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tv   [untitled]    November 10, 2010 12:30pm-1:00pm EST

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it's tradition leaders discuss microcosmic and balances discuss how to coordinate. crisis and overall market economy policies this time in seoul leaders will probably focus on the issues related to international mind the system currency markets and imbalances. can be created is to be just kind of created by the recent decisions. to. expand into remission of united states and potential. protectionist measures in other countries to make sure that the national currency markets are stable do you have a feeling that maybe in the recent summits there has been a certain failure to address long issues that the world economy needs and the focus is rather on these sort of short term responses to the events that happened
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to be happening during or around the time that the g twenty summit is taking place oh i think the approach is quite natural in the station leaders faced just a few months ago were on the global economy and was killed by the crisis response immediate response was the main concern and main focus so for any leader and for collective decision making in the world. just twenty will gradually move to a long term agenda and it's happening call that idea but it will take time it's still developing institution developing formal leaders just to each other and. i think they will focus on the longer term issues more and more including the soul side what is russia expecting from this summit as far as the key issue for seoul summit is concerned i mean. microcosmic stability because markets the russian position is that we need to know. calculated approach we don't want surprises from
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our partners. we want. a more intensive work in central banks finance minister mistress and this can lead to great some stability in the markets also. we believe that. we should pay more attention to issues related to energy security and our traditional regional area of concern. in russia trade came to story to initiatives saying one on in israel security a new legal framework or in the security being discussed right now in various international organisations second one on maritime. security with the oil spills. following the oil spills in the gulf of mexico and others in the world we will assist on the continuation of work and. also in
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defining the timing for this year me making koreans a serious china has recently come up with a call for all the countries to align their economic policies to what extent do you think it's possible well we all know that leaders tend to follow mostly in the snow or more domestic policy interests and domestic political station sometimes prevail over international collaboration adjourned should find the right balance i think it's fairly strict. still domestic issues feel prevail but more and more we'll see. a coordinated approach. in. less surprises and more stability and. its long term agenda what is in your view be what are the prospects of a suggestion backed by russia and china to. get rid of the dollar as.
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a reserve currency and replace it by something else both russia and china suggested that we should. start discussion. called the international mind to. me wolf or time what could be the role of for other reserve currency. besides dollar. to compliment dollar as it is of course not to substitute dollar reserve currency and when do you think it will transform into actions. too early to say it's likely that in the coming months we will see some actually rationing this trend do you think that the united states will certify unwilling to accelerate this process by its current actions we've heard recently russian officials criticizing the us federal reserve system for the possibility of creating another financial bubble for printing more money and that might lead to another imbalance of currency
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exchange rates do you agree with that. we do agree that the expert opinion that. today's action sorts of the us month researchers can actually very. quickly sense the role of dollar as the reserve currency but the u.s. economy is still the biggest economy in the world. and so most of us it's in the wards. of the united states or related somehow to the united states so it would premature to expect a. real collapse. i don't think a. lot of premature but. no one should expect that the real collapse and we believe that the role of the currency is increased only over time and slowly. but much more faster than before but isn't that exactly the danger that
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by increasing the monetary mass the united states assertive undermining the developing economies is certainly serious we will need to agree on the only card you need to broach in this field. in a way risk for the global system as a whole and for in particular markets threated so for the nature it's not a danger we should just find a way to do this is through keeping it all for a leader in the global financial system global economy is not just to benefit it's also be considered to some extent to build. and i think it's time time has come bring us tate's want to share this burden with other countries do you think a possibility of a trade war between the united states and china is possible as some experts are warning the two countries are so much interconnected in your. actions may lead to a major trade war. can worsen the station each. of the congress
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so most likely they will find a compromise let's speak of europe european countries have had to tighten their belts which has led to massive protests do you think there are measures are adequate and to what extent they can belt right now is the responsible policy. domestically it's political or. domestic perspective it's hard to do and finding the right time consistent way to tighten the belt is a huge challenge for any government in europe and across the world right now but couldn't they just do better by printing more money is the united states that. inflation is always dangerous situations in europe because. many people are more afraid of what inflation is about the things we believe the budget deficit street below are. through or we believe that you can always find
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ways to improve efficiency for your budget friendly. ways you provide public services with less money or more money and what is russia's overall the system and of the global economy prospects our expectation is that the global economy will grow but not integrated repertory that we should expect a few years ago to slow it was gross let's take a step aside from the g twenty for a moment and discuss the w t o. are rush's chances of joining the world trade organization next year and what should russia expect once its a member. joining the region next year a bigger than. ever main reason being. a huge progress the chief. industry asians was with the united states so this was one of the kiddies also of the recent period of intense appreciation. from the russians united states and all
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the fish yourself that you said it used to seem to work in this respect we're working intensively on concerning the remaining technical issues including you she's related to how the customs union or customs union just devotion for the strong real work. for our membership in the bleacher but that's technical it's not a political issue how would it affect the people working in the military industry agriculture or after was the projects which took up billions of russian rubles to stay afloat if you have formulated our money creating position such a way that. we're not putting country under a substantial risk our domestic economy will have sufficient transition period. for . all. major industries and sectors to
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avoid any shock for them after the session so. we are confident that. both for any particular sector and so on balance. because we'll have poised for a shift from the russian officials talking about protectionism while many central banks across the world are expanding their presence on the currency market and defined the boundaries the russian central bank quite on the contrary has made the ruble even more flexible. don't you fear that this might make the ruble too vulnerable and open the door to an influx of speculative money almost as a contraceptive you compare also serious. to much more flexible exchange rate systems before and our system is still much tighter than most of the countries so you're coming to them normal. station. more
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flexible exchange rates used to be the. real create. much more flexible environment for central bank to conduct and it's going to deport him. and also for. companies and people to plan. to do with major east so for the one time. increase and. reductions of the exchange street which is always a big piece reciprocal which thank you very much for the sense of the faulty thank you. for all of the bickering and wouldn't dare to swim so deep.
