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and for your convenience our comfortable shuttle bus will teach you to do some just a few hours observing urging forest and scaring the most current mirrors in your directly. on the moon. crater. scorching soil then toward there are included. a photo with the wild lunar rover for free. wealthy british style sun it's time to.
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market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with much stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines in two counties a report on our. business benefit tonight challenges of weapon smuggling and terrorism out of course in the u.s. he was hastening walk through the exit from thailand on teams day. plans for europe i mean it's an equal partner that was one of the outcomes of the naysay watch the summit in lisbon which is going to hailed as a first. never they will say. two israeli soldiers get no jail
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for using a palestinian boys the human shields they forced the nine year old to check and balance what paul does to illegals the sunni is. next we take huge the rugged beauty of russia's on touch. the land of living volcano special we're. will cain and so terrified and fascinated people since the dawn of time. there eruptions are beautiful but lethal natural. and. you can chuckle can ensure it is in eastern russia this region has been called the land of stone tool chairs and some good things. there are
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a few places on the planet where you can see so many different full canids are constantly in turmoil can chop does not escape continues to be molded with centuries old a tonic to the trees on the ground. but can chant get a climb up a volcano usually begins a dutch track. this is a military truck fitted with a wagon to transport people. drive a good game country and uses it to bring tourists to the foot of the thousand year old. volcano several times a month. people only recently started going up from debt site. the only use to hunt deer before the ruction.
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like these people are just every day tourists for their travel routes they chose the places where you don't need special mountaineering skills. they've each made at least one trip to the mountains but none those ever be near the site of the so-called major if the solid up should of told the trick. many years ago. a fountains burst from cracks in the ground near the center of the ancient volcano plus. it takes a while to get to the epicenter of the eruption the start of the ascent is a five hour cross-country drive from the nearest settlement. several dozen kilometers away from where the lava broke through the surface the dead forest begins. quite dry tree trunks don't stop
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black hole comics like. it's all a reminder of the destructive forces which mccain knows possess. every tourist group is sure to make a quick stop here. from this point the aim of their extreme hike is already visible. the twin stratified volcanoes austria and. sit on the horizon covered with fall. there are several low rising new focus on it cones nearby. ash and slag from these craters have covered several kilometers of the surrounding area. it is one in the quarter if you look at the top of a tree it's actually just a small part of it this tree is completely buried twenty metres down just like all the others with a few know about it but the depth of slag which is the rural that we're standing on could be up to sixty metres a bit to the left we can see
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a normal tree that hasn't been buried under so much slag if you look. almost six of july nine hundred seventy five fountains of lava began posting from cracks in the crust eight hundred. it is from the extinct crater of the people ski town but chief ok no destroying everything in their way. geophysicists part of talkative and predicted the exact place date and even time of that mighty eruption. stuff that they can chapter instituto vulcanology the only one in the world at that time were ready they even managed to fully research
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and film it. in this picture young vulcanologist alexander of psionic over his researching the massive eruption of told patrick it was there two weeks after the eruption started. for the scene was just overwhelming of the time but most of the light nor crashing down it was tremendous indeed i knew would a cloud of ash stretched for one and they have thousand kilometers and fell into the ocean of it looked as if the lightning was flying across that a cloud and striking into the ok no scone they all boarded up to make a terrible racket. the biggest concentration is situated on the pacific coast three hundred twenty eight of them are active and form the pacific ring of fire.
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as part of that there are twenty nine on the eastern coast of. this been insular as many volcanoes as the subduction zone is located here the oceanic plate is moving beneath the continental plate and gradually sliding inside it of unnaturally frictional causes frequent earthquakes large in situ cracks and so-called weakly zones occurred allowing the magma to come up to the surface. the locals call this mud port sculptor a zone where one of the earth's plates slides under another which is known as subduction is located deep below the mud pot. the magma melts mountain rocks forming gas on its way up wards it heats water mixes it with and throws it out in the form of liquid clay. the sculpture is just one of the many fantastical features
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to be found in one of the world's oldest volcano calderas it's located in the central part of camp chant because eastern volcanic belt this gigantic create a culture and is the caldera of the zone volcano. about three hundred thousand years ago a three kilometer high composite cone used to tower over a place of the present song and. this structurally you know after a series of powerful eruptions the earth below volcano gave them forming a cult there on. the average height of its cliffs is four hundred meters in the diameter is more than twelve kilometers. news on caldera features unusual manifestations of molten volcanic activity there are hundreds of boiling and bubbling whirlpools and month pools here small volcanic cones hot lakes
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and areas with steam gas and hot water jets breaking through the ground. overholt lakes of the use on caldera hostile to any advanced life forms but they are populated by special types of which produce oxygen making the water surface bubble. at the same time they prevent me thing and carbon dioxide from the underground waters from breaking the surface and rising into the atmosphere. that there are very specific conditions of saw oil and want to hear one can find many types of bacteria with absolutely different structures this is interesting a foreigners. whose own is especially protected site within the crew not to reserve. yevgeny of loss of lives and works here monitoring the caldera.
