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tv   [untitled]    November 24, 2010 8:30am-9:00am EST

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and sound these are the live pictures that we're viewing at the moment bringing you see these protests taking place in london. it'll take a revolution to bring real change in the american political system that's the message ted rule is taking across the u.s. to promote his new book. last sat down with the consonants that outspoken war critic as he calls for the fight for democracy to begin. but she's sitting down with award winning editorial columnist and cartoonist ted rall ted thank you so much for meeting up with us today thanks for having me let's get right into it right now you're on a tour for your new book which is called the anti-american manifesto clearly that name is bound to tick off some of the political establishment here in the u.s. for our viewers give them a little bit of a sneak peek into the main message of what it's all about it's a call to arms it is addressing the fact that neither the democrats nor the
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republicans are able or willing to address the biggest problems facing the united states today which are the economy the environment health care and the wars and now you have to ask yourself as an american do you want to tolerate this system do you want to tolerate a system that is unresponsive and not going to go anywhere or do you want to change it the anti-american manifesto is not anti-american it's anti the american government or more specifically this american government we can do better and that's what we want to do what i want to do now you're a big critic of america's wars and occupations both in iraq and afghanistan a call to arms really seems like you know an aggressive way to respond to the aggression that the u.s. government is involved in the reason i oppose this particular regime is because it is so in aggressively violent. as the rest of the world knows the united states is always involved in some kind of war of aggression it rarely goes spends an entire
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year without invading some for some foreign country and that's only part of the story i mean there's the overall economic system that the united states provoked presides over that is incredibly violent and unjust so i'm talking about taking on this monolith this violent horrible disgusting system that is brutal and is willing to do anything you're going up against them you can't fight these guys with one arm tied behind your your back. probably going to lose anyway but you you have to you have to be serious let me follow up on that we have the united states really liking to criticize other countries and really try to get involved one way or another how come if all the things that you say are true we're not hearing more voices of criticism from across the globe well anti-americanism is rampant throughout the world obviously and not just in the muslim world and much of it is justified unfortunately due to u.s. foreign policy and you know in terms of other countries let's face it you know if
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you're the president of brandon republic somewhere in central asia for instance are you really going to challenge or criticize the united states government which is the sole remaining hyper power in the world the largest exporter of arms and possesses the large a bigger military presence than the next ten countries combined no i don't think so the rest everyone's afraid of us because we're a bunch of bullies would you say that u.s. military presence across the world is basically the number one priority of american foreign policy well it's certainly the number one. priority of us federal spending fifty four percent of us federal tax dollars go into the military nineteen percent is just the paying off the interest on old wars that are over and we're not fighting anymore so what the united states is all about is about invading other countries and in and exerting foreign military power whether it's through military bases of which that nobody even knows how many there are if you call the pentagon
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they can't tell you if it's seven hundred eight hundred nine hundred or a thousand bases they don't know how much or how many people they have under arms somewhere between two and three point five million directly or indirectly using foreign using mercenaries i mean it's a crazy monolithic roman style empire and nobody talks about it including anywhere in the world or here it's not allowed when you bring up a quote from your book the u.s. . terry would not and could not have killed a million plus iraqis if the people who live in the united states had done anything they could to stop do you really think that's the case what could the people have done considering the fact that many americans were opposing and still are opposing these wars and still nothing is being done for the most part the american left has been dormant or nonexistent since the early one nine hundred seventy s. and the big exception was the opposition to the war against iraq and two thousand and three hundreds of thousands of americans marched in the streets there was vocal
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opposition even members of congress were against it and yet in the end nothing changed and you have to ask yourself what could have gone differently i mean let's say of the million plus americans who marched in the streets during the winter of two thousand and two to two thousand and three had been more aggressive let's say they had refused to go home let's say they had clashed with the police let's say violence had broken out i think that then the congress would have been required would have been forced to take pause because they knew that this was an unjustified war of aggression it was an optional war it wasn't about defending american interests it wasn't about protecting the united states and therefore it didn't necessarily have to help and you say in your book that the story of the united states is drawing to a clause close and you call the u.s. is the army empire and especially in the light of the recent elections when we see republicans again enjoying their power it really feels like
