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tv   [untitled]    November 12, 2010 2:00pm-2:30pm EST

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twenty has come and gone and unfortunately so has another chance for concrete results on the world's most pressing issue the leaders did propose to continue to work together but very little headway on those so-called currency wars that great divide between east and west in this battle over the box. the world at war the weapon currency. the fallout trade imbalance the world's paying i mean the world is paying the price through the asset bubbles that are being blown throughout the emerging markets and this high stakes battle for global exchanges it's china versus the us on the western front the fed pumping six hundred billion bucks into the american economy the valuing the dollar while slamming china for not readily revaluing its you want on the eastern front the chinese position is well you're depreciating the dollar wise you can we really value the removal be the chinese currency which the us keeps on insisting on so it's really
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a standoff one that smacks of double standards it's absolutely true that the united states of late has made don't mess to clean self-serving policy that was shortsighted and that did not consider the rest of the world and this set up the sole summit but despite global outrage with u.s. fiscal policy they got more of a high level silent treatment than any kind of fight right now it's the world against the united states and in terms of an agreement to deal with the currency war nun's going to happen there is no interest coming from china or germany the two other key players to solve this problem not interested or protecting interest. and that was before the session even started obama might have guessed there would be no compromising china wasn't budging and germany an export giant defends its right not to surrender its strength by spending more abroad to appease u.s. calls to help economic. recovery much of europe seems to be sitting back and
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watching how this will all play out i think they are trying to be defensive and that's a weak position right now russia sees itself as a mediator and hopes multi-currency reserves over place currency wars should. i believe that the threat of a currency war breaking out will significantly decrease following today's summit we have reasons to be more optimistic about the future the group of twenty did agree to develop early warning indicators to prevent economic turmoil and gradually move on currency the question now is not enough to prevent this cas class from getting out of control. dr victoria over who is a political analyst for the moscow state university of international relations told me the result of this summit was too predictable they couldn't of it now is there anything different than that because there's already is quite a huge. exile in the world regarding what's happening in europe
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and not only and no regard to build. real real currency war so if they didn't come up to the any agreement on the g twenty seven it didn't say that that would have made it really a real blow for the investors and for the markets so they had to smooth with this but i'm not sure if all the substantial disagreements i actually rolled ruled out any of the good follow it. some to victoria and over a political analyst from moscow state university of international relations with a bit earlier on. the us wanted to use the g twenty to push china further but had to explain its actions instead that's what's leading global currency analysts governor romney has been telling us about. the u.s. was really looking for the g. twenty to be a forum to continue to pressure china and to have you know more unified front
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against china and asian currencies current account surplus countries. from from the rest of the world and what it actually ended up turning into was that the u.s. had to go in there and do the tables were turned that the u.s. actually had to explain its own behavior to a whole host of countries and the chinese i think were pretty adept at turning this around and there were a lot of other countries who didn't mind actually turning the tables a little bit on the us and saying ok well why don't you guys explain what you're doing with with the fed before your country before you start kind of throwing stones at us. as part of our continuing coverage of the g twenty thoughts there from global currency on this south and got our money with his thoughts on what's happened over the last two days in the next hour here on out the people of those cross-talk gas discuss what's driving forbes magazine to label china's president as the most powerful post in the world is a taste of what's in store. what you can tell from this list is who's arrived where
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power is headed in what countries have moved up on the list clearly china hu jintao is the president of china and he's number one on the list china has clearly arrived japan is much much lower on the list the japanese i think you have to get to number seventeen in the twenty's before you get to the japanese prime minister and also russia is a little bit lower than china in this case one of the criticisms that i read of the this year's list of most most powerful people is that. the chinese leader was in the number one because it's china and not him himself there are a lot of people on this list because they symbolize. the nature of the beast i mean osama bin laden is on the list a guy named chapo guzman who's a billionaire cocaine dealer in mexico is on the list he's in hiding i mean how powerful is that guy really but he represents the you know the violence in northern mexico and the inability of the state address it would actually make
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a civil order. everybody when you're talking about people like this they are all representing trends. you have people across talked with you on this channel in an hour's time tonight. a russian newspaper has revealed that ten russian agents expelled by the u.s. through some were betrayed by their own boss president medvedev says the revelations are no surprise that he was aware of the event so long. has come off explains now that the german is behind the story said the media hype also drew attention away from who the real top spy was. that summer spy story between the u.s. and russia just a few months after dropping out of headlines around the world the biggest spies scandal between moscow and washington since the cold war iraq is back in the drama of this whole situation is that the agents were turned in by their boss. he's been named as colonel suitable cool for allegedly headed the american department of
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russia's foreign intelligence service neither his first name or photograph have been found to journalists from the moscow based committed news people who've held their own investigation clean he is behind blowing his colleagues cover in the united states. everyone we spoke to agreed that this was the biggest failure in the history of a foreign intelligence service some of the agents worked undercover for decades in all were given away just like all sell. their findings have been confirmed by the president on friday dmitry medvedev said he knew who the traitor was from the thursday of the scandal it was june when american authorities announced the captured ten people suspected of being russian secret agents all were found guilty by a u.s. court and deported in exchange for four men serving time in russia themselves convicted of being foreign spies it was never going to stay out of the news for long the story instantly made headlines and especially since the russian president's first official trip to the u.s.
