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tv   [untitled]    November 20, 2010 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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well to british soil it's time to let. market. find out what's really happening to the global economy was much stronger there are no holds barred the global financial headlines cons a report on.
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the headline. that says russia will take his missile defense plans but only as an equal partner the statement comes as a story major senator has been present lines as cheap as agreement to try and secure a system. and influence abroad on the planet spreading democracy being money from us tax passed. funding america's friend the petition is of the
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seas the so-called promotion of democracy is being implemented through a network of organizations that officially deny anything it's called i think age. around one hundred years after the death of one of the world's greatest ever writers leo tolstoy isn't worth a cent philosophical ideas are as alive and popular as ever and people also celebrated novels war and peace and i can bring that he's being remembered through . that style entertainment guide moscow out russia's rich in culture like tolstoy but if you want a contrast in the console you've invited fancy exploring the hidden delight so india to be found spice up your life next.
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hello and welcome to moscow hours on this week's program we'll be taking a look at indian culture here in the us and capital i want to start out one of my favorite restaurants located on top of the split that hurts how i deal as i'm quite hungry response to something a little spicy. and with winter frost approaching heating a large plate of wholesome indian food is certainly one way to warm up recently renovated dubbo offers an excellent many fool the indian connoisseur including an extensive vegetarian menu and genuinely spicy curries and from mild she drops the chef's example are always happy to modify any dish personal taste. all just and scientists you know
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a friend. and we have the beautiful the us you can see started in ninety six and we keep the authentic tended. to be available in most. popular with russians and ex-pats menus are printed in several languages and the many posts a large collection of interesting hot and cold dishes wonderful thank you very much and speaking of which my food has arrived. how can that. show i thought i'd get to something different and. then take indian dessert instead of a typical curry here with gods going to the moon which is a. plate or so the syrup and he was god rest my life which is a constant scene something from its source. it struck. trillions. as a. good
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luck. sort of surgery. so this was. the last mile i was especially when i. got. my delicious. let's take a look at this week's entertainment news content against breast cancer has spread around the capital raising awareness of the issue top brands organize various events to help educate women on how to prevent and cure the disease because one more song of the last people who got this campaign and he got out seems and was last month be. on ladies and gentlemen you obviously didn't think we've been talking about this morning when mr wall dog is coming to town was
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a big success. with my advice was industries and primary employee women in a few minutes so yes you can call such. a respected exhibition of work by one of the world's top photographers terry o'neill is now on display to name the first on the last showcase some of the most iconic images captured by the british photographer o'neill has created portraits of many celebrities including the beatles albums presley brigitte bardot and many others and while traveling to moscow he shared his history behind many of his works . this was one of the first pictures i took when i went to a nice place i go since five go to school. pete was famous subtle just played great to. please please me turned him in the end when not used but still picture the newspapers sold out so the first picture is
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a mistake to stay in all the newspapers. myself and welcome to the indian cultural center located in the heart of the capitol complex has a fascinating timetable of exciting events and various classes and opens in one thousand eight hundred nine ever since its main aim has been to the most indian of rest and cultural connections given the close friendship and cooperation which has always existed between india and russia there's a great interest in admiration in moscow for indian culture also known as the j m c c the center fulfils to a great extent the demand for learning and knowing more about indian culture and its multifaceted traditions. one of the popular activities here is the joga. wealth consulting too badly. to look at is a step by step system of self discovery and south exploration which allows us to
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better understand how our bodies found minds work lying on the floor of this i can easily do that. job here at the center of a sex passive muscovites the chance to get away from that busy kick moscow lives. well from a relaxing yoga to something that makes much more noise. these drones are called topless they use this in a complement to north indian dance to musicians uses the base of the palm as well as the fingers to produce great variations and sounds the gnc runs over one hundred and forty casas like this every week some quieter than others. it is open every day including weekends which people know about the sense of actually enjoy the atmosphere most of all and the people there their family like indian people are generally very friendly so thinking here and of course i love dancing this
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place when i hear that music. it's like he now says the state. commission every three years right welcome to our center thank you so tell me how did you end up living and working here in the recent capital. i belong to. the ministry of external affairs of india has nominated me to come to. light and that appear as director of indian cultures and i'm also the instance so ties between russia and india i consider india and russia are your friends. the friendship goes back into history and ever since the independence of india the ties between india and. russia were all this close in fact two countries enjoy a relationship which can be quite static partnership it goes into feuds from you