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a circle of republicans democrats republicans democrats where will that change come from that you talk about well it's certainly not going to come within the existing system what we're seeing now that you just referred to this flip flopping the two parties are so close together on the overall ideological framework from left to right that there there's not enough differentiation so big swathes of the population are not don't feel represented at all which is why are voters. turnout is among the lowest in the industrialized world the change is not going to come from the d.'s and the r.'s the democrats and the republicans and the fact that people are constantly shift to voting against the party in power is a symptom of that people are frustrated the message they're sending is not right now we support the republicans nor was it in two thousand and eight we support the democrats the message is we hate them both so we're voting no the story of the united states government as the twentieth century invading bullying imperialistic
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economic and political empire that is coming to a close it is unhealthy for us and it's obviously terrible for the world but you also claim that it's very likely that the united states could become a fascist state and this is clearly a statement that is bound to get many people outraged what do you see these traits well i don't think that we're going to see you know brown shirts and not stepping in the streets but we have elements of proto fascism in american culture today whether you look at the vague nature of the politics of the tea party where you know vagueness political vagueness and a lack of ideological specificity is a trait of extreme right wing politics the cultural back basis of so many americans particularly in the middle of the country and in the south is centered around extreme forms of right wing christian fundamentalism and that religious force is
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its very nativist racist bigoted zina phobic and anti-feminist anti-gay it's a very it's very narrow minded all of these attributes not to mention the major attribute of being so militaristic is are elements that we saw in traditional fascism in germany and italy where there are civilian rule. that military is is not worshiped you know we don't have all this rhetoric about the heroes have fallen another fallen hero this is not to say that we should disrespect the military but americans have especially since nine eleven have come to fetish eyes the military you get a lot of criticism especially from channels like fox news they say you're not a patriot because you are against this widespread military presence of the united states. are you not a patriot i am more of a patriot than those people ever will be i care about the american people more than
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i care about about the american government the american government is supposed to be here to serve the american people and because of its leading role in the world also the people of the world we have a tremendous responsibility because of our political and economic power and we are we are just completely acting irresponsibly and insanely now i want to ask you one of the latest articles of yours is called obama was bad from the start realistically which of his promises has he kept in the in these last two years has he kept well that's well that's to be a short short answer well he did promise to escalate the war against afghanistan and he has he did try for health care sort of but health care reform turned out to be really creating a system of the even worse than what we have now he hasn't kept many promises i mean he promised he would close guantanamo that he would end torture that he would
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end extraordinary renditions that he would ramp down and pull out of iraq all he did was rename the troops who are in iraq from combat troops to something else assistance force as he is he's a very cynical guy i want to ask you about following up on afghanistan do you think it could become the graveyard of the u.s. is an empire like many people are predicting since there's not really an end in sight we know the pentagon has come up. with twenty fourteen as the timeline but not a deadline what does that mean decades more i thought two thousand and eleven was supposed to be the deadline and now it's two thousand and fourteen and who knows how long this goes on i mean there are so many threats to america's continued status in the world that it's hard to know exactly what will bring it to an end all we know is that it's unsustainable you know it's kind of the united states is kind of like a wild man who uses drugs and drinks and commits crimes and beats people up and
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everyone hates him all you know is he's going to come to a bad end you really can't be sure how but something bad is going to happen you know you've cited the enormous amounts of money that is that is being spent on the military and u.s. defense if there's so much money available how come it's not being spent to create jobs for millions of jobless people and why do we continue hearing that the country's in a recovery yet it's really crazy you know i mean if you took the one point four trillion dollars that were initially spent just to bail out the banks and you had redistributed that money among all the millions of americans who were who were having problems paying their mortgages and who had just lost their jobs in the previous year or two i remember doing the math and back of the envelope determining that each one would receive a check for three hundred fifty thousand dollars the reason is because the u.s. government does not serve the people and it's not afraid of the people and even
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though it knows that its actions are shortsighted and will ultimately lead to its demise they cannot help themselves they cannot stop stop themselves to think you very much for your time with us thank you. and clean. salty and very useful. radioactive and dangerous. and even dead and desolate. they all keep their unique secrets of their bottoms unique lakes on our tea.
