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tv   [untitled]    November 13, 2010 8:00am-8:30am EST

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the first day on the table here at apec is the freer and open trade and investment between countries of course when you talk about free trade you're talking about lowering of barriers you're talking about a lot of pros and cons a lot of give and take between the country i spoke earlier with bill powell and this is what he had to say i don't think anything particularly positive is. going to come out of it other than i think this is a forum in which the focus is on trade and economics but the fact is that the fact that the u.s. could not get the free trade deal. done with the south koreans before this meeting which is something that i think president obama clearly wanted to happen and the fact that it didn't frankly suck some of the air from this meeting let's just remember that. makes up more than half of the g.d.p. of the world during the financial crisis of the first ones to get out of it or at least to not be hit as hard as the western countries have been are the countries
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from this region so they play a very very big influence in the a global economic landscape aside from those main agenda on the table are the meetings on the sidelines earlier today and we had russia and japan having sat down together russian president dmitry medvedev and japanese prime minister had sat down together of course you discussed economic issues as well as situation with equal real islands the rao started between moscow and tokyo when the president of russia visited the kuril islands just last month and this has raised concerns in tokyo. prime minister you know it's a con once again expressed regret over president. president reaffirms our vision of the situation the president disowns him self into visits this is only territory and things will stay this way the president. to change their approach to
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the issue of the peace treaty and to prioritize the economy instead the broader the economic corporation the more solid the foundation of our relations dmitri medvedev invited the japanese prime minister to visits russia moscow or any other region including the far east the proposal has been accepted now tomorrow russian president dmitry medvedev will be meeting with u.s. president barack obama so that's something to look forward to to see what they are they are going to be talking about and we'll also have the results of what concrete actions what concrete measures the countries have who are participating have a come to agree upon. i let's not get some more details on this and talk to professor dimitri stout soft foods the head of asian studies at moscow state university of international relations good to see you. on first initiated this round of tension respond to president medea this recent visit to the coup real islands then changed his mind over having perhaps some dialogue why the change in
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maneuvering. well to my mind. understands that disrupting relations with russia does not serve its national interests and. well. the relations with the neighbors. perhaps. one of the main priorities of the militarization of the relations with neighbors is one of the priorities of the current cabinet no and i think that. for. the main objective was to show its position over the cruel loans dispute but not to spoil relations with russia completely so i think that that was. the point was just to. come back to their normal position of the relations and to try to resume normal dialogue
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ok so despite the dispute over the caribbean islands japan wants a good neighborly relationship with russia but russia is asking japan to adopt a less emotional approach to this territorial dispute how possible is that. well i think that. our main. objective now on our main. aim is to build a constructive and mutually. trustable mutually. mutual delic which could be put on the ground of we could be put on the basis of future relations lease relations of trust and mutual. so to say. directly to to the prospective so i think that for russia and for japan now the most important thing is not not to concede to
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emotions and to try to resume a normal and more constructive more calm atmosphere of mutual relations. are it's a very very briefly i'm running out of time here the g. twenty summit just wrapped up in seoul we have the apec summit now going on in the far east now and an international economic issues are a big bone of contention here there were no concrete agreements made at the recent summit in seoul so the focus now shifts to small a bilateral relations why do you think that is. well i think that for. one of the main problems that there exists a. constructive. very. creative atmosphere when it is concerned when economic relations are concerned but as for political relations between countries there are a lot of there is a lot of. questions. territorial disputes problems
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of the past of the historical past mutual distrust and so on so i think unless we normalize these by a with by a little aspect of these relations we could not build the whole constructive architecture in the asian pacific so it's quite natural for japan to put my little way shows on the agenda. within the frames of this summit and also to see what what positive developments come out of the apec summit because not very many positive results came out of the g. twenty in seoul the main issue being discussed was that of currency wars essentially between america and china and germany involved as well dimitri softly head of asian studies at moscow state university of international relations thank you thank you well there is more on our team or stories to come your way this hour and soon we take you to a romeo boot camp. phone number is my fastest number closest like
