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tv   [untitled]    November 23, 2010 10:30am-11:00am EST

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it insists it was part of military drills directed west and north north as many countries rush to accuse the new publication russia has called for restraint on both sides to a full scale war. and as the crew jailed for covering a rally in the u.s. and sprayed on bail details of the brutal police behavior during the arrests of the peaceful protests against the military base stop the school of a thousand things that finish one off of his time call the crew filming the abend mobs them to please. ok up next also years from one of france's leading political scientists he's been explaining where the diversity of the civilizations will lead the world and he's going to be its major player stay with us. thank you. it.
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was. by thank you very much for being with us today you say you advocate this idea of a clash of civilizations in the present and world what is and what is it based on who is involved in it and where are the battle lines drawn well in the long term view is three is is not only a clash of civilizations it's a competition between different nation different cultures but it's also a clash of civilization between china europe the u.s. and a lot of different civilization what they say is we cannot deny this clash of civilization and specially of a five but the us tried to dominate one to lead the world and try to impose western values and a kind of twist on the globalization there's also a rising tension with the immigrant communities in many european countries yes i think it's a it's a big problem you know for my country and for many european countries we have
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a serious problem with especially with mostly me grants because it's very difficult where simulate them inside the nation or europe and christian the character of nation where where is this leading this where could this lead to maybe i hope it will not be the case but maybe we can have kind of see the war and the clash inside of society for european societies as you see the political world. in european union because of you half far far right parties are stronger and stronger year after year the result can be strong. tensions inside for european country russia doesn't have this problem you have a strong unity in your character even if you have. people but it's a long it's a long time. we've you are minorities let's talk about america
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a little bit what do you think is america's biggest missions where its major strategic enemies for example america tried to keep the leadership on the world but no it's not possible because of china china race is something very difficult to accept for the u.s. and they would try to contain tried to compete with china especially in the pacific ocean where we live probably we live tension between the two major players china and the us but in the long term view i'm confident about the relationship between russia europe on the us i think in the long term you know we have the same interest we will have to deal with two major problems in the future china on islam the islamic world and that's a reason why i'm confident about the future between between the u.s.
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and russia so you don't see china as part of this unity america here of pressure plus china no i think no we are in the kind of multipolar eighty but in several decades maybe twenty or thirty years china will be very very strong and probably. will try to dominate the world so no we have a kind of us globalization but in view too we can have a kind of chinese globalization and it's not a good thing for russian people on earth so for europe and people ok but that's twelve in ten decade. right but what about now why where is this american entitled any sentiment coming from why would someone there are politicians target its biggest creditor oh it's very simple i think it's just come from the us want to
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keep the first player in the world they want to lead for globalization they cannot accept to see very role challenge by china do you think i think has changed since obama came to office i think so not another purports not because of the us it's to lead the world but for me ford a chance for a way to change the world a change before obama we had uni polarity police after we've obama we have. a multilateral means to lead peace accord so this is something new for example the relationship between russia and the us is the better way you know we've obama than we were republicans in the past but other republicans actually won control and congress how could this affect the future of the start treaty with russia well actually very very is a trend inside the republican party we do which doesn't
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good opinion of for russia but i think very is also a pragmatist pragmatism tradition in the republican party and then over to russia is a very important player and also an overt for for us question like afghanistan like iran all of a major question. american have they need russia to find solutions so even the republican know about vat but if there is a possible deal a on the start treaty thing that could have sacked the relationships between russia and the us that have just recently improved yes actually that's right but a part of the republican party does agree we've via agreement about start but true but i'm really confident under fact that the us are pragmatists people they
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know have very big economic or problems we have a very big very serious problem with china problems in the middle east. we need russia and very no probably if they are if they want to to have a smart poor because obama talk about the smart for smart poor is to deal with russia because we vote russia there is no solution in europe and no solution in the major problems of the world world well last we actually need invited russia to cooperate in the joint european missile defense system what does this mean how do you actually see russia's role in the future european affairs affairs in the years to come where russian position is fair i mean because they just say ok we're we have a balance worth funk stupor nuclear weapons and that we've your. we've your children
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your on to me side system you want to break this. up with vis balance between the major player and that's not fair i understand direction concern about that. and i think if the u.s. want the childe to be accepted then need to include russia into the systems we need to associate regression in the systems of security it's impossible to to deal with vote russia also we've chilled because if not what will it mean that the me side chile is targeted against russia also nato and by russia to take part in their summit in the subline this month how will that play out how do you see russia nato relationship taking up from here as you see nato needs russia because they want to associate russian presence is this something very new we can see that about
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afghanistan mr and about on t.v. side system one now you know quite a bit about russia and the trial the world. do you think russia gets a fair media. coverage arts and russia no i don't think so i think i can see in my country for example in france we don't have a fair coverage we don't have a fair image. of russia it's sometime it's like a caricature. it's very strange i don't understand it's like russia something is depicted as a soviet union we've imperioli them and very don't try to understand what the russian that wants it's to just to protect our security to protect us. i mean a kind of vital or space. many times.
