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tv   [untitled]    November 25, 2010 7:00am-7:30am EST

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to all of afghanistan is in full control of the country as soon as possible the afghan our foreign minister is here in moscow where he met his opposite number so to be a lover of to discuss russia's role in the stabilization of afghanistan moscow pledged to continue all the financial and military aid and to provide the tools to stem the flow of drugs artie's alexy unicef he has been following the talks for us. the two foreign ministers meeting today in moscow or c. seem to be pretty happy about the way the corporation is going this cooperation in the fight against drug trafficking has been very strong of late we know that russia has donated twenty thousand kalashnikov rifles to afghanistan to the interior troops in afghanistan to fight the spread of drugs as well as the recent joint us russian operation in afghanistan after which almost one ton of herion was destroyed and several drug labs were shut down in the country so obviously the two ministers said that now the cooperation is going well and it will expand in the future
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according to mr lavrov so that was just one thing that the cooperation between russia afghanistan and the united states in combat in drug trafficking will continue and the creation of relevant international laws is of crucial importance to the u.n. security council resolution adopted this october has already qualified drugs coming in from afghanistan as a threat to international safety and stability the war against narcotics remains one of the biggest problems in the ties between the two countries that's why that was something underlined by president veda and president karzai during their last meeting at the summit i made in lisbon where the president has said that as long as the drugs are being transported through the russian territory from afghanistan into europe this problem has to be dealt with and has to be dealt with now well we heard from mr lavrov that there's been a certain problem coming from the nato side on the transportation of russian helicopters the ones which russia is donating to afghanistan and this problem has to be dealt with and obviously it will be dealt with in the nearest future other
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than that we know that this cooperation will also expand we know that russia is allowing nato to transport its war toys through its territory into afghanistan russia will supply the nato troops stationed in afghanistan with electricity and mr lavrov also spoke about further steps in that direction the nation russia and nato agreed continued cooperation towards a. afghan settlement program to train pilots and other security forces will be expanded with the aim of boosting security in the country and finding the drugs easier conditions for transit across the border will be extended to armored vehicles clearly all that issues will be discussed between the russian president dmitry medvedev and he's afghan counterpart mr karzai when he comes to moscow in january twenty seventh and this visit of the afghan foreign ministry in moscow is preparing that presence visit in the upcoming january. are let's get a perspective on the foreign ministers meeting from kabul afghan member of
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parliament daoud sultanzoy joins a joins us now live so with russia reengaging with afghanistan talk to me about this how significant is this is the involvement here. i think it's very important for russia's reentry into the afghan theater as a friend of afghanistan that lives in this region but also it's very important to realize that for two more than two centuries russia and the west have they used afghanistan as a springboard for their bargaining and either for proxy wars or a theater for their influence i hope that russia's interest this time is for the sake of building good relations with afghanistan and the nation that this nation the relation between two nations should be built on on the interest of two nations not because the west and russia have scores to settle or the west and russia are closer now i think if air this relation is designed to be closer with russia because the west us having
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a better relationship there i shared then that will not that will not be a part permanent solution i think we should realize that russia and afghanistan are in this region to stay that's why we need good relations now there are some when it comes to the issue of the united states there are some of the say america is already digging its plot in the so-called graveyard of empires surely russia is willingness to help could be seen as a gesture of good will on quite a broad scale here. i didn't understand whether russia is digging the grave for america are helping it day in the grave but i in either case i think russia is going to be the first country who will suffer from the problems that will lurk in afghanistan whether it's the drug problems with or it's extremism whether it's terrorism russia is the cross this country from the western world that will suffer from the l's here so i think it's to their to russia's advantage to help stabilize this country when you just mentioned a few moments ago the issue of drug production russia does suffer more than any
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other country from afghan opium production tell me this what could moscow do to stage a real fight against it with nato is efforts in in the region essentially failing. i think russia has to fix its own problems that we as they view the drug issue which is the cartels and the mafia that is transporting drugs to europe and also the appetite for drug use and and russia and also the russia should play a much more active role in curtailing the import of chemical stuff honest on what with that comes from pharmaceutical companies from other parts of the world so drug trafficking and interdiction and stemming the need of drugs in russia these are all things that russia can do and also cooperation with the afghan authorities and they're finding alternatives. field and also in economic field it seems to me said that you're costing quite a lot of blame on russia saying that there's so much demand for drugs in russia but
