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tv   [untitled]    November 22, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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hello this is r t it's a peer monday night here in moscow you're most welcome my name is kevin owen and our top story tonight an r.t. news crew has been freed on bail after spending around thirty two hours in the us jail they were taken into custody in the state of georgia while filming an annual rally near a military base nicknamed the school of assassins. i never. thought i would. ever hear. the meet you can understand my. way were also forced to profile you know they were accused of taking part in the rally considering another charge against them tonight for allegedly failing to obey offices instructions despite the crew claiming very good describe what police was quote brutal overproduced details of
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a deal for security forces i think i was there with my camera man covering the school of the americas watch rally in vigil at fort benning this vigil has been going on for many many years and the police when we interviewed them before the all these events transpired day talked about how peaceful this event usually is how they never have problems with the protesters and then while we were filming we were asked to step aside were asked to step onto the sidewalk which we did this is documented in the footage that we shot we turned our backs and all of a sudden we are being arrested we were not told what we were being charged with we were taken to the county jail it took about four hours for us to be told what we're being charged with and we are processed through the system and we actually spent thirty two hours in the county jail there in georgia so we've just been released earlier this morning you know i've been a journalist in honduras i've been a journalist in many other countries and you see the sort of oppression of journalists this kind of violence against against the media this this attempt to
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control what kind of information is being getting is getting out but i've never seen that in the united states the united states is my country and i believe very strongly in the first amendment and i always really believe that it did protect us as media workers as press workers even though we were clearly credentialed press were accredited with the united states congress we presented our press credentials and they still arrested as we were charged just as all the either our. activist were all of us were found guilty of every single charge brought against us there was no distinction made between the press and between the you know the activists that were there and the bystanders the innocent bystanders so really we we felt as journalists that we didn't have protection of freedom of the press we didn't have first amendment rights and it's interesting that this happened outside of the school of the americas where there their training soldiers and police to do these kind of actions against relations with latin america and much of the same repression was seen on the streets of the united states the cases and over again we
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did appear before a jazz in many ways it was the most undemocratic i would say prophet as you know sort of miscarriage of justice i mean a lot of us weren't even permitted to speak we weren't even permitted to hear what the police officers were saying against as or permitted to respond it was sort of the judge chose to not only you know press charges against us and decide even though is an arraignment but also sentences and we're also facing state charges for unlawful assembly which as journalists we you know obviously are not part of an unlawful assembly where they're covering it under our first amendment rights so that's the next case that's going to be taken up with the state of georgia and we're very hopeful that our lawyers who have been very supportive in this process and all the people who have been in solidarity with us will continue to support us in this process and see what we can do about these charges as well of his correspondent. for. the details.
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well for the last twenty years or to move through the big questions on the subject of harsh public scrutiny you know he's going to come pick up on the story too. there has been a growing public outrage with what's going on at fort benning and any straining cam for latin american military and law enforcement officers they've trained around sixty thousand of them many of whom have returned to their countries and became very dangerous they committed all kinds of human rights abuses for example in one thousand nine hundred ninety three the united nations truth commission on el salvador named the army officers who had committed the worst atrocities of the civil war they are two thirds of them had been good it had been trained at the school of the americas in chile the schools graduates rainbolt of course the pinochet secret police and his and some of his main prisons there which are often referred to as concentration camps generals who led the bloody military coup in honduras in two thousand and nine were trained at the school of the americas which
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is now called the western hemisphere institute for security cooperation while the name has changed but the practices obviously have. have not caylee now reporter was covering all this in the rally outside fort benning where the training center is located going to come reporter you might be interested as well to know that just a little over an hour's time you're an r t that story featuring you know latest debate show crosstalk with peter lavelle be sure to stay with us for the. big story today debt stricken ireland will receive a massive bailout of over one hundred billion dollars from the european union of the international monetary fund it is the second emergency rescue package organized by the eurozone to submit measures were taken to greece some boman head of research
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at the adam smith institute in london says what we're seeing is the beginning of the end of the single currency. honestly i think the euro zone's days are numbered i can't see the euro survive in this decade certainly not the next ten years probably not the next one or two years in fact the barrier island will kick the can down the road maybe our it will bring down the euro but probably portugal spain or even if we will the exposure of for example the french economy to italian banks is absolutely massive twenty percent of the entire french economy is. in france by charlie and banks by italian bond holders so if it really goes francisco economy will collapse the entire eurozone will collapse if one of these larger mediterranean countries goes and i think that really what ireland and what the u.k. needs to realize is that it's not a matter of bailing out the euro because that's what this bailout is aiming to do the bailout is trying to sustain the euro currency but that actually won't work really the question is do we do it now in an orderly way to wind down the euro and help ireland out of the euro zone or do we try and wait for one of the massive