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had just come to an end it's not credible to russia to the united states just a few days before the meeting i mean that if the visit and according to some reports are few months before that he was offered a promotion at work which could have seen him subjected to a lie detector test and vet some believe is why he we jetted the job offer instead he turned the other way by turning in his associates the media quickly found its favorite among the group of deported agents young rich and beautiful on a chapman was deemed the russian james bond girl but did the paparazzi flashes draw focus away from the. real super agent in the group. was still in the shadows just as he had been for the past four decades. that is true this is an amazing story it doesn't only have a trailer but a true hero as well as the two absolute opposites i'm talking about with some coffee and his fantastic story he left the soviet union in the one nine hundred
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sixty s. first to spin then to south america working as a photographer he eventually married and moved to the us changing his name to one it said he continues we denied being a russian agent until colonels are well presented secret documents that he then revealed his true identity but intelligence experts seen naming and shaming russian operatives was probably not the prime target. as that. was probably a u.s. agent for a long time him self and i'm sure this whole story was instigated by the american secret service the two presidents are working to restart relations and some people are obviously against the timing of this scandal was picked perfectly it puts another name in the frame for the russian intelligence service that's still trying to establish how a massive decades long secret operation could fall port so easily seemingly at the hands of one man you've got this going on moscow. a few minutes say
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that goes to a snatched from the street and forced into marriage there stealing a bride is known as an ancient custom in russia's chechen republic we'll tell you what the authorities now doing to stamp that right that. human rights activists working with palestinians say they're under pressure from israel which claims they're stoking the conflict there the interior ministry stopped issuing permits to many forcing them to work illegally paula sleeze been meeting activists who say the accusations the ground is thorough and that israel regards any palestinian supporter as an enemy. they're the visitors israel doesn't want activists from around the world who come here to photograph and protest palestinian suffering while most of the n.g.o.s only bring more fuel to the conflict make it much more harder to solve the conflict bring more hate to the conflict and they have huge he kidnapped human right which is why from
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the beginning of the year the israeli ministry of interior started with drawing with permits from international n.g.o.s oxfam save the children and medicine some pontiff have all been affected everybody who voices a pro palestinian view everybody who supports justice propels the ends and palestinian refugee is is an enemy of israel and pro quo a terrorist i simply don't buy it and i don't think there's evidence of it someone in tears say they have no choice but to do they work illegally emily's origins are palestinian but she can't live here because she can't get a visa for a while she managed to evade the israeli authorities by leaving and returning every three months and lying to them that she lived in jerusalem but they eventually cautioned on and have given her one month to get out the more visas you have on
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your passport the harder it gets. anything from initially it was more being overwhelmed and really understanding you know which borders to you is how do you know how to talk to the soldiers what to say what not to say n.g.o.s monitor is an israeli organization that tracks non-governmental organizations working in the area its staff won't speak on camera but they haven't shied away from writing on the net . this website accuses several charities working in the west bank and gaza of having links to terrorist organizations here it says that the palestinian children's welfare fund owns a hate filled with site dedicated to the glorification of jihad and the denunciation of israel there has been no evidence whatsoever and no cases that anyone's heard of a people in n.g.o.s committing any kind of violence the palestinian for instance on stones and the grenades and on i.d.f. soldiers and was helping them you see a blonde girl from switzerland that i don't know were eighty more mixed been in
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gaza for six months and plans to stay six more he's a volunteer with the international solidarity movement which israel claims has terrorist links they therefore want to cross into the west bank he's a human rights groups that are credible throughout the world and yet they are being stopped from entering many times in the u.n. report richard falk was stopped from entering so this stretch is up to the united nations for many n.g.o.s the challenge remains how to draw attention to the work they do without getting kicked out of the country many israelis continue to question the work they doing in the first place. r.t. israel. so quickly what we've got online for you tonight on the home page r.t.d. or call a story about a cat burglar who turned out smart well kind of but find out how a russian prisoner trained is feline friend this snake is fake heroine devious seeding dot com place for that story and a three day thrill for fans of the nutcracker on page two it's now cracking
