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tv   [untitled]    November 13, 2010 5:00am-5:30am EST

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korea basically they're going to be talking about how to revive the global economy and get out of the woods for b. global financial crisis happened two years ago and so on the table if they're going to be talking about free trade agreements said opening up their economies further this has this is the very reason for the existence of a pact to begin with but of course all this is easier said than done coming on the back of the g. twenty where the fear of protectionism was hanging over the heads of the leaders now this is going to be much more of a child as they have to talk about concrete steps they're going to be discussing existing free trade agreements there are pockets of these agreements within the pacific countries members of apec the u.s. is pushing for a agreement that will end capacity twenty one members said this is going to be a bit difficult because having all twenty one members talk about the give and take the pros and cons of opening up their economies is going to be a bit difficult if there is good for it an example of japan wants to export more cars to the world while the u.s. wants more access to its agriculture industry which is a bit of
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a sensitive industry here in japan as the leaders come here with the responsibility of contributing to the growth the good of the global economy getting out of the cloud quagmire that they find themselves in but also they have the concerns of their local electorate in mind and other issues concerning trade we know that asia pacific economic cooperation the members are very powerful in terms of their clout economically the makeup more than half of the g.d.p. of the world obama just gave a speech this morning and he says that age is really an important partner for the u.s. and other issues that they're talking about would be labor security they're talking about sharing of innovation and technology they're talking about protecting intellectual property all these are very important terms of trade and economic development in the u.s. and japan had already met and also the leaders of russia judge upin and china had signed an agreement to build a chemical plant and that has already been done. this morning for today and we had
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russia and japan having a sat down together this again comes on the back of the a g. twenty now the currency war is one of the issues that have been talked about and this still needs to be ironed out by the countries involved in the apec the forum so let's look at the package problem i call the good news and we from that you try to teach. the world at war the weapon currency. the fall out trade imbalance the world's pay i mean the world is paying the price for the asset bubbles that are being blown throughout the emerging markets and this high stakes battle for global exchanges it's china versus the u.s. on the western front the fed pumping six hundred billion bucks into the american economy devaluing the dollar while slamming china for not readily revaluing its you want on the eastern front the chinese position is well you're depreciating the dollar why should we really value the remember the the chinese currency which the
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u.s. keeps on insisting on so it's really a standoff one that smacks of double standards it's absolutely true that the united states of late has made don't mess to clean self-serving policy that was shortsighted and that did not consider the rest of the world and this set up the sole summit but despite global outrage with u.s. fiscal policy they got more of a high level silent treatment than any kind of fight right now it's the world against the united states and in terms of an agreement to deal with the currency war nun's going to happen there is no interest coming from china or germany the two other key players to solve this problem not interested or protecting interest. and that was before the session even started obama might have guessed there would be no compromising china wasn't budging and germany an export giant defends its right not to surrender its strength by spending more abroad to appease u.s.
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calls to help economic recovery much of europe seems to be sitting back and watching how this will all play out i think they are trying to be defensive and that's a weak position right now russia sees itself as a mediator and hopes multi currency reserves will replace currency wars. i believe that the threat of a currency war breaking out will significantly decrease following the g twenty summit we have reasons to be more optimistic about the future the group of twenty did agree to develop early warning indicators to prevent economic turmoil and gradually move on currency the question now is not enough to prevent this cas class from getting out of control. but as r.t. correspondent they said no way reporting that well the u.s. wanted to use the g twenty to pressure china about how to explain its own actions instead of sort of leading global currency on this rommany told r.t.
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the us was really looking for the g. twenty to be a forum to continue to pressure china and to have you know more unified front against china and asian currencies current account surplus countries. from from the rest of the world and what it actually ended up turning into was that the u.s. had to go in there and do the tables were turned to the u.s. actually had to explain its own behavior to a whole host of countries in the chinese i think were pretty adept at turning this around and there were a lot of other countries who didn't mind actually turning the tables a little bit on the u.s. and saying ok well why don't you guys explain what you're doing with with the fed before and your currency before you start kind of throwing stones at us. plenty more still to come including. what capitalism is in at this point the socialist ideas are seeing a revival across the world to find happiness we shape them down.