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the treatment of. mr putin or mr medvedev is not fair but why do you think that happens i mean it's more or less understandable why american media would prefer a rush as an enemy because it's a long time history and it's in their mentality but here i will russia has enjoyed fairly good relationship with europe and stable relationship for the past twenty years why were you perfectly right there is no russian soft power in the media's in europe you don't have any influence inside medias in europe that's not for kids with the u.s. because there are a lot of pro u.s. supporters inside the medias they have networks very efficient and very powerful networks i realized during view iraq war i realize almost each. all strong was the us inside my country thanks to networks so. in the future i really promote the possibility to develop russian
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soft bore but doesn't mean propaganda but means new friendship networks we've russian expert. to explain exactly what. of your foreign policy thank you very much for this interview i think you're right it's. seventy six hours of intense fighting. six thousand days of beach front battlefields several kilometers long. and now there is only one person who cares. you see we are surrounded by garbage everywhere but also there are. on this beach which of course is the very most appropriate city signification a symbol of everything that's wrong with our goddamn government allowing not only garbage but to
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a chair we wait where so many guys died. a new battle is going on. will the history be protected. returned to tara what julian cooper story on our t.v. . sweet and clean. salty and very useful. radioactive and dangerous. and even did it and desolate. feel keep their unique secrets their bottoms unique lakes on our t.v. they faced it this is not a prohibition but a warning of the. day for which it should step before you showed us
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a pretty tree speaks they have no idea about the hardships that would be faced. by one it's this is is it. although to new systems for any army the life of a usaf is the most precious thing in the world. is of self-sacrifice and heroism with those who understand it fully but you have to live a. real life stories from world war two. victory nineteen forty five dot com. eleven peoples this. christmas campaign of terror in europe all reported to be
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linked to the militants in the north caucasus investigation say the members of an international terror network that was financing gangs in chechnya. suicide rates among young u.s. war veterans to record levels with eighteen people taking their lives daily according to the latest figures unemployment homeless names and neglect. all believed to be among the reasons for the a calming increase. south korea confirms that it is open doll to reach both pulled north korea shelled and silent but insists it was part of military drills directed west not north as many countries rushed to accuse that all the provocation of russia has called for restraint from both sides to avert full scale war. crude jelf a comfort to us a rally is freed on bail details emerge of the brutal police behavior during the arrests the peaceful protests against the military base adult the school of the
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facts in the finish when officers hunt called the crew filming the event and launch them into a police fire. gets closer to the school's us now ok sounding bible place is the essence of another big week for the top football teams across europe isn't where all this certainly is yes that's right tonight is the first of two champions league nights and there's russian interest here in moscow a spot to take on must say more in the next. well. thank you for joining me for the sports news can't hear the headlines. european ambitions and must say get ready to do battle for a possible last sixteen spot in a good chunk of the trash here russian capital. while i turn a bottle world number one rafael nadal fights back to be andy roddick in three sets
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in a hall setting encounter the world tour finals in london. and charging on sunday i go beat the denver broncos thirty five fourteen in southern california for their third straight victory in the n.f.l. . and the kickoff of football the start of this big week of european action where spartak moscow face a crucial champions league group best match at home to assaye with a muscovite side knowing victory will put them through to the knockout stages for the first time in fourteen years which is ample of late has all the build up. sports and start of their champions league campaign in spectacular fashion of six points from the first two games however back to back to feed to give chelsea his proper read of white's level of points with their french rivals and head coach by lady carbury and will be looking to put some disappointing results behind them going into tuesday's game. this is the most important march of the season for us in theory a point against must see will leave us having to just be julia not to qualify but