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leaves it's. beautiful to. see. wealthy british style. restaurant on the front. garden. market. to. find out what's really happening to the global economy was much stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines. bet
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it was a miss of the close is democracy. and his. competitive . system the same saw this time. the terror threat to the christmas holidays in europe is belgium arrests twenty six. suspects of payments to international terrorist organizations. students all over the u.k. are taking to the streets to protest over the government's plans to increase university tuition fees police have warned that they'll be forced to make arrests of demonstrations at town by the. next. with raymond stay with us.
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hello and welcome to the sport of artsy covering stories from russia and around the world for of and let's take a look at our top stories in brief. going marsay with three zero at ten minutes apart to check today and the moscow side hopes of reaching the last sixteen of the champions league. while champions under pressure holders in samoa lampert's all start side f.c. twente group eight on the back of the five game domestic flight. to russia better outclasses and where it's safe to be at the a.t.p. world tour finals in london. and we kick off with football where marsay have simply hopes of reaching the knockout stage of the champions league for the first time in fourteen years the french side clamped three nil over. ten men muscovites the luzhniki stadium right here in moscow at points against mark say would have been
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more talk needing to be bottom side she did not qualify but the visitors open after eighteen minutes through my view while boy remy capitalized on a deflection hit both both to make it to deal after fifty four minutes and the home side were left with a mountain to climb as striker well it's in what sense all ten minutes later brian val quickly made it and that's how it finished now the only way could qualify is to thrash. margin and hope chelsea's do the same at our say next wednesday. see we're a lot stronger on the pitch and we played with class school because we didn't have key players like luke so it's not surprising to see were physically and they won what would. to do no is work harder. elsewhere chelsea cemented their leaving group with a two one victory over asia who finished bottom of kingsport saw his voice as
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a third place and for the round of thirty two in your role for the giants all reality driven ac milan advance in the champions league last sixteen following respect to. their group rolled from two goals down to beat group leaders and edged closer to the next round all they need to do is draw with bottom side collusion the last one they'll end shots are. as they thrashed on their dogs. while former leaders arsenal were shell shocked by brawl two zero. in the meantime defending european champions interim milan are preparing to those dutch side. in their group encounter on wednesday and perhaps the dutch side gets a face rafael benitez is men at the perfect time they are in the middle of a mini crisis having not won in their last five league matches and now life and i point out the high and serious pace setters archrivals. but despite being hit by
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a series of injuries to key players such as wesley snider goalkeeper julia says our defender maicon the interim manager believes in his players. with. physical assume very good in non-active both situations and counterattacks so we have to be very careful because i'm used to seeing if we do the job well we can beat any team. magister united will be looking to clinch the top spot in group c. in their match against glasgow rangers wayne rooney should be back in the starting line up for manchester to help his side guarantee a place in the next round the previous encounter between the two teams in september had no winner as the game at old trafford ended in the goal is true but united have been on form since then. it was done well with. no. survivors to model. the performance and when so it was so a. user experience very well known and bursaspor were put up so the
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first class to control the much. meanwhile saw an m.r. brimming with confidence heading into wednesday's group a clash at home to werder bremen an impressive three one home with white hart lane in their last champions league outing left leaders spurs well set to go through the last sixteen and three points against her on wednesday will guarantee their passage through to the knockout stages much the joy of manager harry redknapp. it would be a great achievement you know we. looked at the draw for it was a tough draw inter milan vertebrae and twenty good so i didn't know weak teams in the group you know. there's a few games very well most give me games you know but the newsgroup is always going to be difficult. if we could come out of it would be it would be a great achievement would be very pleased. and those games are just reopened
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a champions league pictures taken place on wednesday elsewhere need a victory to boost their flagging campaign as they host copenhagen for a second group. bottom group the face benfica group the leaders barcelona travel to rock bottom but i think second place shot kid will feel welcome group the leaders. who are in the final group c. fixture. to tennis now and raj jeff federer has produced a masterful performance to outclass britain's andy murray and take command of group b. at the a.t.p. world tour finals in london the world number two one six four six two in one hour and sixteen minutes and with the top two from groups a and b. the same man round robin competition advancing to the semifinals better is now in pole position to go through while murray may need to be in his final match on thursday. and robin settling has boosted his chances of reaching the last
