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tv   [untitled]    November 10, 2010 4:00am-4:30am EST

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the it is going to further develop their strategic partnership with what's been said we can cross live now twenty sonali who's in so this way hello to you and they said no russian president dmitry medvedev has expressed concern about north korea's nuclear program about what's been said on that so far. but this is an issue of course that not only concern south korea and russia but the whole world really we hear so much about iran and its nuclear ambitions and in fact president medvedev brought that up when he spoke to korean journalists before his official visit began mentioning that we do hear so much about iran it hasn't in fact declared itself as a nuclear state where of course north korea has so there is reason to be concerned president reaffirmed that moscow is alarmed about north korea's nuclear ambitions but he believes the only way to deal with it is through negotiations. the partnership between our countries is not only a canonic we coordinate our foreign policies as well of course the area that
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requires our special attention is the situation in egypt pacific region and the situation on the korean peninsula we have discussed the situation of the nuclearization of the korean peninsula and have highlighted the importance of the six party talks we want them to resume as soon as possible. president video there speaking about how the situation with north korea and nonproliferation on the peninsula is so intertwined in the economy and south korea's economic relations with other countries we have to remember the north korean border is just some sixty kilometers from seoul where of course twenty of the world's most powerful leaders will be gathering over the next couple of days and this is an issue that we're going to hear a lot about. some of the hot topics of discussion that take us through some of those in these. well of course the economy is always
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a big one as with any kind of partners but president medvedev and his counterpart. spoke about economic partnership and cooperation and of course growth but also underlined they want to see growth and cooperation in other spheres there was a lot of talk about joint modernization projects of course this is a big one for president medvedev he's working on an internal matters but he wants to see more projects with partners especially in the asian pacific region he pushed or calls for i should rather say for south korean investors to really think about start investing in russia's far east a lot of people forget that cities like. that are all located very close to korea can be a great investment so he talks about that and once again reminded korea that russia is in fact part of the asian pacific region. and it's no way for the reporting from so. to this. speech from the civil society is for and so. racial profiling and
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inhumane prison conditions these are just some of america's downsides according to the u.n. human rights council experts say washington has a long way to go into the reaches international human rights standards washington those already refused their suggestion to abolish the death penalty and artie's report not has been finding out americans are finding this review a little too hard to swallow freedom justice and peace for the world must begin with freedom justice and peace in the lives of individual human beings america long the self-appointed global leader on human rights pointing out the shortcomings of others for the united states this is a matter of moral and pragmatic necessity ah but scenes of injustice like these are taking place not in other countries instead happening right here in the
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us. a point being made by the united nations human rights council in its first comprehensive review of washington's record two hundred twenty eight points to be precise recommendations on how the u.s. can do better in practicing what it preaches we want to close guantanamo and tension centers throughout the world to punish those people who torture and executed janie's arbitrarily the u.s. dismisses many of the suggestions calling them political provocations by hostile countries yet even america's allies are highlighting grave flaws friends in ireland demand obama follow through on the promise to close gitmo britain belgium and dozens of others calling on the us to abolish the death penalty for many it's the ultimate hypocrisy how a state with roughly three thousand people on death row lectures the world about humanity probably the most a case in point mumia abu jamal viewed as america's very own political prisoner the united states the perpetrator of gross human rights violations is using human
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rights as a political football against its enemies and its enemies are enemies not because they violate human rights necessarily but because the us wants to change the government in their country the country often accusing adversaries like syria iran and north korea of oppressing citizens is now faced with defending domestic practices like indefinite detention poor prison conditions and racial profiling don't stand idly by don't be silent when dissidents elsewhere are imprisoned america is home to the world's largest prison population with two point three million people currently behind bars children can be sentenced to life in prison a place where more than one hundred undocumented immigrants have died while awaiting deportation. increasing discrimination against muslims another blemish on america's human rights record. hundreds have been arrested in so-called f.b.i. for oil terror plots plots using government paid in. formants to set up the crime
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practice other countries turn entrapment aleesha mcwilliams maccollins nephew is among those caught in these web he warns the system is losing its bearings america's need to wake up because i don't know where the hell we go lives of americans no one country has all the answers but all of us must answer to our own people question is when the people speak who is listening the us has rejected international calls to abolish the death penalty and dismissed several other recommendations leaving many to ask if u.s. exceptionalism means do as i say and as i do during a fortnight artsy we are. with us the obama administration tries to tackle human rights violations in the country former president george w. bush is once again sparking controversy this time with these new memos almost two years ago off to leaving office america's forty third president is now having his say on his time in the white house in the book decision points he would view as his