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during the summer he accompanies excursions to protect tourists from the local bad as. the bad trail goes north and reaches down near. this crater filled with cold clear water is known as a mom this one is about a kilometer in diameter it's in a cliffs a quite steep so there's barely any shoreline around the lake. just a narrow black ring of ash volcanic bombs or masses of molten rock and scoria. here's a piece of volcanic glass i found by the lake it's very sharp is just the kind of thing that people used to scrape animal skins with before arnon steel were invented so very sharp and very hard this is a piece of hardened lava the last time was on a rock to was forty thousand years ago this time hasn't been long enough for grass
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to cover the forty thousand years he's an engine. this group of tourists is exploring a new chapter in the history of camp chapters eruptions one of their plans is to come to volcano comes the applause. the unspoken rules of climbing volcanoes are quite simple follow your guide closely don't stretch the chain if you cannot walk any further everyone else descends along with you. their aim is to reach the summit of the cone not far from the volcano. you are about to start a difficult just sent to fall from me following each other's steps be wary of show up rocks that may slip from under your feet and cause serious injuries or in some instances rocks or fallen from the slope above and hit people on the head on
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occasion and the injuries are even being fatal. each cone is about fifteen hundred meters above sea level. these are the so-called new tell but. they appeared as a result of the eruption and nine hundred seventy five. was one of its four epicenters. from one of the cone tops there's a good view of the crater and gold canals of thick spurting. those were the liquid types of lab us a bird's of they covered more than thirty square kilometers was worth it but if the forest was destroyed as well as the entire beautiful tundra that had been there about that well that other about.
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three weeks after the eruption one of the cone suddenly slew out a massive amount of land. it travelled upwards from the depths of thirty kilometers. scientists say some three billion tons of erupted material in the form of rocks came from below the surface. all the while the molten pieces of lava known as mechanic bombs shot out from noxious. scientists had to carry out their research in extreme conditions. we were going right below the cone as we were selecting stone and chopping the samples are part rocks at times those volcanic bombs orlando knots they were falling from above like cannon shots and we would look out and then up and dodging all over the place to avoid them.
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to. day years after the eruption the tallest and widest wall of the volcano's crater is a reminder of what was left since the lava streams broke out. the banks of these thickened rivers a painted in different hues. during the eruption rocks with a high concentration of copper sulfur and other elements appear each has a unique color of its own. the top of the cone is very hot the warmth is still rising from the depths of the earth. yet. we brought these sticks here to set them on foil with the internal heat of this cone the temperature inside the fissure is nine hundred degrees so the state catches fire in a matter of seconds. the first klein ends at sunset on the
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first day of the mountain trip but there is a much longer more difficult and interesting way to the summit of postie tell batiks will kind of crater tomorrow. soon which brightened. soon from first impressions. who threw stones on team dot com. download the official antti application to your i phone or i pod touch from the i.q.
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zaps to. life on the go. video on demand parties and live broadcasts and already set feeds now in the palm of your. question on the ati dot com. the landscape which includes the austrian. volcanoes looks more like the surface of the main. fake larva streams high rising cones after craters small funnels huge slag waists and fields of volcanic bombs. these are the results of numerous eruptions. of the will of course one can easily imagine that this landscape isn't part of the
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earth even if they don't know what happened on the moon at that time in the meat nine hundred sixty s. scientists had photos of the lunar surface with their four come charcoal was chosen as one of the testing in. tell us who has called slaves to germany now where the nuremberg trial you bunol a mine is being opened the whole thing is a face trial six divide over forgot what we can ellison sirat russia's foreign minister said again after all speaking about opening cyber sleuth live edition of wolf gripping of the hill is a very important step will be taken in order that this would never happen again and you're going to go with this sentence your maker added to the military defeat of hitler's to reach a brigade it's moral political and legal destruction in nuremberg the victory of the forces of decent program as well as legally strength through joint efforts that
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ideology of man hatred was recognized by lawful as well as main organizational structures in the practice of nazis in general use that are used when we're going to do a little bit of world war two was a tragic events or in the history of our country that we lost just the millions of lives by seeing them on the victim alter but will never and lot about everything was new to the u.s.s.r. just everything to make sure that the nuremberg trials were not a massacre or a reading of it inside it was first mentioned that international trial with the go to go through proper of the prosecution and defense there was a program an honest look at it this was the middle class on october fourteenth ninety wasn't sure if it was said in a statement proposed by the soviet government. so that. you may have a computer mix that on the you will. this initiative. is the declaration.
