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tv   [untitled]    November 13, 2010 3:30pm-4:00pm EST

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why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy because reports. hello again a welcome to spotlight. on r.t. i'm not today my guest in the studio is alexander. the first to the north caucasus. plans to turn the area into a development how's he going to make the promising but currently unprofitable.
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is it possible at all paris the deputy prime minister and presidential envoy. to ministry of regional development says it's going to make russia small caucasus a successful and cost effective for region in just fifteen years project proposed by alexander plans to develop crippled but. it also says great possibilities put through has been the region the project should be inspired and driven by the north caucasus institute for development which is yet to be created presently the region is an economic and has problems with security but the country's political elite is resolute implementing the promise changes. hello. to begin with here's one of the latest citations. rather controversial one.
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from president did it concerning his not being pleased with the work of some north caucasus officials and here i quote unless someone can't shouldn't work there and i will decide accordingly and quote. i believe it concerns the original officials from north caucuses. did he give you some particular time to get things done a what what else did you talk about when the cameras were switched off of the machine. well let me first comment on the president's words it's unrewarding anyway. today that the law enforcement agencies have been actively batting terrorism and extremism in the north caucasus area. and it's safe to say this work has been a success. with results tangible indeed. in other
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words we have become stronger. at the same time using only force in addressing terrorism in the. is next to impossible and this should be. very important component to be surely dealt with by regional leaders including the heads of federal power structure. attention should be focused on the fact that terrorism is a disease. and rather social problem. unfortunately we have to admit. this has accumulated a huge layer of social problems we face and have to address. on the one hand it's about very deep poverty and high unemployment. with the background of a very good demographic situation we have an ever growing number of young men who
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eventually can't find ways. and become potential candidates for terrorists and extremists recruited through full ideology. and the decision adopted on a strategy of social and economic development. is. to some extent the issues of economic development. less poverty. creating new technologies. so what the president meant is that we don't have too much time to get ourselves moving and that it's necessary to start accelerating starting from next year we want to see real results. secondly we have a lot of young people needing attention and. we need an appropriate policy for them in the this. which is exclusively.
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authorities in the forests which we have to review educational standards how we teach and train young people. and how they should work we should also consider the demographic equilibrium in the. inclusion cross situations migration and the refugee issue each of which need attention. in this respect regional authorities have a lot to consider. when speaking about the information war. came from the. story. the pilots who do you mean they are. countries. well we could delve into the subject too deeply but i am not representing the
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security forces here. i can only say that there are obviously certain people claiming to be a kind of leaders of the united caucasus and even forming a shadow government of the caucasus that is actually backed by some special services from abroad. with an obvious goal to disturb the situation in the region. inside the country. i mean the. great man said we are destroying ourselves with our own hands we have to solve our problems on our own. there have been many assertions in the media recently that the creation of the north caucasus federal district is a kind of assault against the independence of the regions in the caucasus area and there are such fears there or rather does moscow feel. what it has created.
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i believe that the creation of the north caucasus federal district means to draw the attention of the federal authorities to the problems in the caucasus. it means the concentrated attention of the federal authorities towards bringing instability in the region let's take a closer look at this volatile region here's this report from spotlights. one of the most beautiful places in russia with hardly the most peaceful news of shootings and questions coming from there on a regular basis the lack of safety in the region is often blamed on its economic instability to get the territory move under control it was singled out into a separate federal district it includes stop ripple cry and the republics of courage. korea north said in chechnya and dagestan
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the district is home to dozens of ethnic groups and languages relationships between neighbors are not always perfect which is also an obstacle to development there are signs of progress with grozny the cut off to undergo an intensive rebuilding and neighboring. he's considering being turned into a specially can on. with tax breaks for local business and the north caucasus possesses economic potential as it is reaching natural resources however attracting vestment down stable region is a challenge and the federal district remains much choice subsidized by the state it's a place where people have become used to relying on themselves so experts know we cannot make progress is possible without changing public attitudes and the development of a civil society. we know that
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a new body is being established in the north caucasus area namely the social council of the north caucasus federal district what is it and what authorities are going to hassle with it's apparent that it's impossible to solve many questions without the close cooperation with the population yourselves and others the things we set ourselves a priority of creating civil society institutions as conduits of a dialogue between the populations and the store it seems to me it's so the city council affiliated to that plenty potentially envoy the president is a public body including prominent and authoritative figures also men of faith who enjoy great respect from the people. within the. course we discuss topics and sensitive issues. and see good ways of solving them.
