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tv   [untitled]    November 17, 2010 8:30am-9:00am EST

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culture is the same of you are going to go back to the other thirty or so because we're in the face of the need to know this military alliance is in search of a mission can nato remain relevant facing twenty first. download the official tee up location on the phone called touch from the. life on the go. video on demand all t's mine gold coast's and r.s.s. feeds now in the palm of your. machine on the dot com wealthy british study says it's not on the front. end of the. market
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financed scandals find out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines to name two kinds of reports on our. their authority live from moscow our top stories this hour russell businessman victor boot away at sentencing in a new york prison after his acquisition from thailand which moscow says was illegal the merchant of death for allegedly trafficking weapons to war zones he faces life in prison if found guilty in the u.s. . led american neoconservatives thrash out a massive defense budget and continued military presence of broad come from republican games and the midterm vote threat to china and the wrong end brussels nuclear might where all this. object of the bush era veteran. and eurozone finance
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ministers brainstorm of banking recovery after the e.u. president warned the single currency is facing a fight for survival britain says it's ready to help struggling are loaded with billions of pounds of direct loans. and with the nato summit just around the corner we sat down with one of its key participants to get his view on what could come out of it this way and president the new low turk says a russian partnership could play a big role in the alliances future he also discusses his country's battle with the financial crisis and whether there are any regrets about joining the e.u. . the president of slovenia thank you very much for being with us today it's my
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pleasure but a nato summit is coming up in couple of days and you have played an active role in promoting closer ties between russia and nato how much do you think nato has to change in order to recognize the value of partnership when labor has to change and nato is in a search for a mission for a long time after the ending of cold war be reduced to me the question was if nato is necessary at all but the mission was never completely defined and i think that it cannot be completely defined without a true partnership with russia and we don't have a cold war anymore and we have to figure out what to do new partnership means and i think that in the coming days we should come closer to that if a nation mr president proposed european security treaty do you saying it actually nato leadership into a concept review president method of proposal or was it was an excellent beginning
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and that the agenda at the lot of creative thinking in nato and i think it indirectly contributed to the new strategic concept of nato which is much more open and which is which is much more appropriate for a partnership between nato and russia and i'm talking about the assessment of security threats commitment to the chart the united nations and also on the possibility to establish partnerships with regard to me said the fans what do you expect to see. concept announcement anything new or or something that you definitely do. expect to see well i think that we should see a meaningful step though where it's a partnership with us and i think that that's the key in the new strategic concept the platform which the new strategic concept offers will be appropriate for
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reaching agreement on security threats reaching agreement. and nuclear weapons i think that these are all security challenges which have to be addressed it's true of that huge strategic concept talking about more about one slovenian concept this living is dependent on. specially now that the commitment to its rules is under review by the big houses the union has been affected very badly by the god and financial and economic crisis and that has been the impact on the system all fueled the common crowd and to which many even members but not all be long and now we are in a situation where we have to find a proper financial stability mechanism a mechanism which would be appropriate for management of financial crisis of the future as gross domestic product dropped the most among the sixteen nations sharing
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the euro plus down employment that has hit through the one hundred thousand mark do you ever regret joining the currency what are the main pros and cons almost three years after the introduction of euro people have totally accept that you had all the cards the country they know that obviously the lack of monetary. and the inability to devalue the national guard and see is a problem with the market the markets are low the solution is seen that there are adjustments to eurozone and john that have an improvement in our competitiveness and the necessary changes in our economic. social model which will allow competitiveness to grow in those social stability to continue. angela merkel's push against the lisbon treaty budgetary criteria do you see this as a power shift from brussels to berlin there has always been a division of power so to speak and i think that we should not forget the european
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union is not a state european union is a system of sovereign states and in that context germany as the major contributor funds european union and the major economic powers. and has indeed you can look at all. these indeed. you asked to be exercised in the manner in which. the solutions would be the first world opinion also e.u. has said these are free regime with russia but the details are they not a ground what do you think would be a good step the first good step in this direction but i think we need politico determination first i think we need to change the political awareness about this things but india. has it they should and i think this has a patient has to be overcome freedom of movement is
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a human right we should never forget that. part of europe well certainly in a cultural sense in the political sense yes certainly russia as a part of european space has been so for centuries supreme slee you've called for a multilateral framework to consolidate energy supplies to the e.u. markets as of today not much has been done in that perspective how do you assure you consumers of the security i think we need a much wider multilateral look because energy security depends on the most multitude of players. russia is always there russia is a key player key supplier a key partner and most of us in europe have extremely good experience with russia and we have been buying the russian gas in store for thirty years as paul has worked for so there is no reason why we should be in any way i'm comfortable
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we need russia in that mode to that sort of framework but we need this is where both consumers and suppliers that has not been done because we have worked on specific projects more than stream started in stream the book call and other projects but i think the time is coming to look at the whole picture and work. cooperatively arrangement for the future well you've touched upon south stream how would the development of south stream change the energy sector in slovenia what exactly do you expect from we see the multiplying effect of the gas pipeline because the gas pipeline brings not only gas it brings other economic activity see it brings gas based electricity plants which we need them others need in the region and we can develop that to use and. you know this is an opportunity it's really a basic opportunity and let's look at this opportunity in the call put it the framework