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four answered defeating the third in two sets that was a close one third didn't need a lot of pressure on soldering the spaniard safe to set forth in the first set but it was the swede who controlled the long rallies and eventually won it seven five seven five also smashed it's also all well he says along the way the outcome of this group the match means that the qualifiers will not be decided until the final round on thursday. moving across to the ice right now and double defending champion akbar stumbled in their bid to keep up the pressure on the top two in the kontinental hockey league as they lost at home to tracks are now the men from failed to go level on points with leaders do not want moscow as they went down three two in overtime elsewhere to place local claims the narrow hole went over seven. st petersburg losses moscow in a shoot out in st petersburg had no problems against the now on. the number really
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got the story right here in the russian capital five for parts. of has the details of the match to. an encounter between two sets of four underdogs in the western conference didn't promise to be very exciting but it turned out to be a cracka to scott made an electric start and in homage could hardly cope with a blizzard of attacks as the visitors looked confused and couldn't leave their zone i think the first ten minutes of the game we were really sure were very. similar we were enjoying the game and coming into the well in a mission after the first period similar to go you know very well for us the entire game and they are men broke through using the advantage of playing with a man up and then including you on the face and you go to make aisle of sympathy back above the goaltender shoulder with a few wrists last shot but the ring inside responded and equalized in the last minutes of the first period thomas are all we rewarding their effort of his teammates by scoring a splendid goal and just after the restore deny much took their chances and put
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their noses in front the loudest dar inch capitalized on a power play to one but the visitors kept helping their host by earning penalties and young mark one time the short bus the goaltender to all at the end of the second and in a decisive period of play in the third now my took the lead when martin scorsese pushed the book a signature in the golmaal scramble buckaroo have made it all square for the third time as this column levelled on the power play on our authority shot the part really well we got a lot of shots from the point through the and i was very much the result of why we had success. when you have a shooters mentality from the end of the line that always helps however right up to the face of dinner my game to believe. is putting his name on the scoreboard and ten minutes later alexander broke away and increased the lead to two goals while dinner. when we're short handed. men did manage to pull one go back but that was
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all they could manage at the am for the final score. we were really unlucky tonight we had lots of opportunities to score but every time we made a mistake and dinamo got to war zone and scored it was an important match for us but we failed to win so do number two home to lead to in a good mood after a six away game serious and beating their rivals which could be crucial for a place in the playoffs well to discuss chances of reaching the postseason becoming slimmer and slimmer complaining about top of our team. finally let's cross continents so where in the n.b.a. new jersey have snapped their three game losing streak the nets getting the better of that plant the hawks in overtime now the hawks were playing catch up right from the off not managing to get in front even once rick lopez doing the most to keep them in check the center itself scoring for the nets with thirty two points which was also his season high while devin harris and it's what it's we have his twenty
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seven points in the second half but jamal crawford sank a three pointer with just a minute left to put a plan to within a basket a couple of free throws then set the game overtime but again the home side were in control and that's winning one zero seven two one zero one. well it was a good night for the home side in america washington also needed overtime to edge philadelphia the los angeles lakers won their fifth match on the ballast beating the chicago bulls ninety eight ninety one and there were also wins for indiana new york and dallas. and that's all for right now there will be more sports quite soon but you don't have to wait to get updates when you get a chance calls our website r.t. dot com to get the latest from russia and around the world thanks for being with us .
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hungry for the full story we've got it for. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers on our team. bringing you the latest in science and technology from the realms. we've got the future covered.
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in some petersburg she's available in hotels a story a. speech you could tell the truth of the search for true story toto. and to. see how this visit. read to them and then cool still more flexibility on.
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recognizing russia's imperfections moscow says it's on track into forming its political system despite signs of stagnating democracy. and terra threat hangs over the christmas holidays in europe as belgium arrests a radical islamic group which is said to have links to. the new wave of protests roll through the u.k. has thousands of students mobs against wrong i think it's. a very warm up this is all from will stay with me i must have that russia's president said miss it the culture is democracy is still in path a ballot is improving and his latest video blog address posted online president had a warm political system.


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