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hollywood apparently details of a timson turned heavyweights bringing the cherished fairy tale to life r. and r. t. dot com right now. men who kidnapped girls off the street and force them into marriage now face jail in russia's republic of chechnya it's been seen as a tradition among some muslim communities of the north caucasus but religious leaders and officials say it's deeply wrong and must be stopped xander they could show over reports next on the practice that's tearing families apart. it is the moment of families torn apart. and which here remains a ritual rather than an outrage the man simply chooses the woman he wants and forcibly takes her but the kidnapping of one young girl called him on one terribly
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wrong magazine or an issue when shocking gag. loans we hadn't a good outside and saw her being kidnapped yes she was shouting we saw it. begin lebron his accomplice grabbed him on jumped into a car and sped away but a short way down the road they crashed into a big truck with. a young girl. when they were driving here they crashed in the old. school so there was an awful tragedy the car was just a piece of metal you couldn't tell what car it was. some say could lend brights runs and occasional blood religious leaders and strongly disapprove and no laws have been brought in to corrupt the practice. of their will to go to the corner chechens never had such as this is. every friday i say during the.
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scene. and those who committed will be punished during this life and on the judgement day. the girls who've been kidnapped rarely bring this matter to a courtroom as such case may be considered it is grazed by all but they never forget about it result no one saw the experience forty years ago should have to shop and was heading home when it happened the news they weren't taking me away and i didn't even know who was kidnapping me it was several men in the car and i knew no one only on the second or third day did i find out who i was telling people. reason remembers the day she spent not knowing what was coming next lost and frightened she had no choice but to stay with her kidnapper chris' youngest daughter was almost her age two months later resign or ran away but her life was changed forever that which is. this really is the big tragedy because your life doesn't belong to you any longer you can't amend it but you were kidnapped girl
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even if you spend two or three days there and return home you're not considered a grudge and you belong to someone. but now trichoniscus and tough on the practice with the new laws. i think lose lose falls a global issue i think many families where girls are brought up to feel themselves moved to q i probably am now writing letters will face a prison sentence and have to be over so it is southern dollars in fines to the girl's family even religious leaders forcing a girl to marry her kidnapper all the funniest isn't all there appears to be a strong support goes interest now yet to see whether the old tradition has been ended only on paper or in reality to some are artsy from grassley. bring up today most of top world news stories in brief this friday night haiti's cholera breaks no kill least seven hundred twenty four the disease is spreading fast in the haitian capital and it's heading towards southern regions the country's health minister says rather levon thousand people have been hospitalized since the
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outbreak u.n. expects to infection rate to rise. a u.n. panel of experts says that north korea's sold nuclear technology and other weapons to states including iran syria. the report says one hundred million dollars worth of arms and other equipment have been shipped the sales go against you and impose sanctions on north korea to try and cause should nuclear activities are tested by the. entire military authorities could free pro-democracy leader aung san suu kyi this weekend of apparently sanction to release which is due on saturday sochi. has been under house arrest for fifteen of the past twenty one years now which is drawn widespread condemnation but the lawyer says she won't accept a release if conditions are imposed which excluded from politics to the breast of all the news stories twenty four seven at r.t. dot com coming about ten minutes tonight as our programs continue this weeks moscow out exposed the jewish community here in russia discovers its russian flavor is
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a taster. of the show has everything regarding jewish culture from the menorah oldest to the yarmulke skullcaps there are also a wide range of english and russian speaking books and even very civilly is games take a look at the stamps. or even the surprises of jewish stamp is pretty and. so martin that we couldn't determine team here shortly before that friday night business with kareena medicare. how i welcome to business with me good to have you with us russia's economy slowed
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in the third quarter gross domestic product rose two point seven percent year on year after expanding five point two percent in the quarter to june the worst drought in fifty years it dropped and forced manufacturers to cut production economy ministry says the heat wave will cost the country point eight percent point of this year. the g twenty summit in south korea struggled to reach agreement on key issues which could affect the recovery of the global economy politicians fail to find common ground on currency devaluations as well as trade imbalances even given that the ocean had a research in jones language cell stoled us why the countries failed to reach the consensus. different groups of interest are trying to solve their own problems with the help of g. twenty but the group used to beat me twenty eight twenty two much to come a proper consensus that's first of all second of all there is no excerpts through a pressure like deep and serious crisis which groups of interest and have made