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know international cooperation and you know defense and energy economy everything what do you personally miss about your country. values i mean that v. have especially in the cultural center you bring the culture of india here so i really feel a cold creating. a little india here but off course you miss friends and family you know and especially you know probably the food. that's it and what you think about the russian winter. i love russian winter because i am accustomed to it this is not my first name in russia and i really love the russians and by. recently you good luck with everything i had to see thank you. moving on to other indian themed locations in moscow first up let's take a look at the krishna temple various services are held here with people gathering to read sing listen to and discuss sacred can do scriptures anyone can visit the
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temple the matter what your religion or nationality is a note even though elections are held in russian translators are available. the indian cultural center also offers a range of indian dance classes the complex office sessions of all levels and also provides the wonderful colorful costumes the catwalk is one of the eight forms of indian classical dances originating in northern india professional indian dance teachers passionately teach the classes of russians unfurnished the secrets behind each of the exotic moves. very much indian culture. by the dance dedication devotional discipline which we found in india similarly be found in the rush hour or so of the field. if you fancy something asian but with
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a contemporary touch rather than traditional take a look at the restaurant in the bar located on the lower ground floor of their target a cinema the venue was always lets in subtle candlelight makes with modern neon glow. statues numerous handmade vases carpets and cushions decorate the interiors but with it several carroty halls and dance floor this bar is more fun and relaxation. and finally if you're a fan of alternative medicine there's an indian family clinic in the russian capital to they combine knowledge and treatments of both alternative indian medicine known as the and traditional medicine qualified specialists from india work in the clinic providing treatment not only for physical disease but also helping to cure depression. in offering various and stress programs. arising and i'll find a location but if you fancy creating an at home data at the ferocious special self
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this indian food shop is located on the capital's gone and ring road it is packed with various exotic items he had died of rice curry paste herbal teas and remedies all imported from india itself with a strong smell in the shop as a we had a wonderful collection of unusual spices a little deli in the russian capital from old women to young students it's obvious muscovites have a love of india and its food although unless spicy level one area that warms up muscovite souls is the cultural excitement of foreign art of the country's traditions and world wide history. and from the indian cultural center to restaurants and shops it seems that india can sometimes feel closer to russia than we think. wow if we only smell of this in the aroma inside the salt is incredible unfortunately that's all the time we have on this week's program on
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indian moscow i'll see you again at the same time next week so until then from a a less the same. but out. wealthy british.
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market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with max cause or for a no holds barred look global financial headlines tune in to kaiser report. download the official placation the phone all i pod touch from the top story. life on the go. video on demand all teasing blindfold costs and feeds now in the palm of your. question on the. eve of.
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me to read it it says russia will take part in nature's missile defense plan but only as an equal partner this statement comes at the historic nato summit in lisbon president obama and the lines this treaty have hailed moskos agreement to join the european security system. ensuring influence abroad under the flag of supplanting democracy the money from u.s. taxpayers pockets ends up funding america's friendly politicians over seeds the so-called promotional democracy is being implemented in the red network or organizations that officially deny any political affiliation. and one hundred years after the death one of the world's greatest ever drive has told stories and works
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on philosophical ideas are as alive and popular as that but he also celebrated novels war and peace and i could rein aids being remembered throughout russia the book. up next it's time for sports news. hello and welcome to the sports news an r t and that's have a look at our top stories next best thing to claim the second spot the russian time in the gulf to be eating pizza rivals spar back in a match that sold little girls to red cards. all is not lost for russia you'll synergy at the louis be true for you despite defeat by america's cup champions b.m.w. oracle the supply. and gold retains was made in hong kong ahead of
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us open champion graeme mcdowell with rory mcilroy a few shots on the back tied for fourth place. so another big day in russian football as a games were played simle time as they cross the country on saturday the big all the actions mosco secure a second place finish in the premier league thanks to a thrilling three one call back we know a bit to rivals spartak in the penultimate game of the season gorski reports. nothing spilled. girly on as they seize the initiative in the opening half brazilian midfielder is making the best out of those early chances to open the scoring seventeen minutes in things went from bad to worse for the army men in the second. off after getting a second yellow card in the fifty third minute for the rest but says conflict is seemingly manda of despite being down. rejuvenating the team with a great rebound effort in the fifty seventh minute the home side didn't have to
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wait long to take the lead a cd doing be a slice through spark takes the fans for close range goal in the sixty six minute the ivory coast native scored his fifth premier of the gold this season in style. on the receiving end of some rough treatment which sparked. a red card in the final minute the brazilian then regrouped and struck an injury time goal to complete will turn into a comfortable three. part jock seemingly easing of the gas against him. and paying dearly for it. in a salable and second them in no small things to placer been who could only manage a draw at home to new champions isn't. back from two bills down in. five minutes. one point proving an offer of playing the last count as they.