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with more confidence than we were used from before you speak about them all time framework in terms of consumer and supplier but you also previously on different occasions told r.t. that one should connect with where the energies and their energy is in russia why is e.u. so persistent about number well i'm not persistence of india is not the part of the book a project by your part of you we are part of the e.u. and we would like to see that we don't see this as a mutually exclusive projects that we believe we believe in south stream and we would like to progress rapidly a book or is a separate project but. excludes the solves the problem and i would like to i'd like to see meeting where both would be discussed as i said we have to improve the level of confidence is this questions this president slovenia was one of the countries to be consumed both by fascism and communism jurist world war two he actually stressed the importance of the red army and its role in liberating europe
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from fascism but as it seems today. you were placed under threat especially during the recession what do you think you should do to tackle the rising fascism. i'm not sure whether the extremist movements that we see today fascist movements in the sense of the first of the twentieth century this a different movements what we now all have use and all of the burst of dissatisfaction among people who choose third against immigrants in particular so we see elements of. elements of racism elements all children isn't kreiger late you know bring the being brought together into into a sweet gentle peace movement of our time and we have seen this in all parts of europe that's very worrying we see this from from south to north even in sweden this kind of policies have made progress in the in the past month we need obviously
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the conservative christian democrat element which has to be strong and which has to respond to the part of the population which is that the third edition the christian values we need we need left liberal socially minded politicos actors as well they have been somewhat in decline in the last years or so but they have to figure out what the priorities of our time are where does one really improve. the condition of working people and and how does one improve so good that it needs. the persecution and more political idealism is also part of your country's history and we can draw apart us russia and poland are trying to remain just to reinvestigate to cut-n. horrors what advice would you gave to the i was to actually seeking to recover peace from that past well that's a very difficult question and i can tell you we in slovenia have
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a also our part of difficult boss that we have not been able to overcome it and we have constant discussions about this and the constant. reflections the tragedy and not only tragedy but also crimes that were committed and this woman's are healing very slowly in our country in slovenia and that's where we should first of all of them all crimes it is specter who committed them we have to bury all the dead and buried them with dignity we have to commemorate the three hundred all who died and that you know it's not easy to do because there are many who would say well you know why should we be turning to the ponced and i agree we should not be we shouldn't be enslaved we should not be prisoners of. we have to find the right measure. at the coach at utah was that mr president thank you very much for this
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interview. matter. those so many years of. some former prisoners. are still a lot. as well that's for sure. those so many years. some are hoping to find their save. others hey. you're a chick you should nurse and i'm longing for justice. those so many years of staffs. memory is still. as well. as home country.
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it is easy to. believe. it's.
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part of his top stories russ and businessman victor boot awaits sentencing in a new york prison after his accident or so from thailand which moscow says was the legal dog of the merchants of doubt for allegedly trafficking weapons towards also faces life in prison if found guilty in the last. america's neoconservative thrust out a massive defense by. jordan continued military presence abroad after republican gains in the midterm vote the threat of china and iran and brussels nuclear might work all the subject of bush era rhetoric. and eurozone finance ministers brainstorm a bank you were covering after the e.u. president warned the single currency is facing
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a fight for survival britain says it's ready to help struggling early and with billions of pounds of direct blow. up to date now i'll have more at the top of the hour up next in sports with ender. hello there thanks for watching the sport and this is what is coming up. a booster russian girl called it is feature says its low res. passport or head to the regions of russia prepared to pay belgium in the south western city about an a. and gale force west indies chris gayle hits a triple century in the attacks again sure lanka. first russia's bid to host the twenty eighteen world cup has been given a boost with fee for describing it as low risk for officials visited all the
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bidding nations in the summer and have completed their inspection reports russia is going for the twenty eighteen torn went along with england and a joint bid from spain and portugal they are all considered to be low risk by the sports world governing body while their joint bid from holland and belgium is deemed to be medium risk mainly due to a lack of government guarantees that the bids have been marked in seventeen criteria however thief says there are concerns over russia's transport links and england's training facilities and hotel provision while security is an issue in spain and portugal thief is executive committee will decide who will host the twenty eighteen and twenty twenty two world cups on december the second. meanwhile world champion spain lead the latest fee for world rankings which were released today while russia has slipped to number thirty make play belgium in a friendly tonight but not in moscow or simply disappear it's been staged in the south west to bring football to the regions constantine for top of has this report . russia getting ready to host
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a friendly against belgium environ ish and it's not the first time that the national team has held a match outside moscow but every time russia has hosted a match in one of the provinces it's an event however the squad is still tweeting in the russian capital and will only leave for what on ish on the day of the match . i think it was the right decision to tell the match and veronica she will even a huge country and people all over russia would like to see the national team we can start by playing a very own ish and then play in the give us talk for example i think it was a good idea to play well we played tomorrow night. because people don't think as he was there as well if you play maybe give. people. thirty two thousand the russian players will do their best to entertain the crowd especially the new faces look at has called up three new names to his court room from dinner and looking at t.v.