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well after this summer's sweltering heat temperatures in russia are breaking records again several regions including the capital are experiencing extremely warm weather on heard of this time of the year without going to the sky finds out what the experts say is behind it. usually with pulling out our winter coats right now but something is definitely a riot in the weather department in fact it's not just most poor muscovites have been enjoying several very very warm days no need for for code sore heads but if we were to go down to the south of russia in fact we could enjoy swimming and sunbathing to the fullest degree it's that hot out there and of course this is not something that russians are historically used to if we were to go back to let's say nine hundred forty one during the world war two period fuel was freezing in tanks of course people were people were need deep in snow blizzards basically the usual
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winter things that were happening in the vendor and we don't have to go that far in time is not earth that just let's say ten years ago same story again snow would be out here people could ice skate on the most cool river you could not do that right now maybe swimming if course if you like that kind of cold. water right now but obviously something is going on and winter is in no hurry to arrive in fact in some places in the western part of russia trees are starting to bloom again and they can grab the grass is still green and bears are not hibernating roaming around looking for food to eat birds are not flying south so something is going on something that people are not used to and definitely winter is in no hurry to arrive at this moment actually the experts are sort of separated into three groups want of them is saying that of course the manmade pollution is to blame we don't have to go back far to remember the british petroleum disaster in mexico the gulf
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of course that has affected the loop current in the gulf and that is one of the intrinsic parts of the gulf stream and if that is affected of course obviously temperatures at not just northern america but in europe are going to be affected as well and cement or fact something is going on. in the world in fact everything that's been happening for the last year year and a half as far as weather is concerned actually looks more like something out of a hollywood blockbuster. about the apocalypse rather than something that we're usually used to for example snow in australia and in south america you don't get to hear much about that at least you didn't know about this year you were suffering from severe flooding at this past spring and of course like you mentioned earlier it's sweltering heat in moscow people dying from overheating fires raging all of that because of the weather of course other scientists are saying that it's all because of the sun so the sun flares are to blame and yet of course there's
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a third group of scientists who are saying this has been going on for millions of years and we should just relax and enjoy the warm weather while we can. always find more and that's another story snow website. has a quick preview of what's available online right now the wedding lucky find out why you want to speak with the bride and turn to tragedy. and the food we meet the georgians who choose feeding the habit broth and feeding themselves all this with our website. news today vause. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. a giant corporation to rule the day.
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in times of economic downturn and those who promise equality for all once more gaining ground the age old debate between socialism and capitalism is coming to the fore again then there's r.t.g. harvest reports the left seems to be winning the argument. mr gorbachev tear down this wall i these images have come to symbolize the end of the cold war. the scenes of the berlin wall falling were beamed across the world as the historic moment when the west beat the soviet union and capitalism formula defeated project communism. years later the cameras show the other angle the economic collapse brought by capitalism victory the us marks it as world freedom day with the us government means when they
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say they celebrated our freedom day with the fall of the berlin wall what they really need is the freedom of us corporations to be able to plunder exploit and really do what they please within the borders that they weren't able to initially you begin to. say. what is sad. is that something they said saddam would cling to power and now that the status he was hanging on to berlin seems to my old the words are what you're seeing here in the ages of american soldiers and iraqis declaring virtual victory over the statue of saddam hussein beamed to viewers worldwide. it was staged as a spontaneous outpouring of iraqis inspired by the american soldiers who came to liberate them that was we found out soon afterward the organized by the u.s. army so the symbols are really hatched by messengers coming out often
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of the pentagon and the white house and the state department and these symbols some insist are used to indicate that washington's agenda is the only agenda and those are these the symbols of victory for the u.s. government so all over the world that if you oppose the united states you are targeted from destruction and we will inevitably store your. socialism despite being declared dead. has seen a revival in governments in countries all over the world. when united states talked about the overthrow of the soviet union and the coming down of the berlin wall as the end of socialism and it's absolutely not true a system of capitalism is in the k. at this point there are pieces of the berlin wall all over the world what came following the historic moment was this bali hood era of freedom now marked by economic collapse and list war two decades after the fall of the berlin wall some argue the u.s.
