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tv   [untitled]    November 13, 2010 6:30am-7:00am EST

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special about. one hundred twenty five thousand people from russia used to ex-pats people come here to worship enjoy and payments and religious education. is also celebrating the anniversary this year. for centuries the jewish community sees that it's much the same since then she'd be sorry governments sporadically encourage jewish immigration. to mean eighteen nineteen twenty. times has now changed ever since the fall of the soviet union many are returning the strong sign yet of a startling revival of jewish life here. there are two restaurants here. people come here and eat typical jewish food such as bread or you cannot take the entire meal home now warn the lovely gesture that the
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complex office is that you are given a discount voucher for the same amount so for example. one hundred and one years old a party. for. the petrol food we see here is a representation of a cent to success every month. and enjoy the facilities ranging from social events to the various restaurants food plays an important role inside the seven story mr jewish community center it's a diverse cuisine. and she wished and traditions were pleased with the. various dishes but the strictly kosher cuisine is very healthy and tastes good at the same time and it proves to be popular to be rigidly organized banquets enough holes of fully booked. in a thousand guests at a time that. when it comes to alcohol or even the surprises.
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jewish stuff is both pretty and. now the practicing jewish population so they can live here as part of a thriving community. of several american a listers have recently visited the russian capital adding to its biber party same position and its has been going on since for me a d.j. set up event clearly the group's nights i do this for the love you know for the money not for anything this i do this because i love music. so for me it's not anything to do with anything other than i love to dance i love to see people i love music i love the lights i love the singing of everything so this is just purely straight up for discounted to dance the famous refuse performance as a sort of a revival of the old ground for some fans can be rescued which comes from the beginning of the nineteenth century. and the celebrity couple demi moore and ashton
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kutcher have come to moscow but not just to see the city's sights the famous hollywood couple who see several charity events to support their foundation which and swimmin a child slavery and human trafficking. stretching across two city blocks the jewish center also includes a library and fitness center all built with donations from abroad and the local community. play services a jewish woman circle bar mitzvah sunday hebrew school for a large range of activities organized. for jewish ex-pats responding to moscow many are taken aback at the amount of events on offer so i came back here year and a half ago for work. i was surprised to see all those year synagogues to see. how much is happening here how many people come to holidays and every time i'm here i'm surprised how many people actually show up here. it's really amazing it's
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a big thing sell because everyone comes together this food drinks celebration music it's a nice way to kind of feel like you're at home when you're very very far away from your family. but it's the impressive synagogue which is the focus of the venue on busy holidays the synagogue is just they have three seventy's a day and also the rabbi offers various privates all good cos it's all jewish culture history and current practices for many people it's not just a religion it's a complete way of life an acute sense of head office full support for a range of pull with various levels. today but one hundred twenty thousand people are involved in the international moscow jewish center running the entire complex it's a huge job for dozens of people that brings us to this week's guest. living to me saying so tell me how did you end up here in well we've been living here for the past four years we moved here right about
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a few months after we got married. and at the time we were offered the position to come help with the growing x. jewish xpect and unity here in moscow. i'm not sure. in the synagogue well we run a jewish community for english speakers there are those that are russian english speakers those that are you know more speakers than others and it's really a home for those that want to feel more westernized amongst the russian community and those that are less familiar it's more of a beginners and we run here shabat programs holiday programs children's programs adult programs sunday school and we try to make judaism fun for the english speaking jewish community here in moscow i think is there any conflict will you know religious tension between the other religions here and. no i actually think that the other places in the world can learn what's going on here from the unity of the different religions here. in moscow the chief rabbi the priests actually all
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get along very well and sit on the boards together and discuss the issues and matters it's managed to solve them in a very fascinating way that keeps the community. it's one thing you know it's this and it's really apparent is how large the jewish community actually is today yet it's actually keeps on growing every event that we do there are always new faces and there's always more and more people joining and they're thirsty for what we're doing. now a final question do you like living in i love living in moscow people here are alive people are excited people are. always looking for new things that are going on and i think there are people there are people that are living in moscow and i mainly deal with the ex-pats the jewish ex-pats people are really alive when they come to a program they want to be here want to be there they're excited they're meeting new people and there's a great opportunity and people are really enjoying living here and enjoying our