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thoughts on the most controversial moments of his presidency he claims that iraq's lack of weapons of mass destruction came as a shock to him that he still believes the u.s. was right to invade on the interrogation of terror suspects since he personally approved the use of waterboarding because he believed to help prevent attacks before mccomas me tom andrews says no such methods can ever be justified under any of the. first of all it is illegal you can get an attorney to say anything you want but the fact of the matter is it is illegal secondly it violates international law it violates the geneva convention and thirdly it puts american soldiers at risk so that when they find themselves god forbid in an enemy's hands then you feel they're faced with the prospect of having the same treatment given to them that george bush was authorizing given to those who were the united states brought into custody it
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was a trap. that mistake and the fact that the president can't recognize that mistake is not surprising but but again unfortunate you know it's rather extraordinary for president bush was on national television last night here in the united states and he said that his lowest moment the lowest of the low as he described it was when a rap artist kenya west accused him of not caring about black people during the katrina debacle with the failure the federal government to respond to that horror came disaster when in fact you have a war against iraq a violation of international law an invasion that killed thousands of american soldiers over one hundred thousand iraqis all to go after weapons of mass destruction that did not exist and make it worse you had american soldiers seven hundred of whom were lost their lives in iraq because in this war of choice this administration did not think it important enough to provide them with the
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protective armor that if they had it they would be alive today. former congressman tom andrews with his thoughts there well still to come late in the program how christianity is under attack in the middle east and take a look at how one faith is a common foe both jews and muslims and what. russia's police are marking their professional holiday on wednesday but it comes at a hard time for the force after a string of high profile scandals its image has been tarnished the reform of the door in force and system is underway but it's all a tease the reports restoring public trust in the police is now an extremely difficult task. their pictures which shocked and asian and left the image of russia's law enforcers in tatters it's now over a year since this drunken shooting spree by police officer. killed two and wounded seven others but the case remains one of the most alarming in
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a series of high profile police scandals it also came as a blow to people like former officer alexander probably due him who won the title hero of the soviet union for his work but he vehicle fourteen regretfully there are many of sickos out there i'm a former policeman myself but even i try to avoid police officers they have guns and they can shoot it was also last here that a young officer tried to blow the whistle on police corruption with an internet video and sparked a political storm i have many acquaintances in the police who care about the truth he called for a national inquiry and accused police chiefs of ordering officers to jail innocent people the bill planted a wave of similar revelations as other officers came forward the interior ministry itself admits more than one hundred thousand offenses involving police officers were registered in two thousand and nine alone. you know in the one nine hundred
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seventy s. policemen were motivated by reasons that would be totally on appreciated today we want to solve crimes for the excitement of the job and for justice to prevail. in response to the scandals president meet the needs of ordered a multi-billion dollar reform of the interior ministry last december the new measures set out to make clear the rights of the police and those they detain one of the main talking points however became the new name for the force leaving behind the old militia and going back to the internationally more accepted police many said crossed remain the biggest concern and we're worried about the costs of the name change. the law should me i. i don't understand why we need to spend so much money but will they be changing the lettering on the cars it's no use changing the name first they need to take a look at all those villas in the moscow region she which police officers as houses there that's what they need to start with confiscations. the proposals will be
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implemented next year in what will be a crucial stage in the force's history and history which has seen better days as this museum in moscow testifies the museum tells hundreds of stories of bravery courage and heroism this is the list of those who died in the line of duty and were awarded both humorously however the organizers of this exhibition say there are many more out there whose stories remain unknown where the image of law enforcement in russia remains a tanishq one the question now is whether the reforms will be more than just a facelift and help put both the police and the police on the same side of the barricades. r.t. moscow well they're on life you know twenty four hours a day with many more stories blogs features and video is this a taste of what you'll find right now authorities dot com and the wells most famous
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death row prisoners gets a lot of shelter breaking free find out the details of this case now from home bought it became an honorary citizen twenty countries. and the mask of zorro comes to moscow czech republic costumes and high the scenes of much more sex assault in the musical. i. feel. i. feel. me. violence against christians is on the rise at the very cradle of their faith in israel and the palestinian autonomy christians on the holy sites have been targeted by both extremist muslims and jews artie's posts there has met them struggling for freedom from persecution. david ortiz lives dangerously