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then why is it that afghanistan supplies ninety five percent of the world's opium. annoyed not casting blame say when ninety five percent of the opium is produced in afghanistan it is not used in afghanistan it's a produce far far of the consumption of consumers elsewhere sole russia is one of those consumers europeans and americans are the others and consumer. as i'm driving or other goods in the hands of the consumers and the authorities who are the control these kinds of contrabands are now let's let's get on to the issue of russia and its gesture of goodwill here saying that it will send helicopters and other forms of hardware to afghanistan to help with the nato alliance there but to talk to me about this do you ever expect to see russian troops on afghan soil again . i don't think we have reached that point yet i think i hope we to see more russian investment i hope we see more russian entrepreneurship i hope we see more russian. involvement in our infrastructure that
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will be a very very important issue i think we are working to reduce the number of troops from other countries so i don't think we should talk about increase of troops from russia or any other country in the sky and if one is an ins and said we do should do the contrary the opposite ends of the doctrine of foreign troops in afghanistan would be the best goal or not let's dive into the world of politics in your country just today you four people were arrested in afghanistan on and again allegations of fraud in the september parliamentary election now do afghans consider the vote legitimate and realistically is the new parliament able to bring stability beyond just. i don't think so this election was marred with fraud and legalities in the latter two years and laws of election laws and the constitution was a broken and they were. and i think hundreds of thousands if not millions of people
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who were deprived from casting their votes they did not have the opportunity to cast their votes or their votes were not counted therefore this election has a very very black big black eye from the very beginning and i don't think it will exude confidence in the in the afghan people in terms of a sense of ownership all right i would sultanzoy a member of the afghan parliament from kabul thank you. meanwhile the violence in afghanistan is at an all time high according to the latest pentagon report even so u.s. military chiefs are claiming modest gains against the taliban despite a four fold increase in clashes since two thousand and seven. looks at the mass relocation of american forces the latest attempt to break the deadlock. i will trick which is time in iraq is coming to an end he's part of the american forces who stayed behind to train assist and equip iraqi security forces sure their own
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wants to go home that's for sure no one knows where they want to stay here until it's not just movement of troops and equipment since world war two the u.s. army is moving its supplies from iraq to afghanistan certain equipment such as are in route. mine resistant vehicles are humvees or those types of equipment a lot of our rolling vehicles rolling stock of vehicles and some generation that equipment yes will be dedicated towards the mission in afghanistan but critics warn that moving troops won't help much that. we're now going people see us forces inside their country it brings in paganism and makes them turn to terrorism and al qaeda so is more american troops come here from iraq it will just make things worse i don't believe the americans will leave for another fifty years they have two of the main military bases here and then building
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the americans leaving iraq also sends the wrong message to insurgents the afghans seen the americans withdrawing from iraq and they think themselves ok they're going to withdraw in a year or two we're going to hold on things will take control in a year or two it doesn't matter how real to quote she's already been told he'll be going from iraq back to africa. it will be his second time there and he's not looking forward to it i would definitely say that afghanistan is a lot more difficult though the terrain is a lot more heavier and the mountain region is we have to do a lot more walking and waited a beefed up presence in afghanistan will help troops meet mixtures did nothing to put out or make it more difficult it's still unclear the guys didn't just come back from the patrol everything went to a company x. one point to. baghdad. is coming to you live from moscow still to come for you too close for comfort. now the men keep be judged by their package find out
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why some americans are opting to go cold turkey on thanksgiving and it's all of their travel plans. while calm is being restored in central london after a day of violent protests thousands of students took to the streets to demonstrate against government plans to increase the university tuition fees and slashed teaching budgets the widespread on the rest shore missiles being hauled her colleagues windows smashed a white hole and several people injured. over thirty and arrests were made for criminal damage and public disorder school and university students used in local rallies across the u.k. all of the from the e.u. referendum campaign says ordinary people are being made to pay for downing street that decision making. people angry enough they're actually doing something about doing something about their anger this fed up with with
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a government that is basically saying you know we've got no choice but to do this no choice but to do that and really what the government is saying actually is we know better than you and your opinions don't matter and these students seem through that for me and so hopefully you know this snowball and other people. that at the moment for example i'm happy that we're prepared to give billions away to other countries just to kind of try to shore up that credit rating rather than invest it in education and transport and jobs back here perhaps they will start to take to the streets and you know hopefully something more will develop from it what would help the austerity measures of course some people would say would be for example leaving the e.u. spending forty eight million pounds every day in state in the e.u. portugal is almost certainly going to meet bailing out and the big problem of
