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tv   [untitled]    November 18, 2010 10:00am-10:30am EST

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machine would be soo much brighter if you knew movement some from phones to pressure in some. instances on t.v. don't comb. president's head yet i bet i'm a different god discuss iran's nuclear ambitions on the sidelines of a summit in azerbaijan or five nation state their claims of a cost to seize and if you close are. making a start obama is set to push for the key our production deal with russia to be given the go ahead from congress block republican some threatened to stall that. and in the dock questions raised over america's justice system as loathsome businessmen a victim and says he was pressured to confess to crimes he insists he did not commit. and in business russia plans to spend twenty billion dollars on its
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drugs next year but the government knows it's still not enough and wants investment from the private sector more in trying to minutes. you're watching r t six pm here in moscow welcome to the program and for the first time since backing un sanctions against iran over its nuclear program russia's president has met iranian leader mahmoud ahmadinejad's and it was those atomic ambitions which were the focus of the talks held in azerbaijan if he were meeting at a summit of the five nations bordering the caspian sea all of whom have claims of the season fast energy resources now for more details let's cross live to our to. tell us what came out of the meeting between president medvedev and ahmadinejad.
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well the meeting between the presidents of russia and iran is surely one of the biggest highlights of the summit since it's the first time that the much since russia back to the latest set off during sanctions on iran and also cancel the shipment of three hundred. systems a move which was strongly criticized by iran and caused a significant a significant chilling in relations between the two countries after the meeting with heard from the russian president's envoy who said that this was a positive meeting and that both presidents were not afraid to talk about complicated and even unpleasant issues and of course iran's controversial nuclear program was discussed and moscow says that it's keen to get a clearer picture of iran's of views on the situation and also explain its position in order to try to move this dispute from the deadline. it is currently in and
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russia and iran are neighbors in the caspian region and moscow says that it's also keen to continue cooperation with iran in many other spheres like peaceful nuclear energy just remind you russia built the bush era nuclear power plant for iran and also even a military trade as well if these arms the sold arms don't fall under the latest set of the same president that want a new job the iranian leader said to that these this latest set of sanctions is ineffective and also called the international community to stop what he called was aggression one talking about iran's nuclear program if it wanted to this a long standing dispute to finally come to an end ok well let's now talk about the summit with the two leaders were actually meeting one of the so-called cascade five aiming for. well first of all the caspian sea is extremely rich in
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natural resources we're talking about up to twenty billion tons of oil and gas that's comparable with the deposits in the persian in the persian gulf also up to ninety percent of the global sturgeon catch is done here as well and during soviet times the sea was shared between the soviet union and iran but after the collapse of the u.s.s.r. new new independent states emerged in the region like kazakhstan turkmenistan and john and obviously everybody wants a piece of the poor i would however the see still hasn't been officially divided and this is the third such summit of the summit off the caspian nations it's meant to figure out how to divide the sea and to build up enough fissile status for the full to see and it's a very complicated issue since during the last two decades the number off oil rigs in the sea has mushroomed to such an extent that it's already damaging the
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environment the local environment at the c.n. also the global demand for black caviar is also seen in the numbers of sturgeon increase to such a massive level of that its population is threatened with extinction extinction and we've heard the russian president say that this area and the sea specifically is the responsibility of all five nations and he said that if the loosen their grip on this territory in this region that there are there are other countries which are really keen to establish themselves in this very very attractive region so the decisions taken at this summit are quite important and do effect to the lives of millions of people living in the in the bounding countries all right thank you very much for that. reporting from by time. and i'm. having on to our next story president obama is addressing a bipartisan meeting in the white house where he's urging republicans to approve
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a key arms reduction deal with moscow before the end of the year following gains in midterm elections republicans have so far been stalling the ratification of the new start treaty the deal aims to cut the number of russian and u.s. nukes by a third now let's get more from our correspondent. who's involved in ok and what is president obama saying to the senators today. well at this moment as we speak president obama sits down with senators both democrat and republican to once again explain why they treated needs to be ratified into and why it needs to be ratified now as the senate's time is in office is running out start treaty tensions reached their peak earlier a key republican start negotiator in the senate jon kyl said there are other important things to do in the senate shouldn't rush on the treaty ratification obama said obama and the key figures of fuses ministration are really going out of their way to pull this off by the end of this year what's on the line now is
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arguably obama's major foreign policy achievement the start treaty is the milestone of the reset in u.s. russian relations the reset which is the administration is tirelessly reminding resulted in critical cooperation from moscow on of get any sense and the rand there was an understanding that further cooperation plans could go south without this key trading place the start is not just about reducing both country's nuclear arsenals by a third it's it's also seen as a symbol of trust between the two nuclear superpowers tonight obama is flying to the nato summit a europe where he leet with the russian president medvedev will be talking about expanding russia nato cooperation in afghanistan about the possibility of participating in european missile defense for example on the latter issue everyone understand it's difficult to even consider the possibility of such missile defense cooperation without the start treaty in place or of lars you mentioned obama and the democrats are stressing the importance of ratify the treaty before the end of
