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tv   [untitled]    November 24, 2010 9:00am-9:30am EST

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shows signs of stagnation and he calls for greats of political competition ozzy's knows how in the wake of a husband watching his message. in his address russian president dmitry medvedev mainly spoke about the need to modernize russia's political system with the help of gradual but still reforms but also to make sure that a stable political system doesn't mean that it's that naysaying. zelig political system or we simply want to make our political system more fatter more flexible dynamic and more open to renewal and development it must enjoy the confidence of our lecturing it is no secret that for some time now signs of stagnation begun to appear in our political life because debility has threatened to turn into stagnation it was nicholl grow as a person president also spoke about the freedom of speech in the country the need to improve the quality of popular representation to have stronger opposition forces and to simply have a better political competition and more rights for political minorities you slip.
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if the opposition has no chance at all of winning a fair fight you could be degrades and becomes a lot of the ruling party never loses a single election is just coasting a plague on somali it will shoot a great scene just like any living organism a degree remains static for these reasons it will become necessary to raise the degree if you listen let me say should you must by russian president has also said that the ruling party in washington not simply as a supplement to the executive power let's hear a list of bills have been completed that made major amendments to the multi-party political system on a nationwide scale and key what points of those amendments were decreasing the human factor in the counting of providing more rights to political minorities and minimizing risks of elections money relations politician this is still my. hope that our political system has been improved quite significantly increase as
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a result of these adjustments i am absolutely sure the need has become more open and flexible because of the. it is also become more fact more points i made. and democracy is imperfect and we are absolutely aware of fish but we're still at the beginning of the route to the most important thing is that we're not standing still we are going for. well of course this address comes at a very important sign for washers there electro period is approaching parliamentary elections will take place in december two thousand and eleven and this is when all the amendments that have been introduced this year will be taken to the. towards a president that is full of it a blog on russian democracy due had on line. now europe is on high it's how the belgian or forward he's arrested a number of radical islamists
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a twenty six people were all on suspicion of plotting a christmas campaign of terror the suspects are being linked to international organizations and chechen militants well done no bushell house for us from brussels . police here in brussels say they busted an islamic terrorist cell tied to russia's republic of chechnya which is planning attacks throughout europe so it is swooped on fifteen people suspect of recruiting jihad is to fight in iraq and afghanistan it comes just hours after all sources launched pre-dawn raid on homes of another eleven suspects who were tied to a chechnya linked in its work the belgian prosecutor's office said quote there were an international terrorist group using stream internet site and saw to plan an attack it comes as part of massive coordinated raids across europe in countries like the netherlands denmark and germany where thirty one year old russian man of chechen origin was arrested suspected of training. to fight terrorist
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campaigns those arrested or belgian dutch moroccan and russian origin this is seen as among the first top level links that police have found between russia's chechen . rebel organizations and the worldwide al qaeda network those arrested are suspected of gathering recruits some money to finance a chechen terrorist organization called the caucasus emirate in effect to found a separate islamic state based on a surreal law in the cells of russia and it comes in the wake of horrific attacks in russia from those moscow metro bombings that we saw earlier this year to increasingly bloody suicide blasts in russia's southern republic of dagestan and chechnya of the one of those attacks russia's foreign minister sergey lavrov said that those chechen linked groups were based and was standing very much in line with
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al qaida but after that the united states but chechen rebel leader dog or more are on the most wanted list of terrorists but it's really taken this set of events to show that russia's chechen terrorists networks all standing shoulder to shoulder with some of the world's most dangerous terrorists. well counterterrorism analyst said edwin a has as the group arrested on tuesday's call of that global network that's trying to found its operation is a part of this global jihad of which al qaeda is the main i can they are not only recruiting chechens to go back to fight to chechnya but they also recruiting other people in this case possibly people would a dutch moroccan background so in that sense they're not only part of a a local struggle they're part of a global jihad and. is the focus for some of these groups who have roots in europe with nothing to do with chechnya so it's more international and these foreign
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supporters they want these groups very much to make it as international as possible . counter terrorism on and so to edward beck of the recent arrests of radical islamists across europe well let's return now to all top story the russian president having admitted that the country's democracy is still imperfect but is improving that was posted in his video blog address president medvedev warning that the russian political system showing signs of stagnation well let's get some more analysis on this now by talking to three com also an essential. united russia policy many thanks for joining us. president that has said that the ruling parties grip on power adventure leads to its broad. degradation do you consider that as a criticism of united russia all you really bronzing over. well i think it's not
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the united russia i think the president has simply been. developing the political system of the county and he was more speaking about. specific opposition party but he was speaking in general about the need to increase competition political competition and. people. should be heard. so nation within russia's school system simply talking about competition that will will see also making reference to something else do you think. think you were trying to say. relates to united russia party in.