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empire is also in plotting its influence waning in the face of rising world powers several of them with the stink of socialist leanings jan hospice r t washington d.c. well it's not only in developing countries that socialist parties are getting vocal vice presidential candidate in the two thousand and eight u.s. election eugene yeah and spends what he feels america needs socialism or we believe that in a world and particularly in a country where there's so much wealth and it's primarily appropriated by a small few people to the detriment of millions and millions hundreds of millions of people the vast majority of people who are either in abject poverty or at least don't see the full rewards of their labor that socialism is a system in which the needs of people can be met by production and in fact the production of society in the way society of oregon as organized is one hundred percent directed towards the broad needs of the people which are not better now whether it's health care whether it's education access to jobs and so on this is
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why we believe socialism is the answer to the current economic woes that exist under the capitalist system that are particularly pronounced now during this economic crisis. well our time for a look at some other international news in brief. the u.n. made an appeal for over one hundred sixty million dollars to fight the cholera outbreak in haiti which has now claimed seven hundred twenty four lives aid agencies are battling to contain the epidemic and with fears it will spread even further after the water supply was contaminated or in last month's aurukun millions are now said to be at risk more than eleven thousand cases have been confirmed since the outbreak began last night. seven people have been charged in connection with international organ trafficking in kosovo the group is thought to have twenty foreign nationals into the region and remove their organs for transplant making false promises of payment a former senior health official was among those charged trafficking allegedly took
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place to a clinic in the capital of the two people have been listed as wanted by interpol. muslims from around the world are arriving in mecca as i know hajis due to start in two days' time. millions of worshippers to saudi arabia's new cities of mecca and medina the first friday prayers have been held before the official opening of the heart which will last for several days the ritual is one of the five pillars of islam which must be performed at least once probably this health and the means to do so. now violence continues to rage in afghanistan in the latest attack a major nato base in the east of the country was targeted by militants eleven of the attackers were killed before they managed to enter the site but amid the rising tide of all the rest the u.s. is preventing it stay there for another four years because artie's military contributor explains washington strategy to increase its military presence in the
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region was hardly a surprise. it was a bad idea from the outset to set up an artificial deadline for u.s. forces really draw from. ghana's stand so it didn't come as a surprise when recently that washington trio the u.s. state department chief the pentagon chief and you as joint chiefs of staff and now the deadline will be postponed for another four years it has been long suspected but now it's official but the credit for the extension of the u.s. forces was drawled to general petraeus the u.s. commander in afghanistan the whole idea about the artificial deadline for the u.s. who cut both ways on the other side it was a good idea to provide the sense of urgency for the aboriginal leadership to clean up their act together and to take full responsibility for the future of the country starting from providing their security all across
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a van of stone but since there is no leadership you know again it stands regarding the afghan government which is completely paralyzed by the corruption and incompetence while soaked in drug trafficking business no doubt it was a smashing tactical success for general betray us and our families who called the u.s. counter-narcotics offensive in afghanistan as. initiative coming up in ten minutes time herriot special reports of the raid on the operation which freed uip bringing with it the fall of the nazis. this is just a parliament building in. that. sixty five years ago. we finally targeted. the army.
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scout became the symbol on the little sun she's sitting. on the victory over nazi germany. the follow. on r.g.p. . joins us for business updates and good news for the management at google next year we have and i yesterday says it would increase that pay by thirty percent a possible. suspect defecting to the likes of facebook places in the program but first this hour russian prime minister vadim infusion is to hold talks with his ball garion counterparts work up a result from six fia topping the agenda is energy cooperation and primarily the construction of the south stream gas pipeline intended to pump russian gas to europe under the black sea and agreement to allow the creation of a joint stock company to oversee the production of the bow garion section by the end of the year at exxon's and desire of a senior gas analyst metropole i.f.c. gave azzi his views on the if that. well gary sickie contrail for it deciding
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which park plan will be old and probably which pipeline will be the first one in the book stream. pretty important contra for the spy plans for the book is essential basically for all of this meeting will finally decide the question which pipeline will be through the book or interest stories stream or in the book a pipeline overall everybody's talking about gas pipeline saw three men oil pipeline from bulgaria to greece i think the most important things are. discussions of the gas price. gas problem should give a five to seven percent discount for gas for bulgaria for next two or three years. now where several world leaders including russia's president said if a meeting for the asia pacific economic cooperation summit the business summit has already brought some deals among them the signing of a contract between russia japan and china to construct
