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tv   [untitled]    November 11, 2010 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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to me this is the most important part of the year when you come here your one on one with you forget all about civilization. spots left people with a passion for exploration dive down deep. for the sake of scientific research. hunting for treasures from times past. the world is one of possibilities unimaginable.
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hi glad to see. for. sure of the black sea every year for the last fifteen. the courage straight as. it separates ukraine in crimea from russian territory. in one thousand nine hundred three during world war two the most terrible battles shook this region. of soviet and german ships sunk in around the same time. the expedition members have only four days to explore the ship's. boat sunk in the summer of one thousand nine hundred three. everything here. according to satellite imaging
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the boat is not far from the shore and is at a considerably shallow depth. however the divers are not expecting much from the first dish even knowing its exact location they doubt they'll find a boat in the opaque waters of the black sea. but if i go. first stream diver erin one tank will be sufficient for two hours according to the schedule the initial dive is not to last more than forty minutes but the four divers spent about an hour under the surface when they come up the reason for the delay becomes apparent they found their boat if. it.
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was there we saw the gun turret the blue still is this fit there is a part of the gun tower in the machine gun. will write down a description in a minute for. at the same time several thousand kilometers to the east another expedition is setting off from the bank of the world's deepest freshwater lake lake baikal. the people on this march floating on a huge lake is the same as being in outer space they think of themselves as astronauts of the aquatic world and their deep sea submersibles look much like spacecraft. meet mir one in year two machines designed during the soviet period back in the one nine hundred eighty s. these water craft can dive to a depth of six thousand meters however they won't need to reach the dead deep in my call is the deepest parts of the later. are within one and
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a half kilometers on the surface. mia two dead fourteen hundred fifteen misses at the bus from. the motor boat to near one finish taking samples begin the baling. it's the third expedition of the submarines in my call within two months hydra nuts plan to perform many experiments during dozens of individual dives. which with this time we will perform very accurate exploration in order to make a water analysis chart find out the chemical composition of the sediment and to finish the research on the geology old league by call of. good old soulfully go. let the expedition begin.
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five men a dog and then both all dizzy all for traveling the expedition starts in st petersburg their destination the russian river volkov. just where sail into the river volkov. is one of the areas where we try to trick the old water routes in olden times the majority of trips where the water. does predicament and you sail or the sea enter the mouth of a river and then head upstream to a certain city. many boats stayed in a permanent moring along st petersburg's in bank minutes many ships were turned into restaurants but the explorers are not interested in these boats they're attracted by untouched history such as the sunken vessels. found by sea you experienced the strongest emotion is when you dive and finding you untouched ship. and see things nobody would expect. there are
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many ships in the gulf of finland having seen any by me. the next day the expedition heads across lake la to go to the river. it's an old russian waterway and a real paradise for underwater explores. the google routes were used in a trade. to use a different circumstances. when a ship sinks it stays at the river. and ends up being slowly come over the sand and silt. if you will try to find the old ships. and how they worked. plus thirty here is you have to dress as if you were the north pole. it's like
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a skiing outfit. on the right. members of the expedition start their work early in the morning. drop saying above the place they believe a merchant ship was sunk. a few brief instructions before they dive this sunken target sits in relatively shallow water and they'll be able to evaluate what state it's in. it lays along and it's rather big. so you can move along the flow a bit deeper oh maybe closer to the shore and simply move forward i think you'll find the ship there. i'm ready. the first dive last for half an hour but it's not as easy as they thought the visibility is poor and the diver has to disappoint his colleagues.
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it's. clearly showing. after the first successful dive. of the expedition. on how to lift a fragment of the boat.
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the first expedition comes to an end. around. the sure is related to research two. was here in one thousand nine hundred three. divers normally go underwater tonight they're going underground a long time ago soldiers would go through these dark damp corridors they bring shells here and take the wounded to a safe place quite often members of the expedition do things unrelated to underwater research their only cable ducts and this must be an emergency exit for fifteen years businessman alex has been funding expeditions to the black sea in search of sunken ships. i was born in ukraine.