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the development of. the disappeared. in the open public debates and so on and so forth i think the same should be done by. opponents as well and. it will be very important because as we all blow through all the decision is taken by the authority it depends on the quality of criticism they grab so they need to have very good feedback. both united russia and upper bodies should provide this kind of feedback in order for system to be a sustainable business model kind of how long has this been a problem for them when do you think it's a cold stagnation big down within the boston example system. well i think the. a long process you know to ensure that the russian political system becomes sophisticated i'm in a live very young democracy and it is important that this process is going on less
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than the present when did it set forth a novel of a number of them going to deal with this bulis war supported by russia and it is actually i think the best indication that we're thinking about an invasion of political system and we have the great interest. of this process but of course which it takes on it while it needs patience and i think president was white right saying that we should nor have revolutions oh i have read the full truth and power and then political system which will slowly move us should be an evolutionary approach us how slowly a shoe will lift this mean despite all this talk of a change russia's political arena is still dominated by the united once a policy why astounds. well i think that. the party of the united russia party is actually working you know and this is why it did dominates the political lottery that if you look at the you know experienced all the recent regional elections on the east the poll that you see
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a few of them for nomination of ganda days before the elections you know. ninety five percent of nominations position parties. were for only fifteen percent of candidates for float for future percent of seats meaning that they simply leg think human resources in order to win this important mission or they need. a wild which may be another assault leave them in the nation is not something which from a box or this is not their bed. this is just the result of one sequential follow every day work during the election campaign. speeches i think given the more important when you say that again despite president of veterans calling for grace happens go blind fast and see why bill reid we all stood in to see the rallies that's held final position paul seems odd disrupted by the
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russian police announced so it doesn't really seem to go together does it with this calling for the greater diversity. well i think. there is no contradiction here and no destruction of the protests is i think the present on this issue again is that the rest of the presidential sample that we have as i said we have moved the democratic procedure then moved in the first stages from federal level to the regional that will last yeah we'll probably start to speak about border organization up with some of the municipal level of the level itself. and. there is a feeling i think of there can be if you do the job to fix it get the shares a. small flock the current political system will insist that this is the right now the electoral cycle. blace which you have in the drawer it seems to
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present the sixty percent. and there will be two or three. it will be your position working with. you because. you get a pretty color from the center exact ratio of russia's ruling united russia policy many thanks for joining us here and i'll see. you on his way here on r.c.m. in l.a. dicaprio's given a warm sept fifth in st peters find out why a hollywood star was called a real man by prime minister that he would present. the rights of. just one backing from a major european security watchdog the o.s.c. e send a letter to the u.s. secretary of state condemning the recent detention all the nazi news team the organization is calling on hillary clinton for an independent investigation into the case accusing american police of bearing is too far in their attempts to
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maintain the altie cruise unless it while covering up protest outside a military academy in the same georgia dubbed the school of assassins to spend around thirty two hours in jail before they were released on bail. thousands of students have flags of the streets of central london in the wave of protests against the government's plans to increase tuition and fees and cut university demonstrators a time to police van which was marooned when the crowd descended on whitehall students all over the u.k.'s staging sit in protests at universities and attending marches while school pupils have also joined in in some parts of the country some police warned that they'll be forced to make arrests of demonstrations violent ben beaches all denies in some of the protest says sometimes aggressive measures do you make a difference. there's really achieve anything well also do not necessarily support
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them. with the poll tax riots. which did achieve a repeal or even the suffragette movement which is violence to win the vote for women now there is a distinct possibility that if the wishes of the british people are ignored again then the process will erupt into violence tuitions fees are being raised as much as nine thousand pounds a year it will settle students with crippling debts of as much as forty thousand pounds before they graduate the main reason for this measure being introduced as a response to the banking bailout the need to reduce our deficit but what is being asked of the millions of students have not yet even finished school are going to be asked to pay for their education for a banking crisis they did nothing to create the anger and frustration about this is palpable or protests against austerity measures the whole thing flared and this is the cry portugal has ground to a halt as workers staged a twenty four hour general strike a public sector pay cuts at times rises it comes two days before parliament votes almost a very new party as well some experts say adopting the single currency within the
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state in the first place the euro was the mistaking the beginning thank goodness we never joined the single currency it is going to crash and burn i think the euro as a currency is whether the you can survive is another issue that is certain and a major pressure the moment the german people as well sort of providing our economies like greece like ireland and indeed now portugal as well i think spain will be the it will be the straw that breaks the camel's back i mean it's just isn't sustainable i don't share you can charge the economies of somewhere like greece with an economic powerhouse like germany for that's the fundamental problem the euro crowd should hear here in new the u.k. view forty eight million pounds a day to brussels out of church with the man and woman in the street. well to check out more stories on analysis on our website and of course. here's just a taste of what's online few minutes of rank or number of young u.s.
