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tv   [untitled]    November 11, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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shared recovery beyond the crisis is the main theme that of course means money the summit kicked off with a business forum and there president medvedev urged the g. twenty to create a favorable environment for medium and small businesses he really believes that that will get global recovery going in the first day is very much set up for bilateral meetings president medvedev met with british prime minister david cameron there the dialogue very positive both saying they see eye to eye on many of the top priorities of the g twenty and of course the top top priority is the economy and you can't talk that without china president medvedev did meet with president hu jintao in bear they most likely spoke about the u.s. fiscal policy which the world is not very happy about right now the u.s. of course demanding and pushing very hard leon china to revalue its currency while at the same time pumping six hundred billion dollars into its own economy of course devaluing the dollar so there is an air of hypocrisy and leaders around the world
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are seeing this protesters are seeing this artie's alice hebert takes a closer look at this high stakes battle for the world's currencies there will be plenty of soul searching at this g. twenty for the south korean capital it on the lines its economic awakening but there are major spots around his country circle the wagons while others try to cool the schulze then there's the problem to the north this is g. twenty is being billed as the financial coming out of the end of south korea proof of just how far the country's come in the nearly sixty years since the end of the korean war once poorer than it's an old and communist neighbor and now the thirteen alone just economy in the wilds north korea may just full kilometers north of this freedom bridge and demilitarized zone but economically the to paul's the threat from the democratic people's republic was particularly large. and solace in taking
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any chances with security forces on high alert but it's another conflict on the g. twenty leaders minds the outbreak of the so-called currency war the us lead the charge accusing china of choosing world trade by also officially weakening its currency it wants the one to be pulsed it the united states is going to try and saying we want you to commit economic suicide just like japan did we want you to follow the same thing we want you to revalue their currency we want you to squeeze your companies we want you to go bankrupt while you can imagine what the chinese are saying they're laughing they're thinking you know are you guys and yet washington stands accused of allowing its own dollar to windle wallinger merging markets his own currencies are rising strongly and damaging the export competitiveness can plagues intensified after the third reserve announced a second print run of six hundred billion dollars the quantitative easing designed
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to get cash flowing but with other economies warry will float their market russia's president bit of a head of one of the summits to agree that when countries like the u.s. take big steps to save themselves that they consider the ripples it causes to get permission from the g. twenty first the russian position is that we need more coordinated approach we don't want surprises from partners. we want. a more. central bank. some stability in the markets among other leading critics of germany the world's fourth largest economy its finance minister calling the us helpless i don't think the u.s. is making its case any stronger through the measures that it's taking through printing dollars to weaken its own currency because that looks far too much like a competitive the. evaluation one hundred european countries see it as
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a dangerous move because what it could do is increase the capital control around the world but that's not what barack obama wants to hear the president's call for germany along with china and japan to rely last fall bed dominant export markets and spend more to the sprawling all of death is the truth is that no one is happy with today's international monetary system especially the dominance of the dollar as a reserve currency and america's management of it and what business leaders want the g. twenty to realize is that nations will have to fight their natural urge to try and protect their own countries trade and should boost foreign investment and less events are t. cells out of korea. it's the latest twist in the summer's big spy scandal russian newspaper says it has discovered the identity of the man who exposed eleven russian agents working in the united states the cover sun daily claims it was a former foreign intelligence service employee but so far there's been no official
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comment of his a good person off the latest. commuter sun newspaper claims to have held its own investigation and the see that whole notion of a call for an officer of the russian foreign intelligence service was a double agent and it was him responsible for blowing the cover on his colleagues in the united states last summer which resulted basically in the biggest spy scandal between moscow and washington since the cold war era the newspaper says that before this scandal erupted paula should walk off was offered a promotion by russian authorities which she rejected possibly because he had to take a lie detector test which could have revealed his activities as a double agent and also reportedly several months before the scandal should walk off daughter left russia to the united states. and also this could put to him that she might have known that something was about to happen in june american
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authorities announced that they were arrested a group of people suspected of being secret russian agents who worked in the united states undercover for years in some cases for decades and they've all been arrested found guilty by a u.s. court of being unregistered foreign agents and deported from the united states to russia in exchange for four people who are serving time here after having been found guilty of being foreign spies back then this summer everybody was talking about chapman and one of the people in that group deported from the united states a very successful young businesswoman everybody started calling her the russian james bond girl and she really got most of the media attention now became a side newspaper and is now also focusing on the one of the members of that group of deep ordered from the united states this man has already been deemed a super agent and this is mikhail was june twelfth cool left of the soviet union