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we'll be playing to win on tuesday will be a very difficult game but we won't be looking for a draw with. carbin isn't helped by a number of injuries to key players going into the match captain alex is rated as doubtful as his fellow brazilian arre or youngster andree ivanov is definitely out of a spot ex boss will be boosted by his side getting a one no victory mosque in their first group match but he expects the french side to provide a tougher test this time out of a myth about his love being a father and i say certainly haven't become weaker since we played them two months ago when we met they were near the bottom of their domestic league well now they are just two points off the leaders when we played them they were just starting their new season but now they are used to playing with each other and i expect a difficult much more say having have a better preparations for the game they arrived at the stadium straight from the airport after their flight was delayed head coach to dia de sean snow's side has to
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win as a victory or draw will see spotlight fruitage of a better head to head record against a side from the south of france. you perceive the key we know we have to play for the win and if we do so we'll make it through to the second round but it won't be easy to get a victory over sparta as there are a good side but our only incentive is to win a massive us here in the french side didn't get their champions league campaign off to the best of starts as bay failed to pick up a point from their first two games including a defeat to spartak how the back to back wins against the groups whipping boys you lena including a seven year victory last time out has put musée right back into contention and dijon believes tiredness could be a factor for spartak side who are approaching the end of a domestic season more player copying of his rear i watched politics last match against iska on the flight over from france and i noticed that the spacek players
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looked tired which probably has something to do with a number of them playing for their countries in midweek i also noticed that the spartak players were holding back as i think they had one eye on the champions league match with us the two sides coming to this game in contrasting form marsay have only lost once in all competitions and to be end of september was spotted will be hoping to put some poor recent form behind them as they come into one of their most important games of the season big three of us was so moscow will be enough to see them through to the lockout stages of the first time since one thousand nine hundred six overvalue carbons injury his squad will face a tough test against a rejuvenating side who know only victory will do if they want to make the next round of onboard altie moscow. meanwhile group leaders chelsea have already qualified for the next stage host rock bottom jelena from slack here the blues have a one hundred percent record of last of all available twelve points to save the last sixteen place meanwhile the ball and clue show all bottom of group eight i'm gunning for at least a third place finish which would guarantee a minimum of
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a spot in the europa league bottom of group g. host the second place ac milan last place parties and second great shot top to bottom in group h. leaders also travel to braga needing only one point or three in the final game against pakistan to progress. and as well group evaders by munich are already through to the knockout stage and choose day's opponents roma have the best chance of joining them up and coming when there is jeremy manier a is hoping to continue his plan to form against the twenty one time german champions study olympic oh the twenty three year old scored his first syriac goal in over a year on saturday in the champions league win against bol earlier this month still the french bases much room for improvement. you would you could do it because i still need to grow i'm twenty three years old i'm not a kid anymore but i'm still young and have to improve a lot both as a player and in life this is where i work you don't with the team and coaching staff. while over in great danger as
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a marine here is getting ready to pick his wits against iraq's counterpart martin yall all hoping his rail madrid side will be able to own that under current in europe his side do top the group and are already through but haven't made it past the last sixteen stage since two thousand and four however homesite i aks are among the three teams who could join this undersized there with ac milan and also begin to progress and despite bale being in a comfortable position well knows his side cannot take the pressure off. oh i see you may need to win another game and knowing the radio he will want to win the last game so we'll be ready as well we have two players missing but the rest are fit to play. meanwhile maria has broken his in for silence in amsterdam as a meeting with the media for the first time since completing a two game touchline ban the ban prevented the portuguese coach from giving pre or post match press conferences well israel based i.x.