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veterans take their own lives they return from the front lines in iraq and afghanistan unemployment and the glare from your forty's and among the reasons for the story. to some vision find our wall this was a golf ball ahead of their trip to the stalls all that and more. the reason they so summit in lisbon that was not just about talking politics seems off to a long day's work out the meeting french president nicolas was kept awake by an excessively noisy policy at his hotel was found out of the delegation from georgia which isn't even they take a member through a sizzling social reportedly with no less that. at least that's what a portuguese newspaper is claiming the party reportedly came to an abrupt halt after all the and several other officials complained. it's not clear whether the
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president himself was that although he was present at the summit because really and his aides are yet to comment on the alleged incident. a summit in russia which aims to save the world's total population is heading into its final day one hollywood's top cat demonstrated his dedication to protecting the animals from extinction on the savage supporter on the tigers plight we're not to the contrary when georgia rocks journeyed to st petersburg for his plane catch fire and another always run out of fuel his first flight to russia had to turn back to new york when you mentioned shot down in flames the stove and switched to assume that strong winds over the atlantic and the airplane used up too much fuel to land. infinitives warner a thrilling stop laser on the hollywood hair i'll eventually made it to simply just bag his that's how i tell it that's the sum of what had praise from the russian
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prime minister that david percent. is why didn't you come up with mr de caprio not just came to us but simply through the front line you frewen excuse me if i may but in our country people usually strain at all that's what we call in real money and i think even with such character would be responsible for defending need in order tiger in this particular case were destined for success but it was. the wild buying a major player in the drive to say that's hi dad it's president well with barely thirty lucidly. before. a century ago you would have had about one hundred thousand tigers now you're down to maybe thirty to thirty four hundred and when you think of those numbers you really realize and this is one of the things that certainly energized me is that within our lifetime this species that most of us grew up thinking was you know part of our ecosystem could be gone could be extinct many people are unaware that the wildlife trade is the third largest illegal trade after
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arms and drugs so we this will only work if you get support of the law enforcement customs communities the bank has experience in dealing with countries on the ground but also in the very nature of economics transporter issues and one of the nice things is in addition to dealing with the environment ministries we have a long history of dealing with the budget the finance ministry so we try to connect the dots on what's an issue that has to be multi-disciplinary. let's get a check on some other news making headlines around the world and a second explosion in new zealand has ended hope of finding any of the twenty nine missing because police say no one could have survived what was described as i refer to. rescue attempts have been hampered in the new dark to be explosion due to a buildup of methane carbon monoxide gases the tragedy is the country's worst mining accident in a century. south korea says it's discovered the bodies of
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two civilians which is said to have been killed as a result of the shelling by north korea claims tuesday's attack on the disputed western maryland buddha was a response to sold firing weapons during military drills to self korean marines were also killed in the chalet it's all hit back with artillery fire of its own details about council to use on the northern side in the fields international communities are straight from. afghanistan for that drill commission has released the majority of results from the country's parliamentary elections all but one of the country's thirty four provinces have been certified and only the east in the town's many projects province well that remains it comes almost two months to the polls closed in a vote clouded by accusations of ballot something and voter intimidation afghan officials say a decision was gets to be reached on the final province despite
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a substantial investigation into fall which. is the way the news this is now i hear all so you don't go away they just use coming up with. hello welcome to business news i'm sure on a piano we're going to go straight to our top story germany's eon may sell its stake in russia's gas giant gazprom commerce on daily reports the potential buyer is b.b. bank. currently owns three point five percent of gas prom the world's largest utility is selling off assets in order to compensate for falling earnings earlier the company's chief said the stake in gas problem was not strategic with the company aiming to expand in china and brazil finance minister says the supervisory board hasn't discussed the deal yet. and staying with gas moscow and beijing are likely to agree on the price of russian gas supplies to china before the middle of
