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it consistently has been above the expectations of the market so i will not be surprised to see here alice revising their marker forecast for a shop boards in the near future that's all the business news for now but he can always get most tourists mall with clyde r. t. dot com slash business. for the full story we've got it for. the biggest issues get
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a human voice face to face with the news makers. the russians would be so much brighter if you knew all about sun moon from finest impressions. these foodstuffs on t.v. dot com. presidents medvedev and i'm going to have discussed iran's nuclear ambitions they talked on the sidelines of a summit in azerbaijan where five nations are mapping out their claims to the caspian season with the results of. president obama's pushing the congress to
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approve a key all this reduction deal with russia before the end of the year because of being stalling it. and russian business when big to boot says u.s. authorities pressured him into confessing to charges of almost trafficking and terrorism insists he is not guilty. what about with more useful innocent thirty minutes now in the meantime a chef first time memories of the horrors of the second world war with those who fought.
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visits to this house from leo frankl street in central budapest are by special invitation only even the sign marking showed a computer's doorbell is missing either struck by vandals or the tenant so fed up with inquisitive intruders. needs help from his friends to do it household chores and next officer in high gear in john di maria he's lived here under virtual siege for nearly three years he stayed largely indoors since his name was put on the list of the most wanted nazi criminals. the most devastating war in the history of mankind came to an end sixty five years ago every passing year see shrinking numbers of those who fought in the war now well into their eighty's it's hard to tell from their looks which side they were on back then once a year some of them proudly wear their medals but others would rather race those years from their memory.
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leave me your miss you doing everything but your problem my son my country. you live in peace i don't like coming to some place an episode took place outside a hotel in santiago chile people at the center of efraim zuroff and if you call center which constantly nazi war criminals the chief investigator was looking for traces of dr r. bergheim was on the top ten most wanted list his case is very important because he's. who served in three concentration camps and murdered many inmates in the mauthausen concentration camp in austria and also carried out all sorts of experiments and operations without anesthesia and castrated people did really horrible things.
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to spend little time in his modest jerusalem office his work takes in many places around the world with the famous nazi hunter simon keyes and paul died it was efraim zuroff they carried on the job of dissenters founder. this is. the work of my life i should say. twenty. twenty four years working in the. it's because of some best occasions elderly hungry unmentioned a computer has to spend most of his time at home. is providing conclusive evidence linking computer organized in the serbian city of nobody. listened people to be executed and herded into the local theater with their feet was sealed some would be allowed to live while others would be executed on the banks of the danube we know that. the team that rounded up these people. took them.
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there is of course a possibility. this is what we're hearing that the men under his command committed murders already at the beginning before the people were actually taken to. today's top nazi hunters are mostly preoccupied with paperwork. types collect evidence and initiate legal action against war criminals but in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight when israeli investigators discovered the whereabouts of adolf eichmann the most wanted nazi and israeli intelligence agents decided that it all began with a letter an elderly jew living in argentina wrote to his daughter was dating a young man whose surname was like. this who had no. name of san name.
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now retired who lives in a spacious house he used to be an israeli government minister and a member of the israeli parliament almost all of these perks came his way thanks the operation he led to seize adolf eichmann interleaving kids. sixty at the time it was very important from a saudi agents to determine whether the man who organized the conveyor belt extermination of jews during the war was living in a small house and when osiris summer and even sent to south america took pictures of ricardo come in now was eichmanns assumed name in argentina then the pictures were compared with older photos of the so-called architect of the holocaust. and we also checked these phone calls the. facial department of the police and then we came to. that ninety nine percent demand and then they were very adamant was adamant. that i needed to.