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and as a child i used to dive with a mast and a snorkel looking for sunken ships. and world war two landing craft. that's how i got interested in it. but well alex on the yoke in makes it back to dive in the black sea only once a year. i can't live without the sea. diving when the first appeared in the soviet era initially he was interested in the traces of ancient greek settlements not artifacts of war. you know. you know i once found a well under water but. there was a lot of anxious to go on for as scattered around it would go. on and when i took one of them out one would know i wanted to show it to everybody right away that they don't know that i had a straight from the surface and jumped out of the water what they are in my hand
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it's. decision day of the mirror expedition starts with some routine work but not all of it but this is our laboratory where we store our samples in refrigerators. there are some freezers of tables and other things a little base of the living quarters and here is the toilets. and this is where we sleep an expedition just came in they're making themselves at home and will get. illegally stuff from the by call research institute will be our guide today he's probably the most anxious one waiting for the exhibition to begin only near submersibles are capable of reaching the depths needed to confirm his theory of how gas hydrates are formed some called these unique deep water compounds of water and methane the fuel of the future. these will go with it at the latest four hundred meters deep in the spot the gas hydrates become unstable above this level that we
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want to use this gas to form a hydrant on the surface but we're going to record it on video to measure the temperature they do in the middle of the. mirrors are capable of remaining underwater for up to two days working on their own i nag is planning to spend at least eight hours looking for gas hydrates this scientists opportunities are limited as each dive cost several thousand dollars the next opportunity to see the bottom of the lake probably won't come any time soon. culture is that so much could be is going to make a lot of people a very unhappy look at what makes a person powerful and influential maybe it is
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a combination of numerous factors and forbes magazine sixty eight most powerful. this is just a parliament building in urban. that. sixty five years ago. was the final target the last major offensive from the red army. its capture became the symbol on the fall of the financial system. and the victory over nazi germany. the follow. on r.g.p. . members of the expedition have a lot to do by themselves including cooking. up to make this stage we will need
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a lot of onion and a few carrots. is usually made with us we have none of it so we just use poultry. meanwhile the senior researcher is trying to figure out when the ship they're studying was built. is a russian ship the construction technique is russian weekend determine its age as of now let's just say it was built in the eighteenth century. however is the first dive shows detailed inspection could be a problem strong currents and murky waters make it hard to get a good look at the ship the divers boat maneuvers itself in position to drop anchor right above the ship. metres. you can ace it's while i made you some extra large portions so right here i go.
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will pull him out later on he won't make it on his own with such a weight. an expedition of sunken ships is no punishment for these divers it's a vacation professional divers get their money from doing different kinds of work they spend most of their year studying the bottom of the baltic sea where russia is currently building a valuable gas pipeline. is more difficult and the schedule is far tighter. ship but of course unusually visual association you know that if a man finds himself lost in the forest or tundra or any other place that has no clear landmarks starts going around in circles one leg is always stronger than the other one i have experienced this myself and it's the same on the water one leg kick stronger than the other one. finds the sunken vessel four metres below the
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surface. covered in silt and nets the ship is barely visible. spends over an hour underwater every minute he's at risk of being in tangled in the ship's fishing tackle. if you move in a little nets every ship has them will do that when there are many and they're in the bulk of river people have been on them up for decades and all from the nets and up lost so they call into boats and are dragged across the bottom and if you look at some ships you'll see that there are clumps of nets stuck to the medium and you have to be very careful not to get cold when visibility is this bad the worst thing is to get snagged to the over. in that case he will have to refer back to. the driver friendly comes to the surface he was successful this time and this ship can be identified. here are the rods nails. we see the quality
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they iron is clear without corrosion it points to the rather great age of the ship . favorite design. this ship is loaded up with slabs of limestone the most valuable local community. doesn't have is. it four hundred meters deep depression is forty times as great as that on the surface. down here. and the only light source. is separated from the hostile environment by a thick layer of extra durable glass i we have selected several samples i mean thing is that we have found gas hydrates at the slope of the bed deposits the second finding a bike i. got lucky it turned out that the barge from which the mirrors were
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lowered stopped right above the place where these unique chemical compounds are formed the vessels mechanic orms begin to collect samples of ground water. from the depths. of gives us a finding we were also looking at this time we have found the second point of where gas hydrates are at the surface and. that's probably what crews felt like when they simmers in the atlantic ocean to shoot footage eventually shown around the world. on a dive to the ocean floor by the mir vessels searchlights revealed the name of a sunken ship. was among the remotely controlled vessels during the dive to the titanic. this particular ship famous footage became part of the film eleven academy.