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. their first caps when another dutchman guus hiddink was in charge and now they're getting a second chance. hometown and he will probably receive a warm reception from the fans well told central defender victor wesson from spartak magic is totally new to the squad and the zen a trio of alexandre and you go off the middle of a good denise of the match due to injury meanwhile alexandre gives is a slide out and he didn't take part in the training session. i'm a little bit tired as it's the end of the season and if the top a small injury so i'm not training today but hopefully i'll be fully recovered by tomorrow. but look at who's nicknamed the little general who was only the coach of belgium for a short time and resigned console likely criminal circumstances however the sixty three year old doesn't seem to be fazed by the prospect of facing his former side. is just. a country. we play against them and out of play we know
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the players. for us from needs is nice to see some people back for the rest. there was little to play for in the friendly match advocate's man atop a fewer twenty twelve qualifying group with nine points up to four games and we. get to finish the season on a high at what i want to show and thinking about of our team. now russia's former coach who's hitting is trying to reverse the fortunes of his turkey side as they play the netherlands in amsterdam hitting has suffered a terrible run since taking charge they've lost to germany and as a big fan in the euro qualifiers and he's dropped several first team regulars for the holland game which the dutchman says will be a good experience for his new look tame. more or less for us more of the test match because we have more new players compared to the dutch team which is already.
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at least two years or more. almost the same composition playing which give it a huge advantage but that's why i like to see my players to morrow how they can oppose that. machine which is playing very well recently contrast netherlands manager is not springing any surprises he's opted for a conservative squad well the arsenal by munich have already registered their concern over the call ups and striker robin van persie m r one who are coming back from injury in the european qualifiers the netherlands stand top of green bay a midfielder john thinks it will bring a new name when he failed like the time is right. if. you saw a welcome in in our team but it's off to the manager but our team is still young. we're still hungry to win the games especially after the. especially after the
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summer. if you want to win all the games elsewhere england are affected by injuries as they prepare to host their friendly with france that wembley tonight key players including john terry wayne rooney jermain defoe and ashley cole are all absent though it does offer a chance for some new faces including sunderland midfielder johnny henderson and striking jay bothroyd in place of championship side cardiff and he scored fifteen goals for his club this season. i think is more or less what a. lot of. what. we're. really spokesmen have been conscious of sort of. on and off the field. about both. it worked. out for france their coach ron brown says the game is just one step in a long rebuilding process after their failure at the world cup the former sweeper
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took over after the tournament in south africa and recalled that barcelona defend eric patrice evra and nicolas anelka remain overlooked sagna gael clichy samir nasri and from a leader in the twenty two man squad they frank rebury is still injured and even though brown admits the squad is not as strong as those in the past he believes france have enough players to start winning. over the board. we have had some great size before but what we have gone now is a good group of talented players who are beginning to grow some of them are playing in foreign leagues some of them are playing here in england and what i'm looking to develop is a top center heart center and these players grow in programs to learn in other dimensions of their plate number style and another facet to their play while playing in different leagues as well as playing in the french league. well let's switch to basketball and the n.b.a. where denver nuggets coach george karl says he'll do all he can to keep star player camillo and tonight he scored twenty six points in the way in the new york knicks
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on cheese day now i think karl is still trying to persuade him to sign a sixty five million dollar deal that's been on the table since the summer when anthony pulled in twenty six points last night and got assists setting up harrington hit in the third but it was close stoudemire led new york with twenty four points including this basket in the fourth. and the game was decided in the last few seconds chauncey billups sinking a free throw and then deliberately missing the second can make sure denver had one hundred twenty to one hundred eighteen victory. put look at other games atlanta beat indiana hundred two to ninety two cleveland and washington go. to respectively be l.a. lakers portland and chicago getting wins that. revenues cricket take risk. has become the first west indian to score a triple century on foreign soil with a magnificent three hundred thirty three on day two of the first test again shoreline care the windies began the day on three hundred sixty two for two with
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gayle unbeaten on two hundred nineteen finally fell to account the men this after matching a three hundred thirty three set by graeme gibson nine hundred ninety on the touristic lead on five hundred eighteen for nine is only the fourth man to achieve the feat weiss in test history off this of donald bradman and patrick brian lara and around the same. time individual test batting record of four hundred not to have scored be on t.v. recreation ground against england back in two thousand and four and finally world record sprinter usain bolt has been reaching new speeds but on four wheels not so your legs champion took a break from training for the winter ferrari's headquarters in the time to complete a couple of test drives the hundred and two hundred meter world record holder took a few seconds behind the wheel to take that ferrari's bolt is back in training after missing again during the night the season with back problems in the twenty
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four year old hopes to defend his one hundred mi to tie for next year's world championships in south korea. so that brings us to the end of the sport for them we've got more in a couple of hours time stay with us i would is the weather. hungry for the full stop we've got. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers.
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