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european economies like spain or italy to collapse and there will really be in trouble because there's no way we can afford to bear that out and we really really will be a difficult situation then what we need to do is to help our land out of the euro zone help them restart which their own currency which can float so that they can devalue that and be competitive on the world markets and that will move again and it will be good for the british taxpayer because britain will see will prosper when all and prosperous as well. sam bowman there head of research at the adam smith institute talking to us from london a bit earlier on of course while the e.u. may be busy fighting to save the economy it still faces the added problem of other potential members knocking on its door. now the serbia is getting ready for membership talks we ask who's going to lose the e.u. or service themselves called but coming up a few bit later on this hour plus. the air all see has become a wasteland and solve that pollution and lindsay france joined me and catholic dan to investigate how this transformation to the people and how it but it down on the
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environment for after. the russian newspapers published new details of the joint nato russian missile defense shield discussed on the sidelines of last weekend's alliance summit in lisbon under a new proposal offered by president medvedev the two sides would cover separate sectors of territory citing an unidentified diplomatic source the paper says that simply speaking russia would be responsible for handling rogue missiles from the east of nato will cover russia from the west say this plan would allow both sides to remain secure and independent in terms of their anti myself systems so i also believe that strategy would help to dispel russia's concerns over european systems threatening its national security listen to keaton's from the moscow state university of foreign relations he told us the west needs russia to feel truly safe . we agreed to a direction in which missiles start them from the territory of certain state is common to only by a certain quantity or
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a set the lies below given isaac your united states or russia or some european powers. you really knew. a lot of. airspace to be warned in advance about as a potential strike from this point of your example are impatient i was in your system against potential strikes from iran or north korea would require. much more informational to be built this off russia be involved may be informational capabilities for located that european powers from this point of your russia you need to do is a west to establish the system in so full scale and there she is ready for the negotiations for. alexander the katyn for the moscow state university of international relations and his thoughts for the program. the world's fourth largest lake the arrow will see in central asia is now known for one of the worst ecological disasters on the planet because of some of the irrigation projects the
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water started receiving fifty years ago bringing a drastic change to the local climate in killing last marine life but one of the greatest threats the rapidly disappearing water is still pose is not the people's health and the fronts report. the arrow see is a shadow of its former self those in the kazak city once had the sea at their doorstep but are now confronted by the haunting sight of abandoned ships the water is twenty kilometers away and from the dried up remains sickness comes one local woman who chose not to be named remembers when friends and family started to fall ill but you see here new diseases a match that we have never seen in high numbers he specially related to present my husband's good chronic bronchitis that's how i believe you can see salt in the air but you feel it on the skin and you can feel it on the tongue. fields planted to
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make the soviet union completely self-sufficient and cotton consumed the rivers feeding into the air will see decade by decade it nearly disappeared now what was once the world's fourth largest landlocked body of water is reduced to a pit of sand salt and pollution. the salt clings to the moist seabed like here at the harbor in are all tsk as soon as it's dry enough even the slightest wind carries it into the town and across the country into the lungs of men women and children who don't even know they're bringing it before the ground caught in screen the errol scene was one of the most picturesque places in central asia as it disappeared along with the soviet union the task of regeneration fell to the heads of newly independent central asian states in the early one nine hundred ninety s. it was then that people learned the extent of the seized the mines that until that
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point was known only to those close to the cultivation projects pesticides used to yield cotton leached into the rivers making the water a silent killer. who has been growing heavily polluted as well and innocent. we're living in a disaster area past our infectious disease ward had one hundred fifty to one hundred sixty patients especially children with a string of diseases per year now it's about five per year and it was the exact same with viral hepatitis this is all frank's to police officer. three years ago a group called the international fund for saving the arrow see stepped in to protect the people from the tainted water. is just a fresh water project souls' many shias when possible they lead tap water pipes to the villages and to distant villages with a great local water pipe system but the pesticides aren't just in the fresh water
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they're blowing across the dusty seabed as well. in addition multi-drug resistant tuberculosis is on the rise exacerbated by this toxic combination special rehabilitation wards are reserved in area hospitals. our government pays fifty percent of what it calls ecological extras to our salaries they throw an extra for living near buchan or with the rockets launched and the aerial see we have serious problems with the draft young come in unfit to service. small downs now trapped what little water flows into the upper air all seems irrigating the desert little by little but walking through this place that's been given a new lease on life one can see the legacy of mismanagement it begs the question is bringing the water back enough to overcome the years of neglect or is the
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pollution too great to turn the dust bowl back into a thriving basin. lindsey france r t cassocks down. what was a first in a series of special reports and got for you from the site of one of the world's worst environmental disasters do stay with us become for more on the aral sea region throughout the week here on our team their stories of the. home page two as you'd expect. to follow all the stories online and give you more adeptly comment as well also online tonight we've been told to make stream delivery drop off for south pole scientists with russian cargo planes unique parachuting mission big story one it's doing it to get fuel and the quick. check that one out tonight at all to see don't call it plus is the end of the line for this kind of trusty old seems new design. it will be goodbye to the model which heralded the electric era. buff you want to know more all at sea dot com of course i'll take you to channel two.