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programs that we offer apologies to some sort of. like i'm going to meet you good luck with your work here and there are thank you. the jewish community pays a lot of attention to educating children on a wide range of jewish tradition as culture and history this is still a hebrew school in moscow where kids from four to thirteen years old and various educational and entertaining programs get students in each of these three age groups exploring just education and hands on experience on jewish holidays and master hebrew skills of reading writing. various projects for both children and adults who are also part of the communities activities drama classes and speech of performances for the younger members a part of the sunday school curriculum they also help children understand the reasons behind the various states studying the jewish cultural calendar in an
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interactive way. and from fear to sue you sick jewish music concerts or from the films in moscow on various occasions both religious and non-religious songs are performed by various guests. using music as a form of expression russian and international musicians celebrate the culture which is thousands of years old. you'll find everything you need here. in the jewish center gift shop. no where in the world to see any country silly jewish community of this size reviving from essentially nothing. in the last few here is the number of the stings jewish communities in russia has swelled small to two hundred from eighty seven. and similar senses most featuring the first jewish schools to right looking to aids being killed across the country. the shop has everything regarding jewish
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culture from the. oldest skullcaps there are also a wide range of english and russian speaking books even very simply is and games to go with stamps. you can see a little spike of the federation of jewish communities in russia fifteen years ago it was not a single chip school in all of russia today over fifteen thousand students attended the jewish ex-pat scene thrives on a busy social calendar today it's a pizzeria friends this is just a every where it's called good santa but we're in pieces you can see it. and the competition made. me really only coming out to just nice and worship wesley coming to socialise to meet friends it's really it's
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a cultural. evolution and cultural experience been a great pleasure. children and adults of all ages come together socialize learn about jewish religious practices and chats about ex-pat life in moscow although having it spread to the past seems to have opened its arms to religious diversity and all those still learning and in its infancy i'm sure it's a positive sign of a fully integrated multicultural school a very nice touch of itself. first just push me my time is a muscle we have from the inside out so it must go just sends out a fever the same time next week the moment scouse advances and sell them for me and the rest the same five but out.
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for you economists are comfortable shuttle bus will teach you to smoke. just a few hours observing virgin forest and scaring scorned mirrors in your direction. on the moon. crater. scorching soil untoward there are included. a photo with the wild lunar rover for free. holiday makers wouldn't dare to swim so deep.
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a tourist would be scared of such cold water. and would never die it's nothing the same with an anonymous me. they are not to lists they are researchers. and feel worse on land than in deep water. news today violence has once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada after. china operations are all today.
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headlines here on our team and the countries making up half of the world's economy gather at the asia pacific summit in japan seeking to promote free trade in the region. despite its declared death socialism appears to be making a comeback in countries across the world with many experts predicting the decay of
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capitalism and. weather extremes experienced on every continent triggering worries over an approaching climactic apocalypse and a search for someone to blame. time now for sports with you know. have you with sports today i mean these are some of the stories we're covering this hour survival dog fight two sides shooting a little too close for comfort to the relegation zone the premier league weekend. last russian involvement in the last eight. of the season with. dollars in costs. and ice capades we've now reached the hof way stage of the third
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. season. we believe it's been the most exciting yet in a few months time. of weekend of premier league action has begun the twenty ten title could be wrapped up on sunday two games early but before all votes there was business down the other end of the table to take into consideration the relegation threatened south turn and on car went off in friday's sole fixture. far from safe but a win for either team would more than likely make the difference between top and second division football next season it was the home side to seize the initiative at the beginning of the second half marco topete heading home on a post here. if it's a risk that stands out on par on level terms fifty five minutes in. brick. finished here. under a car yak at home to the advantage but two such turn ten minutes after the outs leaving the goalkeeper rooted to the spot for. those of the last word would do hard
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work for. he will set up a new working p.f. . mix of two to be sure spoils neither outfit safe from the chop. the real madrid will have to make do with. monitor joe's a marine you on the touchline for a while as the galactic who seek to stay on beaten in the premier league the portuguese bomb for two games for using quote inappropriate language the suspension arising off the marine you to referee who's a louis. to whom to hello during the competition rick last wednesday the forty seven year old was julie objected from the mersey a clash the new over saw his side the medical unit and then betrayed darby last week and reality if when and and from the start of the season big point in front of champions bar so low that i. won't be adding a second part see crawling to his resume the two thoughts and six jumping off stood