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a christian pastor among religious jews in the west bank city of aureole he's received death threats for trying to convert jews and muslims to his faith my first time going into a muslim village i got beat up we were giving our bibles someone hated ortiz enough to drop off a package at his house thinking it had a candy inside his fifteen year old son opened it the pipe bomb nearly killed him own and blew him through the kitchen. made a hole. in this choice most of the thrusts were in this way but the back fire the steroid the refrigerant everything back it took three years for israeli police to catch the perpetrator a religious jew jack title who lived in a nearby israeli settlement he'd already killed two arabs basis is very proud. he began a favor by trying to cut off. across the west bank the story for palestinian christians is as bleak and the threat comes from both extremists jews and muslims
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bethlehem the believed birthplace of christ once boasted a population of eighty five percent christian today less than ten percent live here this woman is afraid to show her face she used to go to mantra square and teach about jesus but all that ended after her house was nearly burned down i didn't feel like i've been known to this case and the more i feel like i'm stingy given the opportunity she says she wouldn't think twice about leaving the explosion of muslims. you know you feel you feel controlling everywhere every thing my granddaughter i have to memorize. but tusker abu sada ignores the threats he's one of a growing number of muslims who converted to christianity in recent years one hour as a fighter with arafat i hated christians just as much as i hated jews i was going on
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around your i'm looking for their own zone through anger and into their homes or sorting out their cars because i believed christians our spouses were christianity can search alongside islam and judaism here these two palestinian brothers have no problem we consolingly christian faith with living in a jewish state they volunteered to join the country's army saying they feel as israeli as the jewish and arab counterparts. ugh. everything i have for this because in the end this is my country but it's not without its problems. each time i go home in uniform someone will call it be traitor things like that it doesn't influence me. but in recent months attacks against christians in christian sites have increased at the beginning of november this hundred year old church was burned by right wing israelis who broke some of the windows and threw molotov cocktails inside it's no wonder that christians here are feeling under fire for
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three hour team to resign him. doctors say a prominent russian journalist who was brutally beaten in moscow is recovering well the undergoing a third operation or your caution was rushed to hospital after two men hammered him with metal rods on friday night russian nor makers are considering a draft law to adopt heavier punishment for attacking journalists investigators suspect cautions work for the commerce and newspaper internet bloggers reasons for the vicious assault and journalists made a name for himself by sizing several high profile government officials present to me that it is about to bring the perpetrators to justice. three attacks on police and troops have taken place in russia's south leaving two men dead and seven wounded in the republic of dagestan the policemen were searching cars in one of the region's motorways when gunmen opened fire on them in another attack in the same region one officer was wounded when an improvised explosive
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device went off as police convoy was passing by a neighboring chechen republic a soldier on a search mission was killed one explosion russia's north caucasus has recently been facing an increasing number of militant attacks despite efforts by the authorities to crack down on terrorist groups. iraqi officials say at least four people have been killed in a spate of bomb different chris neighborhoods across central baghdad dozens were injured in the blasts comes just ten days after forty six christians were killed when al qaeda gunmen took over baghdad cathedral. health officials in haiti have confirmed the first death from color in the capital aid groups are setting up treatment centers to help contain it is it is already. under that occurrence the water borne infection increased in the wake of flooding caused by hurricane thomas over
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a million people living in makeshift camps are being left homeless by a devastating earthquake in january. a tug boat has begun towing to shore a cruise ship which caught fire and the stranded off the coast of mexico the a carnival splendor with about form a half thousand people aboard was south of san diego when the blaze broke out in the engine room u.s. navy helicopters and an aircraft carrier ferried supplies to stricken vessel which is expected to reach port by thursday. the swedish media have released the name of a man suspected of shooting randomly at immigrants. in the year long rampage. peter manning's is being held on for the meek charges of one minute there and five attempted murders the victims nearly all with immigrant backgrounds have been shot bus stops in their cause and through the window of a gym the suspected serial sniper has denied the allegations.
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let's check out the business news that was shot. hello welcome to business update here on r.t. with me shall i was folly russia is interested in tracting south korean investors speaking in seoul ahead of the g. twenty summit meeting with very of said south korea is one of the top priority partners for russia in the region russia's president added that cooperation between the two countries should diversify away from war materials and draw on the korean experience with various visit to so expect to result in a number of business deals versus like has come from the coal industry so korean russia's federal court company will build a transform of production called one of several million dollars in russia as it promotes creature also had its considering building something in the same area.