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a fertilizer plant in russia is tatarstan the first major facility in the region for the last twenty years and one of the world's largest if this type of project is worth one billion dollars it would involve china's national chemical engineering corp japan's emissivity heavy industries subjects russia's state and i'm only the apec summit is seen as another attempt to settle financial issues like pushing the free trade off of the g twenty fail to agree on how to boost the world economy. clearly there is a very ambitious agenda for trade liberalisation and the region and i think one of the important issues will be the degree to which countries follow and deliver on the commitments that they have with respect to this liberalization. another issue i think will be the issue of investments in the region and the possibility to again facilitate the flow of investment across countries that will be important i think
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and we balancing the world economy as well because really we're talking about the most important region probably in terms of growth for the world economy. time to see how the markets moving down here most creative forces are open for trade and both fooling around zero point six percent energy mages are the main driver is the us maker shed more than one percent we are here. now russian power machines build the automatic i'm ashleigh produce wind turbines for two thousand and twelve the move by the states company signals the green energy has finally come of age in russia such a poor cove ports. the global wind turbine market is booming growing over thirty percent last year but russia's share so far is close to zero russia is the leading producer of traditional hydro carbon energy but experts say the country needs to harness the power of wind and sun in older to make best use of its oil and
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gas the one thing you know about your oil and gas assets is that their value will increase over time so in terms of a long term economic strategy selling as much as you can now is a really bad idea and what you should be doing is selling a moderate amount but saving and developing as much as you can for the time when price when the price of oil is two hundred or three hundred or four hundred or five hundred dollars a barrel once humanity has come to the notion that oil is is way too valuable to burn according to the international energy agency a new clear and renewable energy will supply two thirds off world and the region by twenty thirty russia's fuel giants gas problem. all looking at alternative sources the declared strategy is to boost the sheriff renewables and the country's energy balance to turn a half percent in five years but they're having to do it without the state subsidy
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is common in europe how much money does the government spends on a generation not. using it for you know now we warn portion green energy producers want the government to go and taking higher prices for electricity derived from bring you a bill sold says they admit that's the only way the green and energy can be profitable but russia's dependence on traditional sources is so strong that renewable projects are likely to remain no more than experiments and till they prove their long term viability that's all the business our team. and finally this hour good news if you work at google the internet giant says it will give its top management a thirty percent pay rise next year this comes after google announced it will give all its employees a ten percent increase to stop them defecting to facebook in a landmark case one employee has been given three point five million dollars in
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stocks to remain with the search company c.e.o. eric schmidt and co-founder sergey brin and larry page who combined own overhaul of google stock will continue to accept a salary of just one us dollar. that shopping for now we can always find more stories on our website atif dot com slash if there.
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were some this is just the parliament building in birmingham. but then the books sixty five years ago. this was the final target of the last major offensive from an army the by its country became the symbol on the form of financial sit in the big three were nazi germany above. the fall i'm in on r.g.p. . they faced it this is not a provocation but more of. a force it let me show you first step before you should support be traced because they have no idea about the hardships the be face to. face one it is this is it all
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going to need some pretty army the life of abusing them is the most precious thing in the world. years of self-sacrifice and heroism with those who understand it fully but you have to live a. real life stories from world war two. victory nineteen forty five dollars on t.v. dot com. more news today violence is once again flared up flew from these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada true for china operations are the day.
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if. soon which brightened if you knew about soon from phones to christians. who threw stones on t.v. dot com. they faced it this is not a provocation but a warning that. a force it should use just everybody is sure to support retreat spaces they have no idea about the hardships to face. they wanted to says it all to new systems for any army the life of a usaf mother is the most precious thing in the world. is of self-sacrifice
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and heroism with those who understand it fully but you have to live a. real life stories from world war two. the truth nine hundred forty five dot dot com. wealthy british scientists. sometimes. markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy cause a report. that the main stories we're covering. the countries that are making up call for wealth gather the asia pacific summit in japan seeking to promote free trade in the region . sponsors declared death to socialism and is to be making
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a comeback in countries across the world but many experts predicted that you would miss. the weather extremes experienced on every continent but triggering worries often approaching climactic pockets in the search for someone to blame. the next all special reports of looks at the fall of bell in the last major offensive of the red. come. early in the rush to germany's parliament it was right here that the final find.


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