. chatting on the internet with a child even about cirqus is almost never considered a crime but it is left very unclear what exactly constitutes a criminal action. so kingly under current law unless there's an actual physical assault there's not much that can be done and it's an international problem with many experts evenly knowledge of the guidelines are in desperate need of kind of. instagram is not a new thing moment and as a number of children going online so does the danger and the scariest part is that right now there's not much that the police can do to protect them it seems she does how often within minutes of going into an online chat room praising as a young girl six the phone says well may if we can succeed with the goal of really changing the law making the approach of minus online to cyber grooming.
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stiction we can avoid those people chasing the little sarah r.t. . after two years out of the limelight george w. bush has published memoirs reflecting on his life and presidency and confessing some mistakes from the past glory harvest also known as the resident took to the streets of new york to check out what memories people have of him and their time has revived his image. decision points george w. bush's memoir is hitting bookstores everywhere how do you remember him this week let's talk about that i remember him as will ferrell being dropped to the stage gently on the cable from a helicopter and landing in times square fictionally being dumped and saying when he arrived that was weird on obama's inaugural day that's
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how i remember going to prom with him he's cool in my book though do you think that people in general feel better about him now two years later than they did when he was in office. i would say that no but. but i don't think obama's really proven anything you know above and beyond what he did so makes him look a little better i guess than one might not be able to get a job after that as well iraq war a lot of things i remember about george bush today do you think that his staying out of the limelight for a couple years has helped his image in dollars that kind of just i don't think it's changed you know the first six seven years were good for less year we had the financial difficulties and the difficult we do the war i think will be like harry truman it may take twenty years twenty years later i think will be looked upon as maybe a decent president if you think that's fair for a lot of presidents it takes some mattress back i think so i think the only thing we could look barely upon initially was nixon with the watergate he never really
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seemed to recapture new glory the bottom line is it's always easier to judge in hindsight so it'll be interesting to see what people think about bama two years after his presidency ends whether that's in two thousand and fourteen or twenty eighteen we'll have to wait and. we're wrapping up now with iraq. prime minister trying to look like he's going to try and becoming the fastest politician in the world his need for feed his need for speed fulfilled in st petersburg where he took to the track on four wheels. go ahead with the space in my old soviets can. be a little cramped but that didn't prevent the mir from doing up to two hundred forty kilometers an hour in his formula one race or yellow seems to be a lot of your putin's car color earlier this year he took a spin along a russian highway in a canary he would lotta putting in the driver's seat in the past he's been behind
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the controls of bikes combine harvesters and a jet fighter. i'll be back with headlines shortly stay with us as we wrap up the week's news on art.


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