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political leaders to put aside their local problems to concentrate on the main so there is no such main target for everyone and everyone would like to group probably staveley of low inflation high employment to fuel themselves but unfortunately for different countries now the answers are slightly different. european stocks finished mixdown friday the footsie ended point three percent lower while the dax in the black mining stocks were drying on the in this is prices of copper silver and gold shares a pattern for the us there and cause a drop over two and three percent respectively. given russian market spanish lower on friday as well echoing global trends the r.t. has lost over a percent of them isaac still less than half a percent energy majors were the main drag with over eight percent on both of horses bucking the trend the rules try to unbox telecom. the value of initial
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public offerings by russian companies could jump to twenty eight billion dollars next year the highest since two thousand and seven that's according to the t.v. capital one reason the i.p.o. market may take off is the recovery in russia's benchmark investment indices they've regained the bulk of their record decline caused by the global economic meltdown key sectors mining chemicals and retail industries where sales of shares are expected to surge to twenty billion dollars the sale of stakes in state companies is expected to raise another. premium vodka make a russian standard has agreed in principle to buy ukrainian rival mimir of that's according to whether mr newspaper details of the deal were not disclosed however experts believe famous for its honey and pepper infused fog. to be worth up to four hundred million dollars in september ukrainian brand new jet to the bed by u.k. based just a bit of stock spirits. russian pair of machines builder ottoman era
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go marsh will produce wind turbines from two thousand and twelve the move by the state company signals that green energy is finally come of age in russia that reports. the global wind turbine market is booming growing over thirty percent last year but russia's share so far is close to zero russia is the leading producer of traditional hydro carbon energy but experts say the country needs to harness the power of done some in older to make best use of its oil and gas the one thing you know about your oil and gas assets is that their value will increase over time so in terms of a long term economic strategy selling as much as you can now is a really bad idea and what you should be doing is selling a moderate amount but saving and developing as much as you can for the time when price when the price of oil is two hundred or three hundred or four hundred or five hundred dollars a barrel once humanity has come to the notion that oil is is way too valuable to
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burn according to the international energy agency new clear and renewable energy will supply two thirds off world and energy by twenty or thirty russia's fuel giants gas problem. all looking at alternative sources the declared strategy is to boost the sheriff renewables in the country's energy balance to turn a half percent in five years but they're having to do it without the state subsidy is common in europe how much money does the government spends on it we knew about generation. isn't it fair know now we warn portion green energy producers want the government to go and taint higher prices for electricity derived from bringing you a bill souless they admit that's the only way green and energy can be profitable but russia's dependence on traditional sources is so strong that renewable projects
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are likely to remain no more than experiments and till they prove their long term viability that's the business our team. and that's all for me and the business team here on our team but do stay with us for headline news up next.
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a moment when the world has changed forever. thousands pounced to nothing. as our sons wounded. and noone to suffer her to be in the land. that was the first but probably not the last image or uses of this weapon. many more will make. sure the common get on in the future. more news today violence is once again flared up the face these are the images the
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world has been seeing from the streets of canada. trying to corporations are on the day. that's.
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the international association of russian language and literature teachers with the world's festival of russian language. are you interested in a better understanding of russian language and culture can you sing russian songs well. because the participant of the world festival of russian language and really exciting trip to st petersburg in russia. for more information visit the festival website. thanks for choosing a team from moscow tonight i'm kevin owen with our top story the g. twenty leaders agreeing not to use currencies as weapons to protect themselves while throwing up trouble for other countries. likely to translate into action.
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betrayed by the boss a russian newspaper says it's unmasked the man who it claims sold out to ten agents expelled from the u.s. this president says the revelations are no surprise and that he was aware of this all along also headlining for moscow israel is accusing pro palestinian charities of fueling the conflict in the region and supporting terrorism the activists say groundless several charities and. after israeli authorities. twenty to thirty. first metropolis like moscow is of course home to many cultures let's take you closer to one of them now is spend time in the russian capital.


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