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have to settle. for technology left with no. three won. for legation but only just a lot. and the last two were fine spot for your opening when tilikum might see if you had the better offer a stall on the road locos the need for the last call so he's bound to save the fastest. early the second drug in blood. for a story about their joy was short lived as are doleful local back in from just a minute later to wanless how it finished. well into the greens now where young pulled in crazed days later the top of the hong kong open to two shots off the karting a sixty four all saturday in the highlights from family and pool to followed up it's exciting second round of sixty by some more classic shots and held by birdies
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in the last couple of medals the englishman since alone at the top at nineteen on the ball for the two in the men's. graeme mcdowell is in second place meaning this year's us open champion is well on his way to closing the gap on martine in the race to dubai rankings while simon dyson remains said following a second straight round of sixty five and rory mcilroy slip to join fools with anthony can the twenty one year old adding another sixty six to his overall scoreline leaving him four strokes behind. in sailing the russian year old cinergy is still in contention for a semi final spot in the louis true feat taking place in dubai that despite struggling throughout the opening day of the second round robin synergy ewald faced an uphill challenge in the form of b.m.w. oracle racing boils over leaders and draining america's cup champions and oracle skipper james spithill did all right things seen the priest stopped their options tried to who came by the parties flagged
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a penalty meaning synergy started three lengths behind oracle and last forty eight seconds the americans the us maintain overall lead while synergy could still make it into the next stage they are tied for fourth place with the top four making the semi's and two more races still to go. i said ok now and have missed the chance to go top of the cage shell standings following a two on defeat at the hands of fellow high flyers. see bait on saturday is then soon going to call it save at least some of the numbers plus she was financing a last gasp goal for them but that was mere consolation for the nominee the state one point adrift of late does it all work one way that works and at the other end of the table middle of a police nails can move off the bottom off the beating beat is three won also on home ice. and while winning is also important to these hockey players they've got a better cause in mind as they the skates the nationwide series of events on to the
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flag of goodwill seeing politicians journalists athletes and celebrities team up and has already raised over four million dollars to help hundreds of children in need now the latest event in moscow the group decided to attract donations by using ice hockey a rivalry between russia and the czech republic at pro level these games have always glued millions to their t.v.'s and brought thousands to the stands and these stanier old players from spartak moscow and sparta prague perhaps got a taste of what it might feel like in the not so distant future however there was no loser in this game as another nineteen sick children will receive the much needed funds for their treatments and the fans were obviously happy too as they could become witness of a new tradition between the czechs and the russians. but you can see. movements and we can go hand in hand with such events have been run within the framework of both the games and the world cup you will discuss this with the organizing committee of
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the so actually big games and see what we can do with the organizing committee for the. games as well we thought they had to wait to implement it in such a charge of projects and they've been bold cases over to cuba. and finally where the battle of champions was held on friday here in the russian capital has been brought out of past the details. of different martial arts always argue which waiting to make you stuff however the battle of champion. this is probably the best way to find the truth the competition is unique it gives an opportunity for athletes of eighteen fighting styles to face each other in one ring this time one thousand world and european champions game to battle it out in the lemon about to discover who's fighting background beats the rest this virginia it's not a show all these fights a very tough and they are all for real every school fight now has its own matha they are all sure that their way is the right one so every time they face each
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other it's a matter of order to win but anyway it's at the school that wins but a particular fighter in a particular about. one of the most impressive fights of the night was between that and the licks on those that are in the rivals have already met each other twice and this call was equal and this time five books eleven scored a point swing over the twenty seven year old in itself and speak to kill a jew but the after is forming the fist fighting what to top the evening's menu with two world titles medal out in two disciplines alexander should buy jeans gear for russia phase michael six all from the u.s. to become world champion and been credited on the russian wrestler dominated from the opening round giving his opponent no chance to get back into contention twenty two year old should by teens key kept throwing his rival to the floor the old the russian was delighted with the victory showed long before the end of the encounter there was a team of sadness as it's his last who will fight bowing out of the ring at the top
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due to a long term injury. on the one hand i'm very happy and would like to thank everyone and my opponent as well but on the other hand it's a little bit sad as i have to finish my professional career because of injuries so it was my last fight in the ring however i'm going to stay involved training young fighters. and in the final battle of the night before tribal coralie for the world title in keep boxing the thirty eight year old italian never really student chance in a blizzard of punches and kicks from the russian thirty year old who are sick of simply thresh his opponent lending punches to the stomach and had many an early or even their chief of a talent the referee had to stop before it in the third round after a hail of blows a good day's work though for the formidable russian forder who is now grabbed hold of belts and keep books and the crown of absolute world champion. my opponent is a very non-typical kick boxer and i experienced problems with his kicks in the
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first round but my tough training helped me then and i'm sure the punches i threw at him would finally find the target and that's what happened. martial arts are very popular in russia the full house at the luzhniki arena was evidence daters getting the red chance to see the top fighters from various martial arts in action doing battle in one ring can say about half of our team. that's latest assault for the moment time now to check the wild weather stay with us hungry for the full story we've got it for. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers. sweet and clean. and fair use for. radioactive and dangerous. and even dead and desolate.
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they all keep their unique secrets their bottoms unique lakes on our team.
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