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news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images. from the streets of canada. for rachel to rule the day. people across russia have been flocking to newly opened interactive reception rooms this morning to talk to president medvedev online the nationwide frenzy caused long lines and even some traffic problems too this is the first ever online video conference on president scale here in russia as people from war eighty three regions had a chance to quiz the country's leader on any issue during the session the president because of the use of the government to a local level as well known for his love of modern technology regular updates and video blogging is an avid tweeter of many occasions the president's reaction to
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certain events was communicated to the public through his twitter page and the official. twenty seven time world news stories making headlines right now the u.s. special envoy to north korea has called recent revelations about the country's nuclear program provocative but not a crisis. this stephen bosworth who was visiting south korea was responding to a report by an american scientist that the north has a new rain even richmond with more than a thousand centrifuges they've also been claims an experimental light water reactors big developed to none of the revelations the big. rescue is at a mine in new zealand are preparing to use a specialized army robot now to try to reach those twenty nine miners still trapped since an explosion three days ago rescue efforts are being severely hampered by dangerous toxic gases preventing anyone from entering mine so far the drilling of a ventilation shaft down to where the miners are believed to be more than a kilometer underground expected to be completed soon however officials with
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knowledge of the miners may not have survived the initial explosion keeping a close eye on that story develops. serbia is set to face key questions from the e.u. commission over its readiness to join the union but with a bloc currently struggling to keep its weaker states afloat their escapism in the alliance about accepting another new member and that's the sort of first reports next even in serbia many don't membership will bring any great benefits to the troubled country. it's government's i a family on the west just a few days time says he will be presented with a questionnaire by the commission and what's seen as an important step in said he is fit to join the e.u. for us citizens as was the case for the rest of the continent being part of the e.u. is the certainty for peace and stability a normal life they had away from the prairie political rhetoric and the media amongst the public in its first be different in fact
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a recent monitoring the port found that more than half the respondents now of the e.u. accession negatively. focused on joining the. e.u. gives. and it seems that is being dictated to by the e.u. what eudora impose crisis here at many econ chains and they're facing the big struggles and there are some important questions being posed just how will the next session help economy and when unemployment in serbia is so high that the promises of a better future translate into actual benefits. for ten years the serbian government has been striving towards the e.u. with promises of a better future free cheese is only ever on offer in a mouse trap the government even sold some businesses to partners in the european union. people here feel like the membership will be the answer to the country's
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problems and prairie rhetoric holds in this way but continuing economic instability is affecting the lives of the population serf. belgrade. well the prospects of said rejoining the e.u. on the obstacles it faces were up for discussion went out to sophie shevardnadze with the said being president boris tadic you can watch that full interview in about ten minutes is a quick preview of what he had to say. things take sat that serbia is actually putting it chances of joining the e.u. under threat by refusing to cooperate with kosovo and you're facing a really tough choice what's your priority kosovo or the membership i'm not making that kind of differences when i was elected for president of serbia in a mind to me certificate is to become a state a few different dettori that you can still bring to my country i'm going to continue my efforts in that direction if you're talking about people that.