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a brazilian supermodel like fifteen seconds love long guys to pick up one o one and they're prepared to pay you handsomely for the perfect flirting facts. well which is on the way in russia but you would never know it after suffering a sweltering summer november is heating up as well temperatures are should be dipping below freezing but right now they're hitting fourteen degrees celsius. look at why it's still hats off. usually with pulling out our winter coats right now but something is definitely our raw in the weather department in fact it's not just most our most cries have been enjoying several very very warm days no need for coat sore heads but if we were to go down to the south of russia in fact we could enjoy swimming and sunbathing to the fullest degree it's that hot out there and of course this is not something that russians are historically used to if we were to go back
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to let's say nine hundred forty one during the world war two period fuel was freezing in tanks of course people were people were need deeper in snow blizzards basically the usual winter things that were happening in the vendor and we don't have to go that far in time is not earth that just let's say ten years ago same story again snow would be out here people could ice skate on the mosco river you could not do that right now obviously something is going on and winter is in no hurry to arrive in fact in some places in the western part of russia trees are starting to bloom again they can grab the grass is still green and bears are not hibernating roaming around looking for food to eat birds are not flying south so something is going on something that people are not used to and definitely winter is in no hurry to arrive at this moment actually the experts are sort of separated into three groups one of them is saying that of course the manmade pollution is to
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blame we don't have to go back far to remember the british petroleum disaster and the next approved gulf of course that has affected the loop current in the gulf and that is one of the intrinsic parts of the gulf stream and if that is affected of course obviously temperatures at not just northern america but in europe are going to be affected as well and as a matter of fact something is going on in the world in fact everything that's been happening for the last year year and a half as far as weather is concerned actually looks small. something out of a hollywood blockbuster. about the apocalypse rather than something that we're usually used to for example snow in australia and in south america you don't get to hear much about that at least you didn't about this year you were suffering from severe flooding but this past spring and of course like you mentioned earlier. people dying from overheating fires raging all of that because of the weather of course other scientists are saying that it's all because of the sun so the sun
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flares are to blame and yet of course there's a third group of scientists who are saying this has been going on for millions of years and we should just relax and enjoy the warm weather while we can. well rain or shine to his website always all the information for you one step ahead as usual here's what's lined up for you right now we're bringing you one solution to a flying through the traffic muscovites with deep pockets of being wooed by this vehicle which allows them to. commuting. despite winning over a new generation of young soviet style animations hitting. told tales of morality big budget western cartoons the stories of. reports on you tube travel as well so make sure you take.
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well we are coming to you live from the russian capital versus r t it's good to have your company today now first impressions last when it comes to romans many can fall flat at the first hurdle datings a difficult game but there's a solution for americans who can't find the right words to woo christine from south has been visiting a boot camp for failed flights. let's get straight to the point when it comes to hitting the town on a saturday night many people go out with a goal. that goal to score i mean i do go to girls be like oh i would like to improve the success rate i'm trying to improve my numbers i guess you could say success and numbers in a game called pick up one that doesn't always come easy for many american men because the number one rule of a more war girl girl that's walking is that you have to stop or so you have
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a conversation with her and it's not just a game it's an entire community i've been in a community i've been doing pick up for a year and a half at least with its own language most of the my peers don't really cold approach which means go up to people that they don't know and talk to them and i have separated from the crowd and i've started doing that and one of my recent we call them number close as we're just at the phone numbers are recently i got a phone number from a ravens cheerleader so just in a grocery store so guys are you meeting cheerleaders at the grocery store of all the guys will freeze up because they don't know what to say or what to do and so we haven't stifled the game the practice nicole was the c.e.o. of real social dynamics a company founded and funded on teaching people mostly guys to be effective p.-u. ways or pick up artists nine nine percent of guys out there really don't know how to approach will see a hard girl walking down the street and you won't know what to say or what to do