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find you all of the benefit all the way to nuremberg germany april nine hundred forty six the trial of nazi criminals eichmann is not among the accused but the acts coming down of auschwitz mentioned simple as showing by grrr ribbentrop. almost all of the top leaders of the third reich with the exception of hitler josef goebbels and heinrich himmler who treated suicide. have left i need good ideas and not simply discount them seemed they didn't know anything about the concentration camps they said they had never been there they claimed they had not even heard of the shooting of nanny. this is one of the tensest moments of the trial the accused are shown a documentary about nazi atrocities in occupied territories in concentration camps
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most of the accused put on dark glasses their fate is now sealed. delivered top ranking figures of the third reich are sentenced to death by hanging. some of the footage showing it. he's trying to hide behind their dark glasses was shot here and who can hold one of the most horrific concentration camps no which museum and those who survived the horrors of those days often come here. and told all of us what now the fear is. anyway i don't know if there was through the criminal. and they pointed to it. through the me fairly good tells a story when he was brought to be controlled he was only seventeen years old but he was far from the youngest inhabiting the. prison it was. his name was your chick. who was then the six year old son of
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a polish rabbi if left without help in the concentration camp he was unlikely to survive for more than a few weeks children fellow inmates decided to save the boy. looked up to him she did all the work that was meant. to do the father gave the boy some potatoes. she was a very modest man. much older so while he was playing we did his work for him. despite the fact that. was an activist organizing former inmates of concentration camps he had no idea what happened to the little jewish boy after they were separated in the liberation of involved he became the chief rabbi of israel. scores of worshippers come to a small synagogue to listen to his sermon they like rabbi lao for his eloquence and
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lucid examples again and again he tells the story of more than a half century of searching for a russian by the name of fuel there from the city of dust off the way he tells it it sounds like a parable. they. could find. a. chink lived in russia itself a little boy he'd saved had long forgotten heavy. at the feast and i don't think he remembers me he was only seven years old. existence to feel. the recording where fyodor recalls the jewish boy he saved was made in one thousand nine hundred two just a year later he died of cancer but two years later rabbi lao did find the address of his surviving daughters to the rabbi allows endeavour's the name of. the man who
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saved him has been put on the righteous among nations list and the morial code of rest of is now one of the heroes revered in israel for their part in saving jews during the holocaust. this small synagogue in central budapest is not much different from the one with rabbi deliver sermons. by by a twist of fate. god now passes the house of a former major in the hungary and gendarmerie but she doesn't hate chunder computer . says the matter of fact is simply that. there is any number of people now living in hungary who did. choose during the war but they leave in freedom and peace. and prosecutor's office doesn't think it's obvious that shonda computer is guilty of the massacre in the town. we received
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documents supplied by the serbian site now we need to formulate a gene that might prove. there are two options either fail to formulate a logical chain and the case with a closed. in his apartment shanda computers attorney dr schwartz attorney is again playing the game with the hunger in judiciary in his opinion the situation has reached a stalemate nobody has serious plans to put the old man behind bars but of quitting capirossi not in the interest of the hungry and legal system either. turning me down gary in prosecutor's office really doesn't want to put to peter i want trial on the other hand they can't just a quick him because of pressure coming from abroad particularly zero three so they're just playing for time simply waiting for capirossi day. meanwhile shandor computer is set to mark his ninety six birthday death is not on his mind despite his failing health he says
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a clear conscience is the recipe for his longevity with computers future is far from clear israeli nazi hunters predict the action dharm will soon be put on trial and in prison service says shown that is likely to see next christmas behind bars. hungry for the full story we've got it first hand the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers on. may eleventh one thousand nine hundred sixty a suburb of buenos aires mossad agents are parked in two cars unguardable the street deciding what to do they're about to capture the most prominent nazi still at large but the first bus that was supposed to bring holocaust mastermind adolf
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eichmann alias ricardo comment a humble clerk came without him operation me to roughie tun has to decide whether to capture should be postponed into another day or the agent should wait for the following bus a ton tells his team to stay in the cars. thirty minutes later. i got a bag. i climbed. this road and when was a valid seven eight meters from us then. jumped on the sea was taken to a safe house it will be nine days before an airplane with israeli diplomats can secretly take eichmann out of argentina throughout this period rafi tang was questioning the former nazi leader. only asking in german what was he what was his name and he said. and. was is
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name that he used after escaping from the. prison came up in germany a ninety four to five and then. he said no what was your s s number. and then he say. and then. finally the man who organized the mass extermination of people during the second world war face trial in israel. bateman eagerly cooperated with israeli prosecutors and gave a detailed account of the past the true throwing detail showing how jews were deported to death camps described how they were killed. at.
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the first moment of the trial. came into the courtroom the symbol. who's. become to destroy people and he stood up to attention before the. court of the state. the importance. of the creation of. security was exceptionally tight throughout the eichmann trial the defendant was protected by bulletproof glass there were serious concerns that some of the holocaust victims or their relatives might attempt to kill eichmann eventually the court gave the verdict as expected adolf eichmann received a death penalty for crimes against humanity is life ended in a prison in a suburb of tel aviv.
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the center of the gator that ran along that street. there was no road on the side of the street so the only road people used was here there was only one road and there were very many high. yeah. it was just eleven in one thousand nine hundred three he remembers clearly how germans came to the once rich town of dog enough there were five thousand jews living here at the time he set out to exterminate them straight away they set up a ghetto in a central part of town and put up barbed wire around it they made a plan dividing the process into three stages throughout their stay in dog enough germans were killing jews wherever they found them. my father went to get some hay and noticed the haystack was moving. down poked at it with a pitchfork. doubt to be turned
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in. we fed him and then he looked to me. in the morning. during the occupation the jewish cemetery and several times bigger students from a local school are now taking care of the graves former school principal galina to putin a doesn't remember that time she was born afterward in a different town by the time the germans left there were no jews left and. sure when they were shooting innocent people on the square. grabbed a small john out. and smashed his heads against a telegraph here i cannot. speak of these. two hundred jews managed to escape from dog enough walk fifteen hundred kilometers through german occupied territory and make it to the soviet front line.