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on choose day that ensure they finish first in the final group d. stages. as. well feel the same pressure the players made and other coaches as well we're all very motivated and under a lot of pressure since we are with teams with big prospects to use which are able to when prices go want to say to be the best in the champions league and other competitions that's what motivates us. meanwhile in the english premier league make a lot as deflected strike in the eighty third minute rescued a point for everton as they drew two two at sunderland evident made a great start to tim cahill headed in the open up after six minutes that had danny welbeck brace either side of half time at the host to one up however artist twenty odd left footed strike flew in on phil bardsley levelled the score with seven minutes left on the clock for both sides on this late chances to win the game the result sees everton rise to fourteenth in the table sunderland stay seven. ten is
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now world number one rafael nadal came from a set and a break down to beat andy roddick in the opening group a round robin match of the a.t.p. world tour finals in london the spaniard that rust in the opening set already dominated on course to claim it six three. second in control of the match but the dog found his rhythm and managed to pull level taking the set on a tie break twenty four year old was top five and continued to be aggressive in the decider twenty six and the match faces third ranked novak djokovic of serbia. meanwhile. djokovic beat six times in straight sets in the first place. they would see the total that start that set six three rounds the big getting a check was unable to get to the second set of enterprise are comfortable
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room six three six three two thousand and eight champion showing support for the second titans. land of the second games in group b. is taking place on tuesday where second seed roger federer is currently playing britain's andy murray his bank this swiss is a set up and it's five two to federer in the second set and the other match sweden's robin so telling me spine it take effect. in the n.f.l. the san diego chargers. trying their third straight victory by beating the denver broncos at home thirty five fourteen let's go straight to the middle of the second quarter when you can score seven or whatever punch the live from the yard ask you to try just in front of routine seven. patrick crayton then turn to shoot screen possibly think we're just going to a full two yard touchdown with a tremendous twenty one seven lead at half time. and beginning of the third period the gang's effectively over for denver as dallas spalls trent a short asked where there's been a long touchdown in the trenches leads to twenty seven in san diego would
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eventually roll last thirty five thirteen minutes. staying in america but moving to the hardwood now where in the n.b.a. boston have thrashed atlanta ninety nine seventy six on the road to the celtics first victory over the hawks in five attempts the visitors produced a sensational start at school in their opponents by an impressive gather thirty nine points to thirteen in the first quarter kevin garnett notched up seventeen points including this one in second quarter to make it fifty nine thirty seven to the celtics for pierce and shaquille o'neal accepting thirteen apiece for the boston side to leave the celtics victory twenty three point margin and to get inside. moving across the ice now and double defending champions boss can keep up the pressure on the top two in the kontinental hockey league as they host tractor in one of five matches taking place on tuesday the man from cause i've had just three points behind me there's been a moscow elsewhere fifth place locking my teeth can also base their campaign with
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the weight of a set of styles of as an interesting a spouse and petersburg take on spartak moscow at lant welcome to them a minsk has come last by the other developed from rita. and that's all the sports news for this person but we'll be back with more in just under two hours stay tuned for the weather and the news headlines but may i finish. home.
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eleven people suspected of plotting a christmas campaign of terror in europe are reported to be linked to international
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terrorist networks funding militants in chechnya. suicide rates among young us more veterans the water record levels with unemployment homelessness and the black from your forties among the reasons for the alarming increase. while we bring you an eyewitness account of america's freedom of speech in action from an l.t.e. correspondent jailed for covering a protest outside a u.s. military base dubbed the school of the substance. and reversing the damage of his project might bring back such wages are all see the needs of the parents of which was one of the world's worst ecological catastrophe.


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