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of the. conference between foreign ministers and they. say. in one nine hundred forty three. hearing at first it was not. by the whole coalition only. ninety five. in agreement between the use of our. great britain and friends. of the major war criminals the. countries the. charter of the international tribunals. the provisions of the charter. legally by. by the resolutions of the un general assembly. generally recognized the international law during the.
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period of this principle have been determined in the development of international law first of all international criminal humanitarian law international justice they laid the foundations for the development of regulations of crimes against humanity . genocide and aggression. but you can. go with the international bases a lot of principle isn't on the nuremberg experience but. still has proven. bernal is recognized by every as a major political in just a legitimate oversteer factor for its existence is the unity of the united nations at the time when it was created during the process and in doing this as a result of. international justice should be a result of joint effort and have authority into international community. terms
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that certain countries work with the groups of contributions the role of the international judge will have. should not have legal consequences in the recent history such an attempt to take place in the only cause trouble and instability for the world. who gets to go to. the same that not all of us learned well the lessons. otherwise what could be the reason to the fact that even today was still some attempts to justify nazis. for crimes they committed and attempts to present today some sort of fighting to for just close. what other assessment. of the former. or the court ruling that swastika must be regarded as part of the cultural heritage of the baltic which. was known for some we get more like to say that in germany
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itself to beatty in the outcomes of the nuremberg trial is legally a criminal offense although. i believe that the community here has most of the global community of people. believe that all the crimes are classified by the trial tribunal as crimes against humanity have no expiring date go. we are now in a german city and i'd like to say that our relations with germany have been developing for many years on this solid foundation of historic reconciliation and strategic partnership. we will face has proven to be beneficial not only to our countries but to your room on the whole which of us has received a model of building a well balanced cooperation on principles of no but my daughter goal bias mutual respect and we shall benefit most of europe we highly appreciate lower german were partners respectful attitude and care taken of the burial sites of russian soldiers
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on the german territory that's as well as efforts to acquire the material support to nazi victims. a substantial critical issue into the implementation of memorable projects has been made by the russian foundation for mutual understanding and the german foundation in memory with which response ability in future work and their work is of special importance to your embedded bills historical memory with the younger generations of russian and german citizens. it is a duty of the global community to counter all and any missile defense stations of. racial hatred was enough malviya and extreme in the slightest concession to the demons of the past to work off or get into history or tempest to revamp it with our fraud with tragic consequences from the woods a train from such for the principles makes it hard to count on the cheap success in our mutual combat of international terrorism terrorism is the same kind of barbaric
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you do all the chain move which advocates violence aggression complete disregard of moral values and the value of human life. she would move through the debris that is necessary to do this common evolve and support collective efforts promote peace stability and human rights. russia. and germany are united in. would you support these collective efforts to promote the human rights and. has also. received an additional with germany's selection into the un security council for the year two thousand and eleven to two thousand and twelve. this is a. team. of promoting cooperation goodwill and strict compliance with the international war. to conclude my speech i would like to take this importunity to
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thank you and present to the museum with a copy of the documents and photographs related to the nuremberg trial which are stored in the archives of the russian foreign ministry as well as other russian cloaks for. these documents for the history of creating the tribunal the process of establishing the elements of its legal framework and organizational structures some of these documents as we see them are completely unique and i hope that these materials will become a substantial part of the museum's display and will be a. visit to new zealand researchers thank you very much for your attention. was the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov we were just listing to speaking at the opening ceremony of nuremberg tribunals. where germany as seen in
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answers face trial some sixty five years ago so many being seen as a central in this series of events as marking the anniversary of the nuremberg hearings the trials considered by some to when he said the basis for international law as mr laugh was saying in his speech at that ceremony also being attended by representatives from america britain and france more of course on the trial and commemorative events taking place around those nuremberg trials coming up in the next hour here on r.t. so do stay with us. for the full story we've got it first hand the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers. sweet and clean. salty and very useful.
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radioactive and dangerous. and even dead and desolate. they only keep their unique secrets and their bottoms unique lakes on our team.
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