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gazprom which is supply no less than ten billion cubic meters of natural gas per year to south korea starting in five years time at present the company supplies one point five million tons of liquefied natural gas to the country in addition gas from is considering building a new gas pipeline between the two countries head of the company alexei miller expects the south korean market to grow by at least fifteen percent per second half this decade. our korean partners are interested in increasing the gas supply and your degree market and today we were greeted with a coal gas company and the fact that we moved to next to you because you shoot commercial negotiations we started december and we've agreed a new amount of gas supply which was starting twenty seventh but even so the shares of russia's biggest metal companies have grown eighty percent the last two years the most domestic metal giants are still undervalued on the stock market among
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these companies or at m.k. a for us and natural but you know caution but finds out more. matzoh was one of the industries hit hardest by the global financial crisis and is among the fastest to recover shares of top producers have jumped eighty percent in two years and say they still haven't reached their limits you feel look at the way those trends the fourth quarter rise. kind of marginally up the price of the offered list coking coal is looking up quarter on quarter the main driver is increasing demand from china the growth of metal consumption in the country has boosted metals prices to by three times in cost to kate from some two hundred forty dollars to over seven hundred dollars per ton russia's domestic market also house along with a government subsidy for the call industry the next driver will be the recovery of residential construction demand for some
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a finished metal products is still twenty five percent below pre-crisis levels to meet the small in from the next two years will see an upturn in real estate boosting demand for long term metal production we think. the recovery of all four construction markets. well will be of use. for russian producers metals producers remain undervalued that includes m.m.p. which accounts for some sixteen percent of all metal pretty used in the country the shares of the rose four times over the past three years still it remains the least valued model stock in russia's top five followed by year for us imagine my dinner question our business r.t. . and while metal stocks remain widely undervalued those precious metals which are enjoying a gold rush the yellow metal and sober have surged to historic highs on fears of
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inflation concern over year as the us to package. the precious metals could continue but the knowledge a lot of aa senior trader at. london says is not clear how high the rally will go. it's difficult at the moment i see the round figures there's obvious levels for gold headed to fifteen hundred dollars now that it's broken through for three hundred would be the next level up from the above that you possibly got two thousand dollars which is a massive increase in the underlying price of gold but you're seeing more and more traders buying futures contracts and i think most importantly by e.t.f. . i'm not going to push the price of gold you know it's questionable whether these contracts will be deliverable through the online where there is there's enough of the underlying asset there. to be able to be delivered if the futures contracts worth taking to expire so it's a difficult situation we're told that he could come screaming back down if he does
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choose to sell off. time shut the markets down both of those the falling into the reds here in moscow all the main players are also after us is bucking the trend is preferred stock is up again the second day twenty percent on the myself. and european stocks of opened lower on wednesday a day after some markets hit new year highs with a fresh things weighing on some stats in london the footsie has pulled an all point three percent by two point three percent for the loans for street one point six percent for j. same spring p.l.c. which reported first off the shelves. in asia some markets are mixed after a down session overnight rule that says the u.s. investors shifted to commodities such as silver and copper the federal reserve had to buy bonds could drive up and hard commodities are seen by some as a safe haven. some use of briefly now russian billionaire alexander mahmood has
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bought a three percent stake in british. which the books music and games retailer the move appears to have caught him by surprise the company owns seven hundred stores in seven countries i knew where taking three point two billion dollars analysts say moved to quiet the shares because at that point you know. and that's why we have in the business we can now cross live to the south korean president and the russian leader to meet you about it is now speaking the form in so let's call. dear friends and colleagues i believe during these twenty years we have made a long journey now would like to start with that but haven't you heard our code chairman i realize that the work has just started because we still have a lot to do. and practically no matter whatever area name our colleagues still
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have a lot to do and there are a lot of things that we showed the world in advance and expand and this is really good i'm so happy that they have the version of the growing form was implied and it's been happening here in the song elements and it shows that sufficiency all the subjects that were born and raised are absolutely top mccoll and relevant in essence on many of those issues today mr president and i negotiated and not only today. and you are solvable in russia and we have been meeting regularly at different international summits like the one which is going to take place and so i want to morrow we have finally opened our communication in two thousand and eight during the first official visit of mr president of korea to our country. would like for all those wishes that were expressed
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here i would like for them to be much at least started its least a start to implement as soon as possible for some of those ideas they require a more thoughtful attitude. business projects are probably easier because they require political will and financial instruments today we discussed our economic relation was. and prior to my meeting with mr president i met with representatives of the business world one and we're quite happy with the way our business contacts have been developing and we stated the fact that our committed to turnover between our countries has every church the pre-crisis level but on the other hand it's a matter of dissatisfaction because if we compare the committee to turnover between russian federation and the republic of korea in one hand and the same between korea and china or the yes or japan of course those numbers are quite different
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which means that everything is in our hands we can continue developing our corporations our toys and not just along the traditional route of an internet a corporation we're not going to give it up to the contrary we discussed a whole range of new projects. and other projects but would like to diversify the economic cooperation between their public of korea and russia what does it take. we have to make it more highly technologically always been more denies in russia and we've been developing the new economy and our kareen friends have a brilliant experience so far during his asian and they have a wonderful skills of commercialization and modern discoveries modern developments and this is a reason for us to cope.


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