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by on seated local favorite michael and straight sets the frenchman seemingly hunting john passed champions new drug sing off persia holder novak djokovic in the third round the edge covered thank you to the first set seven five this time right before dominating the world number eleven six one decider it means there will be a french representative in the semifinals of the event for the full year. another super before mince was produced by adam blonde on the greens stand on their own softer day the local favorite stretching his astray a musters lead to three shots heading into the final round of the victoria golf club defending champion tiger woods well he's having a tough day made inclement weather conditions the world number twos for him progressively getting worse on the day he'll need to recover from a nine shot deficit if he's to win the first event of the year for him blonde who's in the process of completing the p.g.a. qualifying series and he's done his homework on all the three in top ten with
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daniel gold here as well as andre stoltz closest to novice blood. disney world it's said your dreams come true to a lot my furry well be the case for rule and thought. the americans securing four shot lead midway through disney's children's miracle network classic thirty three year old in the running for his first ever p.j. title a tour card to try from where the next year and such are needs to finish second to move up to one hundred twenty fifth on the money list and get the pass brian gay and chris troy his closest challengers robert green gusts pictured here five shots off the lead and. not too far away there was a clash going on between two of the season's best teams in the n.f.l. they had left a full of kittens hosting the baltimore ravens to make sure i suppose he recaps the highlights for. the atlanta falcons seventeen in one home with mathurin his
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quarterback going into this contest against joe flacco in the baltimore ravens what borders would pick up the action ryan finds what he wanted in the end zone for this one but the falcons didn't go for the two point conversion meaning is just a thirteen point game with plenty of time left in the corner so joe flacco really seems to back him this thing just don't blame it on the clock flacco pronounced with tired and talk here and just like that baltimore is up by point blank didn't even need more than that he was dirty two hundred fifty for three hundred sixty yards and on this final drive how about this huge third down conversions on the thirty yard delivery to michael jenkins and then he just goes to his favorite target to finish it off while catches four hundred thirty yards in this one for white just the touchdown and the win with this one as the falcons now have the best record in football at least until the weekend at seven am to me there was our team . all right we're going to stay stateside where the moderates where the bigger and better team in texas against the visiting seventy six years on friday dallas
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securing a nine thousand nine hundred ninety win despite main man dirk nowitzki being hampered by injury jason kidd well he's made a legendary career out of spreading the ball around the dallas man not to adopt his eleven. year sister. hear the speech chip in sixteen points the spider a minor and a lot it was shawn marion did just as many who don't wish to break done those efforts helping the mavs kneel down to find a forty eight advantage of the half time break the reserve having a bigger game down the established stars though one thing points to the for the weekend. ninety nine ninety eight was the final score dollar's dominating fully of late swinging eights all their loss and encounters over just seconds. still in the lone star state but having to boxing where a cracker of an and contrary awaits later on saturday w b o welterweight champion money picky how will take on tony a margarita for the vacant w.b.c.
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super wealthy weight craw and that's what it is the cowboys stadium with a big event scheduled featuring this spot on the n.f.l. super bowl in early twenty's margarito coming in off the one hundred fifty point weight limit for five more. months but it's the filipino who's favorites for making a career out of winning the big fights mexican margarito is preparing for his second bout since in the tories on robben scandal in january two thousand and nine the thirty two year old was then barred from fighting in the u.s. but got a special license from texas state for this. finally roof which the halfway stage of the kontinental hockey league season on with this year being regarded as the best yet there's no end of highlights to recap so sit back relax get your fill of the gold ses assists on just about everything in-between. thanks
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some stunning strikes our love is all your sports world weather is coming up in just a tech. download the official delegation to i phone or my pod touch from the choose outs to. life on the go. video on demand atienza mine comes and says feeds now in the palm of your. question on the dot com.
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countries making up half of the world's economy with the asia pacific summit in japan seeking to promote free trade in the region. despite its declared death socialism appears to be making a comeback in countries across the world with many experts predicting the decay of capitalism. sifting also currents temperatures going up and down what's happening
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to the planet's climate and what is this world coming to with. later in the program . live from the heart of moscow this is r.t. welcome to the program well they already account for half of all global economic activity but now they want more pacific rim nations are gathering in japan and seeking to expand their influence crease free trade on the sidelines of the apec summit russian president dmitri together met with his japanese counterpart to discuss an ongoing issue. reports on. well we're here in the yokohama japan where the asia pacific economic cooperation forum is currently going on its.


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