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that tourists would be scared of such cold water. and would never die. within a. year not tourists here researchers. from feeling for someone. in deep water and. wealthy british soil but. sometimes it's quite. hard. find out what's really happening to the global economy with. global financial headlines to report.
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more news today. these are the images we're seeing from the streets of canada. today. top stories throughout you and slam the human rights record of the u.s. racial profiling prisoner abuse of the existence of the death penalty for among the key concerns. russia and south korea have agreed deals to work more closely together in the calling for the nuclear korean peninsula comes as president of joins other leaders in seoul for a summit of the g. twenty group of nations. tens of thousands of british university students are marching against plans to trouble their tuition fees to nine thousand pounds
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a year it's britain's biggest protest yet against deep budget cuts comes after leaders agreed to ramp up funding for the new more on the door of the stories are to come with me kevin owen in fifteen minutes time will talk sport before that with a massive my disney for russian for all fans with two the top clubs facing off but so go wrong for the table toppers is not right now it's thirty years kevin yes isn't it can take the title if they beat petersburg but are winning so i guess the title race is still open with what the last just less than ten minutes to play over to you. hello welcome to the sports news and here are the top stories. not there yet is that it need to overcome taste to clinch the russian premier league title but they're losing three nil instead of petersburg. while the big dog beast gave his
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chelsea host followed while manchester city take on united on a crunch night in english premier league. fighting talk to russia's ice hockey coach and now it's big changes on the eve of the euro tour. and there's only one place to start as it's in petersburg could clinch the russian premier league title this evening victory against a scan at the stadium would see them crowned champions with three games left but a win for the army man would keep the moscow side in the title race and that's exact. what's happening so far with just back five minutes left to play is in it could be looking at only their second defeat this season as extreme ill to taste far their love open after forty minutes with a long range cracker and much capitalized on a goalkeeping talent by up to thirty four minutes for the visitors to no left at the interval and say do during the break from the halfway line and coolly slotted in corn on the straight after fifty two minutes that keeps the title race alive five minutes left. meanwhile in the english premier league there's also
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a tasty fixture as city host united in the manchester darby strikes ferguson has a real selection headache owen hargreaves is out for another five weeks with a hamstring problem after limping off six minutes into an unsuccessful return on saturday also missing our anderson michael owen antonio valencia wayne rooney and ryan giggs on nani is a dad and other players have been hit by a virus but to have a features both managers know it's going to be a feisty encounter. between ourselves and city is one of. those really an explosion. and a fight with a suit the. credible intensity. we should know the. fifty years and they know that now we are a strong team i didn't the situation changes in this moment we have various better for for united we are as bad for you because of the top manager in the war
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but we we understand that we can bet them all is now. i think that will be a good game. am not darby is one of eight games in the english premier league on wednesday a win for fourth place city would put them level on points with united who are second elsewhere top of the table chelsea host of west london dobby against falling fifth place newcastle face blackburn aston villa played blackpool rock bottom west ham take on west brom in form liverpool go to wigan and everton bolton third place asked are at second bottom wolves with aston vanga side into fans back from their shock one will hang defeat to newcastle on sunday. which is vital. who do not want to. especially against newcastle you feel you. should not lose because of your quality. so it is important.
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to contradict. now meanwhile in cheers days games record signing asamoah guy and netted his third go into games songs and came back to draw one wanted top and now you failed to win four league games while dean whitehead scored the eighty fifth minute when i try to three two at home to batting and come back from two goals down . i stop you now and russia coach has just love because as promised a faster more aggressive style from his players ahead of the euro tour the first leg gets underway on thursday with russia playing host finland in the chaotic up robot that onion reports. probably the very best players in the continental hockey league this is the way the russian national hockey team head coach we just last week of his squad the twenty three who are heading to finland for the current look up twenty term now the first event in the new season's international callender.