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and just walk right by. even in the united states capital city where politics equals power men who score high from nine to five. are batting zero after dark so there are some in ours like this one held recently at a washington d.c. hotel cum who goes by papa is worshipped by some for his methods of well research at the time i was doing nothing but picking up girls and just loving r s d says the actual hands on training is achieved at their three day boot camps in cities around the world intense training courses to help guys seal the deal so guys are actually willing to pay two thousand dollars for it. yeah we did. we get about one hundred to two hundred boot camp clients on any given month paying two thousand dollars up to twenty five hundred dollars for a more customized program we actually fly your city of choice whether there's any suicide of her not. we had one god paid ten thousand dollars to flies to dubai i
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mean to spend two weeks there make no mistake most of those who sign up are looking for true love or a long term relationship they're looking to perfect the funds to which they can take a look at this guy successful in picking up a girl at the mall but clearly still nervous he's being videotaped by an r. is d. instructor just a few feet away that instructor is texting his client and well encouraging to stop doing what they call the one man salsa and to be more comfortable sure enough there is a shift in energy real social dynamics also puts out d.v.d.'s with teaching tools and stories of success saying fifteen girls right now i mean women all over the world approaching it is a result of the way you live your life. and it is something that goes away one way to make it go away one thinking outside the box when meeting girls like this guy did according to r s d this approach worked. in
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this community it's all about strategy and speed and got the phone numbers so i think my fastest number close like a brazilian supermodel in like fifteen seconds perhaps the ultimate goal well we won't talk about that but it starts with this here and introduction all around and within seconds a close christine for is now our tea. and our time now to check out some other international news making headlines this hour and a million miles of protocol has been freed after spending most of the past two decades and house arrest unsung suchi greeted thousands of cheering supporters after a military or for things allowed her release and remove the barricades surrounding her lakeside residence so she had become one of the most prominent political prisoners and world leaders are welcoming the move to detention. the un's appealing for over one hundred sixty million dollars to try and stem haiti's
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cholera outbreak seven hundred twenty four people are known to have died after the disease spread into the capital and beyond the money will be used to bring in more doctors and medicines to treat the eleven thousand known infections there's also a lack of purifying equipment which is much needed after hurricane floods contaminated the water and resulted in spreading the disease further. violence continues to rage in afghanistan at least ten civilians have been killed in the east of the country after a suicide car bomb attack at a crowded market earlier major nato base outside the capital kabul was also targeted by militants now eight of the attackers were killed before they managed to enter the site and made the right. the rest the u.s. is prolonging it stay there for another four years but as ati's military contributor explains washington's strategy to increase its military presence in the region was hardly a surprise. it was
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a bad idea from the outset to set up an artificial deadline for the u.s. forces withdraw from afghanistan so it didn't come as a surprise when recently that washington trio the u.s. state department chief the pentagon chief and you as joint chiefs of staff and now the deadline will be postponed for another four years it has been long suspected but now it's official but the credit for the extension of the u.s. forces was drawled to general petraeus and the u.s. commander in afghanistan the whole idea of the artificial deadline for the u.s. pullout cut both ways on the other side it was a good idea to provide the sense of urgency for the abdomen leadership to clean up their act together and to take full responsibility for the future of the country starting from providing the security all across afghanistan but since there is no
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leadership you know again it stands regarding the afghan government which is completely paralyzed by the corruption and incompetence while soaked in drug trafficking business no doubt it was a smashing tactical success for general betray us and our families to call the u.s. counter-narcotics offensive in afghanistan as. initiative talk enough of the business news with kareena. it's twenty past four pm here in moscow alone welcome to our business program russian prime minister as important as meeting with his book gary i'm caught up by both a bristle fence i fear topping the agenda is energy cooperation primarily the construction of the south stream gas pipeline intended to pump russian gas to europe into the black sea an agreement will allow the creation of a joint stock company to oversee the production of the bulgarian section but the
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end of the year at xander nazarov senior gas analyst at metropole i have see our t. his views on that that. gary is a key contrarian for deciding which pipeline will be told and probably which pipeline will be the first one in the book stream. it's pretty important conference for the spark blinds for the book is essential basically for all of this meeting will finally decide the question which pipeline will be through the book or into retore south stream or the book of pipeline although everybody's talking about gas pipelines solves three men oil pipeline from bulgaria to greece i think the most important things are. discussions of the gas price. gas problem should give a five to seven percent discount for gas for bulgaria for the next two or three years. and let's head to japan now where several world leaders including russia's