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back in the nineteen sixty's first to spain and then to latin america. he became a photographer and it became known under the name of one alongside or traveled to the united states became acquainted with lots of politicians and other officials and this man reportedly denying to being a russian agent up to the very end and it was actually called course who presented to the secret materials proving there. was a russian agent and it was only van that he actually said his real name to the investigation so some really interesting details are now emerging despite the fact that the scandal itself erupted just several months ago. doctors treating the russian journalist question of pulling out of his coma the reporter was savagely beaten in moscow last week but his wife says he's still a long way from making a full recovery dozens of caution supporters of now gathered in central moscow from
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well well to stacie britain reporting tonight how those states you know there's been a number of gatherings have there outside moscow's police headquarters since mr cashin was attacked by all appearances this seems to be the biggest one of the people demanding a. good evening to you kevin whether processors are here and they're gathered demanding a couple of things first of all they want better protections for journalists and also they want a they're demanding a speedy and thorough investigation into the savage beating of journalists caution now you mentioned he was savagely beaten outside of his apartment just steps away actually from his apartment building early saturday morning and witnesses say that two men were standing nearby apparently waiting for him and one man was holding up ok of flowers that can still the hype that was later used to beat the journalist for more than a minute he says a severe head injuries and broken bones including a leg and his upper and lower jaw but straight russia has proved that it was so
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strange one of the police say the investigation progressing. well though the top investigators have been put on this case and they have extensive experience in dealing with high profile cases so far forty people have been interviewed but there's been has not been a list of suspects given just let. things bring some sort of date from central moscow. for this prime minister has condemned rioting that broke out in london during wednesday's student demonstrations it was the biggest protest yet against the deep cuts the country faces to tackle its massive debt tens of thousands of students marched against the plan the high contrition fees which could see them trouble to nine thousand. pounds a year temp was pulled over outside the headquarters of the conservative party which is the main group in the governing coalition testers bernd's banners broke windows and hold objects at the police over thirty arrests were made in the clashes
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which left several wounded a spike in college costs and the harsh budget cuts come at a time when the u.k. is planning to send more money across the channel to fund the e.u. next year let's get reaction go live to brussels talk to david cameron vandeman who's a british member of the european parliament thanks for being with us tonight speciated compared to the rest of europe britain took a long time did need to begin protesting these cuts why do you think it took so long for the british to get vocal. so i think that the drama we've only been clear really in the last week of what's happening ritu ation fees is a huge to change and of course the lib dems are more liberal democrats who part of the coalition government promise to get rid of true ition fees altogether so they been caught lying affectively and that's created a lot of anger but there's no excuse for this kind of violence on the streets of london the e.u. doesn't really help itself though its budgets being wide open to regularities
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misspending isn't the last sixteen years yet british prime minister david cameron's agreeing down even more money over next year are his hands tied if so how much. asked today is the last day to actually agree the new budget for next year and it hasn't happened to my knowledge we're still waiting to hear but the point is you know what there should be no there's no reason for any increase in this budget two point nine percent which is what cameron is boasting about actually cost britain four hundred forty million pounds as a huge amount of money and it could be going towards true ition fees rather than you know as we see with the riots in london rather than the european union as you and as you correctly say the accounts of european union have not been signed off for sixteen years in a row now that's. mainly because of the amount of fraud in the system it's that bad how long could a situation like that go on the. world of afraid as long as you remember the
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european union it seems to go on year after year you know this budget i mean when you look at where the money's going i mean the m.e.p. expenses account has gone up by eighty five percent that's for entertainment you're getting film prizes as a competition going on as we speak there's money going on the hunting as states and to private golf clubs you know it's a huge waste of money there's no excuse for any increase in the e.u. budget in fact it should be cowards we think david cameron supporters those saying he's been a key player in capping the budget next year no matter what you think about it of course then the other side of it and only you negotiate recently saying that was a hollow promise how likely is it the brussels will end up spending more than promised than do you think is the outlook gloomy. cameron cameron has boasted about this to put nine percent increases being great cut relative to six percent that's what the european parliament here wanted
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a six percent increase which is outrageous really but to be honest this is not true it hasn't actually been agreed it's no it's called is only by the actual chief negotiator here the m.e.p. negotiating about half the parliament has called this two point nine percent claim as being designed this and the president of the european union says it's an opinion not a decision so i mean to be honest we don't know where we are at the budget could be far more than two point nine percent it could go up towards six percent in siri so we really are left in limbo here but there's no excuse for this kind of increase what about britain looking at those pictures just in of you shoulder of the disturbances yes no the students cause the cuts in britain go further than many other countries in europe how likely is it do you think the protests in the u.k. will reach the level that we've recently seen for instance in greece and france earlier this year. well i think unfortunately there are going to be probably a million more unemployed in the years time maybe more than that according to other figures one point six million i think the pressure is on you know these cuts are