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the year and what will happen if it's left until twenty eleven. well to save the truth is not ratified by this set at the guess is it will face more obstructionism with the newly elected senate does going to be more republican there's a very tense partisan game going on here in washington as many capitol hill observers say it's no longer about the content of the treaty but rather about flexing political muscles are as far as the content is concerned it's been chewed over and over again on dozens of hearings held by different senate committees there's the country's military unanimously testified in support for the treaty of former a number of former secretary of state both republican and democrat former defense sector is all said having started is the u.s. national interest doesn't make the us any vulnerable so there is a huge bipartisan support for the treaty among experts but definitely not on the hill all right thank you very much for that those our correspondent going there to check on now moving on russian businessmen victor boot says he came under severe
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pressure from u.s. authorities to admit charges of arms trafficking and terrorism he's now it is your prison that has rejected all accusations against him moscow says it will offer consular help to boot although russian officials say that doesn't mean they think he's innocent parties money reports now has the story. mr boot has said that u.s. officials had tried to pressure him for evidence and pressure him to confess to crimes during his extradition from thailand to the united states and according to what's being reported this is a pressure that mr boot did not came into. committing to victor during the extradition the americans attempted to convince him to make a confession of the crimes he had never committed and promised some kind of privileges in return rejected all these offers what the russian diplomats also have disclosed is that mr boot is being held in solitary confinement at the metropolitan
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correctional center in lower manhattan mr booth has also asked that his wife be relocated to the u.s. here to new york to be with him his wife of course has been in thailand by his side for more than two years proclaiming her husband's innocence now mr bush stood before a federal judge and the judge had read out the charges to mr boot pled not guilty on all of the charges when the u.s. attorney however was addressing the press in new york speaking for about ten to fifteen minutes about the case that they are building against mr victor boot the russian businessman and outlining specifically the charges let's take a listen to what he had to say now stands charged in this district the southern district of new york with four charges. one conspiring to kill united states nationals two conspiring to kill united states officers and employees three
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conspiring to use and acquire anti-aircraft missiles and for conspiring to provide material support to the fark what's interesting to note and to underscore is that during this press conference the us attorney and the head of the da continued to paint a picture of victor boot one of the most dangerous men in the world of man who sides with violence who sides with the war who sides against the united states they were for a time as the so-called merchant of death and then at the end of their press conference they want to remind everyone that victor boot remains innocent until proven guilty and assuring the press that he will receive a fair trial some were questioning how that could take place after he's already painted in the press and in the international media as a man who promotes violence and promotes war so a lot of wondering whether or not this trial will in fact be fair for mr victor boot military defense lawyer major eric montoya boots case could open
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a pandora's box for the u.s. there are number of cases that the united states is unhappy with and what we're running into is this dangerous precedent where if if we're exercising this type of authority over individuals in other countries what's going to happen in the future to u.s. citizens and whether or not other countries are going to demand extradition of our citizens you know people who they think are criminals for example in the last administration and demanding their extradition to spain or italy or some other country and how can we as a straight face an international community have it both ways if the justice department didn't do their job properly and get this one right you know it certainly could open up a can of worms for us in the future. military defense lawyer major eric month all over there and you can get more on this story at our website art dot com now roma gypsies are facing growing prejudice across europe some countries blame the roma
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for rising crime and tackle it by deporting them but for the roma the situation in their native countries is appalling many live in slums that are other able to access basic services artie's daniel bushell reports from bulgaria. seems like we could become common across europe the mayor of this town in southern belle gabriel told r.t. he had to tear down this block of flats because the room residents who turned it into a slum this pile of rubble is all that's left of the housing estate what also it is called a public health hazard infested with rats cockroaches and fleas the roma call their home some have moved to this wasteland no shelter health care or education for the children. where citizens where there's a treatise like this schools won't take my son because he has lice and disease people here ask is this what the
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e used become with winter approaching will be sleeping in the cold. you politicians bury their heads in the sand only we can saw their own problems. france to send tens of thousands of rover back to bulgaria sweden it's a leader mark in germany had similar policies he used justice commissioner says it reminds her of world war two one of the evicted told me he picks pockets to feed his family member countries report rumor offenses are shooting up pushing rising numbers into angry and she gypsy groups the biggest problem. is the crime already like a civil war. or else. the life of of the people campaign is more than most roma said by france and other states can't integrate has their own thousands of jobs for them and paul geary an education opportunities limited music remains one of the few parts of success.