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next year the news came after russia and chinese pilot ministers held talks on tuesday in st petersburg where energy relations top the agenda medina reports. the latest round of energy dialogue between russia and china hasn't broad what many analysts were anticipating and pricing policy both sides find suitable but on tuesday prime minister putin sound that you negotiate sions between gazprom and china national betrayal and company i'm going to clans. as you it's not the energy between our countries developing quite successfully we have finished construction of the pipelines but if you know that scene starting from the first of january two thousand and eleven supplies of russian oil will arrive in china the negotiations between b.c. are going on successfully we're also thinking to develop nuclear energy corp but the main focus is to future gas trades gazprom and c m.p.c. signed a framework agreement last year for shipment of natural gas to china the deal could
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see seventy billion cubic meters of russian natural gas sun to china and this size have been disclosed the price of which they want to sell and buy but their differ by one hundred dollars for one thousand cubic meters of gas both parties think that they can tackle the pricing disputes by the middle of next yeah i mean while a distant transportation system is needed to successfully sent russian gas to china one future route could be the old type klein construction is supposed to start in twenty eleven it will start from russia's western siberia and x. breed gas to north western china next summer the supply demand picture in europe a lot more visible will have a lot more time. for gas from all. more time to converse reality of the new markets there's going to be even more link between prices and gas prices in the european
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markets and i think you're and you see him get stronger. on some gas from once again stressed that china is the focus of his future growth and it seems the asian pacific region is where future gratian will grow between other global oil and gas players minds and business. and the russian government may sell a controlling stake in most of the big companies currently planned for privatization at the moment the state is planning to retain fifty percent plus one share in the ten large companies from the list but if the market situation is favorable it may decide to reduce its already and many of them to twenty five percent plus one share retaining just a blocking stake although even that is not enough for the head of russian m.d.m. bank. you. use it for live market which is akin. to completely different the biz decisions throughout the company fully because in
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this case if you sincerely this company. state is the shareholder to show you just company as you did before fair competition is it going to be a very complex issue is the. key. issue. and let's have a look at the markets in europe stocks are higher following heavy losses in the previous two sessions the footsie is trading just over one percent higher and the dax is up over one point six percent among shares on the move u.k. food services company compass group that's up five percent after lifting its dividend payout by a third bank of ireland dropped around six percent after reports the irish government will take image already stake in the lender. and russia's markets have reversed from earlier losses on trading in the black this hour. all the blue chips are trading in the black on the r.t.s. with me also nickel the biggest gainer up more than two percent. has gained one
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point five percent on my sex. balance pretax profits at large and medium russian companies grew by more than fifty percent during the first nine months of the year that's according to a report by the state to state rather state statistics service wholesale retail and real estate companies show the strongest performance. and that's all we have for this hour but you can always find more stories on our web site at r.t. dot com slash business stay with us.
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and. she's very useful. radioactive and dangerous. and even did it and distill it. we'll keep their unique secrets and their. unique links on their. wealthy british style it's a spot on the front. of the. market.
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nothing of the international association of russian language and literature teachers with the world's festival of russian language. are you interested in a better understanding of russian language and culture can you sing russian songs will. become a participant of the world festival of russian language and really exciting trip to st petersburg in russia. for more information visit the festival website.
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and now this is a president of the country's democracy is still a little all following it's been proven in his legs his online video blog address. this is to show signs of. a terror threat hanging over the christmas holidays in europe as belgium arrests twenty six radical islam methods. being linked to international terrorist organizations and chechen minister its. students all over the u.k. it's taking to the streets to protest the government's plans to increase university tuition fees income. to make arrests if demonstrations town. next week.


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