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course is playing because it's a huge country so we could seriously be seeing a collapse of the of the euro and a lot of people would say that not before time and why should britain be bailing out countries that were foolish enough to join the euro in the first place. now thousands of protesters have taken part in a band march in the heart of the capital there demanding the president step down three leading candidates in next month's presidential election were at the forefront of the rally. protesters called for a fairer and more democratic vote the current head of state alexander lukashenko is up for reelection after sixteen years in power he's been criticized for quashing the opposition and independent media one of the presidential hopefuls a bloody murder has a nationwide demonstration so if the government fails to carry out
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a transparent vote. the presidential election on december the nineteenth we're planning a mass protest it's very likely that he will do that because he doesn't have enough support to win in the room so if he proclaims victory saying he's getting more than seventy percent of votes which he's already claiming near it means the election was rigged and we're going to have to defend our rights and. there's no other way to do that than to stage a protest. the members of the shanghai cooperation organization group with increasing global influence on our meeting in tajikistan the group united's russia china and before central asian nations representing over one and a half billion people russia's prime minister vladimir putin is there for discussions on how to smooth economic relations and keep the massive borders of its members secure the fight against terrorism and illegal drug trafficking are among the top priorities one issue of today's talks is the aftermath of ethnic violence
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in a member nation. which was shaken by ethnic question is a political instability earlier this year. let's get to some other international news in brief for you this hour south korea says it will increase the number of its troops on the border in. preparation for further attacks from north korea the shelling of a southern island by north korea two days ago killed two civilians and two willing and prompted an international call for calm the north has threatened further military action if south korea continues on what it calls a path of military provocation. at least twenty one people have died in a wave of violence between police and going members and brazil's rio de janeiro thousands of officers have been dispatched to deal with the gunman who have been blocking main roads rubbering motorists and burning cars since sunday officials say drug traffickers are fighting back against police operations aimed at tackling
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violence in city slums brazil's pacification program plans to improve security in the run up to the two thousand and fourteen world cup. mexican police say they've caught the alleged successor to the jailed drug lord known as la barbie carlos of the cowboy a monster mayor is suspected to have taken over the organization in august he reportedly admitted the gang was responsible for the death of twenty mexican tourists kidnapped in september they were the victims of mistaken identity the bodies of the men were found in a mass grave just earlier this month. americans are in a thanksgiving mode as they celebrate turkey day but not everyone is thankful traditionally one of america's busiest travel periods the holidays or protesters gather in airports to rally against what they call invasive security checks because i ask you reports. here's another case of outrage over t.s.a.
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pat downs very fury over the pat downs not exactly dying down it's the t.s.a. versus t.n.a. skaters are turning the tables now men can be judged by their package according to the media the american people don't appreciate being scanned or down and he takes my job i want to hear rest of it since nine eleven air travel in the united states has undergone quite the security changes on last year's christmas day bomber didn't help matters much either because americans usually fear for their safety and welcome heightened security measures when it comes to nudity or even being patted down many folks don't seem to be too aroused i think it would discourage me from flying even more so really what they had before this is too invasive it just appears to be too invasive but most people didn't share that sentiment of belief. and i think that the scanner is fine and i want true and that was it i mean there was no scanning there was no pat down there was nothing you have to go through a scanner i didn't know kind of the point of the afford to buy one of those tests
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so it's a big drama about it for nothing the drama as collated with a loosely organized internet boycott national opt out day for those bashful of their lady or man parts they could choose a pat down instead of a scanner the story became a media frenzy as far as creating a frenzy at the airport not so much it is inconvenient it is uncomfortable but when you go to the doctor and he examines you they put their hand all over the place and you don't like it. but you put up with it putting up with or even enjoying does it matter who's patting you down i would rather have my choice between a male or female who would you choose a female so you'd like to be patted down as long as it's a female yes while others actually opted for the scanner i'd much rather be scanned and patted down and read as my feelings about their touching or looking even our favorite celebrity is don't see the big deal it's not the way that i would like to live but if it's going to keep me from getting blown out of the sky you can check
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anything you want and if you feel some you like a squeeze a one of my warning. but to some americans it's no laughing matter it's difficult that we live in a society where we're so afraid of what's going to happen that we have to have these invasive search for seizures i think it shows a real weakness in our foreign policy and wherever there is frustration with the government or media hysteria there's money to be made case in point fig leaf underwear brought to you by a las vegas businessman who says this strategically placed a leaf along with some powdered metal will ease the embarrassment but having to go through the scanners would you have a rock rock underwear. personally i think it's a little out of proportion and. not a fan of figleaves. figleaves hiding private parts to protect privacy rights and most of these travelers could care less about a soft ski r. t. washington d.c.