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a racy gypsy style of pop called child or the child's campaigners say ethnic conflicts are set to surge until the e.u. learns to live and work with roma not just enjoy the music in the nightclubs. feel . i'll talk out our website for all the new speakers and analysis of what's online right now at heart dot com. believe it was written u.s. troops moving out of iraq it's clear the world will are going to take care of their own children master. it was a self-fulfilling prophecy a siberian mad faces twenty years behind bars for killing two people while seeking revenge and a fortune teller who put on hold at that find out more that i didn't. well it's official russia has the most smokers per capita in the world this is just six
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just released are yet another reminder to the government that it needs to up its game to help people quit and as our team stacey bevan's reports they're not taking this battle lying down. brief but graphic the world health organization and the russian government are hitting the airwaves with a campaign meant to stamp out cigarettes. and a nation where a pack of smokes is sometimes cheaper than a bottle of water a new study shows that more people live here than anywhere else in the world more than half of all men do that number is smaller among women a twenty five percent but it's growing according to the world health organization diseases associated with the addiction kills nearly five hundred thousand russians every year about forty seven percent of small cars who are smokers today they start smoking in the age of fifteen sixteen and the said thank is that. this provides a very glamorous and try to get advertising the government is taking action by
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banning cigarette ads and cigarette promotions in t.v. and film beginning in two thousand and eleven lawmakers are also pondering the possibility of making it more expensive to puff prime minister putin is asking legislators to lead by example. who among government members smokes one two three c. we have better statistics than in the countries learn that you should at least on this issue. you know what but i think they'll try to quit smoking won't they. what are you going to do to fight smoking and we should set your own example by quitting. i was just what are you laughing at you smoke to you've got to quit to. some call the government's anti smoking efforts and overzealous infringement of their rights. then it's wrong to create a law to ban me from small control it's like benon you from wearing scarves no i won't care if there is
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a ban as smoke if i want to smoke. more measures are on the way including a complete public ban on smoking in bars and restaurants set to take place by two thousand and fifteen so you know what it's like when you go out like your favorite perfume or cologne but by the end of the night it's like you just rolled out of them that is as true. this was still a vision. to be able to tell that the air is clear because what moscow's first mo cream are so you can smell the same way going out as you did coming in marbella is the baby able manas. who himself has been cigarette free for four years his aim is to have a stash place where nonsmokers can breathe easy money look at the experience of european countries profit depends on whether one likes it here or not if i can create a couzin relaxed atmosphere and make people here feel joy and be merry i will earn my money. so for some it's the smoke free future is now.
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stacy didn't. well going back to our top story the meeting between the russian and a ring of presidents dominated by terrazas nuclear program well i'm joined by vladimir sought nichol from moscow based institute of world economy and international relations well of relations between moscow and tehran became tense over russia's support for un sanctions against iran and then later its decision to stop the supply of missile systems was this meeting an attempt to build bridges. one last thing. after this. meeting between the russian president dmitry medvedev and they're out in president mahmoud ahmadinejad's i think the two parties so the sides actually exchange their views on the situation and i think that probably the meeting actually finalized with the possibility of for removing some obstacles which there were actually between
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iran and the russian federation after russia supported sanctions i think that russian iranian relations have put everything in it's a possibility to develop a relation still the wrong. ok we'll read. no that iran has just tested its own prototype of the s three hundred missile system it previously planned to buy from russia now does this mean that terror on is looking at alternatives to military help from moscow. well i think that actually. out russia only is a standstill for the situation well. iran could be in position to move for the remaining question which. the international community facing now with the iraq russian federation actually. once
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again great to write that it's a great desire to develop relations with the islamic republic of iran in the future in all fields ok president i'm a democrat said iran is ready to return to international talks of ricin nuclear program how do you think that's a result of international pressure. ah well our i think that of course we get on the. witness the international pressure which is actually it is being done on the rock but at the same time if you're a man by the statement by lady ashton the floor is a high commission of european union. with a massive to iranian president to resume the talks with thing the group of six this state so why entitle to continue negotiations with iran and their idea and president actually gave an answer that iran is ready to