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that was that earlier this is lay on rubin speaking from israel or you know in a hurry and they are now i am so happy to hear you know. somebody crassness you. here's nash i talked to the mayor of the town of actors daniel sturridge to say they will look after the jewish cemetery that we should. have been was barely seven at the time when germans were shooting jews he and his family spent three days heidi across space under the floor. of residents realized clearly that germans would not stop until all the jews were exterminated despite the barbed wire around the ghetto some jews did manage to escape from dog enough they hid in the woods with the partisans. and my own guess nine hundred forty to two hundred survivors who during the many of them were women and children. of his
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own sort of demands a big march of their citizens over their own territory. through the german russian alliance to safety into into territory. later the jews nicknamed part of cynical like you c.e.o. who was put in charge of the march the moses. he was the commander i think he had was even a fifteen or sixteen part years and this was was weapons and the rest of us where ever two hundred seventy two hundred seventy people as are said children. who started this beak unprecedented and unique march. we've covered about thousand five hundred
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kilometers despite all the precautions on several occasions germans almost discovered them one time to see nearly ran into a nazi patrol the germans opened fire and several people were killed but the nazis decided not to pursue the group the participants of the march were very much afraid of being discovered. one people gold should be most provocative about two years old or three years old. and she used to cry and at night the crying was a very dangerous thing because we could have been discovered by the enemy so. that people start or forcing their parents of this girl to drown her to kill her it was. reported to key serial and he sort of came and took her own on her own his hands and
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quiet. became quiet. in early winter when the march was almost over and the group was about to cross the front line the soviet military arrested accused of no friend other participants they suspected them of being german spies no gain of smoothness could easily have been executed and only the testimony of the jews he saved convinced the red army of his innocence fully unprecedented march me to like you silly old was again put in charge of the partisan group he led until nine hundred forty four as he does eventually this is me this is my younger brother this is mom and this is dad shandor computer keeps old pictures in the most prominent space in his little room in this photo he's a thirty year old chandon mole to search for perry to celebrate christmas of one
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nine hundred forty two with his family play and that made us with a mission it was very nice then phen made it easy. notion that a computer number three on the list of living nazi criminals celebrates christmas all alone at the end moose a moose i'm very lonely you know it's not so easy to find a wife leah ninety five. computer is still there pill cases all over his coffee table he has no energy left for his favorite pastime of cooking. the former major of herion john barnes keeps saying the same thing again and again. they can add. that i've never killed anybody i've never even used my gun as that. oh then i was walking down the street cos the rixos hotel and i heard somebody crying she's mated to her toe and sold the n in it and this
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family with school ready hacked back on a bottle. she. was telling them they should go to the bank. or i yelled at him and told him that they were not on the list and that they were not going anywhere. that's what i told you. that even though there are no icons or crucifixes in the former's and arms house computer claims she's a very devout christian. his speaks about the girl what this a leader brenner who lives in a small israeli town doesn't need translation she's still fluent in hungary and but she doesn't believe a single word of what she and the computer has to say. she remembers perfectly well the frosty day in january nine hundred forty two when she along with three thousand other jews in novi sad was brought to the bank of the danube it was freezing.
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and. of course without the head and. it's out there and you think. it was very heavy so it was my father i jumped on him i wanted to help him and since i. took. the photo and. he told me go away and put it on my head the jews were ordered to form a line for people wide they were shot near the river and many bodies were thrown down into the danube leah remembers clearly whose name gendarmes repeated during the executions i prayed that they would. save the calling please said better than shiny shiny. that is the way shortening of the name.
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lydia sees what a pitiful condition shallow computer but she's not willing to forgive him. he still clever. trials of war criminals have attracted a lot of public attention in recent years the case of john demjanjuk is one of the highest profile trials to mean you're served as a warden in several concentration camps according to the prosecution he was an accessory to the murder of nearly thirty thousand jews. another sensational case is the trial of joseph sure grabber a very marked officer who spend the rest of his life in prison a court of law is established that he's guilty of murdering fourteen italian civilians in one thousand nine hundred four. these are so-called last chance trials many of the war criminals are already dead so as prosecutors review each case they're asking for the maximum term without regard for the age of the defendants.
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beyond rubin one of the surviving doggin of jews sometimes visits this place and yet the sham itself a cost museum. in a creative. rock oh. no he no. this is the alley of the righteous it commemorates the names of people who risked their lives during the holocaust to save jews it has the name a few of them a fellow chink who saved televisa chief rabbi next to it there's the name of nigga like he said yo it was leon rubin who made sure the russian partisan was listed in one of the righteous among nations. that is and deserve that it made a sound that. anyone
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anywhere and. crimes and i get all.


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