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this is a board which will include representatives from non-governmental human rights organizations such as the elders peoples youths and journalists. including those from free media. i believe the council will be formed very soon and will consist of three major parts. one to be all fourteen representatives from the federal authorities. it will be up to the russian federation's public chamber to address the problem. of another fourteen people will be delegated from the federal district mainly from non-governmental organization it's still no more prominent figures we have been in dialogue with from the every republic every day and the since and those include
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representatives from human rights groups and the remaining fourteen members will come from every single republican as a whole forty two will constitute this social council but this is only the first step which will be followed by the creation of youth organizations through which we will have direct dialogue with the population itself this says deputy prime minister and presidential envoy to the north caucasus federal district alex on the . spotlight will be back shortly after a break so i will continue this interview stay with. holidaymakers i wouldn't dare to swim so deep. a tourist would be scared of such cold water. and would never die if
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nothing was in an arm's reach. they are not to lists they are researchers. and field workers on land then in deep water. this is just a parliament building in. them. sixty five years ago. was the final target the last major offensive from the red army. its country became the symbol of the fall of the financial system. and the victory over nazi germany. the fall i'm in.
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welcome back to spotlight i'm loven just a reminder my guest in the studio today is alexander deputy prime minister and presidential envoy to the north caucasus federal district we're talking about the situation in the north caucasus russia. the october attack on the change and parliament has shown that the terrorist underground still exists in the caucasus does it mean that the counterterrorist strategy adopted for the north caucasus does not work and should be have be revised or should be implemented with greater effort. yes of let me clarify something i would not describe the terrorist attack as having been carried out from outside unfortunately all the known terrorist attacks were on
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the territory of our republics which is of course the russian federation. and agencies and those directly responsible for this work i can say that there is perhaps no technology available in the world to. the problems to the system of combating terrorism is a very complex issue so much so we'll learning from our mistakes. at the same time we have learned something and learned to preempt. many attacks have been prevented. i can't say any details. that is a good indicator of success. agencies. including the federal security service. the interior ministry there's the rational antiterrorist committee and the security council. now much work is
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underway and each time we improve performance at least at the same time let me emphasize this without the support of the population it is impossible to solve the problem. one can't fight the consequences one must fight the causes disease because the causes are mostly social. but this disease is no not only in russia this is a plague spreading all over the world now if this terrorist attacks do happen. some success will come. here i accept your clarification but i meant only that when we were talking about a terrorist threat from outside. the organization or ideological. this threat is recognized by all let's take france for example that is openly threatened by bin laden that the americans have prevented a number of attacks on the usa now the whole world is saying that al-qaeda is
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getting more active you feel that in the north caucasus it's been said more than once that this region is one of his targets. let me say this again this question can hardly be addressed to me. i can calmly trace the link between representatives from al qaeda and the representatives from the so-called emirates of the caucasus like the. it's all the people of whom the north caucasus is a place where one can gain a reputation and become respected among certain terrorist organizations. coming through some n.g.o.s from abroad to finance these underground activities suppose. we are preventing those attempts. not withstanding. that is the same all over the world unfortunately.