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negotiate with the group of six so i think that probably in the future this international brand shot if iran sincerely continue the negotiations including the controversial nuclear program. would be eased arrival thank you very much like the mayor sokolich are from the moscow based institute of world economy and international relations well you'll hear is here next for the latest business news. hello that's right time to delve into the world of business russia is aiming to spend twenty billion dollars on its roads and twenty eleven almost nine percent more than the us here but the government recognizes it's still not enough and wants additional help from the private sector nick pool has the details. russia manages
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to combine a number of the worst problems in transport just getting from a to b. can prove torture of some made all the worse by the sheer size of the country motorways a far and few between and the roads often badly patrolled moscow is a case in point it has the fourth worst traffic jams of any major city in the world it's a very unorganized i think there is what is the main point is missing in my eyes mr ted j. painted for the city and i want to say he doesn't try to guide us to. the base of the traffic is. interconnecting system which in fact it shows a huge investment is also needed to build just one kilometer of road in the capital can cost up to three hundred million dollars the sums involved is such that the government needs private money if it's not to put too big a dent in the budget and wants to improve efficiency private companies have a lot of knowhow they have a lot of experience of similar protests when they come here that of cost to be on
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earth to money but it's just the size of the market attracts them and those contracts we are talking about a contract run for ten years fifteen years or twenty years the time it takes to make a return on an investment is a major deterrent is to investors even when construction companies can be found to join a public private partnership they find it hard to convince the banks to provide backing this is where the world bank can lend a hand and generally will be a lot of institutional work for which we will be basically. providing the support to the companies in the future if they are there once we go further down the road there raby possibilities of financial activity once the roads are built people will still need to find a place to park time consuming problem. the government may be able to help by changing the legislation so developers can land inside the city rather than just
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renting it this would provide added incentives to incorporate appropriate traffic management and shopping malls and business districts would be adequately supplied with parking spaces freeing up the routes for people who are trying to get somewhere who business on t.v. . let's take a look at the equity markets u.s. stocks a shopaholic day as investors continue to bet on the rescue package for ireland and anxiously watch the beginning of trading for general motors shares foreign market sentiment general motors started to actually trading on the new york stock exchange and most recently up eighty percent chance on pace for one of the biggest to that initial public offerings ever boys leading the gains in the dow jumping three point one percent while funding is up one point eight percent on cisco systems gaining one point six percent. let's take a look at what's happening in europe european stock to head to high in five states session that soft touch a pound snake a finished on a five month high banks on commodities a fueling the first since rise but for us s.
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a the stop of putting forward here more than four percent on good interim results. for the markets here in moscow checking those global trends for the blue chips the high on the benchmark my sixth or upon the top again up one point eight percent in the black and to be a small top behind up more than one percent. precious hear him increase that profit by four to six the soldier of the third or such more than one hundred fifty six million dollars hear him say his continued strength for the next six months that's on the back of rising prices functionalize us driven by probably into months and stagnant supply. russia's currently last fashionable for investors then brazil according to the temperature you see spare upon whether mark rubenstein from the triple i've seen disagrees he believes there are compelling reasons why some investors up became russia over up and russian markets it will look at their
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relative valuation russian equities now are valued at a ninety have p. versus brazilian about fourteen so this is much you know it's a big difference and of course what i counted that has accounted for that discount has been their political risk premium which is being evaporating my view quite rapidly over the past sixteen months i think we will see more funds coming out of many other emerging markets coming into russia and brazil torquey seem like a very obvious kind is because the capital controls the turks the more expensive china is much more expensive than russia and that could take some money out of that the current signs out of russia he said marker bond is much stronger because of alice expected if you look at the data market data out of russia for the past several months it consistently has been above the expectations of the market so i
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will not be surprised to see alice revising their marker forecasts for a shop boards in the near future. russia will create a special economic zone for titanium companies as soon as this year that's according to the head of the world's top titanium make up the s. and p. o. of this month speaking exclusively to our t. he explains the progress being made on the so-called titanium valley. but i have been the project has gained support from the local and federal authorities their konami ministry and the trade and industry ministry have also supported us the government is preparing a decree to create a freakonomics zone there are some difficulties i think we'll do with them as early as this here via seven p. o. is ready to invest up to one hundred fifty million dollars in the project. so we have time for now but you can always get more store a small website r.t. dot com slash business.


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