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very serious but they have to be done i mean if we don't do them then we are in trouble with our credit rating and that means it's much more expensive to borrow i mean our land is in trouble now i do believe that the euro's teetering on the edge of of collapse you know allah now owes seventy billion it's going to have to have a bailout it's actually equivalent to three years of their income tax all their income taxes for three years is what they owe and behind them is spain spain has got big problems so this is part of a bigger picture and the euro's in serious trouble all right well david cameron burnham and thanks for your faults a member of the european parliament and u.k. independence party as you are joining us from brussels thank you. world news update for you brief a perfect splosion pakistan's largest city killing at least ten and wounding nearly one hundred others and destroyed a police building in karachi and happened close to the heavily fortified u.s. embassy emergency crews are searching for survivors in the rubble witnesses say the
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crater left by the blast suggests it may have been a car bomb the. iraqi leaders have agreed to create a unity government after eight months of political standoff nouri al maliki will serve as prime minister for another term under the new deal which includes parties from the shia sunni and kurd most times we go see ations been ongoing since election should march failed to produce a decisive result it's hoped the deal will help stabilize the country's fragile security situation. millions of people across europe are marking armistice day paying tribute to the victims of all conflicts since the first world war these are pictures of the two minute silence held in london to remember those who gave their lives for their country moral services will also be held on remembrance sunday. you'll feel four and a half. thousands stranded holidaymakers in mexico is coming to an end as the powerless cruise liner finally makes it to port the carnival splendor is no doctor after being towed to shore by several tug boats became stranded off mexico's
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pacific coast after an engine room fire cut power supplies passengers and crew spent four days living on water and sandwiches which were airlifted to their stricken ship on what should have been a luxury riviera crew. rusher is set to double up on its stake in the world of formula one it's just been confirmed that moscow based super car maker motorists has bought a share of the british f one team virgin racing but with a russian event soon to be added to the racing calendar interest in the country is on the rise has more on board is driving ambition. seem to have rather exploded onto the scene let's start with the man behind the company or one of the co-owners of the company nicholai from menko a huge figure within russian racing a distinguished russian race driver and also the host of the russian version of the television motor show top gear this company the russie of which here is a cone or. a super car maker it's revealed already some very high performance cars
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and next year iran's waiting with bated breath as it does announce that early next year it will unveil its first f one car already under stock under construction in the u.k. the company itself wants to build commercial cars as well as super cars but now it has moved further into that glamorous sports of air war by buying a large stake no figures mentioned yet but possibly not a controlling stake for certainly according to reports a large stake in the virgin racing team in britain which makes it all the formula one team so its cars are going to be on the track sooner rather than later and there will be see how they do their name itself what they're going to give it to see a virgin racing mind to track it if you want to see itself is a an informal version of the russian name rio so what's the real virgin racing
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which might have children who are from some pundits but before we start making jokes let's see how they do on the track of the start of florida seems to be well and truly waved in russia over the past few days has been little bits of news coming out about formula one the biggest of them are suppose in terms of russia in the formula one scene in the world is the deal struck with formula one after decades of waiting for russia to host formula one races in the southern resort of sochi after that city hosts the winter olympics in two thousand and fourteen to a bomb for arts. the there could look at what dating or r.t. dot com our home page tonight for you former president george w. bush breaks two years of silence to give his take on his role in the most turbulent decade in recent u.s. history interesting story that it's not not change that already party dot com place to be for about one and the interactive art that's literally designed to shock point while you do this is find out why this russian artist is that in strangers on
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the web give him a painful job or vote but if he's enjoying it or not but pays your money you gets the thrills the supposed r t don't call me going to check out when i. know a few minutes a congressman from barack obama's own party explains why i voted the surging away in such big numbers as proven by those midterm elections to come surely tonight on the our channel first though kareena stay with the latest because you have a very good evening kareena and some good news for foreign gold mine is what you got for well yes kevin i believe so russia could lift some restrictions for foreigners on gold mining in the country and we'll see what these restrictions are in a moment but first russian president dmitry medvedev says small and mid-size firms should have more access to domestic and foreign capital to help spur global economic growth he said banks may need further encouraged to work with as having used the russian representatives also called for the g twenty countries to open their doors to russian investors the proposal would offset the flow of cash from
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developing nations into emerging markets. competing to valuations or currency wars is a burning topic at the g. twenty speaking exclusively to business r t chairman of bt bank on the question gave his firsthand view from korea. this conflict creates additional problem leads to our mobile the tutsi old the. changing currency market and. i think this is the is the best for the world economy and about i think this is the direct result of the crisis. we share for the worse and the situation for many countries and reduce consumption and reduce the wealth of the world so. we really stick i don't think these are trying to resolve these. and stay with the g. twenty course we for a chief strategist that well see explained earlier that russia would probably push