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our policy is to get the very best place for all the euro two events the point is that we need to bring our victorious mentality back plus we have to test new connections and tactic models were full of optimism and looking forward to starting the new season. statistics for team russia is more than convincing they've been euro tour champions four times in the last six years as regards to the carling cup in particular this return will jam bands have been dominating the band since two thousand and six however the team's recent defeats seem to matter much more than the above mentioned wins at the last world championships russian last czech republic in the final of the last winter olympics russia was thrashed by hosts counter in the last eight something both the founts and teams bosses would never like to repeat in the last movement is because we're entering a new four year and big cycle and this is the main point now we aim to upgrade our
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game system make it more aggressive and fast it's a common trend for the world's leading teams and we want to keep pace with them team russia must keep its leading role and dominates any event it takes part and keep in mind it's one hundred fourteen such olympics and we just can't let our bank over breakdown happen once again. and the exercise is over and the team skipper. is the only one who stays for another session. or flashbacks might be the reason for him to do so and gain what it takes to be tougher. we've always aimed to play aggressive hockey switching fast from defense to offense but we need to be even better although we must easily get used to the new system it's also a matter of your ability but the coach just told us that it implied faster lines change. the facts are. always. championships. well.
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the basics with patients. or anything else. however it's been a pretty long time since team russia won its latest major title the twenty nine world championships they seem to be very hungry who wins and give their all to taste glory again robert for the new r t moscow region. now on the twenty third of november last year russian bobsled a racer it in a sports over was seriously injured following a high speed collision during a training run in germany doctors feared for her survival but after almost a year and numerous operations in munich the athlete is now rehabilitating in the moscow region the twenty two year old is still shy to stand in front of the camera the daily physio therapy has helped her to walk again however the physical recovery is just part of that we have been attention process the psychologists are also working with the athlete so it was an emotional moment and she received
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a visit from three time synchronized swimming a limbic champion all got to sneak owner and the executive director of the russian olympic committee but whatsoever is confident she will bounce back saying. just as you well if you keys at the moment because i'm really into the recovery process of course it's tiring but going from doctor's office to another is most difficult but the fact that i'm getting tired means that there is something to look forward to and it's kind of a rush. who is the head of the athletes' commission along with the olympic committee of russia will obviously continue to support we're actually planning to hold several actions where the proceeds will go to athletes like eva but preventing such accidents from happening is equally important. meanwhile the twenty ten moto g.p. season may be over but the residents of the spanish town of valencia heard the sounds of motorbikes again as valentino rossi tested his new bike with a t. catty team the doctor was among seventeen other riders who didn't record one of the
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day's best times though tens place seemed a fair return for a man coming to grips with a new machine was the real crowned world champion for gay renzo who proved the fastest on his yamaha and one. today has been a great day we tried a new chassis is from eleven and it seems. that sort of still seems better but not worse. things really improved the bike has been the pressure that he wants to give me more confidence in the special in the middle of the corners. meanwhile not swearing is something tiger woods has had to get used to this year the former world number one is without a tournament victory since returning to the golf course following revelations about his private life however he now has a chance to put that right the world's number two begins the defense of his australia masters title on thursday he has a stunning eighty two trophies to his name was never going to hold here without winning a single event so this tournament in melbourne is important for him but although he
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struggled to get back to where he was with admits he still relishes playing the game. and of the sheriff there are. always a lot of other products and her cards are very good for. one of the all things obvious a lot is preparing for and from here. right before i was here. for the four representatives a fun challenge and it was a very vicious and it's just time to let you know that the final whistle has gone at the stadium instant petersburg finished three want to taste that means the title race is still open and that's all the sports news for this person's life and. the. for the full story we've got it first hand the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers.
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in indonesia g.'s available in the. church of. the ritz carlton.
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return to chile millennium hotel in chile you can see your t. in. hotel mcconnell. who told mccann given the show marco resort hotel resort of the sun. would result michael beverley plaza hotel mccann riviera hotel macaws cintra hotel mccann. un comes down hard on america's human rights record with racial profiling and prisoner abuse among its key conclusion. peace and prosperity to take center stage as president would have joined other leaders in seoul for a summit of the world's twenty most powerful countries. russia and south korea feel their friendship signing new cooperation deals calling for a non-nuclear korean peninsula.
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tens of thousands of british university students have raged violently against plans to hike in fees more taxpayer cash is siphoned off to pay for euro bureaucracy. welcome this is r.t. it's nine pm wednesday night here in moscow i'm kevin owen with our top story and inhumane prisons torture and racial discrimination are just some of the damning findings being leveled at the united states by the international community and now the un's human rights bodies issuing a list of how the u.s. should improve its record but it's not his report explains america as a way to go into the breaches international standards. freedom justice and peace.


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