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mentioning course or as a main problem of the country different opinion polls in past few years you have to know that serbia is a very much affected because of economic or crisis that respects the old serbian people and the citizens are thinking that economic crises. unemployment and the kind of problems on the talk before this is a totally true without strong economy and the real development you cannot defend your state and the national interests. boris tadic the serbian president the big names talk to us about our team or about in a moment big business before that though tonight shailene stay with the monday evening update for you next. hello welcome to business program here on r.t. with. kazakhstan is planning to double oil production by two thousand and twenty and is offering up new export markets most of the same time the country also will
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survive versifiers economy was looking for foreign investors as the country's prime minister spoke exclusively to business auti about the plans. because i stand if known with walt because we have a huge reserves of the natural resources before the bridge over the minerals and etc but to be only supplier of resources to the war is not our goal i would just a nation has to be to have a competitive free market economy to have for a competitive for the. population with a higher standard of education mr prime minister it's been almost a year since the creation of the customs union of russia kazakstan and valorous how would you assess its work what problems have been revealed during this year and where has it been most successful of course we did have some difficulties the past
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will be some difficulties in the future but at the same time we do have very achievable results and seeing the results that were quantum is in the process within the custom union became more competitive. enterprises even custom union have more competitive advantages because the market is much bigger than it used to be before especially for cars are standing on the sixteen million population now we can produce out of those four hundred seventy million population this is a good one touch. the mere tariff policy in the customs union it will be based on current tariffs existing in the russian federation it will get ninety percent of all the duties while catholic start or receive only seven percent what is your opinion is this workable it's not only workable it's already working and they already feel that one hundred years of that i think it gives the possibility to set
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up a new enterprise system the territory of all the benefits of custom union including kazakhstan and they already feel more. or interest in foreign companies to invest in kazakhstan because now they're looking for a much bigger much not on the city's population and the weather they feel is interest from the. investors kazakstan plans to double oil extraction by twenty twenty what will be the priority in the country's energy policy and what export markets will kazakhstan target kazakhstan explain and to double export possibilities by twenty twenty and distant nation for all its beautiful in the digital sources is traditional come to this through the russian pipeline system to europe through. custom pipeline control from projects russian territory but would boost jihan. to china i think we will explore much as
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possible even though they exist in capacities not enough and we have discussed. with all the members with all the neighboring countries the possibility for a future export but the first choice is russia. debt stricken on island has confirmed it will receive a massive bailout sneer opinion is the second emergency rescue package organized by the year is there in this year first given to greece the irish government is negotiating with the e.u. with the international monetary fund for loans worth just under one hundred billion euro as part of the deal the government to outline its spending plan for the next four years will have to restructure the country's banking industry and bring down the huge budget deficit cases is also ready to help on land with an eight billion euro learned say the case shows that post-crisis development is still difficult even who developed countries. most of the markets worldwide are concentrated on the
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case because this is again another silence of weakness of developed conference unfortunately doesn't look like an economy car development is that you're boston over to see proof that private sector frequencies are riding. time now to see how the markets that performing in u.s. stocks the sinking of the islands application pervade out fail to reap broader concerns about sovereign debt in the usa. down to one point eight percent with our places in the picture in europe western markets have turned toward negative gains relates to the news of a rescue package for our improved short lived balance of time negative gains for drug and auto stocks lending some support. but here mostly russian stocks have closed in the red on monday bringing all swings winning streak to an end and energy produces gas probably recall a real snow let the declines new cool down almost one percent. russia will export
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about twelve million tons of coal to china this year the chinese vice premier says this will be two million more tons in china have expected meeting with a russian deputy prime minister igor searchin he had a positive outlook for energy cooperation between russia and china. and finally more than seventeen hundred thousand far employees will get permission to work in russia next year that's off the russian government approved the quota for non-citizens looking for jobs in the country which is almost two hundred thousand less than it was last year hardly qualified employees will enjoy the perks like easier to get to give us that the government is struggling to reduce the number of illegal foreign workers in the country indeed russia attracts the second highest amount of illegal workers of the u.s. on a conservative estimate more than four million people are working in the country without permission or an invitation. for this hour we can always find more stories on our website r.t. dot com slash business. and
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the national. news crew. they were accused of taking part in the. agreement reached a. hundred billion dollars is the second.


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