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james cameron i can see he was easy to work with. was a pleasure to work with him but i know that every time he comes. up with mint and the missions are always complicated. rumors about james cameron coming to lake baikal have been circulating ever since the expedition began not everyone believed a famous director would make the dives but mr cameron couldn't turn down an invitation from. the two had worked together on titanic. but. it was very calm creative even. we had a rendezvous with mir to. move. in silence.
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james cameron celebrated his fifty sixth birthday right before taking the plunge when he resurfaced of the. experiences he's ever had. this completely unique situation deepest freshwater lake in the world it felt like being at the bottom of the ocean. this in petersburg divers expedition on the river is about to conclude they found several sunken russian barges over a five day period using sonar to go in. a sand bank. i'm sure will run into a ship since countless numbers of them well you have sunk here over a thousand years. if you can see the shoreline here.
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and this silhouette is probably a ship. our vessel will soon turn around and then we'll try inspecting it again. but still they can't manage to get a good look at the ships. it's hard to. put it on the table but wait. on this one since it's colored and that's. the visibility is only twenty centimeters down there so you crawl around constantly getting caught up on the net. the divers in crew still consider the expedition a success their main objective of finding the sunken ships and charting them on maps has been completed. meanwhile on the shores of the black sea alexander your
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petition is nearing the it's a detention jim and will be gone tomorrow but there's still time for one last dive to submerge ship. a ship. is located seven meters from the surface it's the gun turret of a sunken armored ship it's a dream he can touch. bring to dry land this time. to get to google i think through ten days to spend here were quite fruitful. of course we couldn't bring up deterrents but i think next year will be better. the expedition traditionally ends with the seaside picnic stories of ship wrecks
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are told along with several inciting tales nearly running out of oxygen tomorrow these tents will disappear from the coast of the current strait. the home of compressors pushing oxygen. into cylinders will fall silent and nobody will see the wreckage of ships hidden in a massive money water into next year. the moment when the world has changed forever. thousands passed to nothingness. thousands wounded. and noone to suffer to end. it was the first
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but probably not the last military uses of this weapon. many more will be come. children common get on in the future. for your country those are comfortable shuttle bus will teach you to despise. just a few hours of searching virgin forest and scaring to scorn bears in your directly. on the move. craters. scorching soil and toward there are included. a photo with the wilds of the lunar rover for free.
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those so many years of times some former prisoners. are still along.
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as well as good fortune. those so many years of power. some are hoping to find their savior. others hate their executioners longing for justice. those so many years of past. memory is to memorize. as well. as home state. download the official anti up location. touch from the top story. which all teachers life on the go. video. on ts minefield costs and feeds now in the palm of your. question on the.
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morning news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. today. leaders of the world's twenty richest nations brainstorm ways towards global economic recovery. but a showdown over a possible currencies still in the spotlight. seared growth beyond the crisis that's me me here in seoul where the g. twenty was kicked off join me anything now wait for it believe it. also with the program a newspaper in moscow says
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a top russian intelligence officer who controlled the cup of nations that america was a double agent to amass despite a ring in the u.s. last summer. and we look at the claims of the foiled plots of mail from gambling to the u.s. may have been a p.r. stunt by american security services. well we know it with a top story from aarti in moscow at one am the g twenty leaders are in south korea are all trying to get their countries back into good financial health but each keeping an eye on the currency war that's threatening to overshadow the summit the heads of the world's biggest economies are keen to stop nations using their exchange rates to keep their own countries afloat at a cost to the others less so now it's following the gathering.


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