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for more access to foreign markets. you know this is a key issue for russia this is were certainly been a real bug bear over the last several years russia has accused the west of the like of deliberately blocking investment from russian companies into western europe in particular of course we have this big route two thousand and five and russia tried to buy investment. d.s. industries last year of course russia tried to buy general motors opel you know and the reason is because russia wants to establish these relationships with established foreign companies so that it can bring back expertise to russian industries and the cooperation. arrangements and helping the russian companies to modernize become more efficient to make up with the lack of international experience in russian companies so it's a key part of russia's development policy. now we've heard from countries like brazil china training about the u.s. federal reserve's decision to pump action of six hundred billions worth of money
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into the economy we have already had many complaints from russia why is this world because initially russia could actually benefit from that emulates in a different situation to the other say so-called bric countries russia has not had a substantial amount of capital inflows in the last couple of years in fact quite the opposite flows in the last two years total almost two hundred billion so it actually could do it reversing some of the having taken some money back also the ruble is the cheaper end of the band concert with sustained some ruble appreciation which would benefit the case and then frankly you know q e which is having the effect of weekend in dollar and of course to counterbalance of that is weaker dollar means higher oil prices higher metal prices which russia's russia's trade position as well as its fiscal position saw at least initially russia is one of the beneficiaries of capital flows that may change course later in the year before now the priority i think is to get money. two of the stories the
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u.s. has rejected has rejected suggestions it's driving down the dollar treasury secretary timothy gaither said the country would never weaken its currency to gain competitive advantage earlier former u.s. central bank chief alan greenspan said that the country was pursuing a policy of currency weakening. the ex chief of the u.s. central bank as the china is also pushing down the you was to post exports these currency wars could spark global trade protectionism and provoke a crisis much sharper than the one from which the world economy is only just recovering. this this brings us to the markets now here in moscow both the r.t.s. and mars experienced in the red on thursday square bank and rostam are among the biggest losers but helping lets afford one enormous nickel and look well put on the ground was soft on the r.t.s. . european stocks finished mixed on tuesday losses for the financial sector offset earnings announcement from siemens and bt group in london bt shares rose over five
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percent after the telecoms firms increased its forecast for full year earnings and the euro is under pressure again dropping to its lowest level since early october. stocks in the united states slide after this isco provided investors with disappointing sales forecasts that sent the dow component shares down nearly fifteen percent that's as the world leaders attempt to come up with plans to strengthen we global economy. and a good news for foreign gold miners russia could lift some restrictions on gold mining in the country the natural resources ministry plans to lift the threshold for state owned deposits of copper and gold it means foreign companies will not be able to exploit deposits of up to two hundred tons before they are declared a strategic reserve the previous threshold was just fifty tons that made gold mining in russia impractical for foreign companies as the head of gold. explains. you start with something small sort of becomes big now what does the
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government come by and say when. you have a commission that has to decide where that you can have or not you say wait a minute i've already spent you know one hundred million dollars on this thing you know you're going to tell me i don't own it. so by having that risk removed. just the risk of you know whatever happens to be the fewer there are the better and by having the barrier reef that the two hundred tons it helps remove a lot of those risks. and that's all for me for this hour but stay with that team for headline news up next.
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years ago. this was the final target the last major from some from an army. this country became the symbol on the form of financial tsunami. and the fig tree where nazi germany. the fall i'm in on r.g.p. . a moment when the world has changed forever.
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to nothing. to suffer. it was the first but probably not the last unitary this weapon. will become. common in the future. hello this is our team from moscow i'm kevin though in with the headlines for you at half past eight pm moscow time leaders of the world's twenty richest nations are putting their heads together in seoul as they brainstorm a financial revival about the threat of currency wars is casting a shadow of the summit with some countries being seen to use exchange rates to keep
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themselves afloat at a cost to the others. a new twist in the transatlantic spy saga as the newspaper reveals who it claims betrayed eleven russian agents in the u.s. the russian daily names former foreign intelligence service employee colonel coffee . and britain's joining other europeans outcry over deep cuts to jobs and benefits for the biggest display of public tens of thousands. students descended on london against a massive university fees while more money is poured into being you could see more online from us twenty four seven and r.t. dot com. next republican victories in the u.s. midterms underlined voters' growing anger with the current government is exacerbated by the lengthening job queues and political infighting over how to sort out the mess one democratic congressman is taking it on the chin telling our team that with all the problems the country faces right now the blame is always going to land with the governing party.


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