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. and in just a moment kareena with all the latest business. hungry for the full story we've got it for. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers. in some petersburg ots available in hotels a story and a little ambassador raisons politico tell the truth palace hotel the true story hotel gold new gold and never told center elvis here will take stone dostoevsky live to elicit this column if you visit. our welcome to the program eight billion dollars of new deal sealed at the fifth
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russia china economic forum in moscow on wednesday after thirteen contracts were signed in different areas of the economy but in the cultural reports of the deepening trade ties between the two nations. says banking timber mining and television these are just some industries where the chinese and russian business have got to get out this year among them are agreements between russia's me dolly investors shipping are an order to china worth three hundred twenty million dollars when you see k'naan bank and chinese state development bank attracting investment into building would persisting plants and many all of this as part of the developing trade between the two nations russia's my six exchange will launch trading in the chinese us against the ruble next week i think it's very important that we stop it but i don't think it's going to be overwhelming and good compared to other current. markets would have liked or will go for example but i think it's
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a good it's a good thing for. the trade between to run for a family for those people who do transactions with china and when you're on the government here once chinese firms to participate in the upcoming privatized program which will involve the russian state selling up stakes and hundreds of firms the private sector is also kinda aware of the importance of china both as the markets and asked the manufacturing base vij vice president of the industrial equipment division at the coin you says the main challenge for many russian companies as the vast territory and a bewildering choice of potential partners by the way is it's very difficult to find a good company that is suitable to work with however i can say that chinese changing rapidly the quality of their output is increasing now we're seeing better managed companies with high tech skills emerge to acknowledge is that were not present in
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the country before. trade volume between the two countries is expected to return to pre-crisis levels by the end of the year russia is diversifying its economic ties and its presence and the asian pacific region the main focus is choice and the scale of this forum shows how much russia's hopes for future prosperity in trade laws with the east might in a question altie moscow. russia has added the canadian dollar to its international reserves to diversify them and reduce the risks posed by the us dollar before the change the reserves comprise forty seven percent of u.s. dollars forty one percent euros ten percent british pounds two percent japanese yen and a small amount in swiss francs debt and chairman of the central bank says the initial holding in canadian dollars a small but russia may increase its it within a few months later national reserves target over four hundred nineteen million west
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dollars. let's have a look at the markets asian stocks were mostly higher all thursday. plans nicky and do the training session half a percent of the black oil firms in the region high on strong crude futures woodside petroleum was up point four percent but with china climbed two percent stocks in hong kong were up as well helped by an overnight rally on wall street. and europe stocks are also gaining the puts his up point three percent boosted by games in the mining sector shares an extraordinarily over two percent newspaper publishing daily mail and general trust drop two and a half percent reporting its annual results thomas cook group rose over one i have sent for green a joint venture in russia warning that in a moment. here in russia both tears in my eyes it's a trading in the black listed by energy majors all the blue chips are gaining with the most one a half percent while will smith and look all up under a quarter of a percent this hour noise can a kill is also up less than half
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a percent on the r.t.s. . for the second biggest bank d.t.b. expects its two thousand and ten net profits to be twenty percent more than previously expected the bank was projecting a total of one point six billion dollars it almost reached that target in first in the first ten months it's now up to its full year expectations to one point nine billion dollars last year the bank with a loss had no results. russia's leading travel company interest europe's second largest tour operator thomas cook have announced a new joint venture the u.k. based operator which has been trying to get a foothold in the russian market for years to invest forty five million dollars in the newly created company thomas cocoa also get a controlling stake fifty point one percent tourist expects a joint venture to become one of europe's top ten travel companies. ireland has unveiled the harshest budget measures in its history planning to call
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back fifteen billion euros within four years. it is a condition for the debt stricken country to get an international loan totaling one hundred fifteen billion dollars ireland hopes the measurable committed staff is set to fall to three percent of g.d.p. by two thousand and fourteen from thirty two percent expect it this year public spending will be cut and taxes raised by the country's low corporation tax which fueled the celtic tiger boom well stay as it is. twelve and a half percent corporation tax will remain unchanged over the planned period our day to day spending will be reduced by seven billion in the next four years and that brings expenditure back three years in terms the numbers of public servants will be reduced by almost twenty five thousand. and that's all the update for now show nikki i will be with you next hour with more business news here and i teach us that.
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wealthy british style. sometimes it's time.
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markets why not come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars a report on r g. seventy six hours of intense fighting. six thousand desert of beach front battlefields several kilometers long. and now there is only one person who cares. to see we are surrounded by garbage everywhere but also there are. on this beach which of course is of the most appropriate signification a symbol of everything that's wrong with our goddamn government allow. where so many guys died. a new battle is going on. will the
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history be protected. returned to tara while julian cooper story on our team. you all with auty it's good to have your company today the headlines now afghanistan's a foreign minister is meeting his russian counterpart here in moscow to discuss prospects for bilateral cooperation the two countries hope to forge closer military times and identify.


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