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president medvedev are meeting at the asia pacific economic cooperation summit the business summit has already brought some deals among them the signing of a contract between russia japan and china to construct a fertilizer plant in russia's tatarstan the first major facility in the region for the last twenty years one of the world's largest of this type the project is worth one billion dollars and will involve china's national chemical engineering cooperation bans mitsubishi heavy industries. and russia's state owned ammonia the epic summit is seen as another attempt to settle global financial issues like pushing a for free trade after the g twenty failed to agree how to boost the world economy . clearly there is a very ambitious agenda for trade liberalization in the region and i think one of the important issues will be the degree to which countries follow and deliver on the commitments that they have with respect to this liberalization. another issue i
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think will be the issue of investments in the region and the possibility to again facilitate the flow of investment across countries that will be important i think and we balancing the world economy as well because really we're talking about the most important region probably in terms of growth for the world economy. time to see how the markets are performing here in russia and moscow the borders are open and are both following around three quarters of a percent of the main players are in the red but it's energy majors which are the biggest drag on the markets as now as nichols has more than one percent of the r.t.s. . there was an insurance market will which pre-crisis levels within months and so far this year the market has grown by twenty four percent a driver for the growth is the car sector and growing consumer confidence but of course now reports. that young charny and his company and read the russian insurance market only two years ago from the start of the financial downturn two
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years on some saturation of the economy have almost recovery to pre-crisis levels and among them the insurance market we have followed this guy and on the russian market took one but it's all going on on the other market and based on that though we are strong but you've got to in the recovery on the national insurance market especially in the sector or from what the insurance indeed this year the domestic insurance market will grow by twenty four percent x. three c. the market will reach the pre-crisis levels of two thousand and eight within months one key driver is the masti com prediction for cost to reach one point seven million next year and now the growth sector is building so. surance and september president meet the need to be easy of called from and battery find surance after the summer's devastating wildfires however this will take much longer than the government wants according to one of the country's leading insurers the general director of ngo strong sense negotiations along will take two years. what we see
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now are only talks on how to implement mandatory fire insurance in the country if we talk about insuring apartments it mostly means insuring liability but if you talk about countryside houses then this deals more with property insurance the state hasn't made its decision yet i think talks will go on for at least two years it's clear that number is so long it won't drive the recovery consumer confidence is crucial as the industry is to meet its potential my dinner which no business. and good news if you work at google the internet giant says it will give its top management a thirty percent pay rise next year this comes after google and else it will give all its employees a ten percent increase to stop them defecting to facebook in a landmark case one employee has been given a three point three and a half million dollars and stocks to remain with the search company c.e.o.
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eric schmidt co-founders sergey brin and larry page who combined over half of the google stock will continue to accept salary of just one u.s. . that's all for now stay without t.v. headline news with always so shake up next.
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nothing is seen with him in the arms of me. they are not to lists they are researchers. and. you worse on land than in the water. moment when the world has changed forever. thousands pounced to nothingness. thousands wounded. to suffer to the end of the land. was the first but
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probably not the last military uses of this weapon. many more will be come. children come and get on in the future wealthy british style. that's not on. the. markets finance scandal find out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look of the global financial headlines in two cars a report on are hungry for the full story we've got it first hand the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers. the
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business. failed to agree on concrete measures. as well as major economic issues the leaders also have
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territorial disputes with. russia following. fueling talks about global warming closing in. getting the girl. up for a special to help them attract. culture. throughout the centuries. gives you an insight into one of them. about what the jewish community brings to the russian enjoy.


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