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i guess just said that people in russia generally don't have a clip of what's going on in the north caucasus they well let's see what people think about the situation and the spotlight's. try to find out. had their own luck pocket this is often identified in people's mind in the place of terror and tense situation in the region let's try to find out what has this place became a breeding ground for extremists. there's a number of issues it has to do with history religion economy and it's natural to many problems and not very. well the region has a long. history of underground extremist islamic groups this experience of the past serves as a good ground for extremists. people from that region have always been unpredictable . i think it is in the blood of people who live in that region there are always
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conflicts there doesn't keep in so i think it has something to do with the nationality of the people who live there however i also think there's somebody behind those conflicts these conflicts are a result of foreign manipulation of. al i've done asking that question. why i think it's infants from abroad and result of special services work what do you think needs to. excessively. well and that's what you were just speaking of to know that gentlemen i must have seen you on t.v. saying western secret services and some problem here is a keen on developing the source ports of all the caucuses agenda. what do you know what upsets me a little in that interview i had today in all those questions or rather the answers it is that we have let the situation slide in terms of information and blockaded
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the caucuses in the one nine hundred ninety s. for good reason because of the wars in chechnya. that we have forgotten that it is beautiful place we used to go to for skiing for instance it's a marvelous place where we spend leisure time with our friends such simple and good people it was one single the whole territory that lived within its culture and peculiar traditions its territory giving birth so outstandingly talented people. we have somehow forgotten that prominent figures of culture. medicine education schools come from there and bring fame to our country. for some reason looked. image of the caucuses is linked in. blood and vengeance. well that's really what this survey has shown people are saying not about family so
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culture but about the kalashnikovs. that indeed this isn't the end of the. many of. regrettably it's a tragedy we faced in the caucasus. sorry for interrupting you when you came to our office the first thing you began talking about was providing information exactly is it one of your main concerns as of a plan to potentially and one of the present or are the issues of secondary importance. or is it because you are on television and you begin with these issues . frankly today i have the function of a messenger from the caucasus with a mission to proclaim it as our territory of russia unique in its beauty nature. traditions. in its time to face the turmoil and war in which
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a huge number of citizens have died regrettably. but it does not mean we should avoid talking about it and try making it an integral part of russia. this is a territory belonging to russia a territory that we neglected in circumstances. of time and economic development education and so forth. the rebuilding of the chechen republic programs. and so on and so forth now it's high time to radically change the situation in the caucasus there are brilliant people there so we should be giving them opportunities to live and work alongside us. this is what i'm trying to convey to. we realize that unless we make the way that it is the territory of russia interesting. beautiful unique. investment attractive. i'll never be able to attract an investor who would revive the economy
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of this territory. we want to develop it. wait for any support from the west part of the world the. same this with such enthusiasm and concerns at the same time you see we have let it slide. doesn't mean people have no wish to react in reply. do you hear the same words you are now saying from the top officials there in the caucasus to say they want likewise to work along. with russia and develop everything. is there a continent. but i don't want to pretend that there aren't any problems here i don't want to pretend that people who live in other cities outside of the federal district are frightened by the circumstances by the tragedies that have been occurring in the caucasus but when i took an interest in talented and well educated
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young people from the north caucasus they asked me why is it that when i when leaving the region i get transformed into the so-called person who ethnically comes from the caucasus in terms of the police. from another state and i designed in a different way what space in my living in what do you want from. me to be proud of living in the united states that i am ready to be devoted to this reach a common ground somehow with peculiarities let's never forget it's a territory of the russian federation it's a territory that belongs to you and me if there are any problems and they should be solved. and let's return to where we started it's true that the caucasus is a region we used to go to for. the get acquainted with this marvelous culture present terms on could derail went as far as to call chechnya as with the interest
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. at the same time it's curious that when a project of creating a north caucasus tourist region was presented at the st petersburg economic forum. i was not mentioning there. of course. well. well you see the idea was well the idea was that the project would develop the existing skiing resorts which are built which were built in the region and bring them to international standards. there are full key projects in the north caucasus. among them he is going to share in the. in. i guess done by the. oh no i don't but he is in his area. man is in the set.
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so that's about the full major projects this does not mean though is that any project to develop scheme proposed for the chechen republic will not be completed the stage is ready to invest into their infrastructure and grant tax breaks to the regions where these projects are going to be developed it means as soon as a project is ready for the chechen republic and their religious take office will be ready for them which incidentally can deal of and myself have already been involved in developing ski resorts in the czech republic which was. spicy but thank you thank you very much for being with us and just to remind my guest in the studio today was a deputy prime minister and presidential envoy to the north caucasus federal district. and that's it for now from all of us here if you want to have your south park life just drop me a line would be back with more first time comments on what's going on in and
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outside russia until then stay on r.t. and take a listen. in
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india. the move to join. the gateway who took the brunt imperial. the torch was to. tell it to. brothers and the colonel was toto treat. multi kosovo's all good traders exposed at least seven of the suspected of having a kidney. it comes after years of ignored claims that. harvested in the ninety's. the business of tackling trade troubles moves to the asia pacific summit in japan of world leaders failed to agree on concrete measures of the g
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twenty. and. sifting also currents temperatures going up and down what's happening to the planets and to what is this world coming to you with rising answered question later in the program. this is r.t. world if you just joined us it's midnight now you're moscow i'm kevin zero in with our top story and after years of ignored claims organ trafficking in kosovo is finally reached prosecutors at least seven people have been charged suspected of luring poor people to sell their kidneys with false promises of cash one of the suspects is beginning to the kosovo liberation army which was accused of selling the organs of captured serbs during the one nine hundred ninety s. war sarah furthur of port. matching here in cuts they may.


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